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my september running goals

It’s just insane to me that we are on the edge of fall, and it’s time to set some September running goals. Please forgive me that these are a week late – last week was hard with our loss, and … Continue reading

fairweather running: should i stay or should i go?

I have discussed my tendency to “fairweather running” many times on the blog, most notably with my refusal to run in the rain. However, seeing weather conditions experienced by runners throughout the world, I realized that “fairweather running” is, like … Continue reading

solo running vs group running

One of the biggest choices runners make is the concept of solo running vs. group running. Personally, I go through phases where I prefer one to the other, but runners learn to adapt to all situations. Solo Running I use … Continue reading

the changing face of racing

The changing face of racing due to COVID-19 will have an effect on road and trail runners around the world. As we start to see phased reopenings, the status of races is on our minds. What does the future hold … Continue reading

five ways runners can celebrate earth day

Happy Earth Day! Can you believe this is 50th Anniversary of Earth Day! This movement began in 1970, with over 20 million Americans lending a hand to help make positive changes to environmental policies and protections. Go For A “Plog” … Continue reading

week 16 (2020): and so ends 6th grade

Another week. All the days are really blending at this point, and it’s getting hard to manage my time. On Friday, our local counties opened up some of the beaches (for certain hours and with specific restrictions), and on Saturday, … Continue reading

virtual racing isn’t canceled

We are just about four weeks into our Safer at Home orders here in Florida. To be honest, it feels like an eternity, but we are keeping positive and looking for the end in sight. I’m grateful that we can … Continue reading

week 13 (20): cancel culture

Cancel culture is really the only way I can think of to define what is happening in our world right now. Pretty much everything is cancelled. That which isn’t cancelled is limited to essential operations, which translates to “no fun.” … Continue reading

week 12 (20): spring has sprung?

Spring has sprung, officially. What does that mean? I haven’t a clue. Seriously. The weather is beautiful. Humidity is low. We were technically on Spring Break. But we’re pretty locked down and isolated right now, so it feels a little … Continue reading

week 9 (20): recovery progress

On this gorgeous Sunday, I am so happy to report I am feeling some serious recovery progress. It has been a LONG time coming, but something clicked this past week and my hopes are high. It’s been very easy to … Continue reading

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