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a super lucky ultimate coffee date

And so we head into March, holding on to all the luck we can. This is probably the first month where I’m starting to feel hopeful about things really looking up. It’s taken a while to genuinely get to this … Continue reading

adventures in physical therapy

Physical therapy was another great unknown to come with my injury. I had zero experience, zero frame of reference and zero expectations for what was to come. Now, PT is part of my everyday life, with twice a week sessions … Continue reading

week 1.20: new fitness beginnings

2020 comes with the promise of new fitness beginnings. After all, I didn’t start off the year with a race or a run or even a session of 9Round. Really, all I’ve been doing is rotating through prescribed stretches and … Continue reading

january coffee date: new year new me

I know that “New Year New Me” is a bit a trite, and of course, I’m really just the same person I always was. But I’m not the same person. I’ve sustained what we have to call a “life changing … Continue reading

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