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welcome to the “running is our therapy” accountability sisters link up

Happy New Year! You may have noticed a new menu header on Runs With Pugs called the #RIOTS link up. The acronym stands for “Running Is Our Therapy” and myself, along with five other amazing running and fitness bloggers, plan … Continue reading

wednesday word: accomplish

On Wednesdays, we (really, really try to) link up with Deb Runs for the  Wednesday Word. You can be part of the action, by checking out her page and linking up, too! I usually don’t post twice in one day, but I couldn’t miss out on this … Continue reading


It’s been just over a month since the marathon, and contrary to what more experienced marathoners have promised, I am not laboring under any kind of “runner’s amnesia.” I am still quite adamantly opposed to running another 26.2 miles. Ever. … Continue reading

i want to want to run a marathon

Running a full marathon is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. I want to want to do it. But, the truth is, at this moment, I kind of don’t. And because I don’t, I feel like I’m doing … Continue reading

end of summer running blues

It’s a hard time of year. Summer is technically almost at an end, but the heat and humidity are still going strong in most parts of the country. School is back in session, which means new morning schedules, more traffic … Continue reading

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