week 48: turkey drumsticks + a broken leg

There’s no easy way to say this: I have a broken leg. I’m still very much in shock and I’m processing very slowly. This not the news any runner wants, and needless to see, my journey to 1,019 miles in 2019 is over.


Just like that.

Clearly, this is not the way I saw the end of our year. I had huge plans, races, fabulous goals. I’m incredibly frustrated and angry, on top of scared and anxious for what the orthopedic surgeon will say this week.

Sunday – 7 miles, running

Sunday morning was beautiful and S and I had a glorious run. Like the kind that can go forever. I loved every second of it. I would have gone longer if we didn’t have much to

broken leg

We devoted the rest of the day to decorating the trees in our neighborhood amenity center and then straight on to holiday movies. It was the perfect way to cozy up on a chilly evening.

Monday – 9Round #119

S was having some soreness from our Sunday run, so we agreed to switch to Monday instead. I hopped right in at 9Round, and smashed it out. I’ve been able to start cutting back on modifications and increasing weights, and I’ve been really proud to that.

broken leg

Tuesday – 5.6 miles, running + 9Round #120

Our run was fabulous, again. It’s been chilly in the mornings, but it makes such a difference for running.

broken leg

9Round was awesome, too! There have been some great workouts over the last few weeks. Some have been brutal, but all have been challenging.

broken leg

We also had another great SOUPer Bowl Meeting. Ticket sales are underway and everything is progressing smoothly.

I made a huge pot of pasta e fagioli for dinner. It’s finally soup season!


Wednesday – 5.6 miles, running + 9Round #121

This was basically a repeat of Tuesday. We ran.

broken leg

I went to 9Round.

broken leg

Mr PugRunner had a neighborhood meeting in the evening, so little man and I did his karate routine on our own and went about our business. With the holiday break coming up, he’s had light homework.

Thursday – rest

Thursday was just one of those do-little days. I wasn’t feeling up to 9Round, so I got started on cleaning up the house for Saturday’s festivities. I did get a lovely girls’ lunch with my friend at one of my favorite local BBQ joints.

broken leg

Little man came home with no scheduled homework, so I decided to get the cookie baking started. He and his daddy both love butter spritz cookies, and so I finally ordered a new cookie press so we could make that happen. Little man loves being in the kitchen and he was such a big helper.

broken leg

Friday – 1.7 miles, Turkey Trot + 9Round #122

9Round was a little more quiet in the morning, but I was glad – some of the moves were really tough and I was able to focus on them without distraction.

broken leg

Then it was back to the house for some cleaning and tidying. I did some prep for our planned Thanksgiving on Saturday and then called it a night. It was another long week.

Little man’s school hosted a Turkey Trot during PE periods. Parents were welcome to join, so S and I went on over to join in the fun. We ran one lap of the course in little man’s period and the second lap during her son’s period. Afternoon running is hard.

Mr PugRunner brined the turkey to get it ready for the Big Green Egg, and we got all set up for the morning.

Saturday – The Incident

The plan? I was going to meet S at 6:00AM and we were going to get in about six miles.

What actually happened? As I was heading down the stairs, I slipped, landed very terribly wrong and broke my tibia and fibula near the ankle. I now know the volume I need to use to get the boys moving first thing in the morning. The pain was excrutiating and I think I went into shock almost immediately (especially since I could see the bones bulging).

I was able to scoot down to the bottom of the first flight of stairs, but when I tried to stand to get down the next few steps, my blood pressure crashed and I started hyperventilating. We ended up having to call 911 and I had to take the ambulance to the hospital.

From there, everything was a sort of a blur. They did x-rays, got me an IV and started managing the pain. The ER doctor brought in a team and they sedated me so they could manipulate the bones into places and put me in a splint. They are thinking surgery but I was too swollen for them to just go ahead with it, and so I will have to meet with the ortho Wednesday. I really tried to keep smiling.

broken leg

S came to the hospital to help with little man. My parents met us there and took over. When I got discharged, they all came back to the house so we could continue with our dinner plans.

broken leg


So … goals are shifting it would seem. Right now, my biggest goal is figuring out how to get comfortable and how to effectively manage getting around with a broken leg. I kind of thought the doctors would set and splint the bones and I would be off to the races, but that is not the case. I am so uncomfortable and I’m terrified of getting up and down the stairs. Nothing is easy right now.

I’m trying to stay positive, and we are so lucky. Our friends have mobilized forces and put together a meal train through the end of the year. They have offered help with everything from decorating our Christmas tree to transporting little man to activities to helping wash my hair. Through their networks, they have found a wheelchair I can use, as well as a lap desk so I can work a little more comfortably from the bed and the couch.

Obviously, I’m upset. I can’t drive. I can’t run or work out. I don’t know how I’m going to manage all the events we have over the next few weeks. Little man is very sensitive and very upset about what’s happened, which breaks my heart. I’m terrible about asking for and accepting help. These upcoming weeks are not going to be easy. I’m trying to keep my eye on the prize and focus on healing. It could have been a lot worse, so I’m trying to find some good.

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How was your week in training?

Have you ever broken a bone? Any tips or tricks to get me through the long weeks ahead?

healthy holiday do’s + don’ts

Prioritizing a a healthy holiday season doesn’t sound exciting, but if you’re trying to stick to a wellness regimen it’s not hard to make it a priority.

healthy holiday

Just a few simple do’s and don’ts can keep you on track through the holidays and into the new year. There are so many commitments, distractions and important events in the last weeks of the year, so now is the time to take a deep breath and set your game plan.

Don’t… OVERinduge

Overdoing it is so easy this time of year. It seems like there are savories, sweets and cocktails everywhere you turn. That being said, it’s absolutely ok to treat yourself in moderation. A piece of pie or spiked eggnog shouldn’t derail your wellness plans in the longterm, so consider the holidays the exception, rand indulge within reason.

healthy holiday

unsplash-logoAlexander Mils

Don’t… use the time of year as an excuse

We can’t deny the holidays can be full of commitments and tough to navigate, but don’t make that your excuse. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and with a little planning, you can still manage a very healthy holiday. Don’t automatically write off all your efforts because things get a little tricky. Something is always better than nothing. Conversely, don’t miss out on great moments because of exercise plans. Balance is key, and it’s more than ok to miss the morning miles for a fabulous date night every time.

Don’t… fall prey to internal negativity

Whatever you do, please don’t let that negative chatter get in your head. The holidays can be so full of fun and celebration, but anxiety and stress are notorious for ruining a good time. Be proactive so you can stay on top of your own mental health and wellbeing: visit your therapist, get a massage or manicure, hit the mat for a yoga session, or read a good book in a hot bath. Make time for your own self care.

healthy holiday
unsplash-logoNik Shuliahin

Don’t… punish yourself

In a similar vein, punishment is not the answer. So you overdid at the neighbor’s New Year’s party. The solution is absolutely not to drag your hungover self out to a two hour gym session as atonement. Shake it off and move on. Tomorrow is another day.

healthy holiday
unsplash-logoDanielle Cerullo

Do… sign up for that Turkey Trot

Or Gingerbread Man Dash or New Year’s Resolution Run. Having something on the calendar keeps your mind focused on a healthy holiday. Bonus: holiday runs are usually pretty fun, so you shouldn’t have any problem getting family and friends to join you.

healthy holiday

Do… pack your fitness gear if you leave town

Failure to plan is planning to fail. Grabbing your gym clothes when you head out of town is the first step in succeeding. Make use of the hotel gym, your in-law’s neighborhood, or explore a new city on your own two feet.

healthy holiday

Do… hold yourself accountable

Things are always easier when you have accountability. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy or insurmountable (in fact, it shouldn’t be).

healthy holiday

At the very least, I’ll be tackling the #HolidaySweat Challenge, committing to at least 10 minutes of activity every day. I think, between scheduled workouts, and things like walking around theme parks, shopping centers and other fun things, I’ve got it covered.

Do… be flexible and creative

Let’s face it: the holidays are packed with plans. We’ve got parties and vacation days, dinners and events. Quite frankly, this time of year is a scheduling nightmare. It’s almost impossible to keep on track, so your regular fitness or meal prep schedule might go a little haywire. Instead of getting down on yourself for a missed class or less-than-nutrient-dense meal, roll with it. Make up your run as soon as you can, and do your best with food options. It’s all you can ask of yourself.

healthy holiday

Most importantly…

Do… enjoy

Guys, the holidays should be the time for enjoyment. We should give ourselves permission to let go and take advantage of all the holidays have to offer. Eat, drink, be merry, and soak up all the love around you. That’s what it should be all about.

healthy holiday

So there you have it: my do’s and don’ts for a happy and healthy holiday season.

Tell me how you keep your wellness on track over the next month and a half 🙂

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week 47: the november blur

We are the midway point of November, which means we’re in the thick of the November blur. It’s that time when the days fly by and we are caught up trying to fit in everything for the upcoming holiday season. I am so excited for the fun ahead, but have to remember to enjoy every moment.

Sunday – rest

Sundays have been fairly lazy, and it’s not a bad thing at all.

This particular Sunday, my parents came over and we grilled and chatted the day away. We hadn’t seen them in a while due to conflicting schedules, so it was a nice change. Little man was especially glad to spend time with them.

Monday – 5.6 miles running + cooldown yoga

School was closed for Veteran’s Day, so S and I were able to run just a little later. Another hour of sleep made all the difference.

november blur

I am truly taking my yoga commitment to heart, and tried out a runner’s cool down video. The stretches were great, but it was another reminder of how tight I am. Verdict? More yoga is the answer.

november blur

We surprised little man with a day out with a buddy he doesn’t get to see to often. First, we got lunch, and then let them explore our area’s new Lego store. They went hog wild!

november blur

Then we headed over to Top Golf for some driving fun. It’s always such a great time there.

november blur

Hooray for a day well spent.

Tuesday – 9Round #115

I confess it was hard to get back into the weekday groove. The weather started to make its downward spiral into “winter” and it’s left me really tired and unmotivated.

No excuses, though.

Most of the day was spent at my SOUPer Bowl meeting, and then we had our afternoon of clarinet lessons, homework and Scouts. Little man is progressing beautifully: his teacher has upgraded him to the Jurassic Park theme and the Spongebob Squarepants theme. I love hearing him play.

Wednesday – 9Round #116

Wednesdays are short days, so I scrambled to get everything done before little man got home from school.

First up was 9Round with Mr PugRunner and his buddy, and then we had our monthly PTSO Executive Board Meeting.

Mr. PugRunner was working from home, but was gone when I got back to the house. Turns out, he couldn’t handle the “chicken sandwich wars” controversy anymore and wanted to try the Popeye’s version to see how it stacked up. It was kind of funny, but we had fun taste testing.

Thursday – 9Round #117

I love Thursdays. They are really our only day off, and it’s a nice segue to the upcoming weekend.

We skipped our run again. It was freezing, and S had to be out too early to make it work. I was just fine rolling over and going back to sleep. Of course, the same rules didn’t apply to 9Round. It’s been a bit of a grueling week, but I feel better about not running if I get in these 30 minutes.

My mom and I had a super fun day planned. There is this really cool, old bookstore in Jacksonville that she wanted to check out, so I joined her for the adventure. It’s literally floor to ceiling books: old books, new books, hardcover, paperback, collector’s items, you name it. The smell alone was incredible. You could literally get lost in the shelves (and we did).

We grabbed lunch before I dropped her off at home and caught up a little bit more. It’s always fun to spend time with her.

In the evening we went over to the school: little man wanted to watch his friend perform and we were happy to show our support. He went out to dinner with his friend’s family after and had a blast.

Friday – 9Round #118

This session was brutal! Wide-base pushups, box jumps, frog pulls and burpees all came out to play. Being the only woman in a gym of five men gave me a little extra motivation, too, so I feel like I pushed more than usual. I am loving these new red kettlebells.

The rest of the day was incredibly cold and blustery. Mr PugRunner and I had a quick lunch date before a small seminar. Not my favorite way to spend an afternoon, but it was now out of the way and we were able to enjoy the rest of our day: pajamas, holiday movies and Chinese take out.

Saturday – 2 miles, walking (Walk to End Alzheimer’s)

Mr PugRunner and I have both lost family members to Alzheimer’s, so this walk is incredibly important to us. It was a cold and dreary day, but we bundled up and joined in with the sea of purple to remember those we have loved and lost.

Afterwards, little man went to a friend’s house for an afternoon of gaming, and then all the families met for dinner to get the kids back to their respective homes.


We missed a lot of miles this week, again. I feel fine about it, to be honest. I’ve stayed active and that’s what’s important. We have just been so busy and it’s incredible tough leaving the warm bed for the cold weather. If we had a bit of a transitional season (I’m looking at you, fall), that would make a difference, but one day is 80 degrees, and the next is 40.

9Round and yoga are both doing well. It’s tough to do the yoga at home, but even once a week is something.

On the cooking front, I made delicious sausage, peppers and onions on a sheet pan. This is a favorite meal here and doing it on the sheet pan was so easy! I can’t believe I never tried it this way before! Meals like this are vital to combating that November blur – less time in the kitchen and more time with friends and family.

Donut consumption is still greatly limited, and I’m proud of that. It wasn’t quite as hard as I thought it would be.

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How was your week in training?

What are your tips and tricks for beating the November blur?

5 fitness items to snag on black friday (and one to avoid)

Black Friday.

Small Business Saturday.

Cyber Monday.

Tis the season to be shopping, and I confess it’s my least favorite part of the season. But even I can’t deny that there are some great deals to be had, especially on fitness gear and accessories.

black friday

Check out my rundown of items you absolutely DO want to snap up on the Black Friday weekend (as well as one item you DON’T).

DO PURCHASE: Race Entries

Race directors love to offer special Black Friday pricing for certain events, so if you were on the fence about registering for a certain event, it’s time to make a move. Keep an eye out for savings on smaller, local races, as well as codes for the bigger, brand-name events.

Make sure you’re on the email list for those hot races so you can get yourself signed up and take advantage of great savings!

Best Damn Race usually offers a Black Friday Deal, but you can always save 10% with code RUNSWITHPUGS

DO PURCHASE: Large-Scale Equipment

Have you been eyeing a treadmill? What about a weight rack? Or maybe even a Peloton system? Black Friday may be just the day to make those dreams come true. Sporting goods stores and manufacturers generally take advantage of the shopping spirit to offer great discounts and packages on higher end equipment. Start watching websites, circulars and email blasts so you can wake up to this beauty under your tree.

black friday
courtesy of OnePeloton

DO PURCHASE: Activity Trackers + Smart Watches

Quality smart watches and activity trackers are not inexpensive, so Black Friday can be a great opportunity to purchase your first or upgrade your current model. Through the shopping weekend, you should see solid discounts on most of the entry-level watches and tracking bands, as well as price cuts on older versions of new favorites.

black friday
courtesy of Garmin

You will probably not find too many price breaks on the newest Apple Watch or Garmin Fenix, but rumor has it that select retailers will be offering the Apple Watch 3 series for $129 and Garmin has a variety of Fenix 5 models for about $100 off.

DO PURCHASE: Electronic Accessories

Looking for things like wireless headphones, heart monitors, bike computers or other fitness related electronics? Stock up on Black Friday. Most retailers will start offering discounts on these kinds of items right before Thanksgiving, so if there’s something you have your eye on, it’s time to act.

Amazon is even offering a small break on Air Pods 2 with wireless charging case, available right now. Happy holidays to you!

black friday
courtesy of Amazon

DO PURCHASE: Fitness Stocking Stuffers

It’s a great time of year to stock up on those little things: socks, headbands, Nuun, and Gu. Both local stores and online retailers should absolutely be offering great incentives on all of these items, so be on the lookout.

black friday
unsplash-logoDan LeFebvre

AVOID: Running Shoes

I know, but hear me out.

black friday

There will be phenomenal sales on running shoes and it can be tempting to hand over all your money to your local running store or favorite website to score a great deal. Please do not prioritize rock bottom prices over fit. It’s ok to snag a terrible color of your regular model because it’s a great Black Friday deal. Buying an untested model just because it’s cheap can end up costing you in the long run, with losing money to tricky return policies or even to injuries. Be smart, make informed decisions, and don’t be dazzled by discounts for the sake of discounts. You’ve got holiday races to run!

What have you got your eye on for Black Friday?

Any great deals you’ve heard about?

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week 46: cold snap + rest days

There has been a cold snap in our little part of the South and I couldn’t be more grateful. I know it seems awesome to have so much sunshine all the time, but it’s nice to get a break from the sweltering heat and humidity. The only “downfall” is that I skipped some of those perfect weather days or some real rest.

We are all home today, in honor of Veteran’s Day. Thank you to everyone who has served our country. I am very looking forward to spending a day with the family.

unsplash-logoBrandon Day

Now, let’s talk about the week.

Sunday – 6 miles, running

It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to “sleep in” and run in actual daylight. Can you believe that sky? I had to wear my gloves because it’s the season for my Raynaud’s to act up, but other than that, it was a perfect run.

cold snap

The rest of the day was fairly quiet. Mr PugRunner went to a nearby butcher and picked up steaks, salmon and fingerling potatoes to cook us a yummy dinner on the Big Greem Egg. The weather is perfect for grilling.

cold snap

Monday – 9Round #111

Happy 13 years to me and Mr. PugRunner! Yes, Monday was our wedding anniversary, and we were ready to celebrate. Mr. PugRunner took the day off work, and we started out by going to 9Round together. I wasn’t really thrilled that this week’s CHOW included a ton of burpees, but it got the blood pumping.

While little man was at school, we had a little lunch date at a place that specializes in sandwiches or “board” (basically deconstructed sandwiches). I ended up with a special, involving fried green tomatoes, remoulade, provolone cheese, and pickled onions.

I also received a gorgeous surprise in the form of a dozen stunning yellow roses.

Little man came home from school, did his homework, and then we went out for a family date. We had a yummy dinner and ice cream, with a little walk around town.

Tuesday – runner’s yoga + 9Round #112

I have complained about feeling incredibly stiff and tight, and I am committing to doing some yoga at home. Confession: it’s not my favorite thing. However, Yoga With Adriene is really great, with tons of free options on YouTube. I chose a 30 minute program for runners.

And then I went to 9Round and punched all the things.

This particular cold snap brought with it some nasty rain, which made for a lazy day. I had a board meeting for the charity I’m working on, and then my evening was dedicated to running little man to extracurriculars.

Wednesday – 5.65 miles, running + 9Round #113

My sinuses started acting up with the onset of the cold weather, so it was tough dragging myself out for this run. It was also warmer, so blah to that as well.

cold snap

I needed the intensity of 9Round to feel better about the awful run.

cold snap

I had to get myself together: my friend and I were going to a charity holiday shopping event for Rethreaded. Rethreaded is a local company, founded by Kristin Keen, to provide a safe, supportive work environment where the women could earn money while learning a skill and experiencing continued healing through community.

We enjoyed the music, wine and some shopping.

They offer some beautiful handmade scarves, jewelry and accessories, so if you don’t live in the Jacksonville area, check them out online for sure.

Thursday – rest

Much as I wanted to be productive, I woke up feeling tight and tired and really didn’t want to do anything. So I didn’t. Sure, I felt a tiny bit guilty about slacking, but I got over it. My energy was gone and that was all there was to it.

Instead, I handled errands and some shopping, did some work and just lazed. Thursdays are our quiet days and it was great to just do nothing.

Friday – 9Round #114

Friday, I was up and out early to pick up donuts for my client to deliver to the teachers at one of our neighborhood schools for an appreciation treat.

We also had a conference at little man’s school just to check in. The administration there has been so supportive and available for parent questions and concerns and we are on all track.

I hit 9Round close to lunchtime, just because I wanted to get it done. No regrets.

cold snap

On a less fun note: Bentley had stomach issues and made a huge mess in his crate. He was miserable and we were on duty for laundry, baths (since he was getting one, Delilah and Hufflepuff got one, too), and helping him feel better. It made for a long day.

Saturday – 7 miles, running

Yay for long runs! Sure, it was humid, but the temperature was in the way low 60s, which was close to heaven.

And then we spent the rest of the day at a nearby community festival, with food trucks, music, shopping and cocktails! Yay!


I was just so stinking tired this week. The time change never really had too much of an effect on me, but I’m another year older, so…

I took a lot of rest this week. It wasn’t planned, but it was the right thing to do. I also managed one yoga session (and I did get in another one today). It’s frustrating: I’ve lost a TON of flexibility, but I guess that’s the point. I’ve got to earn back what I no longer have.

To combat the blahs, I’ve been diligent with my (sparkling) water intake. I don’t know that it’s helping too much, but I’m doing it anyway.

This was a week of leftovers and home cooking, once we got our anniversary out of the way. I’m excited for this upcoming week because I have a few new recipes in mind, now that it’s cool enough for some heartier meals.

Oh, and I only splurged on one donut this week! It was a plain, old-fashioned donut, no glaze or anything, so we might as well just call it bread. However, I have been committed to breakfasts with more of a protein punch, and I know I will be thankful for it one day.

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How was your week in training?

How are you handling the time change and colder weather?

week 45: november goals + holiday running

A new month means new November goals. Gosh, it feels like yesterday when 2019 began and here we are, getting ready for the home stretch. How did that happen?

Sunday – rest

There are days when you just need a break, and so Sunday became a rest day. No run. No 9Round.

I attended a lovely baby shower for a friend who is expecting her first child. It was a little different – more sharing stories and experiences and less games.

From there, we had my friend’s birthday dinner. It was at a fabulous Italian restaurant with all made-from scratch foods. Yum. We loved celebrating her.

november goals

Monday – 9Round #106

No run, but I did get in a 9Round session. Coach C pushes pretty hard, and it was tough with box jumps and surrenders, but I got it done and felt fabulous.

november goals

The rest of the day followed the usual Monday routine, except I did sign up for a bunch of holiday races. Yay!

Tuesday – 5.8 miles, running + 9Round #107

The weather had dipped a little in temperature, so our run was manageable. I was happy to get in almost six miles.

november goals

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9Round opens at 8:00 AM, so I had a little time before working out. Again with lots and lots of burpees. This week was shaping up to be all about arms and shoulders.

november goals

After clarinet, little man had Scouts. We are now making Tuesday nights into date night since one of our local restaurants offers a fabulous happy hour special while he is in there. It’s been working out beautifully.

Wednesday – 9Round #108

Mr PugRunner joined me for Wednesday’s trip to 9Round. It’s been a while since we’ve gone. His back has been bothering him and then he was giving himself a chance to rest after his trip to urgent care. The good news is he’s ready to get back into it and did an awesome job.

november goals

In between work, I finished getting the house ready for Halloween. We always have a few friends over for dinner before trick or treating and I wanted everything up to par. Since we were having pizza on Thursday, I made a special “Toxic Waste” Macaroni and Cheese for dinner. It was just my normal mac and cheese recipe, loaded up with fresh spinach, minced cauliflower and white cheddar cheese (so the green food dye would take). Next time, I would add some broccoli, too, but it was pretty yummy.

november goals

Thursday – 9Round #109

Happy Halloween! 9Round was awesome: all the exercises had super cute names like “Monster Mountain Climbers” and “Zombie Punches.” I wore a sugar skull tank to be more in the spirit.

november goals

And then it was the countdown to the fun!

I had my deviled egg costume all ready to go but the weather was not cooperating. I could NOT wear leather leggings (or jeans) in the high 80s with all the humidity, so I pulled an audible and threw together this “CopyCat” outfit (you can’t really see the ears).

November goals

And little man just had to deal with his tracksuit, since he was planning to be Naruto (an anime character).

november goals

After dinner (and a totally surprise rainshower), the kids headed out for trick or treat. It was really too hot for them to want to stay out too long, so when they came back, we drove them to the front of the neighborhood for a haunted house experience. We really have some incredibly talented people in our community.

Friday – 5.2 miles,running

Friday morning was a tough one. I only got three hours of sleep due to a bout of insomnia and just couldn’t drag myself out of bed. Mr PugRunner let me get a few more hours and I felt like a new person when I got up at 8.

Temperatures had dropped significantly, and I just couldn’t let it go to waste. Running felt almost like flying!

I didn’t have time to really savor it. The rest of the day was dedicated to meetings and calls. Mr PugRunner decided to go to a concert that night, so little man and I opted to chill on the ouch with Christmas movies and just take a breather.

Saturday – 9Round #110

Even though I wasn’t going to run, I still had to get up to get little man to his troop car wash.

I’ve said it before, but I am so proud of him and his Troop for all the work they do.

While he was washing cars, Mr PugRunner and I went to 9Round for the second time this week. It was a really good workout – I liked almost all the moves and felt great afterwards.

We had time for a quick break, and then little man had a birthday party at a local arcade/mini golf/go kart center. He had a blast with all his friends and when the party ended, we dropped in at a nearby sports bar to see the Miami Hurricanes smash FSU! Our team has not been playing well so rivalry wins are always nice.


Blergh on my lack of miles. I had high hopes and big plans, but they didn’t pan out. That being said, the miles I DID get were faster and stronger miles, so that has to count for something.

On the other hand, 9Round was fabulous. There have been a lot more people working out when I go, which is a huge motivator for me to really step things up.

For November, I want to hit at least 20 9Round sessions and 90 miles. I also want to start incorporating some more yoga. My hips and lower back are aching a little, and I know it’s because I’m not stretching enough. I’m annoyed to have to add yet one more thing into my daily regimen, but it’s a necessary evil.

We did enjoy a newish recipe, in the form of the aforementioned macaroni and cheese. Not being home much led to lack of inspiration for cooking. Meh.

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How was your week in training?

What are your November goals?

november coffee date: 13 years + holiday cheer

Happy November and welcome to the the Ultimate Coffee Date with Coco and Deborah! After reading here, head on over to visit both of these awesome bloggers to join in on the fun.

Over coffee, I would tell you that…

Monday marks 13 years of marriage for myself and Mr PugRunner. The traditional gift for the 13th anniversary is lace, while the modern gift is (faux) fur. I explained to Mr PugRunner that both make a great case for running shoes/races and the adoption of a pug puppy.


He turned around and bought an extra ticket to Hamilton so little man can join us when we go in March. I’m crazy excited – I grew up going to the theater and little man has yet to go to a Broadway-style production (He has been to concerts and a ballet, but that’s it. He knows the music and the story because I listen to the soundtrack all the time, so it will be a great first show for him.).

Over coffee, I would tell you that…

As if Monday wasn’t special enough, my lovely friend Amy invited me to guest host her Sweet Tea Talk Facebook live show at 2:00PM EST! I hope you are able to tune in to join us!

Over coffee, I would tell you that…

I have a wee bit of making up to do if I intend to hit 1019 miles this year. It’s not the end of the world, but I’ve got to hit almost 100 miles in November and the same in December. I guess I should make a B goal of 1000 miles for the year, just in case I can’t keep up.

runs with pugs blogger

Over coffee, I would tell you that…

I am super excited for the holiday rush to come. This is kind of my favorite time of year, and I know I’m not alone. We have some super fun things planned from now through the end of the year, and even into next year. Even though little man is getting older, he still enjoys a lot of the fun things we do for the holidays. I hope he never loses his excitement. PS. This is the first time in my 42 years that we will have an artificial Christmas tree. I’m thrilled to be able to set to up way earlier than we ever have.

Over coffee, I would tell you that…

This year has had its ups and downs and I am very hopeful that we end on a higher note than we started. No matter what is going on, I try to stay positive and grateful, but sometimes that leads to me feeling overwhelmed and over anxious. I haven’t done a phenomenal job of controlling my anxiety in 2019, and it’s something I will need to focus on in 2020.

What would you tell me over coffee?

Are you ready for the holiday season?

best damn reasons to register early for best damn race (+ a bdr discount code)

Do you register early for races, or wait until closer to the event date to make a move? Today, let’s talk about the reasons you should register early, especially for events like Best Damn Race.

register early

There are several schools of thought about when to register for races. Some people take their time, preferring to see what life brings. They want to make sure their schedules allow for the event, and even keep an eye out for potential injuries that might sideline them.

Me? I take the proactive route. When I see a races I want to run, especially popular ones like Best Damn Race, my next stop is my wallet. Call it FOMO if you must, but there are plenty of great reasons to register early!

Lower Prices!

The earlier you register for a race, the lower that entry fee will be. Early bird pricing for races can be reasonable, but with Best Damn Race, they are crazy low. Rather than actual date cutoffs for price increases, BDR raises prices in increments of registrations. Check out pricing for the upcoming Safety Harbor race:

register early

Spots are filling up, but are still super reasonable, and you can still snag a half marathon space in Safety Harbor for just $70! (even less if you use code RUNSWITHPUGS for a 10% savings).

Savannah’s Half Marathon is $60 and the 5K is $25! In New Orleans, you can run the BDR Half for just $65! Orlando’s race has been selling fast so prices are just slightly higher, so you don’t want to miss out!

Less Stress!

You read that correctly: registering early for Best Damn Race events helps alleviate stress. These races absolutely sell out and waiting means worrying if you’ll be able to snag a spot. No one needs to be anxious about missing out on fabulous running moments like this, so get your registration done as soon as possible!

Higher Motivation!

Now that you’ve paid for your race and put it on the calendar, you have an established goal. Training is just little bit easier when you have a target in sight. The longer you wait to sign up for a race, the greater the tendency to let other plans get in the way. Early registration keeps you on track and your eye on the prize.

register early

More Swag!

Some races offer bonus amenities to early registrants, and Best Damn Race happens to be one of them. This year, in addition to the best damn shirts and best damn medals around, each market is offering custom socks to select quantities of pre-registered runners. By getting in on the action sooner, you actually get even more for your money, by guaranteeing extra goodies. Early registration clearly equals “wise financial decisions.”

register early

For even more reasons to run a Best Damn Race event, check out this post.

And don’t forget to save 10% on any Best Damn Race distance in any city with my BDR Discount Code, RUNSWITHPUGS!

bdr discount code

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Are you Team Register Early or do you wait til the last minute?

Are you joining us for Best Damn Race?

I am an Ambassador for the Best Damn Race series. In exchange for my promotion and honest reivew of the events, I receive complimentary race entries and other amenities. All opinions are my own.

week 44: heading into halloween

We are heading into Halloween week, and with that comes the official start of the holiday season. In addition to the regular lineup of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s , we have anniversaries, birthdays, and plenty of celebrations.

I love this time of year: there are parties, and family, and friends. It’s just incredibly fun and uplifting.

Sunday – 5 miles

Even though Mr PugRunner was out of town, we had a fun day planned.

First, I got in a five mile run. It was lonely, but at least it got done.

halloween week

Then little man and I loaded up and headed to our friends’ house. The boys were all going to hang out with the dad, while mom and I went out to a lovely, beachfront brunch.


We ended up watching the end of the Jags game at their house while the kids hung out, which was the perfect end of the day.

Monday – 5.2 miles, running + 9Round #101

I was up and at ’em early to meet S for our Monday morning miles.

halloween week

Then it was time to get back to 9Round. It’s always hard to come in after a run, but I was ready to start back with my strength.

Mr PugRunner got home from his conference and so after homework, we just all had a nice dinner and evening together.

Tuesday – 9Round #102

Since he hadn’t been home all weekend, Mr PugRunner wanted to go out for breakfast to catch up. From there, we had an appointment for Bentley at the vet. He had two vestibular episodes over the weekend, and we wanted to see if we could shed some more light on the situation. Unfortunately, the news hasn’t changed much: it’s rare for dogs to have more than one vestibular episode in a lifetime, but since he’s not presenting any other major symptoms, we are not going to put him through lots of additional testing. We will keep up on his course of medication and continue to look for signs of discomfort.

A late trip to 9Round was just the thing to work out some of the stress.

halloween week

Since little man was at Scouts, Mr PugRunner met me at a restaurant close to 9Round for their Taco Tuesday specials. We are thinking about making it a regular thing.

Wednesday – 5.2 miles, running + 9Round #104

We had amazing running weather on Wednesday: 60s and low humidity! I was tired but couldn’t miss out.

halloween week

9Round incorporated so many pushups and lots of arm work. I could feel it in my shoulders before I even finished my 30 minutes. It’s great seeing the change in the shape of my arms and shoulders, too, so I don’t mind the hard work.

After school, we picked up one of little man’s friends and the boys goto to hang out and discuss Pokemon and anime related things. It was a really chill time, and I love that they have each other.

Thursday – 9Round #104

The kiddo had a meeting before school so I offered him a ride. He needed to submit his entry to the pumpkin decorating contest and it was going to be hard to transport it via bike.

halloween week

Afterwards, I grabbed my gloves and wraps to hit up my 104th session. There has been a huge focus on hooks and power hits and kicks, and sometimes, it’s fabulous just to wail the heck out of the punching bags.

halloween week

I got to enjoy some time at the beach at a Client Appreciation Event for a local hotel I’ve been working with. We had cocktails and appetizers on the outside terrace and I couldn’t get enough of the view.

Friday – 5.2 miles,running + 9Round #100

Friday’s run was flat out miserable: hot, heavy and dragging. Blah.

9Round was better, but I really had to amp myself up to give it my all.

The rest of the day was dedicated to working on my Halloween costume, getting little man packed for his campout and getting things set for my Trunk or Treat entry.

Mr PugRunner came home early, not feeling very well. He ended up having to go to bed early, so I ate dinner with little man and some Halloween movies and got everything set for a busy Saturday.

Saturday – rest

First up was dropping little man off for his campout. We met some of his Troop-mates for breakfast and then said our goodbyes. They were going to camp, help decorate a haunted trail at the park and then dress up to scare the hikers. The kids were so excited (I saw video and it was TERRIFYING!)

Mr PugRunner was worried about his blood pressure so we went to urgent care. He was seen quickly, prescribed something for his dizziness and nausea and told to just keep an eye on things. Having something to eat also helped settle the vertigo and get him back to full strength.

With that said, I was all in to help him with his Trunk or Treat event. We transported everything to the venue, set up the volunteers with tasks, got the music pumping and the photo booth in place, and then I decorated our trunk. I was fortunate to get everything on loan from a friend and our Jurassic Park theme was a huge hit.

halloween week

By this point, Mr PugRunner was feeling much better so we got dressed to attend a Halloween party in our neighborhood. I went as Deviled Eggs, and my friend was Holy Guacamole. This was totally unplanned, but a huge hit.

halloween week

For more great (and easy) Halloween costume ideas, check out this post I put together on One T-Shirt. Ten Costumes for the St. Augustine Moms!


Miles were fantastic this week. I ended up taking the weekend off, which is probably much needed. I was disappointed not to get to run the 5K for Pancreatic Cancer due to a scheduling conflict, but I am making a donation to my friend instead. Also, I’m also signing up for three races today! It’s happening so I can commit and get them on the books.

9Round was also great. Our new trainers are very no-nonsense and I find myself pushing harder when they lead the workouts.

I felt pretty hydrated this week, but I did end up consuming more alcohol than usual. Not a lot, but drinks at brunch and drinks at the Halloween party were definitely in play. ‘Tis the season.

I am linking up with the new Weekly Rundown, with Confessions of A Mother Runner and Running on the Fly! Check them out!

Will you be joining me at any of the Best Damn Race Ambassador Crew! Don’t forget to register with my BDR discount code RUNSWITHPUGS to save on any distance at any BDR location!

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How was your week in training?

What effects do the upcoming holidays have on your training in regards to nutrition and scheduling?


october runfessions: the good, the bad + the spooky

How is it time for October Runfessions already??? I can’t even handle it. Let’s head on over to Marcia’s Healthy Slice, so we can lay it all out there!


I runfess….

That I am struggling with momming right now. These tweenage and teenage years are something else, and there’s just no being prepared. To deal, I am having to call on all my tricks, patience and creativity to keep it together and man, is it exhausting. I love my kid to the moon and back (or “3000”, if we need to quantify it and you get my nerdy reference), and I hope I’m doing right by him each and every day.

october runfessions

I runfess…

That I’m feeling heavy lately. I have mentioned that we don’t keep a scale in the house, but maybe I’ve just reached a plateau with my fitness and eating. This week, In made the mature decision to stop relying on a morning donut with my coffee and get back into proteins and better nutrition. Ironically, I hard boiled a dozen eggs, and they were quickly devoured by other folks in the house. At least my attempts to be healthier are spreading.

october runfessions

I runfess…

That I am so ready for the humidity to take a hike. We got spoiled with some really pretty running mornings: mid 60s with 50-60% humidity and it was glorious. This morning comes and it was right back in the 70s and the air was so thick you could chew it. Everything just felt more difficult and I can only hope that things are better for my next run.

october runfessions

I runfess…

That it feels like I’m starting over at 9Round. I worked so hard to get to 100, and the next milestone is the 200 Workout Club! Ack! Of course, I’m going to get there, but it’s just a little discouraging to know that I have to double what I just worked so tirelessly to complete. Will I do it? Heck, yes, but I can’t see the fire kicking in until around 150 or so.

october runfessions

I runfess…

That I am so excited for Halloween, but don’t feel exactly ready for it. The house is decorated. I have the setup for my trunk for our neighborhood Trunk Or Treat. Little man (and the rest of the family) have their costumes ready. We have plenty of candy (and non-candy) treats and I even wrote a fun post about Easy Halloween Costume Hacks. It still feels like something is missing.

october runfessions

And those are my October runfessions. Not so bad, and it definitely feels good to have all that out in the universe, so I can have some fun this weekend!

We are also joining in with Fridays with Fairytales and Fitness, so check out that link up and share your week in fitness!

What are your October runfessions?

What’s going on in your week of fitness?

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