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celebrate global running day 2020

Global Running Day has come around again. Honestly, with everything going on in the world right now, I am grateful for these little reasons to celebrate. Brights spots lead to hope and hope leads to better days. The very point … Continue reading

week 16 (2020): and so ends 6th grade

Another week. All the days are really blending at this point, and it’s getting hard to manage my time. On Friday, our local counties opened up some of the beaches (for certain hours and with specific restrictions), and on Saturday, … Continue reading

5 things to say to injured runner friends

It seems that it can be a bit of a struggle coming up with things to say to injured runner friends. I have never been one to police what people’s words, but this past week, I received some truly mind-boggling … Continue reading

week 7 (20): coping with the vacation hangover

Ugh, the vacation hangover. That awful feeling when you return to the real world from vacation and nothing is ever quite the same. I grappled with this condition all week, and only the current three-day weekend seems to be helping. … Continue reading

week 1.20: new fitness beginnings

2020 comes with the promise of new fitness beginnings. After all, I didn’t start off the year with a race or a run or even a session of 9Round. Really, all I’ve been doing is rotating through prescribed stretches and … Continue reading

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