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a measure of progress

I find that it’s hard, in the heat of the moment, to see progress along any kind of journey. Be it fitness or weight loss or anything where we start from Point A and move along a steady path, I think … Continue reading


It’s been just over a month since the marathon, and contrary to what more experienced marathoners have promised, I am not laboring under any kind of “runner’s amnesia.” I am still quite adamantly opposed to running another 26.2 miles. Ever. … Continue reading

so, you just ran a marathon. now what?

Mr PugRunner drove us back to the Dolphin, where I hobbled, barefoot to our room (much to the amusement of the valet). In the car, I had chowed down on a tube of cinnamon applesauce (yes, it was the best … Continue reading

race report: wdw marathon {1.11.2015}

I was awake before the alarm. In fact, I had only managed 40 minutes of sleep the entire night. And that’s being extremely generous. There was nothing I could do but shower and change into my race clothes. Mr PugRunner … Continue reading

home at last.

I am home. And I am a marathoner. I have a lot to process. It was a crazy, hard, wonderful and emotional weekend. I’m having all the feelings, and I think I’m just too tired to make sense of most … Continue reading

weekly recap: 9/7 – 9/13

It’s the second week of September and Week 12 of marathon training! I don’t know why, but it is starting to feel so incredibly near. All our ducks seem to be in a row as far as travel and the … Continue reading

where my head is in competition with everything else

I feel like I am at the part of training where the physical training is starting to lose some ground to the mental. Physically: it’s just running. One foot in front of the other, over and over and over again. It’s shorter … Continue reading

back to long runs

One thing that I’ve needed to get back to is the long run. Since the Gate, I’ve been taking it very easy. I’ve started building pretty much from the beginning, with consistent sets of three to four mile training runs. … Continue reading

presented without comment

back at it. again.

Today was the day. After resting for a solid two weeks (and then for 10 days prior to running the Gate), I really couldn’t wait anymore. I can admit that taking off a few days, even a week, can be … Continue reading

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