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|week 3| miles + manatees

Happy Sunday! It’s another cold and bright day here in Florida, and I think we will be enjoying another week of tights, gloves, and sweatshirts. It’s a little bit of a nice break, if we are being honest. Sunday – … Continue reading

|week 2| new year, new mindset

Having a new mindset in 2021 really helped to keep things moving along this year. Last week I talked about some new goals, and this week sees me realizing them all! Sunday – 3.77 miles, walking + Plank Challenge Day … Continue reading

week 52: the last week of a bizarre year

Here we are! The last week of 2020! I don’t know if that’s going to be a good thing or a bad thing, but I am very hopeful that 2021 bring with it so many amazing things, and a shift. … Continue reading

week 51: twas the week before christmas

‘Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the house, every creature was stirring, including the hedgehog. We are in full crunch mode over here. Even though it’s going to be a small and secluded holiday, we are very much … Continue reading

week 48: hello to the last month of 2020

And how wonderful does it feel to know that we can put 2020 behind us. For all that I try to stay upbeat, I think I am not alone in hoping this year comes to an end, and fast. With … Continue reading

week 40: away we go!

After months and weeks of waiting, we finally arrived at our mountain vacation week! We planned to head to the Blue Ridge Mountains with another family and just sack out in a gorgeous cabin for a few days. There were … Continue reading

week 33: first day of school + new normals

And after six months, little man is “back” to school. In some ways, it is a huge relief: we have some routine and some structure in our lives again, and he has another productive way to spend his time. However, … Continue reading

week 21 (2020): school’s out for summer

School’s out for summer. It’s pandemic week 10. Twenty one weeks of 2020 gone. How many times can I say this is so surreal? The hours, days, and weeks are all blended together. There are days when I breathe easier, … Continue reading

week 18 (2020): birthdays in lockdown

Happy May! We are entering our seventh week of social distancing/lockdown/quarantine/whatever you want to call it. I can’t believe it’s almost halfway through 2020. For better or worse, this year is moving by, and while it’s nothing like what I … Continue reading

week 14 (20): loss of joy

I think you all know I’m a pretty positive person, but this week, I just felt this awful loss of joy. It was heavy and consuming, and I just didn’t know what to do. Sunday – 3 mile walk + Day … Continue reading

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