week 19 (2020): sliding into may and mother’s day

Happy May and Happy Mother’s Day to all who celebrate! It’s another Sunday in semi-quarantine. In Florida, we are seeing things look very close to normal. Tomorrow, nail and hair salons and barbershops will open, which will be interesting. Again, … Continue reading

the emotional anatomy of a comeback

When you work on a comeback, it’s a crazy range of all the emotions. It’s truly kind of crazy what all goes into it, and how my mood changes from day to day. At first, I couldn’t imagine a time … Continue reading

week 17 (2020): my return to couch to 5K

Well. I did it. I restarted the Couch To 5K program. Holy. Moly. I have been going back and forth about starting. Was I ready? Could my leg and ankle handle it? Was I rushing things? Ultimately, I just had … Continue reading

week 14 (20): loss of joy

I think you all know I’m a pretty positive person, but this week, I just felt this awful loss of joy. It was heavy and consuming, and I just didn’t know what to do. Sunday – 3 mile walk + Day … Continue reading

week 10 (20): women’s day edition

Happy International Women’s Day! March 8 is the day of equality and empowerment, and I consider myself lucky to be surrounded by a tribe of absolutely incredible women. Of course, my Women’s Day hero is my mother. She is just … Continue reading

a super lucky ultimate coffee date

And so we head into March, holding on to all the luck we can. This is probably the first month where I’m starting to feel hopeful about things really looking up. It’s taken a while to genuinely get to this … Continue reading

week 9 (20): recovery progress

On this gorgeous Sunday, I am so happy to report I am feeling some serious recovery progress. It has been a LONG time coming, but something clicked this past week and my hopes are high. It’s been very easy to … Continue reading

a look inside my comeback plan

My “Comeback Plan” has been rattling around in my head since the day I broke my leg. I think it’s only natural to want to focus on getting back to the normal, even while in the midst of a trauma. … Continue reading

things i’m loving on valentine’s day

Happy Valentine’s Day! So this isn’t my favorite of the days, but I am all about embracing themes and enjoying it! I wore pink and red to physical therapy this morning, and the PTs got a kick out of my … Continue reading

dealing with the dns

DNS, or Did Not Start, is something most runners never wish to encounter. Whether due to illness, injury, or just a change in availability, a DNS can become a huge discouragement to any athlete. After my injury, one of my … Continue reading

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