week #43: 100 workouts + overcoming

Well, I’m sure my title gives it away, but I hit those 100 workout in 9Round! Whoo-hoo!

Not saying that was the absolute highlight of the week, but there were some major hiccups, including some more seizure-like activity from our oldest pug, the loss of about two months worth of blog posts, and a pretty hectic event at the school.

But, if you know anything about me, it’s all about rising to the challenge and getting it done.

Sunday – rest

Crappy Sundays seem to be our new trend. Once again, the restful family day for which I was hoping turned into a bit of a stressful, cranky, awful day.

The brightest note was that little man found the most amazing macaroni and cheese recipe, and cooked us a delicious dinner.

He even garnished it with black pepper and green onions. These meals are part of his Cooking Merit Badge for Scouts, and he’s really doing a great job of taking ownership of these tasks.

Monday – 5.5 miles, running + 9Round #96

Monday started with a run. The weather has been much cooler, although still humid. It makes the miles just a little easier.

Up next was 9Round. I was pretty excited, because a new week means a new CHOW. This week was double crunches, and I managed 97 in three minutes. I’m never strong when it comes to abs, so I was pretty stoked.

The rest of my day was consumed with selling tickets for the upcoming all-school dance. It’s always fairly slow on the first day of sales, which made for a long few hours.

Tuesday – 9Round #97

Florida served up another gorgeous morning and I was happy to spend another morning at the school helping at the NFL Play60 event. The Jaguars Play60 squad came out with six training stations for 150 6th graders and parents helped lead the kids through the moves.

I was in charge of the relay activity and the kids through all manner of (hopefully) fun speed drills.

Only then did I head to 9Round for #97.

Around noon, I had a board meeting for an incredible charity with which I am involved this year: the Souperbowl V. It’s a soup-tasting event put on by the local high school hospitality program (and incredible chefs) with the mission of feeding food insecure students in our county. I was a guest for the first time last year and am honored to be a part of it for 2020.

Wednesday – 5.5 miles, running + 9Round #98

Things were a little quieter on Wednesday. We still got up to run.

And 9Round still happened. I confess that this week’s workouts seemed extra daunting. All the ab work involved twisting and medicine balls, which was brutal on my already sore core, and there were still plenty of burpees and planks. I think I was so excited to be done with my 100 that everything seemed that much more difficult. I even messed up my end of workout photo.

Thursday – 4.5 miles, walking + 9Round #99

M and I took a gorgeous 4.5 mile walk after the kids got off to school. It was so nice, and again, the cool breeze made everything so much nicer.

And then, it was time for my 99th 9Round! This one was almost impossible, with pike crunches, gorilla jumps, equalizers and mule kicks. It felt like I had to face a combination of everything I hate. But I got it done.

Then it was time for some fun. I had a hosted appointment at the Blo Blow Dry Bar to try out some of their hair and makeup services. The last time I had anything like this done was for my wedding and I loved having such a skilled “Style Boss” work her magic.



Friday – 9Round #100

OMG I DID IT!!!! 100 workouts at 9Round!!!! It was a freaking hard session, too, jumps and one-armed burpees (which, I’ll have you know, are terrifying).

Earning that tank meant the world to me.

Mr PugRunner joined me for the fun, but then he had to head out to Orlando for his big annual conference.

For the rest of the weekend, little man and I were on our own. Friday was his big (first) middle school dance, so I had my day cleared to help out. We had a few big hiccups during setup, but the team rallied and we pulled off a super fun Wild West dance for the kids.

After karate, we watched some Halloween TV with leftover pizza, and got a good night’s sleep.

Saturday – rest

I had planned to run, but I woke up to rain, so skipped it. The rest of the day was just miserably drizzly, so we spent it with lots of errands. Little man even tried some new costume ideas.

That evening, I had a few friends over for chili and apple cider mimosas. We ate, drank, and laughed. It was a nice night and it was a great way to kick off the holiday party season.


Well, my miles were low, but I got my 100 workouts! Next up? 200!

In fact, my biggest setback was with this blog. I’m not super technical, but it looks like an update didn’t work properly and I ended up losing some recent posts. I’m going to see if I have the motivation to recreate some of them, but maybe I just need to move forward. Ugh.

In addition to little man’s mac and cheese, we made this Buffalo Chicken Soup. Mr PugRunner didn’t love it, but little man was into it. I don’t know that it will make it into the regular rotation, though.

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How was your week in training?

Are you ready for the holiday entertaining season?

the return of the cupcake run!

The cupcake run is back! That’s right, Sweet by Holly presents the 6th Annual Cupcake Run 5K and 1 Mile Kids Cake Walk, benefitting Girls on the Run of Northeast Florida. This fun, family-friendly, frosting-filled event hits the St. Johns Town Center on April 4, 2020 and you’re not going to want to miss out!

cupcake run

Guys. It is just as awesome as it sounds. I had the pleasure of running the event in 2015 and loved every second of it. Not only was I surrounded by plenty of my favorite running people, but the idea of racing to that finish line cupcake was pretty motivating.

cupcake run

Here’s what you need to know:


What could be more fun than cupcakes and running? Not much, in my world. The Sweet by Holly Cupcake Run 5K and 1 Mile Kids Cake Walk is a blast all the way around. From the theming, to the signage, to the smiles on the faces of the race crew and volunteers, you’re in for a morning of good feelings.


Yes, the Cupcake Run 5K is an official gun-timed 5K with overall and age group awards for our more competitive friends, but it’s also the perfect, family-friendly event. The course is comprised of flat loops through the St. Johns Town Center shopping area. Walkers and strollers are both welcome (but please line up towards the back). For our littlest friends who aren’t quite ready for 3.1 miles, the 1 Mile Cake Walk is the perfect option.

cupcake run
courtesy of Girls on the Run Northeast Florida


Do you love great race swag? The Cupcake Run 5K and 1 Mile Kids Cake Walk delivers! Participants receive a Sweet by Holly Cupcake at the finish, vouchers for two more free cupcakes and a frozen yogurt (use these when picking up your packet at Sweet by Holly – talk about pre-race carb-loading!), blingy medals for both Cupcake Run and Kids Cake Walkm technical race shirt for 5K participants (cotton t-shirt for Kids Cake Walk participants), custom bibs for early registrants, and FREE race photos!

Did I mention costume contests? Well, prizes are awarded for the following: Best Cupcake Costume, Most Icing (accessories), Best Family Ensemble, Best Team Costume, and Best Team Name! You have plenty of time to plan!

cupcake run
courtesy of Girls on the Run Northeast Florida

For a Good Cause!

When you join the Sweet by Holly Cupcake Run 5K and 1 Mile Kids Cake Walk, you support Girls on the Run of Northeast Florida. This amazing non-profit inspires girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experienced-based curriculum to creatively integrate running. Our kids deserve positive outlets full of support and enthusiasm and Girls on the Run provides exactly that.

cupcake run

Are you ready to register? Click here to join us for the Sweetest Race in Town!

Have you ever run for cupcakes?

*This is a sponsored post. I have partnered with Girls on the Run of Northeast Florida to promote the Sweet By Holly Cupcake Run 5K and 1 Mile Cake Walk. I have received compensation in the form of race registration for my own personal use. All opinions are my own.*

october coffee date: the marathon itch

Yes, you read that correctly. I MAY have the marathon itch. Ugh. Keep reading through this Ultimate Coffee Date with Coco and Deborah for the full details of this awful confession.

Over coffee, I would tell you…

That we saw Brittany Runs A Marathon this week and it may have ignited that marathon itch.

marathon itch

Truth be told, I didn’t love the movie. I’m infamous for being “that person” with cinema and I could rant on for days about the things that bugged me regarding the story and the character of Brittany. That’s not the point, though. The point is that when we started moving through the actual course of the NYC Marathon, I got a case of the hardest goosebumps ever. And there was one moment where I literally choked on my ugly cry because that’s how deep into the marathon hype I was.

I swore up and down that I neither wanted nor needed to run another marathon, and now NYC is looking pretty tempting. Ugh.

Over coffee, I would tell you…

That I am loving my new glass straw by Ridley Straws.* We are trying to make small, sustainable differences in our home to help reduce waste, and eliminating single-use straws is a change we can make. Little man is totally on board and is also drinking from a personal, reusable straw. Now I have to figure out how to get away from my plastic iced coffee cup.

marathon itch

Over coffee, I would tell you…

That I have been doing more videos on Instagram and it’s been so awful. I just feel so incredibly awkward and struggle so hard finding the right light and angle. Well, I finally sucked it up and ordered a vlogging kit with tripod, ring light, mobile mount, and remote. It’s so very legit.

marathon itch

I haven’t tried to video yet, but it was easy to set up, the light works great and I think it will be a huge asset. There are some fairly complicated setups on the market, but I ordered this one from Amazon due to the price and solid ratings (not an affiliate link – just what I selected and purchased).

Over coffee I would tell you…

That it’s been a pretty incredible week in a lot of ways. I had some really great professional successes and moments of progress and that always puts me in a fabulous mood. I don’t share a lot about my freelancing here, because it’s just so varied, but when it goes well, it makes me so happy and fulfilled.

I also completed my 89th workout at 9Round. Just ten to go for that coveted 100 workout t-shirt and I am chomping at the bit. One of the trainers and I spent some time talking about how far I’ve come and the differences she can note in my overall body and fitness and it was such a wonderful feeling. I needed the boost.

marathon itch

And there you have it!

What would you share over coffee?

Have you ever gotten the marathon itch? Or any other itch, for that matter? I don’t know what I’m going to do!

race report: global energy race 10k orlando (9.22.19)

I registered for the Global Energy Race by accident. No, really. It was a mistake. A member of my MRTT group posted a complimentary code for the run, and I misread the date. I thought the race would be during one of Mr PugRunner’s Orlando conferences and thought it would be a great way to create a mini vacation. I was a couple of months off, however. Oops.

Things worked out: Meghan generously offered me a place to stay and we would run the race together. As far as I’m concerned, it was meant to be.

global energy race

About the Global Energy Race:

This race is fairly unique. Instead of one race in one city, the Global Energy Race takes place in 36 cities in 22 countries on the same day. For every runner who crosses the finish line, title sponsor Bimbo Bakeries (and its global brands) donates slices of bread to local food banks (for Orlando, the recipient was St. Mary’s Food Bank). More than 120,000 runners participated in the 2019 event worldwide, which is staggering. In Orlando, the race offers a 5K and 10K option, and I imagine other cities gave the same choice.

Race Day

We arrived at the race around 6:45am and got parking across from Orlando Festival Park. It was a short walk to the staging area, and we were able to go to the bathroom and take in the scene.

It was nice to run into Aaron, who is a co-Best Damn Race Ambassador!

Vendors were handing out bagels for pre-race, and whole loaves of bread (we passed because we didn’t want to go back to the car, nor did we want to run with entire loaves of bread). But I did pose with this bread loaf inflatable, because I had to.

global energy race

The race started on time, with the 10K runners going out about five minutes before the 5K runners. The morning was cool with a bit of humidity. I was mostly unfamiliar with this area of Orlando, and Meghan explained that we would cover some of the roads we run during the BDR 10K and 5K. She also pointed out that the course for this Global Energy Race had changed: in the past, the longer runners had to make two loops of the 5K course. This year, we would run the 5K course, and then run out to a lake, circle that and come back to the finish line.

I just followed the people in front of me.

That being said, the course was nice (though not flat, and with plenty of Orlando bricks) and shaded for the first half. There were plenty of volunteers handing out water and indicating turns and course directions. The second half of the race went out past an airport and under the overpass. I did like getting to run around the lake: I never get to do that in training (or in most races I’ve run) so it was neat having that experience.

Post Race Party + Final Thoughts

We crossed the finish line, feeling great and moved through the finisher chute. Volunteers handed out cold water, Entenman’s Little Bites in just about every flavor and our 10K medals!

From there, we beelined it to the Toasted Food Truck to claim our free, post-race grilled cheese. Yup. Every runner got one. How fantastic is that?

And then we just pulled up a chair to eat, listen to the music and take a breather.

I liked this race. It was well-organized and well put together. Runners got a ton of swag: race shirt, branded sunglasses, branded arm warmers and a reusable tote bag that folds up super small, in addition to the medal and grilled cheese. Even if I had not received the comp code, the 10K would have been about $30-35, which is a steal for everything that was offered.

Plus, I love the idea of food bank donations based on participation – it’s a great way to help the local communities and I will always support that.

I don’t know if this will make it to my regular rotation, just because it is quite a distance and this time of year is typically so busy, but if schedules allow, I would be happy to run again.

Even by mistake.

Are you in a Global Energy Race city?

Ever walked away with a full loaf of bread as your swag? What about a post-race grilled cheese?

riots #29: enjoying the last weeks of summer

The last weeks of summer are upon us and the plan is to enjoy every single second. We sat down this week to outline the plans for the next two weeks before school starts, and it’s going to be straight up amazing. Yay!

Sunday – 6 miles, running

Sunday was a bit of a whirlwind. I started out with a 6 mile run.

Monday – 5 miles, running

Run, run, run! Another five miles with S!

Little man had clarinet lessons and then we picked up his friends for an awesome day at the beach. We got a little too much sun but I also think it was our first trip to the beach this summer, so we loved it anyway.

Tuesday – 5.35 miles, running + walking

M and I went out for our run/walk in the early morning.

I confess we spent the rest of the day doing exactly nothing until little man had his Scouts meeting. He just loves it so much and I am so thrilled for the friends he is making.

Wednesday – 9 Round

After a grueling session of 9Round, we swung by a friend’s house.

last weeks of summer

She was hosting an incredible event for the Port In A Storm charity. Several people donated goods and toiletries and the kids made bags of these items for underprivileged teenagers in need. We were so glad to be able to participate.

last weeks of summer

After that? Off to the dentist. Little man had a clean check up, and we ended up grabbing a yummy pizza lunch to wait out the rain before running the rest of our errands.

Who has a blogger for a mom? Who does?

Thursday – 6 miles, running

My friend bailed on me but I got a strong run in, anyway. The run was great but I was feeling a little tight so took advantage of a good stretch.

Little man had a camp at his middle school, until right after lunch. He learned about procedures, lockers and locks, and all kinds of great middle school stuff. Afterwards, we met my parents for lunch and a quick visit, which was nice.

Friday – 9Round

I had my 39th session of 9Round! Hooray! I am so looking forward to my free gift at 50 classes!

I had to run the rest of my errands before my girls’ weekend, and was really happy to get everything packed and ready before the morning.

Saturday – rest

I got on the road fairly early to make it to Orlando for Meghan’s 40th birthday celebration. We dropped off my car and rode together to Disney Springs for brunch and drinks at Art Smith’s Homecomin’ Kitchen.

last weeks of summer

Then it was off to the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress. Meghan had secured a suite for three nights and we were so ready to get the party started!

We had dinner with about 16 of her close friends at a fun Italian restaurant and stayed up late with wine, chatting! It was perfection.

In the meantime, the boys went to Daytona for a Def Leppard and Queen tribute show. Little man is totally loving live music.


I hope to end July with just under 90 miles, and I am really proud of that. I’m almost at 50 sessions of 9Round and we are signed up for a family 5K in a couple of weekends.

I wish I had some fun recipes to post, but nope. I just haven’t been creative in the kitchen.

Reading is still great. I’m almost done with Storm of Swords and will take a break for a few other novels, just to mix things up.

There will be a few more travel days before August is out, and I’m so ready for it!

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How was your week in training?

What’s your ideal way to spend celebrations with friends?

july runfessions: time to have some fun

July Runfessions are here! It’s the last Friday of the month, so let’s join up with Marcia’s Healthy Slice and give it a go.


I runfess….

That I have been a total slacker this week. I’ve experienced writer’s block, lack of inspiration and a nasty case of procrastination. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I get thrown for a bit of a loop and face feelings . I need to just woman up and get it together. Immediately.

july runfessions

I runfess….

That little man starting middle school is a little bit harder than I thought it would be. He’s spending some time in a program the school offers, learning about regulations and expectations. I know he can do it. I’m pretty sure I can do it. It’s daunting, nonetheless. On the plus side, I’ll be making an encore performance as Board Member in a PTO, after I was pretty sure I had retired, but it’s a great way to stay involved and keep an eye on things without being too suffocating.

july runfessions

I runfess…

I am so ready for the weekend. We are celebrating Meghan’s birthday and I can’t wait. She is truly one of the most amazing people and I am so glad running brought us together. It promises to be an epic weekend, and I hope you’ll follow along with our adventures on social media.

july runfessions

I runfess…

This humidity has got me down. It’s so hard to dig up motivation to leave the house, let alone run. After Atlanta, I found myself unable to keep up with double workouts and some days struggled to maintain even one. Ugh. I’ve felt the difference in my body and my personal outlook, so even if I drag myself out for a walk, I’m making it happen. Oh, and I’m signing the family up for the IOA/Jaguars Stadium Challenge. We’ve done it before as a family and little man said he wanted to give it another go.

I runfess…

That summer is ending SO FAST. We had to sit down with the calendar last night to make sure we could squeeze in all our last-minute plans. As an aside, little man is most excited about “back to school shopping”, which cracks me up. I am not a shopper at all, so I have no idea where he gets it from.

We have plans for two water parks, a beach day and a day at one of the gorgeous Florida springs before the first day of school. I am hopeful the weather cooperates and we can get it all in.

And those are my July runfessions. Not so bad, and it definitely feels good to have all that out in the universe, so I can have some fun this weekend!

We are also joining in with Fridays with Fairytales and Fitness, so check out that link up and share your week in fitness!

What are your July runfessions?

What’s going on in your week of fitness?

riots #28: on running recovery

The past week was an interesting one, with a focus on running and, more importantly, running recovery. I confess I don’t spend enough time on stretching, resting or doing any of the things that can be classified as “running recovery” – it’s a flaw. This week, I devoted myself a bit more to that cause.

Sunday – 7 miles, running + walking

On my non-running days, I’ve been helping a friend with some walks and C25K regimen. After we wrapped up our walking, I continued on alone to complete a total of seven miles.

running recovery

After lunch, we loaded up the car to take little man to Scouts camp. He would be going for six nights, earning rank and merit badges as a provisional camper (this means on his own without his Troop, due to a scheduling conflict with our vacation).

We got him there and set up in his tent and campsite. A staff member gave us a tour and led him to the pool to take his swim test (he passed at the highest level).

And then we said our goodbyes. We couldn’t wait to see him at the end of the week.

Monday – rest

The truth about Monday is that we had a sleepless night. Little man had called us after lights out from First Aid, upset and homesick. He was fine, but needed to hydrate more. Between us and the medic, he calmed down enough to get some sleep.

Either way, Mr PugRunner did drive down to the camp in the morning to bring a box fan and a cooler of ice and water. The sites all have electric and since it was just so hot, it only made sense to help him out a little.

We had another Explore Tour with the St. Augustine Moms, and that was a lot of fun. I was sorry little man had to miss out, but it was a great distraction for me.

courtesy of St. Augustine Moms

Tuesday – 6 miles, running

Tuesday was a busy day. I ran six miles.

I helped my friend taxi her kids to a camp, got a much-needed manicure and took some work calls.

In the afternoon, I went to see Spiderman: Far From Home with a friend and her kiddos. It’s my second time and I’m a little obsessed.

Wednesday – 9 Round

Finally, I dragged myself into 9Round. I just didn’t have the motivation to do it sooner, and I struggled the whole time. Ugh.

I had some PTA friends over in the evening for margaritas and a nacho bar. We had a year end gift to give our President and it was way overdue.

Thursday – 5 miles, running

First up, an easy 5 mile run.

Next? Spa day. A few of my girlfriends and I had scheduled appointments at the Spa at Ponte Vedra for various treatments. Much as I don’t love massages, I had put in for a “Therapeutic Sports Recovery Massage” and I was both dreading and looking forward to it.

For 50 minutes, I let the LMT work on my glutes and right hamstring. I haven’t been inured but there has definitely been tension and tightness in those areas. It hurt, but also brought great relief. She advised me to stretch more and spend a bit more time on my running recovery, in order to avoid future injury (or painful massages LOL).

And then? It was time for fun!

We had cocktails, pool time, yummy lunch and more cocktails.

When I got home, Mr PugRunner and I had a dinner date, taking advantage of the kid-free time.

Friday – 4.32 miles, running

S and I went out for a run but it was a pretty low-key slog. Neither one of us was particularly feeling it. That being said, my hamstring felt great, so that was a huge plus!

After getting cleaned up, we hopped in the car to attend Family Day at the camp. I wasn’t sure it was a great idea to go, but little man already knew about it and he would be crushed if we didn’t show up.

We brought him a Pub sub for lunch (he was delighted) and then went to two periods of archery with him. He earned his Red Arrow award as we watched. Rockstar.

Afterwards, we were hoping to see him in action at First Aid, but a storm rolled through, effectively delaying his last class. We left him watching movies with other campers and drove home. In the morning, we would be back to bring him home.

Saturday – rest

Usually, Saturdays are for long runs, but not this day. It was time to pick up little man from camp! Pick ups started at 7:00 AM, and we arrived just a few minutes after that. He was already up, dressed and (mostly) packed, so we just had to load the car, obtain his awards and completion certificates and say goodbye to his camp master and new friends.

While there were hard moments for him (nights were tough), he rocked it out. He earned just over 50% of his requirements for his Tenderfoot rank and three merit badges (archery, first aid and swimming). We are so incredibly proud of him for pushing through and allowing himself to enjoy camp’s offerings. He will have much more fun next year, when he goes with his actual troop, but he did great on his own.


This week, things flipped: I had way more running than 9Round. For the upcoming week, I hope to balance things out a bit. I want to feel stronger.

We barely cooked this week. We just weren’t home much, and when we were, we scrounged for leftovers or grazing foods more than cooking actual meals. It was just easier.

Reading is phenomenal. I’m actually getting lost in some of my books again, and I love that feeling.

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How was your week in training?

What’s your favorite method of running recovery?

riots #24: summer vacation + touring new england

Our much anticipated summer vacation had finally arrived! We had made plans to fly up north, rent a car and spend some serious time touring Bar Harbor, Acadia National Park, Portland, Boston and Cape Cod. It was fairly ambitious, but we were absolutely up to the challenge and very excited for it all.

Sunday – rest

Happy Father’s Day! We started our morning at brunch with Nana and Papa Bear.

father's day

Mr PugRunner wanted to spend the afternoon at the movies, so off to Dark, Phoenix we went. It was actually very good, if not a bit sad in an “end of an era” kind of way.

Monday – 6 miles, running + 9 Round

Monday was our last day at home. I went for a nice solo run and then threw myself into a session of 9Round.

Little man had clarinet lessons, and then it was home to pack. We had a 6:30 AM flight and plenty to do.

Tuesday – rest

We made it to the airport with plenty of time, but security was a nightmare and we literally made it to the gate with seconds to spare. Ugh. The flights themselves were fine, even with a layover at JFK, and we landed in Portland, Maine right on time.

After obtaining our rental car, we made the three hour trek to Bar Harbor. We had skipped lunch, so we stopped to eat our first lobster-based meal of the vacation and then checked into the Bar Harbor Manor, which was the cutest hotel ever.

Wednesday – 4 miles, hiking

I convinced the boys that getting up at 3:30AM to catch the sunrise on Cadillac Mountain was the reasonable thing to do, but unfortunate,y the weather was incredibly overcast and we saw nothing but fog. It was still peaceful and beautiful.

We did end up going back to bed for a bit after breakfast, and then went back into Acadia National Park for some hiking. We used the rest of the day to hike all kinds of incredible spots.

We pretty much collapsed into bed that night. That fresh air will get you every time.

Thursday – 3.4 miles, running

I couldn’t leave Maine without a run, so while the boys were sleeping I headed out for some miles around downtown and the ocean. It was cold and raw and so beautiful.

Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to Bar Harbor, as it was time to spend a day in Portland.

Things didn’t go as planned as it was gross and rainy when we arrived. Instead of hiking on the cliffs outside the city, we took little man to an arcade, and then went back to our hotel room for lounging and room service.

Friday – rest

There was a break in the weather, so I convinced the boys that we could go into town for The Holy Donut and spend some time walking around to stretch our legs before the drive to Boston.

We arrived early in the afternoon, once again to drizzle and rain. Ugh. After lunch, we went to the Museum of Science to get out of the weather, promising ourselves we would be able to get out and about the next day. Little man loved it so it was a win.

Saturday – rest

Rather than run on Saturday, we opted to hit the Freedom Trail and worked our way through all 16 stops, with a few detours.

In the early evening, we took one of Boston’s famous Duck Tours, which was a really nice way to save my legs for Sunday’s B.A.A. 10K. I was super excited but we managed to get to bed at a reasonable hour in anticipation of the big run.


Obviously there has been no cooking on this trip. We’ve been eating well but with great variety, and I’ve been good at watching my portion control.

I don’t want to jinx anything but I may have kicked my diet soda habit. Since we’ve been away, I really haven’t had much in the way of Diet Coke (or diet Dr. Pepper). We are talking maybe one serving a day. I’ve done really well with water intake and I haven’t suffered any caffeine withdrawal. Not sure what’s going on (and I still don’t love water, obviously), but I will do my best to ride this victory wave!

Reading has been great. I had plenty of time to work through Clash of Kings on the plane and have caught up on more when we are chilling in the hotel rooms.

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How was your week in training?

Do you have plans for a big summer vacation?

girls’ weekend at wyndham orlando resort international drive

We are fortunate to live within day-trip distance of several great locations in the state of Florida, so combining a girls’ weekend with an Orlando staycation is an easy task!

When Meghan asked me to join her for a girls’ weekend in early June, I was thrilled. I had plans to be in town anyway, for the Best Damn Race Ambassador party. Adding a hotel stay meant I wouldn’t have to drive four hours in one day and could enjoy some time with one of my favorite people.

I arrived in town right after she got home from work, and we hopped in her car for the trip to International Drive.

Location, location, location

Wyndham Orlando Resort International Drive is set right in the heart of the action on International Drive. It’s a sprawling resort, covering 22 acres with its lobby and main building, rooms and conference space. In fact, it’s so big we got a little turned around trying to park. We figured it out quickly and checked in with the extremely helpful front desk clerk.

girls' weekend
girls' weekend

The resort is close to plenty of shopping and dining, and near to all the major theme parks. Guests can stay onsite and take advantage of everything the hotel has to offer, or venture out for some Orlando adventures.

The Rooms

We found the rooms ideal for pretty much any travel needs. For girls’ trip purposes, there were two queen size beds, plenty of closet and floor space, a mini fridge and fairly spacious bathroom.

girls' weekend

For traveling families, there is an option to book a room with an additional alcove boasting a set of bunk beds and an additional TV. I love that kids can have their own space, and there’s still plenty of room for luggage and moving around.

girls' weekend

The Amenities

This particular property features almost everything you need for a trip of any length. There are two pools, heated spa, renovated fitness center with sauna and steam rooms, and a concierge. The lobby area provides plenty of cozy seating,

girls' weekend

as well as giant board games and activities perfect for down time.

girls' weekend

Dining options include the Gatorville Poolside Bar & Grill, a lobby bar, coffee barista, and in-room dining.

The conference center attaches to Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant, where we snagged some bubbly cocktails before starting our Saturday.

We gave the fitness center a try on Sunday morning and were thrilled to find fresh towels, infused water, and plenty of treadmills and other equipment available for use.

orlando staycation

There was also time for a dip in the pool, between afternoon showers. Both pools were large and clean with plenty of shade, lounge chairs and pretty landscaping. I especially loved the lagoon areas.

girls' weekend
girls' weekend

The Walkable Neighborhood

One of my favorite aspects of the hotel was guests can walk EVERYWHERE. Once the car was parked, we didn’t touch it again until check out. Restaurants, attractions and shops line the two mile strip of International Drive so we took advantage of the power of our own two feet.

On our first night, we trekked a little over a mile to dinner at an Italian restaurant. The weather cooperated and we enjoyed the light breeze along the way. We stopped at Icon Park after dinner, to see if we could take a spin on The Wheel at Icon Park. Meghan had only ridden during the day and I had never been on it, so we turned in our passes and hopped in line.

For 27 minutes, we absorbed the breathtaking views of Orlando at night from our air-conditioned pod.

girls' weekend

About a quarter of the way up, the fireworks at Disney began exploding, and we had the perfect seats for the show.

girls' weekend

Each day of our weekend we ventured out and got in some really nice walks on our way to our activities. The wide sidewalks and abundance of streetlights make for a safe and well lit trek at any time of day or night.

Enjoy your stay!

Whether you are looking for a quick girls’ weekend getaway or a longer family vacation with plenty of nearby activities and room for relaxing, the Wyndham Resort Orlando International Drive is the place for you. Book here and receive 20% off the hotel’s Best Available Rate for your stay!

What do you look for in a hotel for a girls’ weekend?

Have you ever tried the Wyndham Orland Resort on International Drive?

My hotel stay was complimentary for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.

riots #22: overcoming the slump + moving forward

This week, I got some tough lessons in overcoming the slump. It’s ironic since I just posted tips for staying motivated on summer vacation, but the last seven days just didn’t work out how I would have liked.

Sunday – 1 mile, treadmill running

Since Meghan and I are fitness bloggers, I strongly suggested checking out the Fitness Center at the Wyndham Orlando Resort International Drive. Even though we were both dragging, we committed to one mile on the treadmill and finished smiling.

orlando staycation

All too soon, it was time to say goodbye. I drove home through some nasty rainstorms, and made it almost in time for little man to come home from a really cool anime-and-ramen birthday party. Reuniting with my favorites is the best!

Monday – 6 miles, running + 9 Round

I started Monday by jumping into a six mile run with S,

runs with pugs

and then following up with a session with Mr PugRunner at 9Round. It had been a while since my last visit and I was kind of worried I would have lost some fitness. My worries were for naught and I felt great.

runs with pugs blogger

Little man had his first clarinet lesson and I got to sit outside the room and listen. My only musical experience is in piano, but his teacher said he did a great job and he’s been quite dedicated to practicing daily as instructed.

He also had karate in the evening. It’s been a while since I saw him do his forms, but he looked great and I was so proud of him.

Tuesday – 9Round

Tuesday was just for 9Round. I pushed as hard as I could, and had a great workout.

The neighborhood kids wanted to play, so they came over to hang out. It was pretty nice to just have them enjoying themselves. I didn’t mind them chilling at the house, playing video games while it rained. It made for a nice day.

Wednesday – 6 miles, running + 9Round

My week continued strong with a 6 mile solo run.

runs with pugs blogger

When I got to 9Round, I found out it was my 25th class! That puts me halfway to my first milestone, which is awesome!

runs with pugs blogger

I cleaned up, grabbed little man, and headed to Davenport Park for the second stop on the St. Augustine Moms Explore Tour. This has been so much fun for our contributors, readers and new friends, and I am loving getting to check out new parks and meetups in our area.

runs with pugs explore tour

It didn’t end there! That evening, the boys had tickets to a David Bowie Tribute concert with some friends. I sent them off for a steak dinner and to see the show, while I caught up with a friend and some delicious desserts.

runs with pugs blogger

Thursday – rest

I woke up on Thursday, drained and with a terrible hormone headache. It was misery. I parked myself on the couch, worked, and let little man have a friend come over to play because I just couldn’t bring myself to move. Every month, I have a few days where I ride the heck out of the struggle bus, but I’m just glad to have this out of the way so I can enjoy the next two weeks, misery-free.

Friday – rest

I hoped to feel well enough to run on Friday morning, but the headache was back and my hips ached. Boo.

My first order of business was a PTSO meeting. I followed this with a quick lunch and then a second meeting for an upcoming St. Augustine Moms event. I can’t wait to share that surprise.

Our plan was to go out to an early dinner after my meeting to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Mr PugRunner’s business, but our friends reached out to us for some help. Mr PugRunner ended up taking little man and his buddy to the 21 Pilots concert that evening, and the buddy slept over afterwards.

21 pilots concert

Saturday – 6.2 miles, running

I felt a lot better on Saturday morning, so I went out for 6.2 miles. I’m glad I did.

runs with pugs blogger

I picked up donuts for the boys’ breakfast and once our house was clear of guests, we got into gear for errands and the start of packing for an upcoming trip.

We also cashed that rain check to celebrate Mr PugRunner! We are so proud of all his accomplishments over the past decade!

runs with pugs blogger


I ended up with 18.2 miles and three 9Round sessions for the week. This was NOT what I had envisioned AT ALL, and I am a little disappointed that I didn’t just suck it up and squeeze in one more 9Round class. Part of overcoming the slump is just pushing that to the back of them and focusing on doing better next week, so that’s the plan.

Reading happened, but it wasn’t fun fiction as I prefer. Instead, I spent a lot of time reading manuals and articles about improving websites. Spoiler alert: changes coming soon.

Hydration went well this week, but cooking and new meals fell by the wayside. We had a combination of foraging for leftovers, eating out and serving cereal.

And of course, I’m so excited about being back on the Best Damn Race Ambassador Crew! Don’t forget to register with my BDR discount code RUNSWITHPUGS to save on any distance at any BDR location!

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How was your week in training?

How are you at overcoming the slump?

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