five ways to celebrate global running day

June 6 marks Global Running Day, a celebration of the sport of running held annually on the first Wednesday of the month.

The whole purpose of Global Running Day is to honor running: it doesn’t matter if you’re new to the sport or a seasoned veteran, if you have a rack full of medals or if you prefer to just log miles on your own, if you’re fast or slow, if you’re old or young.

In fact, there is a goal to get 60 million kids out for a run on this day! Being active is always the name of the game, so I love encouraging healthy habits at an early age.

1. Go For A Run!

Well, obviously! The primary way to honor a day about the celebration of running is… to run! I pledged to run 6 miles through the Global Running Day website, and I am excited to make those happen in the morning.

2. Register For A Race!

Do you have a stack of bibs from past races? Have you never toed the start line of an official running event? Doesn’t matter! It’s time to go for it! So many cities and towns have locals 5Ks available to runners, especially at this time of year. Check with friends, your local running stores, or you can use Running in the USA to help you find what’s nearest to you.

You can even score a great discount on certain events. Best Damn Race is offering $5 off their Jacksonville, Orlando, New Orleans and Safety Harbour races with code RUNPUGS!

And if you visit the Run Rock ‘n’ Roll website, you can find some great deals there, too!

3. Encourage someone to run for the first time!

We were all non-runners, at one point. All it took was one person to encourage us to lace up and take that first step. If you have a friend out there who hasn’t yet taken the plunge (you know the one: he’s said he would love to give running a try some day or she’s mentioned that she might be down for a 5K in the future), now’s the chance. Invite them to run with you. Make it a reasonable distance (even just a mile or two), and keep the pace easy and the conversation amazing. You may just help someone else love running just as much as we do.

4. Treat Yo’self!

Sometimes, we need a little incentive. Feeling like you don’t have much running mojo these days? Spice things up with a fresh pair of running shoes, a new top or some great accessory. It doesn’t have to break the bank… consider these Goodr sunglasses – only $25 for cute, polarized and comfortable running shades.

5. Add to the 60 Million Kids!

Maybe it’s your daughter or son, a niece or nephew, a neighbor or cousin or student. Get a child out there to run. My first experience with running was laps around the PE field. I remember being absolutely miserable out there, and it took a long time convince myself that running could actually be fun. I hope that my little guy finds some kind of joy in running as he goes through his life

How do you plan to celebrate Global Running Day?

Are your first memories of running positive or negative?

weekly wrap: 5.28.18 – 6.2.18

Happy Monday!  It’s time for the Weekly Wrap with HoHo Runs and Taking The Long Way Home!

If you do a weekly recap post, this is a great way to check in with other active bloggers for extra support, sharing and accountability.

Here’s the week in numbers:

Sunday – rest
Monday –Florida Striders Memorial Day 5K
Tuesday – rest
Wednesday – 5 miles, running
Thursday – rest
Friday – boot camp, 60 minutes
Saturday – 7 miles, running

The story of this week is rain, rain go away. It has been disgusting here. In Florida, grey skies and all-day rain just isn’t typical. We will get quick flash storms, or an hour or two here and there, but that’s it. This current trend of dreariness was definitely starting to wear very thin.

For all that, it was our first full week of summer, and we weren’t going to let the rain get us down if we could help it.

Sunday – rest

Our big plans for Sunday involved hanging out with friends and enjoying a yummy lunch. The kids were playing so beautifully (even taking on soccer in the light rain and puddles), that we ended up letting little man just spend the night.

Monday – Florida Striders Memorial Day 5K, 3.1 miles running

S and I left bright and early for my 6th running of the Florida Striders Memorial Day 5K. I love this race so much. It’s always hot and humid, but the course is so pretty and it’s just my most favorite 5K for sentimental reasons.

While the race weather was fine, the rain was starting up by the time we got home. Due to the forecast, we had made absolutely no plans for anything. Mr PugRunner said it National Burger Day, so we decided to try a new burger place at the outdoor mall, that was ranked on Yelp as the Best Burger in Jacksonville. I don’t know if that was entirely true, but it was damn fine burger.

And the milkshakes we shared afterwards were delicious, too.

Tuesday – rest

Little man ended up sleeping until 10:15 AM! He is typically an extremely early riser, so this was very against his norm. Obviously, he needed the sleep, so I let him do his thing. We had a huge bucket list of items for the summer and wanted to get started, so we decided to have lunch and visit the St. Augustine Lighthouse.

Little man had never climbed to the top, but he was definitely tall enough, so we braved the 219 stair ascent. Twice.

The view was gorgeous and we visited all the lovely buildings and exhibits on the property.

We made it home just before the rains came.

Wednesday – 7 miles, running

Fortunately, my legs weren’t bothering me after all the stairs, so seven miles with A ended up going just fine.

Afterwards, I took little man to his buddy’s house to practice for the triathlon. His mom had mapped out a little course so they could practice the swim, bike, run and transition portions, and we got some girl time. The kids did great!

Since we hadn’t seen my parents in a while and Mr PugRunner had a colleague in town, we made the drive to Nana and Papa’s for dinner and a little man sleepover.

Thursday – rest

Again, little man slept in a bit, and the weather was iffy, so my parents and I hemmed and hawed over what to do with our day. I was just about to give up and suggest we go out to lunch and call it an afternoon, when a friend posted about the Marineland 80th Anniversary and Grand Reopening. There would be free admission all day with the dolphin area open to visitors and a lunch provided by Rype and Readi, a local farm.

I’m not the most spontaneous of people, but free admission is free admission, so we agreed to head down. We arrived in time for the ribbon cutting ceremony, and had a very enjoyable (mostly) first visit (little man had been before on a field trip).

We saw everything they had to offer, had the most fabulous meal, and little man was even gifted a plush dolphin from the table centerpieces by one of the workers!

Obviously, a day so great calls for an ice cream celebration, and we went for scoops at Cold Cow.

The day could not have been better had we planned it. There might be something to this spontaneity thing.

Friday – boot camp, 60 minutes

S convinced me to join her for a boot camp session at a gym I attend from time to time. It’s always a great workout, full of exercises I would NEVER volunteer to do on my own, but they are quality exercises and judging by the DOMS that started later that day, they were also very needed exercises.

We did another triathlon session, just for practice.

And Mr PugRunner kindly ran to Swillerbee’s to pick up donuts for National Donut Day. Yummy.

The rest of the day was kind of a wash. I just wasn’t feeling well (thanks, migraines) and another storm came through. Blah.

Saturday – 7 miles, running

The plan was to spend the day wrangling bikes into transition and prepping for the 1st Coast Kids Triathlon, but on Thursday, we received an email postponing the event due to… you guessed it… a questionable weather forecast. The race has been rescheduled, and there are (plentiful and reasonable) options for those who will be unable to participate on the new day. To be honest, I was pleased with the decision. While the weekend will probably be gorgeous, I love the event’s dedication to safety. Also, due to the awful weather over the last few weeks, training chances have been slim, so the kids have a little more time to prepare.

So we ran another seven miles.

And in the afternoon, little man had a playdate with a buddy, so we brought some homemade mac and cheese and enjoyed dinner with their family. Perfect.


June is off to a wonderful start, even if the weather has been less than cooperative. I think we will be back to sunny skies soon, and that will make things so much easier and more fun. We have more big plans for the week, lots of miles to run and some cool races coming up on the calendar.

How was your week in training?

Do you tend to be more scheduled or more spontaneous?

my summer race bucket list

Ah, summer running! Ok, technically, it is still spring, but with temperatures in the high 80s and 90-100% humidity, it might as well be summer.

That’s Florida for you.

From mid-March to early September, the races in Florida dwindle. While the rest of the country is entrenched in “race season”, we cut back our miles, rest, recover and take on some fairly hot 5Ks, if we’re feeling ambitious. Sure, some of us do keep the training cycles going for fall, but it’s slow, sweaty work.

That being said, putting races on the calendar is extremely helpful to my motivation: I need something towards which to work. For the next few months, 5Ks make up the bulk of what’s available, but here are my five must-run races this summer.

Florida Striders Memorial Day 5K

Ok, so this one has come and gone, but it’s the best way for me to kick off summer running. This year is the 6th time I have run this particular 5K, and it’s truly one of my favorites. It’s a nice-sized race (around 1000 runners), with a lovely course through a shaded residential neighborhood. There is a great post-race celebration in the park adjacent to the finish line, and this year, we had the benefit of iced watermelon! Medals and shirts are always very nice and I love the patriotic, hometown feel.

Gratitude America 5K

To be honest, I don’t know much about this event, other than it takes place outside of Marineland, a local marine park. And it’s very small and for a good cause (Gratitude America’s Military Support Retreats). And that’s about it. But I haven’t run it before, and I’m excited at the prospect of something new and different. Even though I love so many of the bigger, more popular races in town, it’s easy to get tired of familiar courses, so this will be a fun detour.

Turtle Trot 5K

In my quest to run a race in 50 states, I have found the Turtle Trot 5K series in Bald Head Island. Once again, this is a very small event. There are no shirts and no medals, but that’s because all proceeds from the event go to the Bald Head Island Conservancy. The island is supposed to be absolutely gorgeous and I am very much looking forward to exploring, and maybe getting lucky enough to see some turtles or other wildlife.

Tour De Pain

Oh, Tour De Pain. I just can’t quit you. Three races. Twenty-four hours. Dead of summer. We all know it sounds just terrible, but somehow, the siren song of that particular challenge keeps me coming back time and time again. From Friday night through Saturday afternoon, runners must complete a 4 mile beach run, a 3 mile road race and 1 mile sizzler sprint. They don’t call it Tour De Pain for nothing! The end result makes it all worthwhile, though – a fun afterparty in downtown Jacksonville with pizza, beer and a beautiful view.

IOA/Jaguars Stadium Challenge

I’m not going to lie. This race is hard. It’s in the hottest part of August, and runners get to complete their 3.1 miles by climbing the ramps to the top of the Jaguars Stadium, then down, around, up and down again. It definitely gets that heart rate pumping! However, there are waves to keep crowds down, and everyone gets the experience of running around the football field and seeing themselves finish on the giant display screens. This is a great one for the whole family, and I am hoping the boys will run it with me again this year.

What’s on your race wishlist for the summer?

What kinds of events are typical for your region over the next few months?

weekly wrap: 5.20.18 – 5.27.18

Happy Monday!  It’s time for the Weekly Wrap with HoHo Runs and Taking The Long Way Home!

If you do a weekly recap post, this is a great way to check in with other active bloggers for extra support, sharing and accountability.

Here’s the week in numbers:

Sunday – rest
Monday – 6 miles, running
Tuesday – rest
Wednesday – 5.2 miles, running, bridge repeats + 2 hours riding lesson
Thursday – rest
Friday – rest
Saturday – 5 miles, running + 6 miles cycling

So maybe it was a quieter week, as far as fitness. With the last day of school and Mr PugRunner going out of town, I wasn’t able to squeeze in quite as much exercise as I would have liked. Then again, breaks are a good thing, too.

Sunday –  rest

Our running/workout group had been planning a brunch, and the date had finally arrived! We had a super yummy meal, with lots of laughs. It was much needed and much deserved.

The rest of the afternoon was spent chilling at home. The weather wasn’t particularly pleasant, so we didn’t plan to do anything major. The kids started playing outside despite the drizzle and the next thing I knew, they had teamed up to wash the cars! It cost me $1 per child and the promise of ice cream, but I got one and half fairly clean vehicles out of the deal.

I love when they put their heads together and do something productive!

Monday – 6 miles, running

Knowing that harder rains were coming, it was critical for us to get in as many workouts as we could. Six miles, done.

Tuesday – rest

Tuesday was a fairly quiet day: no gym, no plans. I worked on some errands and tidying the house, but that was about it.

Wednesday – 5.2 miles, bridge repeats + 2 hour riding lesson

We made our way to Vilano Bridge at an obscenely early hour and did five passes.

For some reason, bridge work feels pretty good – sometimes easier than regular flat running. I like to think it means my endurance and stamina is improved.

Afterwards, I reported to the nearby barn for my first adult riding lesson. My trainer’s other lesson had canceled so she told me she was just going to work the both of us as long as she could. And, oh, how she worked us. I was a terribly sweaty mess by the time I dismounted and hosed off King. I loved every second of it.

Since Mr PugRunner was leaving the next day, we went out to dinner for a family last day of school celebration. It was a nice night, even though it was sad that 4th grade was coming to an end.

Thursday – rest

And here it was. The last day of school. Ugh. Little man had the most amazing year, and I was so sorry to see it all come to an end. He wasn’t too happy about it either (the kid loves school). At the beginning of the year, we were all so nervous about a new school, and now, all these months later, it felt like home.

I picked him up in the afternoon and we had a little block party with hot dogs, ice cream and good friends. It was just a really nice evening.

Friday – rest

S and I had planned to run but she woke up with a headache and I was fairly cozy, so we agreed to postpone until Saturday. We were going to see each other in just a few hours anyway.

For the first day of summer, we had a action packed plan! First up? Solo: A Star Wars Story. We hit the 9:30 AM show, and we absolutely loved it!

Afterwards, little man and I headed to a brand new beach to hang out with some of our Cub Scouts pack. The kids rode boogie boards and played all kinds of games.

The grownups got to chat and make plans for the summer and for the upcoming Scout year.

Around dinner time, we packed it up, and since we were on our own, we treated ourselves to dinner, followed by ice cream at Mayday, a brand new shop. We ordered a flight (six small scoops), so we could enjoy more of their fabulous flavors. Completely worth it. We will be returning. Often.

Saturday – 5 miles, running + 6 miles, cycling

S and I managed a sluggish five miles. I think I was just dehydrated and worn out from the sun and salt on Friday. Doesn’t matter. We got it done.

I wasn’t too worried about the lower miles, either. When I got home, I loaded up the bikes and we met one of our Scouts friends for a 6 mile bike ride, through a nearby neighborhood. We took a few breaks so the kids could play in the various parks and on this giant hill (hills are a novelty here, so they loved it).

And at the end of the ride, she took them on an actual trail (my road bike wasn’t interested in the dirt path), and little man hit all the bridges and ramps along the way.

The boys made big plans while they were riding, and after lunch at a local BBQ joint, I took little man’s friend home with us to spend the afternoon in the pool. They had a blast, and by the time his mom was ready to get him, Mr PugRunner had arrived home!

We spent the rest of the night enjoying family time.


I am excited for this summer. This is the first time we haven’t been incredibly scheduled and I’m looking to see what we can accomplish and how much fun we can have. There are a few races on the calendar (summer racing is no fun), and we have some cool experiences we want to pencil in.

I do have to remember to squeeze in cross training when I can, and that will be my big challenge in the months ahead, but I’ll get there.

How was your week in training?

Do you have any plans for the upcoming summer?

for the turtles: jekyll island turtle crawl 10k

I recently discovered Jekyll Island in January, and have been looking for excuses to return ever since. It’s a quiet island, not exactly remote, but definitely off the beaten path. Jekyll is also a somewhat unique state park, with a combination of hotels, residential, shops, restaurants, landmarks, activities and even a water park. At just over an hour from my home, it’s definitely worth a visit.

When I saw that the Turtle Crawl series of triathlons and road races was scheduled for Mother’s Day Weekend, I saw my chance for a quick visit, and registered for Sunday’s 10K. My plan was to leave super early in the morning, drive up, run, and come home, but Mr PugRunner ended up booking a hotel room, so my mom and little man joined me for the whole weekend.

It was fairly perfect.

The Turtle Crawl is a series of events to benefit the Georgia Sea Turtle Center, a wonderful facility dedicated to the rehab and release of sick and injured turtles. I have visited twice, and I am hopeful that little man and I will be able to visit on a day where they get to release one of their patients. I can’t imagine how amazing that would be.

As such, this is a huge race for the Island (but still one of the smallest I run). Per the results, there were about 200 runners in the 10K. I was a fairly late registrant, so while I was guaranteed a bib, a race t-shirt was not promised. There also wasn’t going to be a medal, as that would detract from funds that could be donated to the Turtle Center, which was perfectly understandable.

On Sunday morning, I got up early and snuck out so as not to wake my roommates. Our hotel was only 1.6 miles from the race start – I had planned to jog it but the sidewalk wasn’t terribly well lit so my mom asked me to take the car. She was hopeful that little man would wake up in time and they would walk down the beach to the finish line.

I arrived at the Great Dunes Park site at around 6:00 AM to pick up my packet. There had been an Expo on Friday, prior to Saturday’s triathlons, but I was unable to make it. I very easily claimed my bib and goodie bag, and was lucky enough to get a t-shirt in my preferred size! Yay!

The only thing I hadn’t considered in my preparations was bug spray – there were hundreds of little stinging gnats making everyone miserable. I found it was more bearable if I kept moving, so I wandered around, making my bathroom stop(s) and taking obsessive photos of the sunrise.

It was too beautiful.

The 10K was scheduled to start at 7:00 AM, with the 5K following at 7:15. We lined up on the road outside the Convention Center, and were treated to a lovely rendition of the National Anthem. I had run this same course in January: 3.1 miles down the main road, make a U turn, come back, and then hook a left on to the beach path with just over a mile to go. Four months ago, the weather was freezing and windy, but on this day, it was the complete opposite. I was interested to see how it would all go down.

Despite the heat and humidity, it was a lovely run. There was plenty of shade after the first two miles, and a nice breeze blew in off the ocean. For the 10K, there were plenty of water stops, with smiling, encouraging volunteers along the way.

I extended my run/walk intervals a bit and pushed – I was feeling good and I loved my new shoes so I wanted to make the most of the day. I hit the turnaround, and did find a bit of a struggle with the sidewalk designated for the return runners. It was banked and my hip didn’t appreciate the slant. I ended up getting back up on the actual road for a little bit. I probably added some distance with the weaving, but it was worth it.

It’s always a treat to run along a beach, and that last mile was just gorgeous. There was a little congestion from the 5K runners and walkers on the path, but it was easy enough to navigate.

I loved running down the last stretch and seeing my mom and little man on either side of the finish line. It was awesome, and I was so happy they had made it on time!

And I was also thrilled with the great free photos, courtesy of True Speed Photo! The team there always does an incredible job.

We didn’t stay too long at the after party. Volunteers handed out cold water and Gatorade at the finish and there were bagels and bananas for the runners. There were also massages, vendors and some representatives from the Georgia Sea Turtle Center in the grassy area.

This is the perfect, low-key destination race for a holiday weekend. While I didn’t get to experience any of the triathlon activities, spectating for those would only add to the fun. Little man wants to join next year for the 5K – both events are great for any level of runner or walker.

What’s your favorite charity for which to run?

What’s the smallest number of runners you’ve ever raced with?

weekly wrap: 5.13.18 – 5.19.18

Happy Monday!  It’s time for the Weekly Wrap with HoHo Runs and Taking The Long Way Home!

If you do a weekly recap post, this is a great way to check in with other active bloggers for extra support, sharing and accountability.

Here’s the week in numbers:

Sunday – Turtle Crawl 10K + 7 miles beach walking
Monday – rest
Tuesday – 6 miles, running
Wednesday – rest
Thursday –  3.6 miles, speedwork
Friday – rest
Saturday – 7 miles, running + 1:15 group fitness class

Well, it’s the last week of 4th grade for the special guy in my life, and so I am busy trying to wrap my head all around that. Crazy, right?

Obviously, there has been a lot of festivities and so much to do before the start of summer, but we are four days away from the end of all that! Whoo hoo! IN other news, it’s been a fairly good week of running and work outs, so at least I’m keeping on top of all that.

Sunday – Turtle Crawl 10K + 7 miles beach walking

My mother’s day request was to run a race, which turned into me, Nana and little man getting a room on Jekyll Island. And me running a race.

The Turtle Crawl 10K was pretty freaking fabulous, and was just what I was looking forward to. Full recap to come, of course!

After the race, we had breakfast at our hotel. and did some more beach walking. Little man really wanted to find some sand dollars… and did we!

While we were wandering, a park ranger rode up to us. It’s turtle season, and she wanted to share the Diamondback Terrapin she had found and was taking back to the Turtle Center to be tagged and recorded before release. She was so informative about the turtle and its habits, and even let us all hold her! Day made!

Mr PugRunner and Papa Bear joined us for brunch, and we had a lovely day before driving home.

Monday – rest

I was absolutely wiped out from the weekend, and was beyond grateful for a day off of pretty much everything.

Tuesday – 6 miles, running

My legs were so sore and so heavy, most likely from all the sand walking over the weekend. I was convinced that if I just started running, I would be able too hake it, but I stayed rather achy throughout the run.

Wednesday – rest

I really wanted to go to the gym, but I was still sore and tired, so I begged off. It was going to be a long day.

First up, S and I had breakfast with the woman who will be taking my former position on the PTA. Then, S and I went shopping for all the fill-in items for the basket raffle our school was holding on Friday. It was literally a shopping marathon – I don’t think I’ve ever spent so much time in Target at once in my life.

After I got little man from school, it was time for a Scout Leadership Dinner. We got tons accomplished and we are all very excited for the upcoming year. We are lucky to have so many awesome people with so many great ideas.

In the meantime, Mr PugRunner and little man were at a dinner with Mark Richt, coach of the Miami Hurricanes. I’m not sure which one had the better time.

Thursday – 3.6 miles, speedwork

We did an easy 1 mile warmup, followed by 8x400m, with a cool down. I was fine not getting to that full four miles.

As soon as we got the kiddos from school, it was time to get to work packing and wrapping baskets. We had so many great donations, ad well as other fabulous thing she had picked up, and with everyone pitching in, we got so much accomplished.

Friday – rest

The administration and teachers put together the nice breakfast for the volunteers and room moms. Our principal came in to thank everyone for all their hard work in the first year of the school, and we all sat and enjoyed a great meal. Afterwards, I went to snag a few last minute items for the night, helped S wrap the final things, and then went home to get ready for the evening.

Our final event of the year was a Time Capsule Ceremony, with food trucks and a basket raffle. It was a wonderful – we got to watch our Principal bury a time capsule to be opened in 20 years and people were buying tons of tickets for the raffle. We had things like pet baskets and beach baskets, but also tickets to Disney and Sea World, local attractions and even an XBOX! We had a blast with the family!

Little man ended up winning a basket with Gooder Sunglasses, a Garmin Forerunner 35 and three one-on-one training sessions with a personal trainer. You can guess what I got from that basket.

Oh. I also lost my first toenail. I kind of prided myself on never having lost one, but I guess all good things come to an end.

Saturday – 7 miles, running + 1:15 group fitness class

I wanted to get in some longer miles and S obliged me (even though it was her birthday!).

We finished up and I took little man to a group fitness class at Anytime Fitness, with other contributors and readers from the St. Augustine Moms Blog.

While the moms did box jumps and sandbag rows, the kids got to engage in a ninja skills class. They had a blast, and so did we.

But wait! That’s not all!

Little man also had a triathlon clinic for his upcoming event! We ran home, loaded up his bike and gear, and hit a drive thru for lunch. We arrived at the clinic right on time and little man got going.

It was an intense workout – three hours split up practicing for the four disciplines of the triathlon. Little man was a trooper, swimming about 1200 yards, working on his transition, and getting tips on bike handling. He and his buddy did so great and we are stoked for race day!

While we were out, Mr PugRunner did some grilling and we had friends over for dinner. Little man and their son treated us to some optical illusions, tying water bottles to plastic cups with fishing line in order to look like they were making the cups float while they poured the water. It was so cool to have them do something so hands on, rather than just playing video games.


This week, we are going to gear up for a kick butt summer! On Memorial Day, S and I are registered for a local 5K, and I have my fingers crossed that the weather holds. It’s been raining every damn day for the last ten days, which is absolutely atypical for our area. Rainy season isn’t until June, and even then, it will only rain a little bit in the afternoon, not all day like this. The kids are on edge.


How was your week in training?

How do you do with your toenails?

weekly wrap: 5.6.2018 – 5.12.2018

Happy Monday!  It’s time for the Weekly Wrap with HoHo Runs and Taking The Long Way Home!

If you do a weekly recap post, this is a great way to check in with other active bloggers for extra support, sharing and accountability.

Here’s the week in numbers:

Sunday – rest
Monday – rest
Tuesday –5 miles, speedwork
Wednesday – HITT session, arms
Thursday – 6.1 miles, running
Friday – rest
Saturday – 2 miles, running

I keep saying things will calm down, but I’m proving myself to be a quite a liar with that. This past week was chock full of fitness and events and all kinds of things, and I was really flying around like a lunatic to keep it all in check.

Sunday – rest

It was time to say goodbye to camping. As soon as little man was awake, we broke down the tent, packed the car, and helped clean up the common camping areas. I loathe breakdown, but it’s the price we pay for all the fun, and the more people who chip in, the easier it goes.

We didn’t take long to get home and settled in, and all of us were ready to just chill out in the house for the rest of the day. It was a little gloomy, so couch time was perfect.

Monday – rest

We thought about going to the gym, but we were all pretty tired, and decided to make Monday a rest day.

Good thing because we had a ton of activities scheduled for the day. It was the start of Teacher Appreciation Week, so some of the pTA members got there a little early to confirm that everything was set up for the “A World of Thanks” theme.

In addition to that, little man was starting his first day of Safety Patrol training, so he had to be at school early to get his rules, regulations, new belt and first assignment.

I left him in charge of the Kindergarten hall, and hurried home to grab some jeans and boots. My neighbor had invited me to go riding at the nearby stable, and I was so excited and grateful to get some more horsey time!

Tuesday – 5 miles, speedwork

On the agenda was some speedwork. I had scheduled a set of intervals where we would run slowly for seven minutes, than walk briskly for 3.5 minutes, run a little faster for six, walk for three, and so on until a one minute sprint. It’s good for pacing and working on increasing speed on tired legs.

I helped with a breakfast tea set up for the teachers and then stuck around to help proctor a test for one of the teachers. No comment on that.

Little man had one last Battle of the Books rehearsal, and then I had two PTA meetings back to back. Long story short, I will be the new Vice President for little man’s fifth grade year. I’m a little excited and a little overwhelmed, but there are a lot of big ideas and it’s going to be good.

Wednesday – HIIT session

Oh, and happy birthday to me. We worked on arms, and it ended up being some pretty intense circuits, especially for our shoulders.

I was grateful to have these ladies start the day with me. Maybe I should have done 41 burpees, but… it was my birthday and I didn’t want to.

Mr PugRunner and I had an early meeting at the school to talk about some ideas for donations for food insecure students in the county. We brainstormed some wonderful ideas and we are excited to put them into action.

After school, the PTA treated the teachers to an ice cream social. It was a lot of fun, and I was pretty excited to get a little ice cream as a mid afternoon snack.

My parents were waiting for us when little man and I got home, and we all went to dinner at a new restaurant I’ve been wanting to try – the St. Augustine Seafood Co. We ate outside and had a really fabulous meal. I’m not a cake fan, so for dessert we got waffle cones (twice in one day???!!!) from Kilwin’s. It was really perfect.

They all spoiled me, too. I got a gorgeous hydrangea and gift card from my parents, horse back riding lessons from little man (I just ordered boots and breeches and can’t wait to get started!) and these beauties from Mr PugRunner.

Thursday – 6.1 miles

I didn’t break in the new shoes, but I did have a fairly good run.

Today was the big Battle of the Books competition. The team took a bus to a local middle school to test their knowledge against 12 other local elementary schools. We had quite the cheering section with school colors and signs, and it was an awesome (although stressful) event.

They tied for fifth with little man’s old school, and we were all very proud of them for a strong first time at the event.

In the evening, I took little man to his school’s Kindergarten musical performance. He knew some of the kids and he loves his music teacher, so l couldn’t say no. It was, to use the teacher’s words, ‘basket of puppies cute.”

Friday – rest

After I got little man off to school, I finished my Mother’s Day article for the Run Rock ‘n’ Roll Tempo (you can read it here) and then headed back in. We were serving Tiuana Flats all day for the teacher’s luncheon to end Teacher Appreciation week. It was heart warming to see how many people showed up to volunteer and how much the teachers and staff loved it.

I am so lucky to be able to spend time with these amazing people.

When I got home, it was time to pack. I was taking my mom and little man to Jekyll Island for the Turtle Crawl 10K on Sunday and we were going to go up a day early to enjoy the island.

Saturday – 2 miles

I wanted to break in my new shoes before the race, so I took them for a successful two mile spin.

Then we loaded up the car and drove to grab my mom on the way to Jekyll.

Our first stop was Driftwood Beach, which was every bit as stunning as I imagined.

Little man found a ton of HUGE shells, and he was so excited.

We had pizza for lunch and then visited the Georgia Sea Turtle Center, just in time for a feeding.

When we checked into the hotel, little man wanted another beach walk, and we ended up just walking all the way down to the little main street for dinner. To be honest, we did about seven miles of walking that day. We did a little pool time back at the hotel, I laid out my outfit for the morning, and we turned in.


Spring/summer training is going really well.I’ve been a little bit of a slacker on the gym, but I am being fairly diligent on the runs and speed workouts. I’m pretty happy about that, and I know it’s going to be tough as vacation looms. We already have a ton of events and plans on the calendar, and I’m hoping we can fit everything in easily.


How was your week in training?

Do you enjoy walking on the beach and shelling?

weekly wrap: 4.29.18 – 5.5.18

Happy Monday!  It’s time for the Weekly Wrap with HoHo Runs and Taking The Long Way Home!

If you do a weekly recap post, this is a great way to check in with other active bloggers for extra support, sharing and accountability.

Here’s the week in numbers:

Sunday – rest
Monday – 5 miles, bridge work
Tuesday –rest
Wednesday – 5 miles, running
Thursday – HIIT session
Friday – 6 miles, running
Saturday – rest

Birthdays and camping and craziness, oh my!

Sunday – rest

Little man turned 10, officially! He and his buddy had a great sleepover. We took them out to breakfast and after dropping off his friend, I dug in to the final touches of the bedroom renovation. We went from a space theme to this!

The room and party were his big gifts, but he has been really interested in hockey lately, thanks to a really engaged PE teacher, so we got him a street hockey set.

After some playtime, we met my parents for a late lunch/early dinner at a hibachi restaurant, and then went back to their house for ice cream cake. He said it was the best birthday ever.

Monday – 5 miles, bridge work

S and I made it out to the big bridge and proceeded to score five miles (equal to about five passes of the bridge).

All I had the rest of the day was our final Cub Scouts Leader meeting for the year and before the campout.

Tuesday – rest

No one felt like getting up for yoga, so we stayed in bed. I was fine with that. It was a fairly easy day all the way around.

Wednesday –  5 miles, running

We rallied for a solid run.

Mr PugRunner and I sorted through the camping gear, and then I hit the stores for last minute things we would need for our weekend Scouting trip.

Thursday – HIIT Circuit, 45 minutes

This time, we made it to the gym, and did a nice arm circuit, which included pushups, oblique squats, chest flys, tricep kick backs and deadlifts.

I took Papa Bear to a morning screening of Avengers: Infinity War. He was desperate to see it and my mom isn’t into that kind of movie. Yay for breakfast popcorn.

Papa Bear graciously let me swing by Target to exchange a few things and pick up a pair of inline skates and pads for little man with his birthday money. He loves the hockey, but now he wants to skate.

Little man had Battle of the Books practice after school, and then he gave the new skates a whirl. We have some practicing to do.

Friday – 6 miles, running

I knew I wasn’t going to be able to run over the weekend, so off I went with A. It was a good run and I felt so much better having done it.

I met S at the school after breakfast so we could work on the Teacher Appreciation set up for next week. We stuffed bags, decorated the door and worked on next week’s to do list.

By noon, I was able to scoot out to have lunch and finish packing for our camping trip.

Little man got off the bus right on time, and we said goodbye to his bus driver of the last two years. Since he will be starting Safety Patrol training, there will be no more bus. We have loved Mr J and will miss him.

We grabbed snacks, loaded up the last minute things and hit the road.

The campsite was about an hour away, and after a little GPS related detour, we arrived. I was able to get the tent up fairly quickly (although two of the guys had to help me with the rain fly because I wasn’t tall enough to get it over).

It was a nice evening, with a spaghetti dinner, the kids all riding their bikes around and a campfire with s’mores.

Saturday – rest

We were up before the sun to help get the kitchen set up for breakfast. I took on filling the bucket at the dish washing station and helping with coffee.

The day was pretty booked with activities. First up, we went canoeing on the lake. Lucky me got to be monkey in the middle. I am much better with a kayak or SUP, and wanted to melt into the bottom of that canoe.

We got back to camp, and changed into long pants for horse back riding! My favorite!

Next up, lunch time!

Mr PugRunner arrived shortly afterwards. He had to cancel his flight to our niece’s graduation because of a bad sinus condition, but he was feeling ok to visit us for a few hours. And bring iced coffee.

Little man went kayaking, which he loves,

And then we returned to the campsite for the Raingutter Regatta. He won second place in his den!

The rest of the afternoon was spent hanging around the campsite, and helping get foil packets ready for dinner.

In the evening, two astronomy clubs came out with their telescopes for some sun and stargazing. Unfortunately, the clouds did not cooperate, so there wasn’t much to see, but we got the dates of the next Star Parties and will try again.

I was thrilled to call it a day after some more campfire time and a Cinco De Mayo piñata. This was a “primitive” campsite, which meant no electricity hookup and only an outdoor, cold water shower. Not my favorite thing, but the kids all had a blast and it was a great way to segue into my term as Assistant CubMaster!


So even though there wasn’t  lot of scheduled exercise, I was pretty busy with physical activity. Which totally counts. This weekend, I’m taking on a Mother’s Day 10K, and I’ll get in a little more horse riding, which is awesome. We will be quite busy with meetings and teacher appreciation stuff, but if I can do one thing, it’s fit in my workouts, so I’m not too worried.

How was your week in training?

Canoe or kayak?

girls racecation weekend at publix savannah women’s half marathon part ii

I am an ambassador for the Publix Savannah Women’s Half Marathon. I have been gifted with a complimentary race entry and other amenities and compensation in exchange for promoting the event. All opinions are my own.

Click here for my Publix Savannah Women’s Half Marathon race report.

Not even the rain could bring us down from a beautiful race well run. We returned to our respective hotels to shower and change and get ready for the busy afternoon ahead.

First up? The Ordinary Pub. Brunch there has become something of a Savannah race weekend tradition. Great ambiance, delicious food and bottomless mimosas? Yes, please.

Amy had arranged for some tickets to the American Prohibition Museum, and we were treated to an incredibly interesting self-guided tour of the role liquor played in our country’s history. It was fascinating.

At the end of the tour, we gained access to a speakeasy and got to sample some cocktails from the 1920s. So cool.

The rain hadn’t let up at all, so we spent the afternoon ducking in and out of the shops on Broughton. I ended up purchasing an adorable Florida-themed wallet from Spartina, one of the race sponsors, while the other ladies treated themselves to goodies from Nourish and Savannah Bee Company. Nothing wrong with a little retail therapy to celebrate a fun day, right?

Also, nothing wrong with a fancy dinner. We snagged a table in the downstairs bar of The Olde Pink House, one of my favorites.

It’s always so hard to commit to a meal, so we shared and sampled appetizers and salads and sides, and it was simply perfect.

I really wanted another crack at Leopold’s but I was stuffed. And tired. And even though the rain had finally let up for the walk back to our hotel, I was totally ready for some pajamas and bedtime.

Sunday morning dawned sunny and COLD. It was seriously in the 40s! I had a few warmer pieces of clothing, but nothing that was totally suitable for Yoga on the Square with Dancing Dogs Yoga! We bundled up as best we could and met Amy in the lobby.

The plan was to grab donuts at Rise and coffee at The Coffee Fox, and hope that the combination would keep us warm through an hour of recovery yoga.

Despite the chill, there was a wonderful turnout in Ellis Square. Outdoor yoga the morning after the race is always such a treat and even though it was a fairly challenging flow, my hamstrings and hips really appreciated the attention.

I did end up warming up enough to take off my top layers, but I was looking forward to another hot shower.

When the flow ended, we said all our goodbyes and thank yous and went back to pack our bags.

The plan was to end the weekend with a late breakfast at The Public next to The DeSoto and then hit the road.

It’s always sad to say goodbye to this weekend. From the friends to the food to the showcase events, I hate driving out of the city and turning onto the highway for home.

If you haven’t joined in the fun of the Publix Savannah Women’s Half Marathon and 5K, it’s time you did. The date is set for April 6, 2019, and registration will open soon! As hard as it is to imagine, I know it will be better than ever and you don’t want to miss it!

Will you be joining us in 2019?

What makes a racecation great for you?

weekly wrap: 4.22.18 – 4.28.18

Happy Monday!  It’s time for the Weekly Wrap with HoHo Runs and Taking The Long Way Home!

If you do a weekly recap post, this is a great way to check in with other active bloggers for extra support, sharing and accountability.

Here’s the week in numbers:

Sunday – rest
Monday – rest
Tuesday – 7 miles, running
Wednesday – HIIT circuit
Thursday – 6 miles, running
Friday – 3 miles, running
Saturday – 3 miles, running

And so, April comes to an end. It’s crazy how quickly this year is flying by! I’m sure I’ll opine on that every month until the end of the year, but I mean it!

Sunday – rest

I had a somewhat restless night- little man was away at a sleepover, and I pretty much slept with my hand on the phone, just in case there was an issue. There wasn’t and Mr PugRunner picked him up after breakfast with a great report.

In the meantime, we had to get organized and make it over to one of our beautiful state parks for the afternoon’s Cub Scouts Crossover and Promotion ceremonies. I got there early to help with set up and then Mr PugRunner followed later with little man and my parents.

The only damper on the day was the rain – it would have been nice to hike, especially since our gift to the new Arrow of Light Den (promoting from Webelo) was hiking sticks.

The whole den achieved rank and five of them were no hand to receive their awards. I am so proud of these young men. After all the Scouts promoted, next year’s leaders were announced. I will be back as the Arrow of Light Den Leader, as well as the Assistant Cub Master! I am so grateful for the amazing and supportive parents, this year. Next year is going to be fabulous!

Monday – rest

I confess to being fairly worn out after the weekend, so we called it a rest day. There was plenty more time to get in the gym this week.

Work. Karate. A regular Monday.

Tuesday – 7 miles, running

I don’t know how I got that extra mile in, but it happened, so I went with it.

This was a crazy day. After work, I got little man, and then after a quick snack, we went back to school. The art teacher was hosting an Art Night, where the students’ favorite pieces of art from the year were matted and framed and up for sale. Additionally, the music group had its last performance – little man sang and had a speaking part, as well!

S and I, and a few of the other PTA moms pitched in to help with the art sales – it ended up being a very profitable night for the school. The kids loved showing off their art and the parents really loved seeing the gallery display. Afterwards, we went out to dinner, and then it was home to bed.

Wednesday – HIIT Circuit, 45 minutes

C put together a fairly strenuous circuit, which included 50 burpees (!) and inclined crunches. Ugh. I was sore afterwards, but glad I did it.

I drove little man to school. Wednesday marked the first day of his FSA Testing, so we brought in a treat for his teacher and snacks for the class.

And then it was off to my last day of out-of-home work.  At 1:00, I officially retired. At least for a little while. It was a hard decision, and I was pretty emotional about it, but it was the right one, for sure.

Thursday – 6 miles, running

Another early morning run. I was home in time to make another nice breakfast for little man for his second day of testing.

After I got him off to school, I headed out to pick up things for his party: we needed to get all the plates and serving ware, as well as balloons and decorations. I got all that out of the way before lunch and Mr PugRunner offered to take me out.

We were halfway to the restaurant when the school nurse called. Little man was complaining of an upset stomach – he NEVER goes to the nurse and never asks to come home, so we turned around and picked him up. The poor kid was such an anxious, nervous wreck over the tests, that he was just done. To make matters worse, he was even more upset because he had Battle of the Books practice that afternoon. Poor guy. His advisors were very understanding, and I got him in a nice bath, had him take a nap, made him some chicken noodle soup and put him to bed early. Fortunately, he was never sick, just stressed, and was able to go back to school on Friday.

Friday – 3 miles, running

I took a quick solo run, simply because I knew the weekend would be insane and figured I could get in a few short runs instead of one longer run.

I did grocery shopping, put the cake in the oven, and picked up our cake pop order from Sweet Bites Cake Shop. Then I grabbed cupcakes and Pub Subs for lunch and headed over to little man’s school. We all had lunch together and then handed out cupcakes to his class. They do things a little differently at this school, and sing to the birthday kids at lunch, which I thought was adorable!

When we went to meet the bus in the afternoon, little man was flying high! He had gotten his letter of acceptance for Safety Patrol! We couldn’t be more proud!

That evening, we went out to dinner with one his good friends and her family, and then it was off to the movies for Avengers: Infinity War.

Wow. That’s all I’m saying. Also, I’m saying there’s a reason I don’t go to movies opening weekend and prefer to go during the day by myself. People have lost their damn minds and have no idea how to behave in a theater.

Saturday – 3 miles, running


After a quick run,

I took little man out for a donut

and then we picked up the rest of the food for the party. Mr PugRunner decided it would be a great day to do some planting, so he took on Home Depot and picked up the balloons.

I spent the morning cleaning and setting up, and was very grateful when my parents showed up a few hours before the party to help.

Little man had asked for a Game Truck, tacos and cake. Done, done and done. The kids got two hours in and around the Game Truck (in fact, we barely knew they were there). Some parents hung out, some dropped their kids off. Everyone got along and it was really wonderful. I wish I had more pictures, but it was such a whirlwind day.

After the cake and presents, a bunch of the kids engaged in a huge Nerf war outside, and we finally had to shut it all down. Some of the friends stayed even later, so we ordered some pizzas and chilled out before bed. Little man had a buddy spend the night, and I finally got everyone settled around 11, and by 11:30 we were all sound asleep.

It was an awesome day and little man could not stop grinning.


Needless to say, I’m looking forward to a chill day. He actually turned TEN on Sunday, so we did a little more celebrating then.

There’s going to be a lot of recovering going on this week. The house is a disaster, we have tons of leftovers with which to deal, and my body is pretty sore and tired. I’ve cut the miles in the training plan a little, focusing on some speed and hill training rather than distance. Summer is always tricky with the heat and humidity, so we will see how we do.

How was your week in review?

Do you go to movies on opening weekend or wait for the crowds to die down?

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