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weekly recap: 1/31 – 2/6

Rain, winds and fog have all been (negative) factors this week. My motivation completely stalled and I dragged my feet on my running, literally and figuratively. I hope i can work my way out of the rut soon. It will … Continue reading

weekly review: 6.14 – 6.20

I can’t believe I only blogged one time last week! Sheesh! I guess summer vacation is having that kind of effect on me! Now, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working my rear off! A lot has been going on … Continue reading

race report: runjax 5k & fun run {9.1.2014}

Usually, I plan my races months in advance. I’m pretty regimented that way. I have an ongoing spreadsheet, with all our races listed by date, with location, price and color-coded based on which family members are running. It’s all part of … Continue reading

something new & prepping for a night race

First, let me just say thank you to everyone who weighed in on yesterday’s post about possibly switching to intervals. I appreciated your stories, advice and support more than you know. This community is so amazing and I am so … Continue reading

couch 2 5k: week 7, day 3 {4.14.2013}

I was ready to run when the sun came up on Sunday morning. Well, almost ready to run. I was awake while it was still dark and it kind of sounded like it was raining, so I thought I might … Continue reading

couch 2 5K: week 7, day 2 {4.11.2013} & first run in the new shoes

I was pretty excited to hit the streets to test drive my new Mizuno Wave Inspires. Oh, and socks. Can’t forget the socks. I headed out around 9:30 and it was already pretty hot. I would guesstimate high 80s. I’ll … Continue reading

grown up running shoes

Yesterday morning, I suited up in my gear, grabbed my sneakers and a pair of socks and headed off to the local running specialty store for a gait analysis and fitting. Confession. I was terrified and intimidated and absolutely certain … Continue reading

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