riots #13: winter is here

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Today is the Final Season of Game of Thrones. I am a devoted fan. I have read the books (and am devastated that the written series hasn’t been completed) and am current with the show. It’s honestly the only television show I watch and I have no idea what I will do when it ends.

Sunday – rest

On Sunday morning, we spent some quiet time chilling out. Hufflepuff got a bath and we cleaned out her habitat. Exciting times. It was nice just having a home day.

Monday – 6.5 miles, running

Monday came around and we started it off with a run. Yay!

I had a bunch of work to catch up on, and in the evening, a bunch of us went to the PTA President’s house for dinner and to stuff baskets for our upcoming basket raffle.

It was a fun night and we accomplished a lot.

Tuesday – rest

I didn’t have much to do, other than a PTO meeting at little man’s new middle school. I was invited to check it out, in the event that I want to continue volunteering.

I’ll probably continue volunteering.

That evening, I attended a preview event at the new Odd Birds Loft venue in St. Augustine, with one of the co-owners of the St. Augustine Moms Blog. It was a lovely evening with craft cocktails, Latin-inspired hors d’oeuvres. and live music. I can’t wait to check it out as a date night.

Wednesday – 7 miles, running

Even though I was out a little later than normal, I was up and at ’em for a run.

I had to turn down yoga because I had been out almost every night that week, but it was ok to take a little break.

Thursday – rest

I spent most of the day Thursday prepping for Scouts. I had two more kids to get through rank advancement and I hoped to use the den meeting to make it happen.

We watched the SpaceX rocket launch and then got down to work. It felt great to know that my entire den has achieved rank and 10 of the 11 Scouts are choosing to cross over to a Troop.

Friday7 miles, running

First things first: a nice run.

Then I had to proctor a test at school, grab lunch with a friend, and head right back to the school to help set up for the evening.

The school was hosting a student art show, music performance by the Music Makers, a lip sync battle by the teachers, and the basket raffle. It was an incredible night with tons of community support and it was a very successful fundraiser. It’s going to be hard to leave this team.

Oh, and we won a really cool private farm tour and a month of unlimited classes at 9Round! We are going to take a free class first and then determine if one or both of us is going to invest in a membership.

Saturday – rest

It was nice being able to sleep in a bit.

The boys headed off to a special basketball practice since little man had a bye week, and I met K and B for the Hopping Through The Store event at Declaration Co in downtown St. Augustine.

I have never been, and it was the cutest little shop with plenty of great gifts, piece of clothing and decor. There was prosecco and an adult Easter egg hunt (I scored two pair of adorable earrings!) and it was a great morning.

Later that day, some friends came over for pizza, and it was nice to just hang at home and have a casual dinner.

And so it was a solid week, again. Plenty of running, no real cross training.

I was ok on hydration, and did well with reading.

We did try a new recipe, but it wasn’t a winner. Usually, the Publix Aprons meals are a quick and easy sure thing, but not so this one. The pork itself was good, but the rest just didn’t come together quite right, for me. The boys even admitted it tasted better in the sample at the store. Live and learn.

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How was your week in training?

Will you be watching Game of Thrones Season 8?

race report: march to get screened 5k run/walk {3.31.2019}

I received two complimentary entries for my personal use in exchange for my promotion of this event. All opinions are my own.

On March 31, 2019, the March To Get Screened 5K Run/Walk celebrated its 10th anniversary. This year, the theme of the event was to honor the supporters and survivors of colon cancer, as well as to promote the importance of early screening and colon cancer awareness. I have had the privilege of participating in this 5K several times and it never fails to be a beautiful, inspiring and meaningful morning. This year would prove no different.

One big change in 2019 was the venue. In the past, the March To Get Screened 5K took place on Jacksonville Beach with the course entirely on the sand. I don’t MIND running on the beach, but it’s not my favorite thing, so I was excited to give this new route a try.

Packet pickup and small expo area was set up under the Fuller-Warren Bridge, home of the Riverside Arts Market. We had opted for morning-of packet pick up and it was easy enough to find nearby parking. It only took a few minutes to collect our cinch bag, shirt, bib and safety pins, drop off the extra goodies in the car and return to the festivities in time for a quick photo.

Mr PugRunner and little man were going to stick together, and my plan was just to run solo. I wanted to stretch my legs and get a few miles. I met up with K and M, who live in my neighborhood, and we agreed that we had different goals so we would see each other at the finish line.

The weather was gorgeous (cooler under the bridge, but not awful on the course), and it was fabulous taking on a new route. We ran from Riverside Arts Market towards downtown. There was a bridge leading over to the city and the old Jacksonville Landing, but it didn’t feel too bad and I was up and over fairly quickly.

I enjoy running city streets and it was nice to see a different part of downtown than I normally would. I especially loved when we turned into the Landing (with a water stop) and headed back to the Fuller-Warren Bridge along the river path.

The views were gorgeous, but I was feeling strong and didn’t stop for photos. I wanted to get to that finish line and I crossed it with a huge smile on my face!

Did I mention I got fourth in my age group? That has NEVER happened.

I loved cheering on the boys as they completed their race as well.

The post-party was pretty great. There were plenty of vendors and activities for the kids.

There was also great complimentary craft beer from Intuition and free ice cream from Cold Stone. Yum!

I had both.

We participated in the available scavenger hunt, and just basked in the beauty of the morning and getting to spend time together.

It’s always so incredible to be in the presence of so much hope and strength, and being a part of it is truly such an honor.

This year’s event brought in over $93,000 for research and education, free colonoscopy screening and financial assistance to those suffering from this terrible disease, in conjunction with the Borland Groover Clinic. Created by Jan Pratt, who herself beat colon cancer (and lung cancer several years later), March To Get Screened is an effort to save others through early and regular colonoscopies. Read more about her incredible story here. Donations are always welcome, and you may contribute here.

Thank you to March To Get Screened, the staff and volunteers for a wonderful event! We will continue to Wear Blue in support of all the survivors and colon cancer awareness.

riots #12: into april we go

Happy Monday! I hope you’ll join us for the #RIOTS (Running Is Our Therapy Sisters) link up every week on Mondays. We’d love to be a part of your weekly routine!

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Things were slightly emotionally more calm this week. Slightly. We are all still very sad and it hits at random and inconvenient times, but we are getting through as best we can.

Sunday – March To Get Screened 5K Run/Walk

Our Sunday started with an incredible 5K: the March To Get Screened 5K Run/Walk for colon cancer awareness. This was a wonderful race for such an important cause (in a brand new location!) and I can’t wait to share the recap with you.

The weather turned a bit after we got home from our great morning, and I was more than happy to stay in the house, getting some rest and doing a little bit of work for the rest of the week.

Monday – rest

And we were back to the regularly scheduled Monday grind.

In the afternoon, I joined some of the Ready. Set. Glow 5K Team to stuff packets for the upcoming race. There’s a lot of work behind the scenes that go into these kinds of events, and I was happy to be able to be a part of it.

Tuesday – 5 miles, cycling

I went in to school early to bring a breakfast category for the 4th and 5th grade teachers, who would be administering tests all day. I ended up staying long to help pop and bag popcorn for the testing students as well.

The afternoon was gorgeous, so I suggested we go for a family bike ride. I really want to get everyone in the habit of doing one active thing per day, and a family ride was just the ticket.

Tuesdays are one of our only calm nights, so this was just the ticket.

Wednesday – 7 miles, running + 60 minutes, Pints + Poses yoga

It was time to get back to running! The first few days of April had netted a big fat zero and I was ready to get back to it.

Little man has had a major schedule change for karate, so I am back in the rotation for taking him to classes. It was interesting to see the new format of the lessons, and they are getting a lot more intensive in their training periods.

After dinner, I went to another Pints + Poses Yoga session at the local brewery. It’s turning into a really nice wednesday night tradition, and I am doing my best trying (and even enjoying) more “mature” beers.

Thursday – 6 miles, running

I was a bit sore from yesterday’s run and yoga, but I was game for another six miles.

I spent a few hours helping with packet pickup for the Ready. Set. Glow 5K. It was great to see how many runners and walkers would be participating!

That evening, Mr PugRunner and I attended an Influencer Dinner at Harvest and Reel in the brand new Embassy Suites Resorts St. Augustine Beach.

It was a lovely evening, learning all about the property and the wonderful, elevated dining experience that night. We shared some tasty appetizers (my favorite was the fried calamari with pickled shrimp) and I loved my grilled mahi entree. Dessert may have been the highlight: a huge sampler of macarons, chocolates and the restaurant’s signature key lime mousse.


Technically, Friday was a rest day, but I was like a lunatic running around. I had to pick up gallons of water, extra glow sticks and tables for the Cub Scouts pack water stop I was organizing, as well as the bagel donation from Joint Bagel for the runners post-race.

Once little man got home from school, it was game on: we headed over to the race site to help get things set up, direct the vendors to their spots, and make sure everything was good to go in time for the 7:45 PM start of the one mile fun run.

I didn’t get to see much, as I was handing out cups with some great scout families, but from what I did see, it was a great race. There was plenty of neon and glow sticks and loads of smiles and laughter!

Saturday – 5 miles, running

After a late night of plenty of physical labor, I had no interest in getting up for a run, but I did it anyway. As anticipated, it sucked. I gave up after five miles, and I felt slightly guilty about it, but I was also miserable, so…

Next up was little man’s basketball game (he played incredible defense!) and I was all set to join everyone at one of his friend’s soccer games, but I got struck down by a nasty migraine and ended up taking a ridiculously long nap.

It helped a little but I was off for the rest of the evening, even though little man had a buddy sleep over. I made it through dinner, but not through the movie they chose to watch – I went upstairs and snuggled with Hufflepuff a bit before bed, instead.

I totaled about 21 miles this week, which was pretty great, considering.

No new meals to report (unless you want to count the delicious one I devoured at Harvest and Reel)

Reading? I did that. Granted, we are re-reading the Harry Potter series together, but I’m reading and that’s what counts! These books are like old friends and I am thrilled to be spending time with them again.

Cross training was awesome! I got in some yoga and a bike ride, so I feel like I’ve made some serious progress. I loved being back on the bike again, and it’s even better because we have a new bike trail that’s opened up. I missed their grand opening this weekend, but am excited to ride it soon!

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How was your week in training?

What are your goals for April?

riots #11: the rainbow bridge + moving forward

Happy Monday! I hope you’ll join us for the #RIOTS (Running Is Our Therapy Sisters) link up every week on Mondays. We’d love to be a part of your weekly routine!

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We had to say goodbye to our sweet Molly pug this week. As much as I wanted (and needed) her to live forever, it wasn’t in the cards, and we were able to let her go to the rainbow bridge quietly, peacefully and with so much love. I would be lying if I said I was ok. I’m not sleeping well – every night I wake up multiple times, reaching to pet her ears, and every time, I’m devastated to find her not there. It will take time, but all our hearts feel so very broken.

Sunday – 7 miles, running

The weather was nice and cool and made seven miles go fairly smoothly.

When I got home, the guys were just waking up and Molly was not well at all. We were supposed to go meet my brother-in-law and nephews at the beach, but there was absolutely no way I was leaving her alone for the day. I sent the boys on their way and spent the whole day with her.

She was no longer interested in her food, but she was quite happy eating junk food – the vet had given the ok o that, so she enjoyed half a cheeseburger, some scrambled eggs and Mr PugRunner brought home a Puppacino from Starbucks as an extra special treat.

Monday – rest

I spent another day with our sweet girl. Mr PR called the vet again, and we discussed him coming to the house at lunch on Friday so we could let her go. For those of you who are pet owners, you know that this is the hardest, kindest thing in the world. We resolved to just love on her and snuggle her and let her go peacefully.

Tuesday – 6.5 miles, running

I was happy to run in the morning. It helped relieve some stress and anxiety, even on three hours of sleep. Molly had rested comfortably all night but I woke up and didn’t want to stop petting her.

Little man got some wonderful time with her before school. She loved him so much, and vice versa.

We had told my parents about the appointment, in the event they wanted to say goodbye. They came that morning for a nice visit, and gave her goodbye hugs and kisses.

And despite our plans, she was ready. Not ten minutes after my parents left, her breathing became very labored and we knew we had to do the right thing by her. Our vet and his staff are so incredible – he and one of the techs came straight over, talked us through the process, and she crossed to the Rainbow Bridge quietly, while laying in my arms.

Telling little man was awful. We had to keep reminding him she was no longer in pain and she was with Oscar and all the other awesome pups in dog heaven, but we are all still feeling the giant hole in our hearts.

Wednesday – rest

We decided to send little man to school since it was a short day, hoping he could keep his mind busy and off his sadness (it was the right call). Mr PR and I both worked from home. It was important to stay occupied, but motivation was in short supply.

Thursday – 6 miles, running

This run was hard. My body still felt so beat up and tired. I was running on very little sleep and hydration has been abysmal. But we managed and S let me cry and vent and get it all out.

I spent the day cleaning and doing laundry. We had been going through tons of blankets and towels in the last months, and I needed to get through the backlog.

In the evening, I went to Scouts and little man went to basketball practice. He was doing well keeping with his regularly scheduled activities.


I did a little volunteering at school in the morning. Following that, I put together swag bags and picked up drinks and snacks for a lunch at one of the other local elementary schools. One of my clients was hosting a reward meal for 14 students and I was on hand to help facilitate.

In the evening, I met two of my friends for drinks and to celebrate one of their birthdays. I wasn’t sure about it, but it was good to get myself out of the house and I was glad they were patient with me and encouraged me to come out.

Mr PR and little man popped the pugs in the wagon and walked them down to our neighborhood’s Food Truck Friday. Apparently, they loved it, especially getting some pieces of chicken as a reward. They deserved some fun after the last week, too.

Saturday – 3 miles, running

S was out late on Friday and texted me to see if I would mind skipping. I didn’t, mostly. However, I did some calculations to see that if I managed three miles on Saturday, with my March To Get Screened 5K on Sunday, I would log 100 miles for March, and I couldn’t turn that down.

Little man had basketball, and I was finally able to get a picture of him in his uniform. I love it. (PS – this week’s game went much better for everyone).

In the afternoon, we parted ways. The boys went to the last home Icemen game of the season. They scored tons of swag and Mr PugRunner won a game worn jersey at auction, which he then got signed.

On the other hand, I headed to the St. Augustine Distillery for their 5th Anniversary. We have honestly never been, although we have enjoyed their spirits in craft cocktails around town, and I was very happy to check it out. Guests could sample cocktails (my favorite was the Florida Mule), order dinner from the With A Twist Food Truck, listen to live music, and taste goodies from local shops. We will definitely be back for an actual tour and tasting.

I did get in just over 100 miles for the month, which puts me almost at 300 for the year. I’m feeling very happy about that.

Cooking was a huge struggle this week. I didn’t have any interest in making anything, letting alone be creative about it. I put out ground beef for tacos one night, and then lost all motivation for making them, so I ended up with this Cheeseburger Pasta Skillet.

It was filling and comforting and easy to make, and that was really all I could ask for.

I’m ready to get back to reading but I haven’t really found anything that’s moved me. I need to get better about that.

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How was your week in training?

How do you recover from the loss of a beloved pet?

what i do when i’m not running…

My goals this year included spending some more time with this little blog of mine, so linking up for Tuesday Thoughts with KookyRunner and Zenaida seemed like just the way to keep things moving!

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On tap for this Tuesday? Well, I write all. the. time. about running and fitness, but I promise, I have so many more hobbies and interests.

I absolutely love running and active things. Fitness is a huge part of my life, and the basis for this blog. However, here are the things I do when I’m not lacing up and logging miles.

I’m a writer.

Whether I’m writing for my own personal pleasure or on deadline for a freelance assignment, writing has always been my first love. (In fact, I actually graduated University of Miami with my Bachelor of Science in Motion Pictures for screenwriting). It’s very hard for me to share my fiction with the world, but blogging and writing for other media outlets allows me to express myself via the written word. I prefer pen and paper to the keyboard and I’m fairly sure a day doesn’t pass without my spending some time just writing.

I decorate cakes.

Completely self-taught, I’ll have you know. When we first moved to North Florida, I had left my job and really had nothing to fill my time. I loved baking and decided to try my hand at cake decorating. I only bake for friends, and it comes in handy for little man’s birthdays.

I love being behind the camera

I am a very behind the scenes kind of person. Photography is one of my hobbies, although I haven’t had much time to spend on it lately. I have a trusty DSLR, but I also go with the notion that the best camera to have is the one in your hand at the moment. I like doing photo shoots for friends, but I really love taking pictures in new places. And photos of food.

Helping out is my jam.

If you read here enough, you probably see that I do a lot of volunteer work. I am currently the VP of little man’s PTA, the Assistant Cub Master and Den Leader in his Cub Scouts pack, and am often out and about on beach cleanups or assisting at different events. I love doing my part for the community and hope that I set an example for little man to instill the same values in him.

I have a wanderlust “problem.”

I admit it, guys. If I could be doing anything, it would be traveling. There are so many beautiful places in this country and in the world, and I want to see them all.

There are certainly worse hobbies I could have, but it does get pretty tough with scheduling. I’m so excited for our summer vacation – we will be taking a New England road trip, and it’s going to be amazing, especially to get to share it with little man!

I am hoping we can swing an Alaskan cruise, a European trip taking on Ireland, Scotland and Iceland, and a tour of the Southwest in the not so distant future. And I’m also still chipping away at the 50 Races in 50 States goal I set for myself.

What are your favorite non-active hobbies?

Do you get to spend enough time on those hobbies?

riots#10: spring break

Happy Monday! I hope you’ll join us for the #RIOTS (Running Is Our Therapy Sisters) link up every week on Mondays. We’d love to be a part of your weekly routine!

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Spring Break came. And Spring Break went. It wasn’t really anything fabulous, and plans were pretty flexible, which isn’t my favorite thing. I think we are all ready to be back in our routine.

Sunday – rest

Mr PugRunner and my stepdad had spent the night in Tampa, so I decided to take little man to a fancy brunch. He loves buffets, and he’s a fairly adventurous eater, so it was a super fun time.

When Mr PugRunner got home, we decided to go see Captain Marvel. If you haven’t seen it yet, go. It was honestly one of my favorite MCU movies, and I was absolutely enamored with it. I need to go again. We are also so excited for Avengers; Endgame.

Monday – 6 miles, running

Monday started crazy early with a run of six miles.

And then I got packed up so we could spend the day at a Gainesville creek with Mudslinger Tours hunting for shark teeth.

Even though it was freezing, it was truly one of the most fun things we have done. Our guide brought us to a bend in the creek, and we spent hours digging and sifting. Little man found literally hundreds of teeth. No megalodons this time, but we will be back.

Tuesday –rest

The weather was miserable on Tuesday and we stayed home most of the day. Little man played with his friends and I did some writing and caught up on blogging and work.

We had one last follow up at the pediatric ophthalmologist to make sure little man’s eye was ok and that went well. We’ve been at the doctor more in the past few months than in his entire life, and it’s been rough. We are grateful that things weren’t worse, but it was a tough go.

I brought dinner to a friend that night and little man had a basketball practice. I only caught a few minutes of it and I was freezing! Spring, come soon!

Wednesday – 6 miles, running + 60 minutes, pints + poses yoga

S was out of town, so I was on my own for six miles.

That evening, I had set up a girls night at the local brewery. They offer a donation based yoga session on a weekly basis, with the first beer for 50% off. Since little man has karate with Mr PugRunner on Wednesday nights, I decided it was time to give it a try.

My fellow St. Augustine Moms Blog Contributor, Kristi, joined me, and we are hoping to see more ladies out there in the future!

Thursday – rest

The boys all had tickets to the first round of the NCAA Championships, so off they went after breakfast.

I spent the day doing laundry, cleaning and catching up on work. I probably tossed in an errand or two. They didn’t get home until midnight or so, making it a super fun day for them and a quiet day for me.

Friday6 miles, running

I slept in a bit and ran later in the morning, again. It wasn’t terrible – the weather has been cool enough to allow it.

The guys all wanted to go to a sports bar to watch a little more of March Madness, so that was what we did. I took little man home on the earlier side to do some last minute errands in advance of the weekend, and then we attended little gathering in the culdesac.

Saturday – rest

We were pretty excited because little man had his very first basketball game! My parents came down to cheer him on, and we loved seeing him sport his Bulls jersey!

Unfortunately, things did not go so well. For whatever reason, our team (consisting of five because of Spring Break, four of whom had never played before), somehow got matched against the “A League” Championship Team for the past four years. It was devastating to watch. We have been assured that going forward, our kids will be paired appropriately, but it was a really hard go for them.

Little man was absolutely deflated, but his coach and we explained that this was not their fault – that they are learning and they never should have been put in this position. The takeaway is that they never gave up, even though they were exhausted and discouraged.

That was worth an oreo mint milkshake.

In the evening, we went to dinner with my brother-in-law and nephews and made plans for the next day. I was just about basketballed out, if such a thing exists.

Running has been great. I stuck with it, even though my buddy has been out of town, and I felt good (if not a little lonely.)

We tried a new meal: Poppyseed Chicken Casserole.

It doesn’t photograph well, but it was delicious served with dumplings and veggies.

I’m ready to get back to reading but I haven’t really found anything that’s moved me. I need to get better about that.

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How was your week in training?

Have you seen Captain Marvel?

Do you stick with your workout routine even if your training partner isn’t around?

race report: vilano bridge 10K {3.16.19}

Usually, on St. Patrick’s Day weekend, I take on the the Evergreen Cemetery 5K/10K event in Jacksonville. It’s a great run and I really enjoy it, but I’m also a really big fan of trying new things.

The Vilano Bridge 5K/10K is much closer to home and proceeds go to support the local beach communities. While I’ve run the Vilano Bridge on multiple occasions (it’s the nearest bridge for hill training and speed work) I’ve never actually raced it, and have been looking forward to the opportunity.

I also managed to talk S and K into the adventure. This would be K’s first 10K, and we were so excited to have her join us.

The morning of the race was a little stressful we opted to pick up our packets at the site, but we received an email from the race, advising us to get there extra early to find parking and to avoid the traffic from a free rising clinic to be offered the same day. We had no idea what kind of crowds to expect, so we hit the road about 90 minutes before the race started for a 7:30 AM start.

As it turns out, we got a great parking spot in a nice lot, but still had to walk a bit to get our shirts and bibs, drop off our gear in the car and return to the start line. With portapotty stop, we had about 20 minutes to wait before go-time. Not terrible planning.

I had only briefly looked at the course map, so I knew we would be running through one of the Vilano Beach neighborhoods, over the bridge, thought he Comachee Cove community, through the grounds of the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind, and then back over the bridge and through the neighborhood to the finish line. It was a new course for me, and it’s always neat to see something new.

We started with the pack and fell quickly into our rhythm.

The weather? Well, it was cold and windy and damp. Not ideal but it could have been a lot worse. I was grateful that it was overcast and glad that the humidity stayed low. That being said, running into a headwind, especially on a big bridge, is not my favorite.

There were a lot of little out and backs and turnarounds on the course. I loved getting to see the campus for the School for the Deaf and Blind, and that was beautiful, but I could have done without all the loops and turns. It just didn’t feel like we were going anywhere, and that can be a little discouraging for me.

However, before long, we were able to hit that final turn and cruised our way to the finish line.

There was no official photographer at this event, so no great finish line photos. Boo.

After the race was a lovely “Party in the Park” with music, food trucks, vendors and tables and chairs. On the complimentary side, runners had a choice of beer from two local breweries, and chips and salsa from Tijuana Flats. Yum.

We also got to meet up with one of the moms from our local Moms Run This Town chapter!

It was a great way to spend the Saturday before St. Patrick’s Day. We had a blast out there and I’m so glad K decided to join us. Incidentally, our pace per mile was about 1:15 faster than normal, which felt really good, especially considering the wind and the bridge.

And of course, who could go wrong with a dolphin-adorned medal?

For a smaller race (about 700 people), it was a really well-done event. The course was well-marked, in spite of all the twists and turns, and while the course was open, the drivers were very respectful and cautious. There were plenty of water stops for the runners. I would have loved some bridge photos, but it wasn’t the end of the world to not have a photographer on duty, and I don’t think I would hesitate to run this one again.

I’m glad I broke out of my norm to try something new.

What makes you switch from a regular favorite to a new race?

Do you like lots of little twists and turns or prefer a more straightforward route?

giveaway: march to get screened 5k

I am collaborating with the March To Get Screened 5K to promote their 2019 event. As compensation, I will receive entries to the race for my personal use and to give away. All opinions are my own.

On March 31st,  March To Get Screened will hold its 10th annual 5K run and walk. This year will see a new location, as well as a special new medal, in honor of the anniversary.

Thanks to the continued support of the running community and those who want to bring more awareness to colon cancer and the importance of early screenings, MTGS is now able to offer free colonoscopies in the Jacksonville area, as well as fund more research and education.

Every little bit helps.

I have been fortunate to run this race several times over the years. In 2015, it was the first 5K I ever did with my mom,

and in 2017, it became a family affair.

This year, the race moves from the beach to the river, with a course that starts under the Fuller-Warren Bridge and takes in the beauty of our St. Johns River. It’s going to prove better than ever, and will be even more special because this year is going to be dedicated to both supporters and Survivors!

After the race, stick around for an exciting after-party. MTGS will host scavenger hunts, exciting games and activities, awards, an inflatable colon exhibit, food trucks, beverage garden, and so much more for the runners, walkers, supporters and their families!

There is always an ambiance of hope and love surrounding this event, which is probably what I adore most about it. Even in the face of colon cancer, there are people who are fighting hard, lending support and conquering in the face of all odds. It’s not something to miss.

Are you ready to win TWO entries to this year’s March To Get Screened 5k Run/Walk event?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

All you have to do is enter the rafflecopter and leave a comment! After that, you can score more ways to enter!

You’re not going to want to miss out on this incredible event for a great cause! Will I see you there?

riots#9: the one before spring break

Happy Monday! I hope you’ll join us for the #RIOTS (Running Is Our Therapy Sisters) link up every week on Mondays. We’d love to be a part of your weekly routine!

Set some goals, share them on your blog and then link up with other awesome fitness bloggers to help keep you on track! We’d all love to support you!

If I didn’t laugh so much I would be crying. Seriously. That’s where we are at this week. It was the last week before Spring Break.

Sunday – rest

Sunday is when the true madness started. I was really hoping to kind of have a chilled out day, but Mr PugRunner ended up taking little man to Urgent Care. The bites on his eye from last week’s hike were not looking much better at all, and we needed to get some answers.

Unfortunately, it turned into a bit of a baffling situation. The PA there really wasn’t sure what to say, prescribed some medications and advised us to follow up with our pediatrician.

Monday – 6.5 miles, running

These early runs are really the only thing I have had going for me as far as de-stressing is concerned. I got to try out my new Ravenna, which I reviewed here.

And then we waited for little man’s appointment.

His pediatrician was also a little baffled, ordered a second culture and prescribed a different set of meds (we went with her prescriptions). She was fairly certain it was some kind of infection but requested we keep him home until the results of the culture came back, and also to follow up asap with a pediatric cardiologist to ensure that if it was a viral infection, it hadn’t gotten into his eye.

In the meantime, he missed his field trip to visit his new middle school, and was incredibly bummed about that.

Tuesday –rest

Tuesday was just a chill day at home. He had some homework that had been assigned to him, for the week and that kept him mostly busy.

In the evening, we had originally had plans to go see Waitress at the theater, but we moved our tickets to Wednesday in order to attend the parent orientation at the middle school. Again, little man couldn’t join us as he was pretty much in quarantine. We, however, had a good visit and are a little excited about him starting.

Wednesday – rest

I had to cancel another day of plans to stay home with my guy. Little man was being such a trooper about everything, but I knew he was getting bored and we were both experiencing quite a bit of cabin fever.

Again, the opthamologist was a bit perplexed. The bites/rash/lesions around the eye presented like several different illnesses/ailments, and we wouldn’t really know without the cultures. The ophthalmologist advised us to continue medicating, stay home one more day, and we would follow up next week.

Thursday – 6.5 miles, running

I was grateful for everything about this day, including this run.

And then S took me out to our local golf championship for the day. I had originally had plans to go for the first time on Wednesday but with the opthamologist appointment, I wasn’t able to get away. I had never been to The Players before, and I admittedly don’t love golf, but it was absolutely wonderful to be out in the fresh air, just enjoying a gorgeous day with friends.

And it was so quiet. So very quiet. Magical. I was so incredibly grateful and appreciative.


The results came in as a nasty staph infection and we were cleared for activity! We were able to secure two more tickets to The Players (kids under 18 are free!) and spent another beautiful day at the golf course. Little man had never gone either, and he was so happy to be out of the house.

Saturday – Vilano Bridge 10K

On Saturday morning, S and another of our neighborhood friends took on the Vilano Bridge 10K for the first time. We absolutely rocked it.

Mr PugRunner and Papa Bear headed off to Tampa for a Yankees Spring Training game and little man and I took advantage of a bit of down time. I even managed a very brief nap which was much needed.

So, clearly, it’s been a week. Not the most pleasant week, but all’s well that ends well, right?

With running, things are great. The new shoes are fabulous and I’m feeling good. I even did two things: registered for the Boston Athletic Association 10K and put in for the Peachtree Roadrace Lottery! I’m definitely in for Boston, and waiting to hear for Peachtree. Fingers crossed!

While little man was home, he did a bit of cooking. I taught him how to use the crockpot and he made pulled Buffalo chicken with curly fries and corn on the cob. Not the most inventive, but it was yummy.

So, at least we had some gains in the past week. This week is Spring Break for real, and so we are just going with the flow. We will have some family in town and the boys will be off for some fun things. Stay tuned.

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How was your week in training?

Have you ever changed your mind about running a race because the medal was super awesome (or super not-awesome)?

running to remember: join the Florida Striders Memorial Day 5K

I am working with the Florida Striders Memorial Day 5K. In exchange for the promotion of their event, I have received race entries for my personal use. All opinions are my own.

It’s coming to be that time of my year: my favorite 5K.

The Florida Striders Memorial Day 5K holds the distinction as my first and favorite 5K. Not only was it first 5K but also my first actual race, and I am more than happy to go back to it, time and time again.

My reasons are pretty simple: it’s a lovely local race, put-on by a great local running organization (the Florida Striders), through a beautiful neighborhood in Orange Park, for a wonderful cause (honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country and our freedom).

The Florida Striders Memorial Day 5K is back with some new twists this year. Yes, of course, all registrants get a bib and a crack at a shaded, USATF certified course. The first 850 registrants are guaranteed a race t-shirt and all finishers get a beautiful custom medal. Enjoy free watermelon after the race and score awards three deep in each age group! Kids are able to run a free one mile fun run after the 5K.

However, there are some new things in store. First, there are special hats for the top 10% finishers (male and female combined)! What an awesome incentive to race harder than ever!

Also, if you aren’t able to run on the day of the event, the Florida Striders are offering a virtual option. For $35, virtual runners can complete the 5K on their honor, and receive a race shirt and medal mailed to them shortly after the actual event is completed. Please visit the Virtual Race page here for more details. Proceeds from the virtual run will go towards the Semper Fi Fund.

For more information, please visit the race website here. Register today to take advantage of lower pricing ($22 for Striders members, $27 for non-members and $15 for kids 13 and under until May 13) and to guarantee a race shirt.

The Florida Striders Memorial Day 5K will take place on Monday, May 27, 2019 at 8:00 AM, starting from the Orange Park Town Hall. One mile Fun Run to follow at 9:00 AM.

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