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cramps and bridges and fog, oh my

I’m going to combine a few training updates in one big post, because they just seem to flow that way. On Wednesday, I completed Week 5, Day 3 of the 5-10K plan for the second time (5:00 warmup/30:00 steady run/5:00 … Continue reading

the pressure’s on

I am in the process of psyching myself out. I need the next two runs to be amazing. Week 6 of the 5-10K program NEEDS to be great. I need to make it great. I want to finish my run … Continue reading

conquering the bridge

I just checked. My house is about 26 feet above sea level. And it is flat. So flat. There are pretty much no inclines around here. No hills. Not even a tall parking garage. I mean, maybe if you count … Continue reading

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