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what to expect when you’re expecting surgery

From the minute the EMTs dropped me off at our local hospital, I knew I was expecting surgery for my broken bones. There wasn’t really a question about it. The ER doctor consulted with the ortho on duty and the … Continue reading

blogging from the bedroom

TGIF. My tonsils and I have finally, after 36 years, parted ways. It’s the end of an era. For now, I am blogging from the comfort of my bed. Molly will only leave my side when Mr PugRunner takes her … Continue reading

5-10K week 4, day 2 {6.10.2013} & surgery update

We spent the weekend at Star Wars Weekends in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It was intense and busy, and I didn’t think about carving out extra time for running. If you’ve been to a Disney theme park in a summer month, … Continue reading

putting a cramp in my training schedule

No one like to have their fitness (or any) plans sidelined, especially when they’re working towards something specific. However, I am faced with a big decision that is going to put me on ice for about two weeks, and I’m … Continue reading

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