couch 2 5k: week 5, day 2 {3.27.2013}. treadmill edition

Wednesday marked my first treadmill experience. I’m hoping it will be my last.

I was pretty certain that the low point of my week was going out in public (and carrying on a lengthy conversation with little man’s teacher in the aisle of the grocery store) in yoga pants that were inside out. (That happens to everyone, right? RIGHT???). However, the Great Treadmill Effort of March “13 ranks right up there in the annals of misery.

i was in a colder climate and I really did plan to brave the elements. But then I looked out the window and it was snowing. And I was all “heck, no.”

So I retreated to the basement, started up my iPod and turned on Week 5, Day 2 of Couch 2 5K.

The session itself was fine. The regular five minute warm up was followed by eight minutes of running, five minutes of walking and another eight minutes of running. And I managed that pretty well.


I was distracted. I had to keep tinkering with the speed so that I didn’t fly off the back of the treadmill (there were several close calls). I had to watch my arms so they didn’t get caught up with the wires of my iPod or with the key that kept the machine running. I sounded like a herd of thundering elephants (I’m not sure if that was more distracting or annoying, but I’m adding it to the list).

Also? Let’s not forget the part where the treadmill was on a 1% incline and I didn’t realize it until more than halfway through. It explained why my legs were aching. I adjusted that immediately and was able to get back to the business at hand.

I don’t have any stats for you. I was messing with the treadmill buttons so much that I really have no honest idea how far I ran or how fast. Obviously, this was terribly annoying and kind of a buzzkill.

One day later, the gruond has finally stopped moving. My knees are a little glitchy. And my hips ache a bit. Everything else is in decent shape.

In a day, i got out for my first 20 minute run. And I am so excited to get it done.

Outside. On the road. Snowing or not.


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