fitness with the family

Fitness With The Family was last week’s topic on Tuesday Thoughts, so I am throwing it back and linking up with KookyRunner and Zenaida!

fitness with the family

Growing up, fitness wasn’t really a huge priority in my house. I took dance and horseback riding lessons, which were great, but there wasn’t any dedication to regular workouts or exercise.

I don’t know if times were different or if my specific household just didn’t care. Sure, we did walks and bike rides, but I can’t remember anyone ever going to the gym or watching workout videotapes (ah, the VHS days). It’s certainly not a judgment, but times were different, and fitness with the family just didn’t seem to be on the radar.

Because of my long-time battle with obesity and eating disorders, I had to work incredibly hard to find a way to incorporate health and wellness into my life. Now that I am married with a child, I believe it’s even more important to build fitness into our lives in a sustainable and enjoyable way.

Lead by example.

Leading by example is a key tenant of parenting. No matter what else is going on, we both want little man to see that we are committed to wellness and health. While Mr PugRunner and I don’t always run together, we do demonstrate our ability to care out time for fitness, regardless of how early we may have to wake up or how we have to shuffle our schedules. The hope is that he will also see fitness as a regular activity rather than a hardship (and he is already talking about joining 9Round with us when he turns 12, so maybe it’s working!)

fitness with the family

Beef up regular outings.

When I used to work an office job, some tips for staying active included things like using the stairs instead of the elevator, taking a walk at lunch or parking super far away in the parking lot. I can apply this to family outings with things like taking a family walk (Pokemon Go is a great motivator) or riding bikes to breakfast or lunch. It’s a great way

Get outside.

The simple act of getting outside is essential to staying fit as a family. Little man loves getting out in the neighborhood on his skateboard or bike and plays pickup games of basketball and soccer with his buddies. We also love checking out parks and hiking spots, locally and while traveling. It’s a great way to stay active as a family and also to see the country (and hopefully world).

Try new things.

No matter what we do or where we go, I love introducing something new. We have gone swimming at new bodies of water, hiked new trails and taken on new activities, like skiing and nighttime kayaking. The plan is to show how fitness can be a destination and to also share a love for adventure.

fitness with the family

Compete as a family.

You know we love our family races! Both little man and Mr PugRunner pick and choose races that we can all run together. I confess that with school and extracurriculars, it can be hard getting everyone on board with training, but everyone is able to knock out a mile or three on the fly, so we make it work. Sometimes we stick together as a unit; other times we compete against each other. Every time we have a blast!

fitness with the family

I’m hopeful that by introducing and exposing little man (and Mr PugRunner) to the activities and adventures I love, it will create a lifelong fitness routine for him in the future.

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How do you stay fit with your family?

Was your family fitness-minded or is your current activity routine something you implemented on your own?

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8 Responses to fitness with the family

  1. Kim G says:

    When we came up with this topic I actually thought about you first! You always do a great job at getting your family involved in fitness activities!

  2. It wasn’t a focus at my house either. We were encouraged to play outside and ride bikes and what not. But no one belonged to a gym. Once I had my first horse when I was 10, I spent all my free time at the barn, riding, sweeping, grooming… So that worked for me. But had I not been a rider… I probably would have stayed the chubby kid I started out as.
    I think it’s great that you’ve made fitness a part of everyday life for Little Man. I think it will carry over as he grows up.

  3. Cedar says:

    This is so so incredible! And so important! I know that seeing my mom get up early to swim every other day made a huge impression on me. And I’m probably only a runner because my dad was and took me out on runs with him. What you’re doing for your family, and especially your son, is HUGE. You’re amazing. Keep on going!
    Cedar recently posted…How to Easily Tweak Your Meals for a Low Sodium DietMy Profile

  4. You always do a great job of engaging your family in fitness activities. Looks like you all do something active each week
    Deborah Brooks recently posted…The Best Fruits and Veggies to Keep You Hydrated All SummerMy Profile

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