weekly wrap: 9.18 – 9.24

It’s time for the Weekly Wrap with HoHo Runs and MissSippi Piddlin!


If you do a weekly recap post, this is a great way to check in with other active bloggers for extra support, sharing and accountability!

Sunday – Rock ‘n’ Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon

Race day! S made a great call by booking a hotel room for us – all we had to do was roll out the door and make our way to the start line.

The full report is coming this week, but I’ll just say that it was a lovely time. The weather was hot and humid (a slap in the face after the last two days of mild temperatures with low humidity) and I wasn’t at all prepared for the elevation of the course, but I had a blast. I was quite clear with S that I had no interest in being a hero out there, so we just walked a little, ran a little, jogged a little and danced a little, until the finish line.


Her husband came to the finish line for her, and we hurried back to the room to shower and change before he came for us in the car. And then it was time to eat!

I desperately wanted a salad and a beer (which I got) and after a brief stop back at their house to drop off our stuff and change, we headed back out to a Brazilian steakhouse, for all you can eat meat. It was definitely a new experience for me, but it was fun and we stuffed ourselves! Yum.

Monday – rest

The day started at 4:30AM so I could catch my flight home. I was incredibly sorry to leave, and even more incredibly sorry that I almost missed my flight (due to some customer service issue with some other travelers that kept the counter agent from moving the line along), and that the weather delayed said flight by about 90 minutes (with us sitting on the tarmac). Ugh.

However, we were back home soon enough and Mr PugRunner and I reunited over breakfast.

And then I napped.

I did have to replace my phone so Mr PugRunner suggested we skip karate, hit the AT&T store and grab dinner as a family. It was a solid plan, except for getting stuck in one of the most terrifying lightning storms in recent memory. We thought we had enough of a break in the weather to head for home, but the storm whipped up again while we were out there, and … well… I’m just grateful we made it home safely.

Tuesday – rest

We had little man’s parent-teacher conference before school started. I could have planned that a little better so I didn’t have to get up and be presentable quite so early, but I am always excited to get in the classroom and discuss his progress. He’s doing great and 3rd grade is agreeing with him beautifully. Yay.

I caught up on laundry and all the housekeeping and lounged around a lot. My glutes and calves were sore and I was just fine babying them.

Wednesday – rest

I thought about going to spin class. I really did. But… nope. I was very much all about spending some time on the couch.

Thursday – 3 miles

It was time to run, whether I wanted to or not. And honestly, my legs were feeling a lot better, so I figured an easy three miler would be reasonable. I struggled a little, but I ran the whole thing straight through with a quick break to stretch out my calves and one of my feet. Nothing major, but it was a little achy and I didn’t want to push it.

The rest of the day was a bit stressful. Mr PugRunner ended up cracking his tooth and needed to go in for an emergency dental procedure, but I had to go to work and wouldn’t be able to get little man from the bus stop. Fortunately, my parents were able to come over to help us out until he got home, and he was ok to take him to Cub Scouts later in the evening.

Friday – 60 minutes body circuit

I loved being back in class. It was fantastic to do my HIIT circuits, and I loved the arm workouts. Yay!

I had to do some shopping, and then Mr PugRunner called to see if I wanted to meet him for lunch.

Yay for noon margaritas!

I was really looking forward to that evening. Little man’s school was hosting its annual Mother/Son Cornhole event, and it’s always a great time. Mr PugRunner was volunteering with the Cub Scouts at concessions, and we all ended up having a blast.

We stayed late to help with cleanup, but I think we were all super ready for bed.

Saturday – 6 miles

I was ready for a long run and decided on six miles. My hip was still complaining a little, so I ran miles 1, 2, 4 and 5 straight through, and then used my intervals for miles 3 and 6. That seemed to alleviate some of the discomfort, and I realized I needed to get back into spin this week.

I met some of my girlfriends for a lovely breakfast, did some quick shopping for our vacation in a few months, and spent the rest of the afternoon with my family at the movies.


I think it was a decent week, considering the travel and the half marathon. I was a little disappointed to be so sore (usually my legs are wobbly for a day, but that’s about it). Obviously, the difference of terrain mattered. It was worth it.

In running news: my coaches from Empower have delivered my training plan for the Space Coast Half Marathon. I’m currently processing what they have laid out for me and I’m not entirely encouraged by the fact that this meme was the follow up:


I guess I’m going to take it one day at a time, and hope for the best.

Also, if you are local to the Jacksonville area, you have until midnight tonight to enter to win a Family Four Pack to Oktoberfest Jacksonville on Saturday, October 1. It promises to be an incredible time for adults and kids alike, with beer tasting, entertainment and a Family Fun Zone full of games and activities.


Just click here to visit the entry page, and good luck!*

How was your week in training?

How do you manage when a training plan looks a bit (or a lot) intimidating?

I have partnered with Oktoberfest Jacksonville through CF Media to promote this event. In exchange for my promotion, I have been compensated with event tickets for the purposes of this giveaway and for personal use. All opinions are my own.


celebrate oktoberfest jacksonville + giveaway

With temperatures still in the high 80s, it’s hard to imagine that fall is upon us. But it’s true: September 22 makes the official start of autumn, and we are moving into the season of pumpkins, scarecrows and falling leaves.

It’s also time for Oktoberfest Jacksonville!

This year’s Oktoberfest Jacksonville will be held on Friday, September 30  and Saturday, October 1 at the Budweiser Brewery Experience (111 Busch Dr, Jacksonville, FL  32218).

The celebration of German culture will kick off on Friday afternoon with gates opening at 4:00 PM. Enjoy Anheuser-Busch brewery tours, a keg tapping ceremony, a variety of VIP experiences (with VIP ticket purchase) and a DJ and live music to keep the party moving through 10 PM.

On Saturday morning, head over to the Budweiser Brewery Experience bright and early to take part in the Hands On Jacksonville Human Race 5K Oktoberfest Run. This event is a great way to raise funds for your favorite charity or non-profit and promises to be a great time for the whole family.

Oktoberfest Jacksonville will resume at 11 AM, after the race.

You won’t want to miss out on all the delicious German cuisine and beer,

as well as the live music and traditional dancing,

Entertainment will be plentiful with the traditional Games of Oktoberfest, including Stein Hoisting, Brat Eating, Tug of War and Beer Rolling.

There’s plenty for the kids, too, in the Family Fun Zone, open from 11 AM to 4 PM on Saturday. While the adults are sampling the variety of traditional German beers, the children can enjoy an array of carnival games, pumpkin bowling, face painting and barrel rolling.

And let’s not forget… the Wiener Dog Races!

Here’s the complete schedule of events:

I can’t think of a better way to spend a fall weekend.

Do you want to be a part of the fun at Oktoberfest Jacksonville? We’re giving away a Family Four Pack of Saturday General Admission Tickets to one lucky winner. All you have to do is enter via Rafflecopter and leave a blog comment below. We will announce the winner on Monday, September 26! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


I have partnered with Oktoberfest Jacksonville through CF Media to promote this event. In exchange for my promotion, I have been compensated with event tickets for the purposes of this giveaway and for personal use. All opinions are my own.

wednesday word: accomplish

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Deb Runs

I usually don’t post twice in one day, but I couldn’t miss out on this week’s choice. It’s just too meaningful.

The word of the week is…



A few weeks ago, Mr PugRunner and I had a “conversation” regarding my training. I have definitely increased the amount of my activity over the last few months, and he was expressing concern that maybe I’m pushing too hard. I disagreed.

So he asked me a pretty pointed question: What do you want to accomplish from this?

It was something I really hadn’t thought about in a while, but it also gave me the chance to put my goals into words. To speak them out loud and give them weight.

The things I want to accomplish through my fitness and activity aren’t particularly overwhelming. I’m pretty well set on never running another marathon (maybe, years from now, if the opportunity for New York or Chicago happens to fall into my lap), and I have absolutely no motivation to try an ultra.

But there are things still out there I haven’t yet achieved, things that make the extra workouts and more concentrated training plans worthwhile.

I want to be stronger – When I injured my hip flexor this year, it made me realize just how much I had been neglecting my cross training. With the running and race goals I have set for myself, it’s really only a matter of time before it happens again (and again and again). By combining my running with weights and spin and yoga, I am building the muscles that haven’t been getting much or any love, which should help in the prevention of injury (obviously, nothing is guaranteed, but the logic is sound).

I want to do a handstand. And a real pushup. – My power is, and has always been, in my legs. To this day, no matter how much I focus on my upper body, I can’t seem to accomplish either of these feats. It’s a thorn in my side, and one day, I would love to be able to flip into one of the cool inversions I see others practice in yoga class, or drop and give 20 without dropping to my knees.

It’s time for that triathlon – My eye is on the 2017 season, and the more disciplines I focus on now, the easier that training will come. I’ve made a lot of excuses and back burnered this quite a bit, but I’m feeling more at ease with the idea of the open water swim and I think that I will be ok.

I want to work on my body – On this blog, I maintain that my fitness journey really doesn’t have much to do with vanity or appearance. And for the most part, I mean that quite sincerely. I own the good parts and the bad and I am proud of and grateful for that with which I was born. There are things that will never be aesthetically fabulous without surgery, and I’m not quite that committed, but it is in within my power to tone and tighten and improve other things, and there’s no reason I can’t. We have a trip to a tropical paradise coming up in a few months, and I’m willing to push a little harder to look just slightly better in time for that.

The conversation about what I hoped to accomplish was an accomplishment of its own. While Mr PugRunner doesn’t feel the same motivations or similar goals, we are now on the same page for why I’m choosing to train the way I have been.


What’s something you are hoping to one day accomplish?

beating the dark with runlites sling

I received one pair of  RunLites Sling and RunLites LED Lights for my personal use for the purposes of review. All opinions are my own.



Earlier this year, I was gifted a pair of half-length RunLites gloves to try out.

I loved them for their illumination and their comfort, and they have come in handy for those early morning runs, when I am out and about well before sunrise.

And while they were incredibly bright and very comfortable, they were a tiny bit warm on those super humid Florida days. It was manageable, but it would have been nice to have something a little lighter and less “there.”

Introducing RunLites SLING:

This version of RunLites provides the same convenience of handsfree illumination but without the glove, making it perfect for summer running.

The RunLites SLING are sold separately from the LED Light Units, but also work fine with any existing RunLites Light Units you may have. The Light Units are rechargeable via the included USB cable and click on and off with the touch of button, located on the top of each unit.

There are two intensities of each light light unit: 40 or 80 lumens. All it takes is a click of ta button to choose the appropriate one. And both are BRIGHT.

The light units slide snugly into each SLING, and are easily secured in place with velcro.

And the SLING fits on by way of elasticized loops on the second and fourth finger, and secures around the wrist with an adjustable, reflective velcro strap. There are two sizes available (S/M and L), so I just estimated based on my measurements via the sizing chart, and found the S/M to fit perfectly.

I took the SLING out for a few test runs well before sunrise, when it is still pitch black. My regular running routes do boast a few street lamps, but they are few and far between, and there are stretches of road and sidewalk that don’t reap the benefits of that light.

As you can see, armed with RunLites, street lamps aren’t at all necessary.

At 40 lumens, I was comfortable with my visibility. When I clicked up to 80, the light was actually bouncing off the reflective stop and road signs down the block.

I was able to light my own way, and I was definitely visible to any vehicular or foot traffic.

What I loved most was the feel. With the palm-free design, I barely knew I was wearing anything.

Held in place by the fingers loops and the wristband, the SLING remained in place without any shifting or need for adjustment. The less I know something is there, the happier I am during runs.

Best of all, the RunLites SLING retail for only $15.95. The rechargeable Light Units are sold separately, but are interchangeable and can be switched in and out of other RunLites glove products, so only one set is necessary.

While the SLING have been lighting up my regular training runs, I am really looking forward to using them at the Ragnar Trail Alafia River in December. The idea of being in the woods with just the moon and stars to light my way was a bit terrifying, but I’ll have a little bit of of added brightness and security with the SLING.

How do you light your way in the dark?

What do you think of the new design of RunLites?

weekly wrap: 9.11 – 9.15 + rock ‘n’ roll philadelphia half marathon

I didn’t get a chance to post this on Monday, due to some delayed travel, but I’m back in town, and that means it’s time for the Weekly Wrap with HoHo Runs and MissSippi Piddlin!


If you do a weekly recap post, this is a great way to check in with other active bloggers for extra support, sharing and accountability!

Sunday – rest

This was our family day. We took Nana and Papa Bear out to brunch to celebrate Grandparents’ Day and then they came back to our house for the official opening of football season.

Mr PugRunner did another run with the Big Green Egg and made pretty delicious burgers for us to enjoy with all the games.

Monday – 5 miles running; body circuit, 60 minutes

I had a beautiful sunrise run.

Once again, I slowed way down and skipped my intervals altogether. It felt really great to know that I could run five miles without stopping, and I was pretty proud of myself. I’m not sure what I’m going to DO with that knowledge (continue from this point, return to intervals, etc), but at least I know I have the capability.

I followed the run with a nice Body Circuit session. Some of the moves were pretty tricky on tired legs, but I powered through, anyway.

Tuesday – rest

I was up bright and early for a work meeting, and felt like I spent the rest of the day in the car. It made the day pass pretty quickly, so I didn’t mind too much.

After I got little man settled with his homework, I headed out to do a little babysitting so my friends could attend an informational session at our school.

Wednesday – 4 miles running; spin, 60 minutes

I did four miles of straight running,

and then followed it up with a spin session.

When I got home, there was a pretty cool announcement waiting for me: Best Damn Race would be coming to New Orleans in 2017! So cool!


Be prepared for the Registration Blitz on Friday, September 23 – registrations for the Half and the 5K will start at $1!

We also got a little bit of mail! Travel documents for our anniversary trip! I’m so excited!

Thursday – rest

I thought about going to spin and possibly Body Recon, but I had a lot of errands to run and I knew we were going to be doing a lot of walking and sightseeing in Philadelphia this weekend, so I let it go.

Instead, I picked up some more last minute items for the trip, met my parents for lunch, and got home in time to finish packing.

That evening, my friend returned the babysitting favor so Mr PugRunner and I could go to little man’s Curriculum Night. While we know his teacher, it was a chance to hear from the whole third grade staff as to what the year is going to hold, and then visit the classroom to get a feel for how the students’ day to day academics are going. We were very pleased with everything we saw and heard, and we know it’s going to be a great year.

Friday – 3 miles running; 18,702 steps

I decided to go for one little shake out run before my flight so I wouldn’t have to bring extra shoes and gear to Philly with me.

We dropped little man at school, grabbed a bagel for the road and then made our way to the airport. I found a great deal on a smaller airline from a less popular (but closer) airport, and figured we would give it a try.

Everything went really smoothly and by 10:30, I was in Philadelphia!

My friend, S, picked me up at the airport and we hit the town! I’ll share more details with my race recap this week.

(So I don’t usually count my steps, and the only activity tracker I own is the one in my iPhone, but we did a serious bit of walking this weekend. I figured it was worth noting.)

Saturday – 17,077 steps

We got a good night’s sleep and then headed back out for more tourism! Again, we walked a ton. We also visited the Rock ‘n’ Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon Expo to pick up our packets and do a little shopping.

We tried to make it an early night, but I think we were both pretty excited, and couldn’t wait for the race!


It was a great week on all fronts. I love traveling, and it’s even better when I get to go somewhere new. The anticipation leading up to this past weekend was fantastic and I am so excited to share all about the race and the weekend with you!

That said I am looking forward to a few days off and getting some rest!

How was your week in training?

Do you enjoy traveling to new cities?


*As a Rock ‘n’ Blogger, my entry to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Virtual Series/Make a Band and Global Tour Pass were complimentary. All opinions are my own.

wednesday word: give & take, teach & learn

Today, we are linking up with Deb Runs for the  Wednesday Word. You can be part of the action, by checking out her page and linking up, too!

Deb Runs

The word of the week is…


The fitness world is an interesting place. Threaded through the workouts, training plans and competitions is a delicate balance of push and pull, give and take. We can learn so much, everyday, from the people around us, and we can also teach our friends and training partners.

In fitness, there is no one size fits all solution. There are outlines and plans, but every person is so different – what is effective for one can’t ever really be effective for all. This is why community is so vital to the success of sports like running – we have so much to teach each other.

For the last four years, my running years, I have kept my ears open. I have listened to those around me, my tribe of workout buddies, absorbing suggestions, recommendations and tips. Through them, I have honed my own skills and training, managed long run fueling, conquered calf cramps, and treated my plantar fasciitis. By being open to new things, I was led to the benefits of different kinds of cross training, discovered a love of stand up paddle board, and found a sense of adventure.

When I hire my running coaches for my annual goal race, I pay close attention to all the wisdom they have to teach me. They know me, my strengths and weaknesses, when I need to push, when I need to suck it up and when I need to give myself a break. They have experience and knowledge and it only benefits me to learn from them.

And even though I’m not elite or professional, there are tips and tricks that I can pass on to  people in my circle. Whether it’s a new brand of gel that I found both palatable and gentle on the stomach, a pair of socks that that don’t budge during workouts, or a class I found particularly motivating, I have the ability to help out those around me. It’s pretty cool to be able to help build the community in a positive way.

What kind of things can you teach to those in your fitness tribe?

What can they teach you?

weekly wrap: 9.4 – 9.10 + rock ‘n’ roll philadelphia week

It’s Monday, and that means it’s time for the Weekly Wrap with HoHo Runs and MissSippi Piddlin!


If you do a weekly recap post, this is a great way to check in with other active bloggers for extra support, sharing and accountability!


Sunday – rest

Mr PugRunner had invited some friends over to grill out, so we did some food shopping and quick errands before they came over. It was a nice, chill night, and it was good to see them.

Monday – rest

We had pretty much no plans for Labor Day Monday. It was rather nice. We did make a trip to the outdoor mall for some extra Cub Scouts uniform supplies and had a delicious lunch out. We didn’t get up early, we didn’t race, and we didn’t even grill out. It was completely uncharacteristic for us, but needed.

Tuesday – 5 miles running

I was back at it on Tuesday. There was a gorgeous break in the temperature, which made everything ok.

I love strong runs.

The plan was to go to body circuit, and then switch cars with Mr PugRunner so I could bring lunch to little man at school, and he could possibly go to Orlando for a meeting, but when I got in the car, the battery was dead.

This is my second dead battery this year (different car, fortunately). I’m starting to take it personally.

Of course, this threw a wrench into things – Mr PugRunner had to come home from work to try to jump the dead battery. He was successful, so he took that car in to replace the battery while I handled lunch and the rest of the day. I hate dealing with car stuff, but I’m glad it was an easy fix.

Wednesday – spinning, 60 minutes

Spin is getting easier. Not easy, mind you, but easier. Every class, I find myself able to climb longer and faster. And this class was almost entirely climbing.

I also worked pretty hard with upping with water consumption and decreasing my sugar intake. The first thing I usually grab to drink in the morning is my Diet Dr Pepper, but I’ve been holding off until I get a tumbler or two of H2O in me. I don’t love it, but I know it’s good for me, and I’m really focused on making better choices.

I’m also stocking up on those little snack packs so I can grab a healthier snack, instead of cookies or sugary granola bars. It’s working ok.

Thursday – spinning, 60 minutes; body recon, 60 minutes

I didn’t have a great night’s sleep, so I skipped my run and hit the gym instead. Another sweaty spin session, followed by my second body recon class. The instructor talked a lot about the importance of recovery and strengthening the hips and glutes.

I really like her – she’s tough but fair, and spends a lot of time checking form. I feel like I’m getting a lot out of that class.

In the evening, I had to work, and little man went to Cub Scouts. A veteran and his service dog visited the Pack to talk about the importance of service, and all the kids made thank you cards for veterans and service members. They also talked A LOT about the upcoming campouts, and Mr PugRunner came home with quite a list of needs, wants, and recommendations.

Friday – 5.25 miles running; body circuit, 60 minutes

Remember my awesome running coaches? Well, we are working together again for the Space Coast Half, and they invited me to join them on their run. They are heart rate training, so they promised it would be ok for me.

I ended up running four of my five miles with them mostly without intervals (I needed a couple of random walk breaks, but nothing major). Wow. It was pretty crazy. I’m not sure what my actual heart rate was during that time, as I don’t currently have an HRM, but it was kind of neat to not have to really stop.

It certainly wasn’t a fast run, but I felt great at the end of it.

Body circuit was fantastic, and then Mr PugRunner asked if I would join him for a trip to REI and another outdoor store. I had thought he was planning to go shopping on the weekend, but he was all about right that minute.

First up was REI. We spent about an hour in there, selecting self-inflating mattresses, lanterns and other supplies for the upcoming camping trip. It was actually really interesting, and I paid close attention, because I’m going to need to use some of the same equipment for Ragnar in December.

We also got headlamps, which is officially my first Ragnar purchase.

We had lunch, and then Mr PugRunner wanted to go back to the little, local outdoor store nearby. He had an ulterior motive: he has had his eye on a Big Green Egg. He had been emailing back and forth with the store owner about a package, and it was finally time to make things happen.

The Egg and accessories was purchased at 2:15PM. By 7:30 that night, it had been assembled at the store, delivered and set up. Mr PugRunner was beaming, and spent the rest of the night researching recipes and planning his first Egg meal.

Saturday – 4.5 miles cycling

I was supposed to try out an aerial acrobatics class with some fellow bloggers, but we had to reschedule at the last minute. I was bummed, so instead we had one of those Saturday mornings of hardcore cleaning: sheets, bathroom rugs, area rugs, even the pugs got a bath and their crates scrubbed down (much to their chagrin).

When we had finished, we took the bikes for a ride to lunch. It’s a great way to get some family exercise.

And then Mr PugRunner took a ride to the store to pick up stuff for dinner. We ended up having lobster tail and baked potatoes with the University of Miami game, and it was fabulous.


We are going to be very well fed this football season.


On Friday, I’m heading to Philadelphia for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon. At the moment, I don’t really have much of a strategy. I’m looking forward to meeting some of my fellow Rock ‘n’ Bloggers, spending time with a friend, and seeing a new city. I’m a little worried about the hills, but my friend and I are planning to have fun with the course, and not stress too much about it. This is a race to ease me back into the half marathon game, not to push for a PR, and so my big goal is to have a great time.

How was your week in training?

Are you excited that football season is here?

Do you camp? If so, what’s the best tip you have for a rookie?

weekly wrap: 8.28 – 9.3, august review + september goals

It’s Monday, and that means it’s time for the Weekly Wrap with HoHo Runs and MissSippi Piddlin!


If you do a weekly recap post, this is a great way to check in with other active bloggers for extra support, sharing and accountability!

It’s time to welcome in September! August was pretty successful in a lot of ways. We’ll take a look at how I did as well as my September goals after the week’s training recap.

Sunday – rest

Errands, hanging out and family time. The best way to spend a Sunday, as far as I’m concerned. Well, minus the errands, because I don’t love those, but you get the idea.

Monday – 60 minutes body circuit

This class was much more fun than the last one. I really enjoyed it and felt like it was a great workout.

It was a quiet Monday – little man did his homework and went to karate and we called it a day.

Tuesday – 5 miles running

It was a lovely morning for a five miler. The humidity was high so I just went with the flow.

Afterwards, I tidied up and started prepping dinner. Mr PugRunner  was going to Ronald McDonald House to help with dinner for the residents and so my parents were going to join me and little man for spaghetti and meatballs. I made extra so Mr PugRunner could serve some to his buddy, who was coming over later for the Fantasy Football draft.

It was a fun night, and little man even got to practice selling his popcorn for Cub Scouts.

Wednesday – 50 minutes spin

I screwed up my courage and went back to another spin class. This time, I was able to stand up in the saddle for a couple of the moves: not for very long, but I was starting to feel a little more stable and confident. I can’t believe how much I sweat in this class. I still think I hate it, but it feels so great to work that hard.

In the meantime, we were keeping a very close eye on Tropical Storm Hermine, which was working it’s way towards the west coast of Florida, gaining and strength and threatening the coast. We’ve had a pretty inactive season, so it was worth considering.

Thursday – 50 minutes spin, 50 minutes body recon

Little man had a bad dream, and asked me not to run so I could snuggle with him, so I did. I hate when he gets scared, so it was the least I could do.

After he went to school, I decided to do another turn at spin. This class was even better than the day before, and I did even more standing. Yay me! I actually really like the climbing, with the tension cranked all the way up. Of course, I was dripping by the end, but I decided to try out Body Recon, which was next on the schedule. My friend assured me I would enjoy it.

The class seems to be a continuous stream of 60 second exercises. We did cardio, weights, kettle bells, and abs. I guess the premise is that you can do anything for 60 seconds. It moved very quickly, and I liked the constant change up of things.

I showered and went out for sushi with Mr PugRunner.

We were waiting to hear if the county was going to close school the next day – surrounding counties were doing so because of the threat of winds and tornadoes. We did some last minute food shopping, just in case, and were actually pretty relieved to get the text that little man would have a four day weekend.

Little man was nervous when he got off the bus. Of course, rumors were flying and he was a little scared about what might come. We did our best to reassure him that we were safe and tried to make it a fun night. He played with all the other kids on the street, and then we settled in with a movie and late bedtime.

Mr PugRunner decided to sleep downstairs with the TV on, just in case, so little man slept in our room. I stayed up late enough to catch the 11:00 PM storm update, and then it was time to hunker down.

Friday – rest

Hurricane Day. The howling wind woke me before dawn. Fortunately, little man had a great night’s sleep.

It was kind of a dull day. We watched a lot of weather reports and lounged around. There was one tornado warning in the early afternoon. Little man wanted nothing to do with it.

Finally, the rain clouds moved on and we were able to get outside for a little bit. We took the pugs for a walk, and let Molly ride in the wagon so she could get some fresh air, too.

Saturday – 5 miles running

I wasn’t up for a long run, so I did five miles again. It actually felt really good.

The rest of the day was pretty busy. We went to the mall to pick up some new Miami Hurricanes gear for the new season, and got build-your-own salads from a place in the food court.

I love chopped salads, especially with lots of yummy stuff.

We had a BBQ at a friend’s house and then Mr PugRunner had a buddy over for the first Hurricanes game. The Canes dominated the Rattlers 70-3!


The season is off to a great start!


Ok, so let’s check out how August’s goals went.

1. Continue with increased mileage – After a very slow start this year, I ended August with 89 miles. I probably should have gone for 90 for OCD purposes, but I didn’t. The bump from three to five miles for my regular training runs has been pretty effective, as far as boosting my strength and my confidence.


2. Yoga, yoga and more yoga – Ehhhh….. So there wasn’t a ton of yoga in August. It just didn’t fit into my schedule. However, that doesn’t mean I let the cross training go by the wayside. I have been dedicated with my body circuit, and added in some spin and other workouts.

3. Secure coaching for goal race and establish goals – I have my questionnaire and just need to get it filled out and submitted. That will happen this week.

4. Register for another 5K – Check! I registered for and ran the Jaguars 5K Stadium Challenge (and Fun Run).

It was fun, and it was good to get out there again.

5. Get back to running with Mr PugRunner – Mission accomplished. Mr. PugRunner got his new shoes and has been out a couple of times. He doesn’t have a goal in mind yet, but it’s good to see him out there.

Overall, I think I did pretty well. So what’s next?

1. Have fun at Rock ‘n’ Roll Philadelphia! 


I haven’t visited Philly since an elementary school field trip! I’m staying with a great running friend! I’m going to meet some of my fellow Rock ‘n’ Bloggers! I’m trained for the distance! My hip hasn’t been giving me any trouble! These are all good things, and there’s no reason not to just enjoy the experience.

2. Hydrate more/cut back on my Diet Dr Pepper habit.

I had been doing REALLY well with my balance on this. My soda intake had been way down and my water consumption was way up. Somehow, along the way, I’ve gotten lazy about that. I’m sure that it is making a negative difference in my performance, so I’m going to crack down.

3. Cut back on sugar.

I do need to be more careful about my sugar intake. I don’t want to be too restrictive, but I can certainly make some healthier choices and increase my protein. Time to get on board with that.

4. Continue the cross training.

I have really been enjoying mixing things up in the cross training arena. I know I haven’t been on my road bike in a while (the weather hasn’t been optimal for it), but I think I’ve been making it up in other ways. It can only make me better, so I’m just going to keep it up.

5.  Try something new.

It’s always fun to try something new, and it’s time I broaden my horizons a little. Stay tuned – this month I’ll be trying a new activity for the first time and I can’t wait to share it with you!


How was your week in training?

What’s on your list of September goals?


running with ernie

Every so often, a really unique and interesting opportunity comes along, and no matter what, you just have to take advantage of it.

Most recently, that opportunity came in the form of Ernest Andrus, a retired Navy veteran, who had committed to running across the United States in order to raise funds for the LST 325 Ship Memorial. On October 7, 2013, then 90-year-old Andrus started his journey by touching the Pacific Ocean near San Diego, California. Ernie then proceeded to make his way across America, running three days a week, traveling alone in an RV, sometimes being going by a group and sometimes logging his miles completely alone.

Did I mention that this man is in his nineties???

One of my running coaches, Stacey, made me aware of Ernie’s journey and progress, pointing out that his last legs were going to be about 90 minutes away from us, in St. Simons Island, Georgia. She had every intention of being on hand for the final leg scheduled for August 20, and I was totally on board with joining her. As the date approached, she got in touch with me to ask if I would be up for going on Thursday, August 18 instead. It would work out better with her schedule, and I was able to pull some strings to make it happen.

We left Thursday morning at 4:00 AM. The drive was fairly easy, even if it was dark and absurdly early. We were both really excited to get to our destination and meet Ernie: the plan was to park the car at the Morningstar Marinas, the designated finish point, and then shuttle to the start line. Per the GPS map, it looked like a straightaway from Point A to Point B, and we tossed around the idea of running to the start line, just to get in some extra miles before Ernie’s group run.

Driving the route changed our minds pretty quickly – it was still pitch black, and there were two bridges with somewhat narrow shoulders and no barriers to separate pedestrians from traffic. Maybe if we were more familiar with the area we would have braved it, but neither one of us felt comfortable taking the risk.

A nice group had gathered at the Marina, and we were able to say hi to Ernie for the first time, as well as meet some of the people who would be walking that day. Ernie was already bright eyed and bushy-tailed. He had been driving the route, setting up the starting point and was handing out waivers and collecting names to those who were waiting. We were all pretty anxious to get started, and Stacey volunteered to drive some people to the start.

Introductions were made, American flags distributed, pictures snapped and conversation flowed in the early morning darkness.

We didn’t have to wait long before the police escort arrived and we were ready to get underway into the rising sun.

This penultimate leg was estimated to be about 3.72 miles. Approximately 40 supporters settled in around Ernie, whose pace averages 22:39 per mile.

It was a beautiful morning. The company was phenomenal, as was the view. We chatted with some of the other people on the route, and were completely blown away by how far people had traveled to be part of this event.

And Ernie, for his part, just put his head down and pushed. He never broke pace and never slowed.

In fact, the only time he showed any signs of exhaustion was when he passed the “finishing point” and was promptly escorted to a chair in the shade.

Ernie graciously posed for more photos and held more conversations. He was an absolute delight.

And I’m sure he was so thrilled to have so many family members, friends and fans around him as he neared his final goal.

We hitched a ride back to our car and then we made our way to a nearby church, where finisher shirts were being sold. I was a little superstitious and didn’t wear mine until after Ernie had completed his final run on Saturday, August 20, a day after his 93rd birthday, by touching the Atlantic Ocean.

And now? Ernie is taking a well-deserved break. By which I mean he’s driving his motorhome to Alaska.

Safe travels, sir. You are truly an inspiration, and I can’t thank you enough for the memories.


For more information on donations, you can visit the following pages:

weekly wrap: 8.21 – 8.27

It’s Monday, and that means it’s time for the Weekly Wrap with HoHo Runs and MissSippi Piddlin!


If you do a weekly recap post, this is a great way to check in with other active bloggers for extra support, sharing and accountability!

Sunday – rest

In all honesty, I’ve been looking forward to our Sundays – they have been lazy and low-key. We clean, run a few errands and hang out at home. With the craziness of our weeks, it’s really ben quite perfect. On this particular Sunday, we made a trek to the big outdoor mall to pick up little man’s Cub Scouts uniform and have lunch. He was really excited to get his gear.

Afterwards, we had to make a little stop in the McDonalds drive-thru. We had to celebrate Delilah’s Gotcha Day, and that pug loves nothing better than Chicken McNuggets.

I cannot believe this girl has been with us for a year. She has just fit into our family so seamlessly, and we are so glad we were able to rescue her (Don’t worry, Molly and Bentley got nuggets, too).

Monday – body circuit, 60 minutes

I wasn’t in love with this round of body circuit. For some reason, the exercises just weren’t doing it for me. I’m sure each station had its purpose, and did something for me that I didn’t realize, but I wasn’t feeling particularly accomplished when it ended. Oh, well.

Tuesday –  5 miles running

I decided that this would be the day to finish my Rock ‘n’ Roll Virtual Run Race Series. With just 3.1 miles, I earned my Lead Singer medal.

AND the big Making A Band bling!

I cannot wait for all the medals to ship in September!

For the morning, I had five miles

And I did it all in new shoes! You know how I love new shoe day!

As a reward, I treated myself to a movie. I have been wanting to see Star Trek Beyond for a while, and finally had the chance.

I practically had the theater to myself, too, which was incredible.

Wednesday – rest

Because of scheduling, I haven’t been able to meet up with some of the ladies from my running group. I was really missing D and so I asked her if she could meet for coffee. We ended up spending several hours chatting and catching up. It was fabulous. I’m not always great at initiating get togethers, so I’m glad I went outside my comfort zone.

Thursday – 5 miles running; spin class, 50 minutes

Another sunrise five miler.

And then I got the crazy idea to try a spin class. I haven’t been out on my bike for a while (it’s been too hot and too dark in the mornings), and I figured I would give it a try.

I never knew I could love something and hate something so much at the same time. I loved the dark room and disco lights and great music. I hated feeling so awkward. The instructor told me it would take about three weeks to strengthen my ligaments enough to be able to stand and pedal effectively, but I was doing well.

When class was over, all I wanted was to sleep. And eat. In any order.

That night, Mr PugRunner took little man to his first Cub Scouts meeting. Actually, I should say “their first” Cub Scouts meeting. Little man was absolutely over the moon about attending and he was ready well before his dad.

He came home so excited about new friends, and the camp outs and activities to come.

Friday – rest

I met another friend for coffee in the morning and then just puttered around waiting for little man to get home. His new sparring gear had arrived, so Mr PugRunner wanted to take him to karate to give it a test run.

We got dinner and then we went to his school for Movie Night. It’s always a fun time with blankets and camp chairs and popcorn. Little man sat with some of his buddies instead of us and so we were able to hang with some of our friends, as well. It was a nice way to end the school week.

Saturday – 12 miles running

It took everything I had to get up with the alarm. With 12 miles on the schedule, I knew I had to be out long before the sunrise if I wanted to stand a chance in the heat. Looking back, it was the right call. Mentally, I prepared by dividing the run into three blocks of four miles. For some reason, it was much easier on me to work through it that way. And it was a good run. My knees were still a little tender from spin, so I took my time and worked my way through it, a mile at a time.

It felt good.

Little man had a playdate with his BFF, and so we took them to lunch and the movies (9 Lives – I can’t recommend it but the kids LOVED it), and they played Minecraft together. They always have a blast, and it’s nice to listen to the sound of them laughing and having fun.


I felt a lot more productive this week, which is a big boost to ye olde confidence level. I am looking forward to my last long run for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon next weekend, and then it will be taper time. Whoo hoo! I am going to definitely try spin a few more times to see if I can’t get the hang of it, and I’m glad to have something else to add into the cross training rotation.


How was your week in training?

Have you ever done a spin class? Does it get easier?

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