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the time is here & thank you

In a little more than 24┬áhours, I’ll be lining up in my corral. My stomach will be fluttering. My heart will be racing. My hands will be sweating. Or freezing, depending on the crazy weather. It’s time. I’m excited. And … Continue reading

a week of celebration

May I have your attention, please? On February 25, we will be celebrating a couple of things. One year since I started Couch-2-5K and, as a result, one year since Runs With Pugs began. One. Whole. Year. I can’t even … Continue reading

something new & prepping for a night race

First, let me just say thank you to everyone who weighed in on yesterday’s post about possibly switching to intervals. I appreciated your stories, advice and support more than you know. This community is so amazing and I am so … Continue reading

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