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running in the time of covid-19

The last week has been surreal. Almost nightmarish in scope. I’ve stared at this screen for hours, trying to figure out the words to make sense of what is going on in our world, and I’m coming up so very … Continue reading

week 11 (20): the world turned upside down

So, COVID-19 is here, the world turned upside down, and it looks like we are in it for the long haul. As a Floridian, the idea of unexpected time off, closures, and cancellations isn’t new. We have hurricanes often enough … Continue reading

walk before run: a progress report

Walk before run: it’s the natural progression of things. Before running was ever a blip on my radar, I walked. I enjoyed getting out there for brisk strides around my neighborhood, and I always liked walking in cities or downtown … Continue reading

week 10 (20): women’s day edition

Happy International Women’s Day! March 8 is the day of equality and empowerment, and I consider myself lucky to be surrounded by a tribe of absolutely incredible women. Of course, my Women’s Day hero is my mother. She is just … Continue reading

a super lucky ultimate coffee date

And so we head into March, holding on to all the luck we can. This is probably the first month where I’m starting to feel hopeful about things really looking up. It’s taken a while to genuinely get to this … Continue reading

using pt to reach your {running} goals

Happy Wednesday, and thanks for joining us for another Runners’ Roundup! We have been so glad to welcome so many voices to this weekly community! I’m not doing much (any) running at all, these days. Instead, my calorie burn comes … Continue reading

taking a running hiatus: be back soon

I have been on a running hiatus since November 23, thanks to a freak accident and some bad luck. Since I started running seven years ago, I have not taken any kind of extended break. There may have been a … Continue reading

week 9 (20): recovery progress

On this gorgeous Sunday, I am so happy to report I am feeling some serious recovery progress. It has been a LONG time coming, but something clicked this past week and my hopes are high. It’s been very easy to … Continue reading

runfessions: embarrassed by limitations

Today, I’m opening up about being embarrassed by limitations. I’m not proud of how I feel, but I do try to be honest about this journey with all its ups and downs. Let’s join up with Marcia’s Healthy Slice and … Continue reading

5 things to say to injured runner friends

It seems that it can be a bit of a struggle coming up with things to say to injured runner friends. I have never been one to police what people’s words, but this past week, I received some truly mind-boggling … Continue reading

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