weekly wrap: 1.29.2017 – 2.4.2017

Happy Monday!  It’s time for the Weekly Wrap with HoHo Runs and MissSippi Piddlin!


If you do a weekly recap post, this is a great way to check in with other active bloggers for extra support, sharing and accountability!

{Deep breath}

This was a bad week. A very, very, very bad week. Pretty much nothing went right for the first few days and therefore the last few were spent trying to get caught back up.

Sunday – rest

It was time for a nice family day. I did the weekly grocery shopping and then we went to lunch and to see the movie “Sing.” It was really cute, although not one of my favorites.

We all desperately needed the down day.

Monday – rest

I thought about getting up early to run the bridge before Mr PugRunner left town, but I wasn’t feeling incredibly motivated. Boo on me.

We had a relatively normal morning, until we left for work and school. There was an odd smell in the garage. We couldn’t quite put our finger on it but it smelled like burnt plastic.

Before leaving for the airport, Mr PugRunner called me at work to let me know that the smell hadn’t dissipated and that he also saw a mouse in the garage. He advised me to call the fire department when I got home to see if they could send someone over just to check things out.

Not at all how I was envisioning my day, you know?

I made the call when I got home, reaching out through the non-emergency number. Dispatch told me they would send someone over shortly. Five minutes later, I heard sirens (the fire station is about two miles away), and was pretty embarrassed when two full trucks, the paramedics and I can’t even tell you who else showed up.

The firemen were awesome and totally sympathetic. They smelled something too but they couldn’t find the source. They went through the whole house, completely decked out in their hazmat gear, but found nothing, other than that the smell seemed to come from the hot water heater (but nothing was reading hot on their equipment). Their suggestion was to call an electrician and go from there.

In the meantime, one of my neighbors had taken little man to her house (she saw he was getting really upset) and promised her husband would come over later to check things out. He is an aircraft inspector, and she said he was pretty good at locating problems.

It took him about 20 minutes to get to the bottom of our situation.

I about lost my mind. Fire is one of my greatest fears, and to have something burning under my own roof was pretty upsetting. My neighbor turned off the fuse to the heater, while Mr PugRunner worked on his end to get our home warranty company to get us a plumber to correct things.

Biggest downfall: no hot water until the mess was remedied.

Tuesday – rest

I begged off my run because I could handle a quick cold shower, but really didn’t want to wash my hair if I didn’t have to. For little man, I heated water in a huge pot on the stove. We were totally pioneering it.

It was just an awful day. I was stressed, out of sorts and worried. I channeled all of that into shopping for big pots and plants for our outdoor patio – we have a beautiful area, but we never really “dressed it up” short of the grill and the table and chairs, and it seemed like a reasonable thing to do.

Wednesday – rest

The plumber was scheduled for right after I got home from work. He walked into the garage, took one look at the hot water heater and made a call to the warranty company to let them know we would be needing a new one, stat. I love having the warranty company because it makes these huge repairs much less of a financial burden, but I was really annoyed that it meant one more day without hot water.

My parents had come over to have lunch with little man at school (he was being such a trooper but he was really out of sorts), and stayed to help with the patio.

It was Papa Bear’s birthday and they had dinner reservations, but they suggested we join them for a more casual meal and use the shower at their house. I really didn’t want to go anywhere, but at the end of the day, it was easier than trying to put something together at home and dealing with heating up more pots.

Thursday – rest

WATER HEATER DAY!!! The plumbers arrived around 11:00 and by lunchtime, we were good to go! I was beyond ecstatic, and when the tank filled up and the first hot water came through, I was beyond happy. Be. Yond.

Of course, that meant it was time to do laundry and run the dishwasher and all that fun stuff, but I didn’t care.

Little man had one last dinner out and then I took him to Cub Scouts. I don’t often attend these meetings, and it was fun to see him in action.

And then, by 9:00 PM, Mr PugRunner was home.

Friday – 6.7 miles, running

And I could finally run again! Glory hallelujah! I got in a lovely five miles in the morning,

and then went out again with Mr PugRunner and little man for just under two in the afternoon. It was heavenly.

I had some work to do for an article I was writing, and then had a “ladies lunch” with a few friends who work in the area.

That evening, I had agreed to take some photos for the Daddy Daughter Dance, and it was a pretty crazy event with tons more kids than expected. Everyone seemed to be having a great time, though, so it went well.

Saturday – rest

Saturday was Pinewood Derby Day! Mr PugRunner took little man to the venue to weigh in his car, named Flash, but then renamed Blur, while I ran some errands. I met my parents at the house and we drove to the race together.

I have never seen a Pinewood Derby in action, and it was crazy! We had a long talk with little man about doing his best, but that there were a lot of kids and dads who had been making these cars and racing for years, so even if he didn’t win, the whole point was that they had fun and cheered on his den-mates. Mr PugRunner really isn’t very handy (he’s got hundreds of great qualities, but building isn’t one of them), so we really didn’t know what to expect for poor Blur.

My heart pretty much stopped when little man’s car came up on the leaderboard. And I about passed out when Blur won all three of his heats! How did that even happen???? Little man was thrilled and shocked all at once!

He came in second place in his den and went on to the final round, where he didn’t place. He was a little disappointed about that, but we pointed out how awesome he did on his first try. While it’s hard to watch them be upset, it did bring out a little edge of competitiveness we never knew he had. Usually, he just shrugs things off, but this time he said “I know exactly what we have to do next year” and jumped right on his iPad to look up derby car designs.

Well, then.

We celebrated his wins and Papa Bear’s birthday with a delicious early dinner and headed home.


I am pretty wrung out after this last week. It was a great deal of stress and upset and anxiety, with absolutely no outlet for me. I was cranky, and miserable, and I really needed a break. And hot water. Definitely hot water.

PS. We never found the mouse.

So. Onward and upward, right? This week is going to be great! I’m going to make it that way!

How was your week in training?

Do you ever have weeks where everything seems to go horribly wrong.

january wrap + february goals

It’s Groundhog Day – six more weeks of winter – and time to see where we are at.

January ended with a bit of a whimper. We had a bit of an emergency at home, which took precedence over pretty much everything, so my training came screeching to a halt.

I was really hoping to score 85 miles for the month, which would put me on track for a whopping 1000 miles in 2017. However, I am 12 short, which really grinds my gears.

I also fell off track with my cross training. The start of the month was all systems go, but my calendar filled up pretty quickly, and with Mr PugRunner not feeling well for so long, I was getting run down and worn out, myself. Usually, I am pretty good at keeping things together, but it didn’t work out like that this time.

Planking was going great, until January 28, when things unraveled a bit. Certainly, I’m not proud of myself for allowing the derailment, but the best we can do is shake it off and move on.

What’s the plan for February? I have a few things in mind.

Running – 

  • 90 miles. That should compensate for my deficit and also be pretty good for my base for some of my longer upcoming races. I really want running to become more comfortable and second-nature, and I think the only way to manage that is by adjusting mimics to allow for it.
  • Time to resume bridge training. While it’s a little later than I would normally start for Gate River Run, I’ve just been incredibly conservative about my training and feel comfortable pushing myself again.
  • Maaaaaybe add in an extra day of running, dedicated to shorter speed workouts? Maybe.

Cross Training – 

  • I am starting back to boot camp on Monday. I promised my running buddy that I would get my butt up at 4:15 AM to meet her for class and I am committed to it.
  • I want to go to yoga at least once a week. There is a Thursday morning class I can usually attend, and they have added a sunrise Wednesday class that I can snag otherwise.
  • Francine the Bike needs to get some fresh air. I already scheduled a long ride with another friend, and now that the weather seems to be warming up a little, getting out on that bike seems way more feasible.
  • I am back in the plank challenge and I plan to plank every dang day.

Nutrition – 

  • I’ve been slacking on my water consumption, and I need to dial that in immediately.
  • I plan to continue being consistent with my protein intake and trying to bulk up on fruits and veggies while watching carbs and sugars. Nothing too strict, but awareness is good.

I love staring down at a clean slate, and I hope that I can get back to feeling like forward progress is happening.

What are your goals for February?

How did you end things with January?

tuesdays on the run: spring race plans

Happy Tuesday!  I’ll be joining up with My No-Guilt LifeMarcia’s Healthy Slice and MCM Mama Runs for “Tuesdays on The Run”!

Tuesdays on the Run

This Tuesday, we are talking about….

:cracks knuckles:

I am REALLY excited for this Spring. It’s always crazy race season, and I feel like I missed out on so much last year because of my injury. But I’m back and raring to go!


Best Damn Race Orlando – 10K – 5K Challenge – March 4

First up? A total of 9.3 miles in downtown Orlando. I’m not entirely sure how two races back-to-back like this came to be, but I do know it’s going to be an incredibly blingy day.


I missed out on BDR Orlando last year due to my hip flexor, so I am really happy to give it another go.

Gate River Run 15K – March 11

Ah, the Gate River Run – largest 15K in the United States, with a field of over 24,000. This is the race for which my region is known, and while it is incredibly difficult with a bridge in the first mile and an even bigger bridge at the last, it’s one I love.

Vilano Bridge 5K – March 18

I’m not 100% on this one. It’s close to home, and, pre-injury I used to run this bridge all the time. So it would only make sense to actually race it. It would also be a nice way to come down from the Gate River Run the week prior. I haven’t registered yet, and it may end up being a game time decision, but it would be fun. And if I’m doing a training run anyway…. Well, you see how these things happen.

Ready. Set. Glow 5K – March 31

This one is for the schools. I’m not really a huge fan of night runs, but it’s for a great local cause, and doing it with the family will be a really nice experience.




Publix Savannah Women’s Half – April 8

I have a score to settle with this race. Last year, I had to drop myself from the half marathon to the 5K due to injury, but this year? Nope! I’m taking on the full 13.1, and I’m going to own every single mile!

This race is truly a bucket list event. Historic Savannah is the backdrop for a small and intimate race with a finish line right near the famous fountain in Forsyth Park. In addition to some beautiful bling, participants will receive this gorgeous, expandable bangle.


(Remember – you can save $10 on your registration with code “PUGS”)

The Ultimate Tri – April 23

I said I would do it. And this might be the one.


It’s a triathlon with a pool swim instead of an open water one. The big downfall is that I would have to get back in the water before things start really warming up, but that’s not the end of the world. Everything is lining up to make this “the one”. So I think I need to rise up and face the challenge.


The Corporate Run 5K – May 4

This is a work-related 5K, but it’s fun all the same. Since my colleagues are spread out through the region, this is a great way to have everyone together for some chatting and some running.

Memorial Day 5K – May 29

The fifth anniversary of my first 5K? You know I have to do it.

This is just a familiar, comfortable race, and I don’t think my spring would feel right without it.


An ambitious season? Yes, I think so. Spring always seems to be the busiest for me, but I just can’t turn down some of these great events. There are a few races in there just as training runs – if I’m going to be out there anyway, I might as well get a fun shirt and be surrounded by a great community.

How is your spring looking?

Do you have any bucket list races on your calendar?

weekly wrap: 1.22.2017 – 1.28.2017

Happy Monday!  It’s time for the Weekly Wrap with HoHo Runs and MissSippi Piddlin!


If you do a weekly recap post, this is a great way to check in with other active bloggers for extra support, sharing and accountability!

Sunday – rest; plank

Sunday was an interesting day. After I braved the grocery store, I made this chocolate churro dessert (with Nutella dip), and we went to our friend’s house for some help finished up little man’s Pinewood Derby car.

It was a really lovely afternoon, but a nasty storm was brewing. We got home about 20 minutes ahead of a tornado warning, where we had to take shelter. Nothing materialized by us, but there were areas of Georgia that were absolutely devastated 🙁

Monday – rest; plank

Back to school, back to work, back to normal. I was really struggling with my motivation this week and it was very challenging to get myself going. I dragged through the day, got little man to karate (he is almost ready to test again!) and was pretty happy to get myself to bed.

Tuesday – 7.1 miles running; plank

The morning’s run with K was fabulous – in fact, it was so good that we lost track of time and went an extra mile. Oops. On the downside, we got a rather rude reminder: we have been rather lax about mixing things up. As we were making our way down our usual route, we saw a man hanging out near a closed store. He didn’t approach us, or even seem to notice us, but it made us realize that we needed to be more aware and less predictable. Just in case.

It was also a double run day – parents are welcome to join in at Run Club, and little man asked me if I would, so of course, I brought my running shoes to work and went to school right after my shift. It was tough running in the field, but I hung out with little man and some of his buddies and had a really nice time. He seemed to appreciate it.

Wednesday – rest; plank

Wednesday was an awful day. I was completely off all morning, my anxiety was in full gear, there were some situations that cropped up during the day that just threw me even more off kilter, and I couldn’t wait to get home and go out to a much anticipated girls’ night.

Unfortunately, Mr PugRunner has been working through some serious sinus issues and had his worst bout yet. He had finally started taking some meds, but he wasn’t in any shape to parent so I canceled my plans. I was able to watch a movie at home, but it wasn’t quite the same.

Thursday – 5 miles running; plank

Having learned our lesson from Monday, K and I changed our route. I didn’t love it as much, but variety is the spice of life, or something like that. This run was less wonderful than Monday’s – we just couldn’t get in a groove. Our legs felt heavy and every step was a huge struggle. We got though it, but it wasn’t pretty.

I had to run some errands and check out a space for an upcoming party, but I really wanted to be home in my PJs.

The evening was a double whammy: little man’s school had a literacy night with dinner and a professional storyteller. We stayed for some of that and then scooted to his Cub Scouts meeting. I don’t often get to attend those meetings, and it was cool to watch him and his den-mates complete one of their Bear tasks.

Friday –  rest; plank

Mr PugRunner and I met at little man’s school for his “Character Counts” award ceremony. Our school celebrates certain character traits throughout the year, and each class votes for one student who it feels best embodies those traits. Little man has earned a Character Counts award each year since Kindergarten, and this time, his classmates voted for him for “Respect.”

It was a great way for him to end his school week. We had a nice movie night, and I turned in early.

Saturday – Wolfson Children’s Challenge – 9.1 miles running

Much as I wanted to sleep in against the freezing temps, I was all in for the Wolfson Children’s Challenge Ultra Relay. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to stay all day, but I did want to be around for the team as long as I could.

Full recap to come, of course, but between my own 5K leg and some more running, I was able to score 9.1 miles. And I thought to myself that maybe running a 30K wouldn’t be so bad. Hmmmm.

It took a long time to warm up once I got home. Mr PugRunner cancelled date night in lieu of a trip to the doctor (finally) and so we did some more time on the couch.


Incredibly unimpressive week. I am a little frustrated with myself right now. I feel like I’m just not able to get all my training in, and it overwhelms me. I know it will all be ok, but I know that my body is missing yoga and circuit training and I need to find a way to make it work. Unfortunately, I am neither zen nor patient, so I have to focus on cutting myself some slack.

February – I’m coming for you!

How was your week in training?

Does winter get you down?


tuesdays on the run: a race? take my money!!!

Happy Tuesday!  I’ll be joining up with My No-Guilt LifeMarcia’s Healthy Slice and MCM Mama Runs for “Tuesdays on The Run”!

Tuesdays on the Run

Today’s topic addresses the very serious question of money. As in, how much is too much for race registration?

I confess. I’m a sucker for races. Big ones, small ones, local ones and destination ones. Ones with t-shirts, ones with swag, ones with towels, ones with bags. I could go on.

There are a lot of things that attract me to different races. I admit that I am a runner who likes a bit of hoopla and glamour in my races.  While I am always thankful for an accurately measured course, I am usually first wooed by the destination or the bling.

Actual price is maybe my fourth or fifth consideration. It’s important, but once I’ve got my mind set on a race, I’m pretty resolute.

For a 5K, I am comfortable paying up to about $35, which I expect will include a shirt and a medal (or in lieu of a medal, be in support of a really great cause with proceeds going to that).

The Celebration 5K – a small local race on a beautiful course, quality medal, lots of American flags, and a cold beer at the finish line.

I have drawn the line with runDisney 5Ks – I have a hard time saying yes to over $80 for an untimed event. Not saying I wouldn’t do it if it was part of a race challenge weekend or a theme that was incredibly meaningful to me, but there would have to be some epic swag to make the financial hit easier to swallow.

Since 10Ks are rare in the area, I’m a little less discerning. I am generally so grateful to have a chance at the distance , so I can see shelling out up to $50. Again, I look for a shirt and finisher’s medal, and I also make sure that there is some decent course support along the way. Not having to carry my own liquid is a nice perk, and if there are three or four aid stations en route, I am on board with that.

Best Damn Race Jacksonville 10K – I happily paid $35 before the price increase (but would have gone up to $45 if it got to that point) for a cool, urban course, custom medal, free photos, beer and cocktails and plenty of post-race food and snacks.

With  half marathons, I get a little more generous. I think I start to balk at things that are over $100, unless the experience is something unique or exceptional (Run Rock ‘n’ Roll, for example). However, for that price, my expectations go up. If I’m paying more than $100, I want an expo with lots of vendors, a really nice shirt and medal, fabulous support along the course (in the form of aid and entertainment) and awesome post-race amenities (adult beverages, complimentary massages, decent food).

Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah Half Marathon weekend – Historic destination, plenty of aid stations and crowd support, on course entertainment, extra bling for extra races, and pie.

I paid, what I consider, an obscene amount of money for the Walt Disney World Marathon in 2013. With fees, it came to about $200, which didn’t include travel, meals or hotel. I promise, I got my money’s worth, with the huge expo and characters and photo opportunities.

WDW Marathon – cost a small fortune, BUT I had fireworks at the start, got to run through all four Disney parks, saw so many characters, shared a Mickey pretzel in Epcot, was handed snacks by so many cheering spectators, and walked away with epic bling and a snack box with the most amazing cheese spread. Worth it.

Running through the parks was something amazing and, for me, worth the price. That being said, I would be ok paying more for something like  the New York or Chicago Marathon, simply for the quality and magnitude of the experience. For that kind of distance, a higher price tag means more stuff going on, and since I am a mid-t0-back-of packer, that’s what I do look for.

It’s always interesting to see the difference in what people prioritize in their race experiences and how they will assign their race budgets.

What’s the limit on what you will spend for a race?


weekly wrap: 1.15.2017 – 1.21.2017

Happy Monday!  It’s time for the Weekly Wrap with HoHo Runs and MissSippi Piddlin!


If you do a weekly recap post, this is a great way to check in with other active bloggers for extra support, sharing and accountability!

Sunday – rest; plank

I was really, really looking forward to this day. After grocery shopping, I was on my own. Little man and Mr PugRunner went over to a friend’s house to get some help with their Pinewood Derby car and I was free to just veg. It was heavenly and so very needed.

Monday – 1.4 miles running; plank

It was a day off for little man, and I was really excited to see him when I got home. Even nicer was that he didn’t have any afternoon activities, so once I was home from work, we were able to hang out a bit.

The boys wanted to go for their training run so I asked to go with them. It was nice to get out of the house and get my legs moving.

Tuesday – 6 miles running; plank

Kait and I met for our morning run. The humidity was back in full force, but we slogged through it. There is really something to be said for the winter slump, even if it doesn’t technically feel like winter here.

But we still planked. Because friends who run together plank together. Or something like that.

Little man started running club at school. I was pretty shocked that he asked to do it, but he was very enthusiastic so I signed the permission form. Parents are allowed to join in the running, but I had a work call that afternoon, so was unable to attend the first session. I promised him that I would start attending – my Tuesday miles are going to increase exponentially. As is my ability to run any time other than first thing in the morning. Stay tuned for more on that.

Wednesday – rest; plank

Another quiet day. I wasn’t really feeling well, so I was glad that we didn’t have much on the agenda.

Thursday – 4.4 miles running; plank

Due to scheduling, we had agreed to do our long run on Friday, so we kept Thursday’s miles on the lower side. It was a good run.

The rest of the day was not quite as fun. I had to help Mr PugRunner get one of the cars into the dealership for some recall work, and then take him back when it was finished. In between I did a little shopping for some running fuel and new clothes. Ok, that part was a little more fun.

The boys had Cub Scouts and got more info on an upcoming camping trip and the Pinewood Derby. I’m really looking forward to both.

Friday – 8 miles running; plank

Sometimes, that first long run after a break is kind of like ripping off a bandaid. I have been dreading and dreading these miles, but with a friend along for the ride, it was much more manageable. I still wasn’t feeling entirely great, but I didn’t regret the run one bit.

I really wanted to go to the movies, but I had been promising little man I would come to school for lunch and it was a good day for it. He was really happy I came (and brought him takeout), and we had a nice chat through his lunch period.

Proud mommy moment? Report cards were posted and not only did he make the honor roll (again), but he was selected by his class for the “respect” award. So proud of that boy.

Saturday – Aerial Athletics, 90 minutes; plank

Saturday morning proved to be quite the adventure: some of the contributors of the St. Augustine Moms Blog got to meet up at Aerial Athlete for a session on the silks.


It was so intimidating and so amazing all at once. I had to push really hard through a lot of my limitations (not letting go, being comfortable upside down, etc), and I really want to go back and push a little harder.

We had a much anticipated date night. Mr PugRunner had gotten me tickets for Book of Mormon for my birthday last year and it was finally time to go!

The show was phenomenal – irreverant and sharp, but so witty and clever, too. I was so glad we were able to finally see it!


In other news, the winner of the lovely Nourish soy candle is…. Sarah G.!

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 12.43.36 PM

Congratulations, Sarah! We’ll connect to I can get that sent out to you!


How was your week in training?

What’s something new that challenged you recently?

race into the new year with winter beach run + tropical smoothie cafe

This is a sponsored post. I have been compensated for my promotion of Winter Beach Run and Tropical Smoothie Cafe. All opinions are my own.

Saturday, January 28 marks the 42nd running of the 1st Place Sports  Winter Beach Run, a 5 mile and 10 mile race held along Jacksonville Beach.

A time-honored tradition in the local running community, this year’s event promises to be better than ever, boasting beautiful ocean views,

a gender-specific tech shirt

and a pretty fabulous finishers’ medal.

Runners will start at the Jacksonville SeaWalk Pavilion at low tide (2:00 PM), and head north for 2.5 miles before the turnaround. The five milers will cross the finish line on the return, while the 10 milers will push through another 2.5 miles to the south and back for their finish. Whatever distance you choose, the Winter Beach Run is a great way to hold to those New Year’s fitness resolutions and kick off your year of running. (Click here to register online, or visit any one of 1st Place Sports’ six retail locations to register in-store).

It’s going to be a chilly one, with a high of about 59 degrees, so bundle up and be ready to rise to the challenge!

Once you’ve collected your bling, don’t forget to celebrate! You should still have time to catch Shine On Hours at Tropical Smoothie Cafe.

Refuel with a SuperGreen Caesar Wrap 0r Salad for just $4.99 or try one of Tropical Smoothie Cafe’s new Powerpacked Smoothies for only $1.99 with the purchase of any entree (breakfast and kids’ items excluded).

Sample from Immune Blast (packed with Vitamin C, orange, apple, banana and orange juice), Health Nut (blueberries, mango, banana and choice of protein), Detox Island Green (spinach, kale, mango, pineapple, banana and fresh ginger), or Chia Blueberry Max (a blend of roasted banana, chia seeds, blueberries, peanut butter, almonds, date, coconut, cinnamon, whole grain oats and whey protein).

Shine On Hours are available at your local Tropical Smoothie Cafe through February 19. Whether you are toasting to your first Winter Beach Run, celebrating a new PR, or enjoying healthy meals and snacks to supplement your new year’s fitness regimen, you’ll find something satisfying and delicious.

Will you be running the 5 mile or 10 mile distance at Winter Beach Run this year?

What Powerpacked Smoothie are you most excited to try?

race report: best damn race jacksonville 10k {1.14.2017}

I am an ambassador for Best Damn Race. I receive some race rewards in exchange for my promotion of the race series. All options are my own.

Last Saturday was my first official race of 2017. I confess, it was time, and the 10K at Best Damn Race Jacksonville seemed like a great way to kick off the year.

I wasn’t able to make it to the race expo on Friday, so I left a little earlier Saturday morning to make sure I had enough time to get my packet. It rained for most of the drive, and I was pretty aggravated by that. Rain is no weather condition for race day.

Despite the construction at EverBank Field, parking was no issue, and I was able to walk right over to Memorial Park (with a pit stop at the rest room, of course).

Packet pickup went smoothly and I headed over to the BDR tent to meet up with some of my fellow ambassadors.

The morning remained pretty foggy and misty, while we waited for our 7:00 AM start time. My plan was to run with Steph, so she came over to meet up, and then went to get on the bathroom line. The rest of us got to chatting and catching up, and before I knew it, I had a text from Steph saying we needed to get to the start line.

And wouldn’t you know, we had about eight minutes to go!

I have a lot of pre-race anxieties, and timeliness is high on that list. I often barely sleep the night before a race because I am terrified that I won’t hear my alarm and will miss the start. I’m not really sure how I let things get away from me like that. As we hustled over to the starting corrals, I realized I had to go to the bathroom again. There was a line. And it was 6:55. I hemmed. I hawed. The line seemed to clear, and I decided I just had to go for it.

I made it to the start line with less than a minute to spare. Victory was mine. It also means that I don’t have a great photo of the start line, because there just wasn’t time.

In the rush, two things happened: I hadn’t been able to reconnect with Steph and I had left my sunglasses in my bag at the booth. Both were pretty upsetting – even when it’s not sunny, my eyes are really sensitive to the glare (I ALWAYS have my sunglasses) and I wasn’t really mentally prepared to run 6.2 miles on my own.

The show must go on though, so I plugged in my music and merged into the moving runners. My good luck from the bathroom carried over – the day never brightened thanks to the thick fog AND within the first quarter mile, I found Steph on the course, and we linked up! All good things!

The 10K course is fairly straightforward – the challenge comes with a big incline up the Acosta Bridge, some little rolling ups and downs on Riverside Avenue, and then the pedestrian bridge back over the river. Nothing significant, but a nice bit of variety for a flat city.


It was a nice run. Steph was also just getting back into things, and so I wanted to keep us consistent. We met that goal, and had a lot of fun doing it. When you get to talking, it makes the miles fly by.

Water and Nuun were plentiful, with four aid stations on the course, and there was ones station offering Gu. I didn’t need to take advantage of any of that this year, but it was nice to have available, just in case.

We didn’t have a PR day, but we were both comfortable with that. It wasn’t in the cards this time, but we will get it back! On the plus,

We collected our bling, and collected our spoils: the medal, beer, and pizza, fruit and diet coke from the food tent. Yum.

Best Damn Race offers a full complement of beverages and snacks. I am good with a cold beer after a run, but offerings included Best Damn Root Beer and Best Damn Cherry Cola, a variety of mixed drinks, water, Coke, Diet Coke and Sprite. I love that they had pizza, bananas, orange slices, brownies, chips and granola bars, too. A little something for everyone.

Another huge perk?

Free. Race. Photos.

There is this one. Which, of course, is kind of funny because I remember being a lot less angry at the finish line.

But also this.

Smiles. In sync. Feet off the ground.


I spent the rest of the morning with the ambassadors, who were either helping out at the race or running different distances.

And then we called it a day.

I love this race and can’t wait for March, when I can do it all over in Orlando. This time, I will be taking on the 10K + 5K Challenge with Meghan.

Not only will we score a 5K and 10K version of this


But we will also score this!


I cannot wait! Don’t forget, if you want to join us for Best Damn Race Orlando, you can still save $5 on your registration for any distance with code RUNPUGS!

What makes a race “the best” for you?

What’s your favorite post-race refreshment?

weekly wrap: 1.8.2017 – 1.14.2017

Happy Monday!  It’s time for the Weekly Wrap with HoHo Runs and MissSippi Piddlin!


If you do a weekly recap post, this is a great way to check in with other active bloggers for extra support, sharing and accountability!

Sunday – 4.2 miles, running; barre trial class, 60 minutes; plank 

This was quite a day. The cold snap left us with freezing temperatures, and even though I was on a pretty tight time schedule, I couldn’t drag myself out of bed for my long run.

In the end, I wound up doing 4.2 miles instead of 6 or 7. I was disappointed in myself, but I was cold and even a little lonely and unmotivated without my running buddy. As someone who prided herself on her solo running, I’ve certainly lost my edge.

I took a quick warming-up shower, and then back into workout clothes for a trial Barre class. K had asked if anyone was able to join her for a complimentary class at a new studio to see if she liked it, and I was certainly game.

It was very interesting. Don’t get me wrong – it was a tough workout, but not something I’m sure I would want to do regularly. The concept of the class is based on very small, pulsing movements with minimal weights and some resistance (I think I am more into tire flipping and heavier weights). There are points where you use the barre for stability or added tension. The class is broken up into a warmup, some floor work with the ball and tube, “seat” work and then abs. My favorite part was the abs.

Also – I just don’t like wearing socks. I would have been much happier barefoot, but that’s not an option.

Monday – rest; plank (1:24.03)

The weather was showing signs of starting to turn .

Tuesday – 5.5 miles, running; plank (1:19.59)

Kait and I had a nice morning run. I want to see if I can get to six miles for each weekday training run. I’m right there, and as long as I have someone with me, I feel like it’s much more manageable.

I spent most of the day at work – first at my regular shift, and then at a huge staff meeting. It was incredibly productive, even though I ended up not getting home until 10:30. That is way past my bedtime!

Wednesday – rest; plank (1:29.34)

Thursday – 4.3 miles, running; 1.3 miles, walking; plank (1:31.28)

I was on my own for the morning’s run, and got a bit of a later start. I had plans to meet a neighbor for coffee, and ended up just running to our destination. It actually worked out quite well. I had to pick up a few things at the grocery store, and took a brisk walk home.

For the afternoon, I had an editorial meeting to attend, which ended up being pretty great – I’ve got a lot of fun assignments coming up and I’m excited to get cracking.

Friday – rest; plank (1:25.90)

I thought about hitting yoga, but decided rest days are great, too. Plus, I was having an early lunch with another friend, and didn’t want to be rushed.

Mr PugRunner went out for a guys’ day with Papa Bear, so when I got little man from the bus stop, we decided to have a chill night – we had scrambled eggs for dinner followed by some popcorn with a movie he had been wanting to see. We were both in bed at a reasonable hour – which was great because I had to be up early for race day in the morning!

Saturday – Best Damn Race Jacksonville 10K – 6.2 miles; plank

I was on the road at 5:15, and a little disgruntled because it rained almost the entire way to Jacksonville. I think we all know how I feel about rain. However, it cleared and gave way to   thick fog – the same as Best Damn Race Jacksonville last year!

I met up with my fellow Ambassadors at the BDR booth, and waited for my running buddy S to show up.

The complete recap is coming up, but it was a blast! No PRs this day, but I do love a good 10K, and this is one of my favorites.

I hung out until the end of the race and then headed home, where Mr PugRunner was smoking ribs on the Big Green Egg for the whole family, parents included.


I think it’s safe to say this was a quiet week. I was a little lacking on my cross-training, but the freezing temperatures made it really hard to feel motivated. It’s ok to have a little downtime.

In the meantime, don’t forget that we are giving away this beautiful soy candle from Nourish – click here to enter.

How was your week in training?

What kind of weather leads to lack of motivation for you?

nourish savannah review + giveaway

This is a sponsored post. I am an ambassador for Publix Savannah Women’s Half Marathon & 5K. Due to that relationship, I receive a complimentary race registration, as well as other sponsor amenities in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

One of the charms of the city of Savannah is the focus on local. From innovative, locally-sourced ingredients in restaurants to the adorable shops lining River Street, it’s refreshing to see the scarcity of national chains and franchises. In our interactions with the residents, we’ve always experienced a pride in providing original and creative products to locals and visitors alike.

Nourish is one such example. Soap-making started as a kitchen-based hobby for co-founder Shoshanna Walker’s mother. Over the years, that hobby grew into a small, home-based business, and finally expanded into a retail store. Today, Nourish boasts five retail stores in the southeast, selling the same quality, made-with-love soaps and bath products they did from the beginning.

As someone with sensitive skin, it’s nice to be able to have a variety of products from which to use, made of gentle natural ingredients, and with very light, non-chemical scents.

This White Tea Ginger Moisturizing Wash quickly became a favorite. It is refreshing without too strong of a floral note, and turns into thick suds on a body pouf or cloth. After showering, my skin felt incredibly smooth and soft, moisturized by the combination of coconut and olive oils. Especially nice is that feeling of all that hydration being locked in, like I barely even needed to follow up with my regular lotion.

Although I don’t take a lot of baths, I love these Bath Fizzies.

The ginger lime is so relaxing and tropical and I love the oils they release into the water with their gentle fizz. The coconut oil and shea butter leave my skin feeling hydrated and smooth, which is especially nice in the winter months, when I need the extra moisture.  Breathing in the fragrant steam while taking a soak leads to a serene experience, and it’s a great way to get me to slow down and enjoy a glass of wine and a good book.

The 100% Natural Lip Balm is an absolute staple. Made with beeswax and shea butter, and with an SPF of 15, it’s perfect for those chapped lips. I always struggle with biting my lips, so this lip balm is a great way to keep them smooth and healthy.

I can’t wait to pay a visit to the Broughton Street location in April to pick up some slices of glycerin soap – I love giving them as gifts (and keeping a few to use at home).

Do you want a little piece of Nourish in your own home? We are giving away this lovely Hibiscus Soy Candle! The fragrance is a combination of the hibiscus flower, with bergamot and lavender.

All you have to do is enter via rafflecopter by leaving a comment on this post and we’ll choose a winner in on January 23, 2017!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Publix Savannah Women’s Half Marathon & 5K is coming up on April 8, 2017. In its third year, it promises to be even better than ever, with lovely new bling, a great expo and a yoga session in the square on Sunday. Save $10 off your registration with code PUGS, and enjoy a great racecation with your favorite ladies!

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