riots #18: school’s almost out for summer!

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Another crazy week! We started with Mother’s Day and ended with one week to go of school. It’s absolutely insane how quickly this year has gone. I am prepared and not prepared for elementary school to be over, but in all the sadness, there is so much excitement for what’s to come.

Sunday – rest

Happy Mother’s Day to me! We had a quiet day: donuts with the family and then beach with some friends.

We had a nice lunch at a beachside restaurant and then all I wanted was to come home and chill for the week.

Little man made me the most lovely painting, too.

Monday – 9 Round

Monday’s workouts was EXACTLY what I needed. It was challenging and pushed me, but I loved every second and every station. I usually love my time there, but this was especially productive.

Tuesday – 6.2 miles running

It was a great run.

There was a lovely lunch, welcoming the new board members at our middles school. It was great to chat with the incoming and outgoing members and start getting everything together for the next year.

Wednesday – 9Round

I was sorry to have missed out on the double workout on Tuesday, but I was feeling better so got back in the gym.

While I was handling that and errands, the boys were in Orlando on little man’s Safety Patrol field trip to Islands of Adventure. From what I hear, the weather was perfect, the crowds were low, and the kids had a blast riding roller coasters and hanging with their friends.

Little man scored a new Dumbledore interactive wand from the Harry Potter area, too.

They got back super late but had had such an amazing day.

Thursday – 6 miles + 9Round

It was double workout day. A solid run,

followed by 30 minutes at 9Round.

Little man had his Field Day at school, but I had a fairly important call I couldn’t miss. I an’t wait to share with you the fun we are going to have in the next few months.

In the evening, I joined some of the St. Augustine Moms Blog contributors for a night previewing the St. Augustine Spa. It was wonderful to get some time with the writers and also to enjoy a 30 minute sports massage.

With wine and some relaxation, too.

Friday – rest

I say “rest” but that isn’t entirely true. I was on deck to help out with Field Day for our K-2nd grades. I was at the school at 7:00 AM to assist with some of the setup for the day, and then I stayed through the dismissal bell to wrap up and help break down.

The kids played all sorts of adorable relay games and finished off the afternoon with treats from the shaved ice truck.

In the meantime, little man and Mr PugRunner were at the 5th grade field trip to a local entertainment center. They had bowling and video game and laser tag. Little man had a really good time with his buddies.

I think we were all ready for an early night.

Saturday – 7 miles, running

I would have loved to get eight miles, but seven (in honor of Grumpy Cat, who passed last week), would have to do.

Little man had a basketball game (they played so well), and then he went to see Detective Pikachu with a buddy while Mr PugRunner and I had a much needed lunch out. With ice cream for dessert.

The week was solid in training. I absolutely failed on the hydration front, but there was definitely a lot going on.

I also switched up my books. I decided it was time to re-read the Game of Thrones series, so I am halfway through the first book. I’ll get back to the Discovery of Witches soon.

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How was your week in training?

Sports massage or relaxing massage?

running brings out my best

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This Tuesday, we are digging deep.

I think I’ve always been a fairly decent human being and I don’t know that running (or any other recreational or physical activity) can actually make one a better person. However, running does bring out some good things in me.

I’m healthier. Running on a consistent basis means I’m moving my body. I’m burning calories, building muscles and keeping my heart strong. I was never exactly unhealthy, but I love feeling in shape and active.

I am more committed to goals. Running isn’t a short term gain. It’s about putting in the work, day after day, week after week, in pursuit of some long term goal. You simply cannot cheat the system. Undertraining is easily exposed on the road or trail. Running keeps me focused on the proverbial forest rather than the trees and I have developed the patience needed to keep my eye on the prize rather than instant gratification.

I appreciate my body. I used to despise my body. Couldn’t stand the sight of it. No matter what, that reflection in the mirror was just absolutely abhorrent to me. Running has shown me there is more to me than cellulite and stretch marks. At the end of the day, I am strong, and my solid legs can carry me for miles. These broad shoulders support me through hours of yoga practice or paddle me on a SUP or kayak. My height is generally an asset and I have learned to appreciate that, too. It’s hard to go through life unhappy with one’s appearance, but running has helped me change that.

I have opened up. I am what is called an “extroverted introvert.” I am good out and about, but I am better in my comfort zone and definitely tend towards being a homebody and needing to recharge after too much social time. Running has helped me attain a bit more balance. I am more likely to be the first person to say hello on the road, strike up a conversation with someone at the start of a race or even offer assistance if I see someone struggling. The friends I have made along the way have been so incredible!

What good qualities does running bring out in you?

riots #17: three weeks of school + counting

Happy Sunday! I hope you’ll join us for the #RIOTS (Running Is Our Therapy Sisters) link up every week on Sundays. We’d love to be a part of your weekly routine!

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This has not been the greatest week. As with all things, there were ups and downs, but the hardest part for me is always uncertainty and not knowing. I’m a bit of a control freak, so it’s always difficult for me to manage when things are up in the air.

Sunday – rest

After the usual Sunday morning errands and tidying, we actually went ahead to the mall, which we never do. However, we wanted to get some Mexican food for lunch (Cinco de Mayo and all) and little man and I both had gift cards to spend.

I was thrilled to finally get some enchiladas verde! They are my favorite and no one makes them!

We also got some really cute stuff at Old Navy. There was a big sale (as always) and I had a ton of SuperCash, so it was fabulous.

Monday – 9 Round

It was the start of Teacher Appreciation Week, but due to testing in the schools, neither PTA nor parents are really supposed to be in the building for “social” purposes. Therefore, we had to get everything handled and set up prior to the start of the day.

Our theme this year was “MVP” and we did things like a nacho bar, pretzels and cracker jacks and a “time out” day where teachers could get mini massages during their breaks.

We also put together little goodies for little man’s teacher throughout the week. Since the end of the year is literally in two weeks, it wasn’t anything huge as she will get a big gift at the end.

After setup of that morning’s breakfast, I headed into 9Round.

And then the rest of the day played out with homework and karate and the usual.

Tuesday – 6 miles running + 9Round

A double workout day and boy was I feeling it! The run was good

but by the time i got to the second to last station at 9Round, I was dragging. I’m sure it had nothing at all to do with the 1800 burpees (maybe a slight exaggeration) we had to do.

Little man went off to Scouts that evening and I used the time to catch up on work.

Wednesday – 9Round

Wednesday was a bit of a quiet day. I had a good workout and was glad I hadn’t skipped after Tuesday’s harder class.

Delilah had to go into the vet for her dental procedure. I always get nervous with anesthesia and I hate waiting – it took all day for them to do the blood work, pre-op, surgery and post-op, and I was so happy to get her home that night.

She ended up having 11 teeth pulled (not to worry, there are still plenty in there) and a growth removed from her ear (it was something she came to us with, but wasn’t of concern so there was no point in doing a standalone procedure for it).

She has made us pay adequately for our betrayal and is back to her sweet self.

Thursday – 6.1 miles + 9Round

Thursday was my birthday and I celebrated with a nice double workout. Yay!

Mr PugRunner took me out to lunch, where I splurged on this divine spinach, portabella and goat cheese bruschetta.

I crave it all the time.

It was a low key day – little man had basketball practice in the evening, so we went out for a quick bite when he was done and had some ice cream cake at home. I prefer ice cream to pretty much anything else so it was perfect.

Friday – rest

I really wanted another session at 9Round, but I was tired and I had a ton to do. We were able to set up a teacher luncheon in the one part of the school where testing was completed, and spent the day serving an Italian meal to the teachers as they came through on their breaks.

In the evening, little man had his first run at all his weapons classes, and learned how to use some pretty intimidating things. I think we were all just ready to chill when we got home that night.

Saturday – 7 miles, running

The humidity is back in Florida for real, and I could really feel it on Saturday’s run. Ugh.

We had little man’s basketball game and then I went for a very short nap. Hooray for naps!

In the evening, it was back to the mall for dinner and some more shopping. I had another gift card to use, plus some exchanges to make. I’m also still in the market for a new pair of running shoes for the rotation, but I’m unsure of what to get.

I felt really good about my training this week. 9Round is making me feel super strong and even on days I don’t want to go, I have yet to regret it.

On the new recipe front, Mr PugRunner made us some lettuce wraps this week. They were pretty delicious and definitely different in our regular meal rotation.

I have read every day this week. I started trying to watch A Discovery of Witches on TV as I had read the first book in the trilogy a while ago. The show is awful, but it inspired me to pick up the book again, and order the second in the series, so some good did come of it.

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How was your week in training?

Do you ever read books because of tv or movies or vice versa?

five “meals” worth cheating for

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I love food. I mean. I LOVE food. I look forward to meals, to snacks, to special occasions. I love cooking and I love breaking bread with friends and family. The kitchen is pretty much the center of our home and I love being able to share meals with people I love. I’m definitely not a picky eater and will pretty much try anything once.

Which brings us to today’s topic.

Now, I don’t know that these all qualify as “meals”, exactly, but these are the foods I love, that I will run extra miles for these yummy dishes.

Pasta. Friends, I can destroy some pasta. I love it, especially loaded with all kinds of yummy sauces (pesto, a la vodka, white wine!) and full of vegetables or cheese. I want the crusty italian bread and the side salad, too. The good news is that we don’t have tons of great Italian restaurants around where I live, so I a not often tempted and I also don’t love Italian desserts, like cannoli or tiramisu, so I can usually skip the sweet treat afterwards.

Nachos. I mean, does it get more perfect than loaded nachos? You’ve got chips, melted cheese, jalapeños, guacamole, black olives, sour cream, salsa, and pretty much whatever else you can stuff on to that plate. Heaven.

Charcuterie. Meats and cheeses are where it’s at. I love a plate full of different cheese, crostini, Marcona almonds, fresh honeycomb. Yum. I could eat a good charcuterie (with wine, obviously) any time.

Craft Doughnuts. Oh, craft doughnuts are where it’s at. I really have never been much of a breakfast person, so the idea of a super creative and delicious, warm doughnut appeals to me. Yes, I know it’s like having dessert for breakfast, but the truth is, I have a sweet tooth. We all have our vices. Granted, I don’t eat a craft doughnut every day (or even most days), but when I know I’m going to have a great workout, gimme, gimme!

Which brings us to….

Ice Cream. The only food worth having, really, I love ice cream with the fire of a thousand suns. It’s my favorite dessert, my favorite food, just my favorite. I miss living near a place with really good ice cream sundaes, the kind that come in fluted glass bowls with all kinds of indulgent syrups and toppings. Ice cream is the treat always worth cheating for, in my book.

So what about you? What are the meals worth cheating for to you?

riots #16: birthday + celebrations

Happy Sunday! I hope you’ll join us for the #RIOTS (Running Is Our Therapy Sisters) link up every week on Sundays. We’d love to be a part of your weekly routine!

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It was surely a week of celebrations and good times. Yay!

Sunday – rest

We had an unexpected date day on Sunday. Little man went to go see Endgame for the second time in 24 hours with another buddy and so we were left to our own devices.

We went to a beach bar for tacos and cocktails and then took a stroll on the beach. The weather was gorgeous and the ocean was beautiful.

Of course, we were home in time to get him off to bed and watch… you guessed it: Game of Thrones. Things are happening, now and I don’t want to miss a second..

Monday – 6.24 miles, running + 9 Round

Happy birthday, little man! we went for a great run,

and then it was home to get those celebrations started!

Check out these incredible lawn signs from Lawn Leprachauns! They did their work in the middle of the night and he was so surprised.

And of course, we painted the rock at his school. And went in to bring him lunch and cookies/cupcakes for his class.

He didn’t have any homework, so we took him to a restaurant a little farther away for ramen, one of his favorites.

His big gift from us? A overboard. He was saving up for one, so we ended up just getting it for him.

It was really a wonderful day and he told us that it was his second favorite birthday (the first being the one where we went on a Disney Cruise to celebrate several big events, his birthday included).

Tuesday – 9Round

I made a goal of going to 9Round five days a week, so I took on another session. I still get some soreness, but it’s more from doing different moves and working different muscles than anything else.

Little man had his first official BSA meeting with his new Troop. I ended up filling out an adult volunteer application, although I won’t have a major leadership role. It was weird not being actually present for the meeting – we actually went out for a glass of wine while he was there, and when we picked him up, he had nothing but rave reviews! Yay!

Wednesday – 6.8 miles, running + 9Round

Yay for a double workout: a run and 9Round!

I had a quick work meeting

Thursday – 9Round

It was the first day of the last portion of standardized testing for the fifth graders, so we just had a nice chill morning, and afternoon.

Basketball practice was canceled due to weather, so the boys went to get hair cuts instead.


After I dropped little man at school, I scooted over to 9Round for a quick session, and then picked up S for a morning of planning and shopping for Teacher Appreciation week. We had a lot to get done due to testing – we can’t be at the school much so our little teacher surprises have to be set up and broken down before and after school hours.

In the afternoon, we had my last official elementary PTA meeting. I turned over my binder to the incoming VP – Membership and closed that chapter of my life.

Of course, I stuck around after to decorate the teacher’s lounge, and made it home in time to grab a sushi dinner with Mr PugRunner.

Saturday – 6.2 miles, running

I had a solo run again. Meh. I would have liked more miles this week, but i felt ok considering I had taken on so many days at 9Round.

But there was no time to dwell! We had to meet my parents at little man’s basketball game and then the rest of the day was for celebrating. My mom is working next weekend, so we combined little man’s birthday, my birthday (in four days) and Mother’s Day into one at this gorgeous BBQ place on the water.

It would be impossible to beat the company, the food or the views.

When we said goodbye, it was home for a bit of a nap and then we stayed up late watching TV. I was ready for a nice family Sunday.

Training was spot on this week. Cross training was all systems go and I was consistent with my runs. I need to set my sights on a half and start getting those long run miles up a little higher, but it will come.

Hydration was fairly good as well. 9Round is making me pay more attention to my water intake (I get a headache without it), so it was a double blessing.

We ate out A LOT this week. However, Mr PugRunner is truly excited to make lettuce wraps this week, so yay for a new recipe!

And reading… I think for my birthday, I’m going to order just a few books I’ve been thinking about and go from there. After all, I deserve a bit of a treat, right?

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How was your week in training?

How do you celebrate your birthday?


may’s ultimate coffee date

Happy May! Here we are, five months into 2019! I’m ready, with my cup, to join in the Ultimate Coffee Date with h Coco and Deborah ! Join them in their linkup!

Over coffee, I would let you know that I am pretty dedicated to my coffee order. If I’m at Dunkin (and I’m always at Dunkin), it’s a medium Iced Coffee, with cream and one sugar. Which I add myself, because even though the staff at my Dunkin is incredible, I like to have that little bit of control. If I’m at Starbucks, it’s a tall Iced Coffee with raspberry syrup and cream. When it’s cold, maybe I’ll get a peppermint mocha, but it’s rare.

Over coffee, I would tell you that little man turned 11 this week. The last half of ten has been hard and I have been struggled quite a bit at the whole mom thing. However, the last two weeks have been a bit of a turning point and things seem like they are settling down a bit. I love him so much and

Over coffee, I would tell you I’ve had an emotional week. That birthday, saying goodbye to leadership roles in Cub Scouts and PTA, and the ends of so many different chapters. It doesn’t help that little man is about to be promoted from elementary to middle school. So many things all at once, and they are all wonderful milestones, but it’s also so bittersweet.

Over coffee, I would let you know that I’m taking a “boutique fitness” class. Generally, I wouldn’t – I find them too expensive and a little intense as far as commitment, but 9Round is something that’s fitting into my life really well. I’m also super proud of Mr PugRunner for trying it and sticking with it.

So how about you? What would you share over coffee?

size is just a number

In my lifetime, I have worn so many different sizes. In my closet, at this very moment, are clothes that cover a range of numbers. I fit in everything from an 8 to a 12, depending on the brand, article of clothing and personal preference of fit. I have been in both 00 and 18, both of which were unhealthy for my body. Thing is, labels are on the inside, and while people could guess the size of another person’s clothes if they were feeling up to it

At almost 42, I’ve really stopped paying attention to any kind of perceived value to those numbers and goes with what fits and (hopefully) with what flatters my figure.

That being said, there is one number I never thought to worry about: my (running) shoe size.

The other day, I read a post on social media about a woman who had her first official fitting for a pair of running shoes. It was a great experience, except for the part where they measured her and found she would need two and a half sizes larger than what she was currently wearing. She left the store without purchasing shoes, and made some fairly unflattering comments about “large” shoe sizes in the process.

I remember customers like this from my time working in a running store. Usually it was woman in their 60s or older (although sometimes men of the same age), who were absolutely adamant that I was reading the Brannock device incorrectly, and that all the shoes I showed them in the size on which they insisted were made poorly because they were (shockingly) too small. It baffled me that they were more interested in an arbitrary number on the inside of the tongue of a shoe than in a comfortable and supportive fit.

In the industry, the recommendation is to wear running shoes a half size to a full size larger than the measurement of the foot. Obviously, this depends on brand and model, but it’s the generally accepted rule of thumb in the running community. There are outliers in people who prefer a more snug fit, but traditionally, you want a shoe with some wiggle room for toes and space for swelling. The shoe shouldn’t rub or lift off easily, but it should be

I have never given much thought to my feet. They are attached to the ends of my legs, and I guess I like them well enough. They move me from place to place, balance me, ground me. They’re doing their thing competently enough and as far as I’m concerned, that’s the point.

I’m about 5’10” tall. I will never be mistaken for “dainty”. I think my smallest adult shoe size has been 8.5, but as the years pass and I’ve experienced aging, pregnancy, postpartum and even more aging, my feet have grown. In regular shoes, I wear a 9.5 or 10, and in running shoes, a 10.5. I never thought it was a bad thing, mostly because I have no control over the size of my feet. They just kind of are. I don’t feel beastly or lumbering, and the size of a well-fitting shoe would never be a determining factor in a purchase for me.

Heck, I barely even worry about color. If I need shoes and they feel fabulous, I get them.

The obsession with foot size is puzzling. What difference does it make how large (or small) one’s feet are, so long as they are doing their job? Is a size or shape out of your control cause for shame or embarrassment?

So tell me, does your shoe size bother you?

What’s the benefit to having smaller feet?

riots #15: crossing + assembling

Happy Sunday! I hope you’ll join us for the #RIOTS (Running Is Our Therapy Sisters) link up every week on Sundays. We’d love to be a part of your weekly routine!

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This was quite a week, and it’s just continuing. Good things, emotional things. Lots of things.

Sunday – rest

On Easter Sunday, I rested. I wanted to get out for a few miles, but after staying up late on Saturday to handle our Easter Bunny duties, I just didn’t have it in me.

We had breakfast and baskets at home, and then went to my parents’ for Easter dinner with extended family.

It was a nice day, and we were home in plenty of time for the second episode of Game of Thrones.

Monday – 6 miles, running

This ended up being a solo run as S’ alarm didn’t go off. It wasn’t a fabulous run.

The focus of the week was going to be our Cub Scouts promotion and crossover ceremony on Friday night. I had to finish the Arrow of Light plaques, make some extra centerpieces, write thank you cards and confirm all our reservations and rentals.

Tuesday – rest

More work on the event. I pretty much ducked out of all other things this week in order to get things handled.

Wednesday – 7 miles, running + 9Round

Nice solid run, for which I was happy.

I had a lot of last minute errands that morning and then I made some time to check out 9Round. We won that gift card at our elementary school’s fundraiser auction, and Mr PugRunner and I both decided to attend (he purchased a month membership to try things out).

If you haven’t tried 9Round, it’s a pretty interesting concept. Each day, clients face nine different workout stations, and cycle through them at three minutes each. One is always core work and one always involves jump ropes. It’s a kickboxing based workout, so participants use wraps and gloves and many of the workouts involve different bags for punching and kicking. There are no start times or classes: you literally show up during the posted hours, and then hop in to an open station when the buzzer signals the start of the next three minutes. Thirty minutes later? Done.

I’m not one for boutique fitness, but it is really close to home, goes very quickly, and the workouts change every day.

Thursday – 9Round

I went to this 9Round class with Mr PugRunner. We won’t always be able to coordinate our workouts, but it’s nice when we can. It’s rare that we get to work out together, so I was happy.

Little man had basketball practice, so I had a little time to work on writing thank yous to all our Scout leaders – we had a really wonderful team and


After a terrible night’s sleep, I was both hoping for and dreading our run. However, as soon as I got laced up and outside, the heavens opened for a torrential downpour. Ugh. I went back to bed and managed two more hours of sleep, bringing my total to just under four for the night. Ugh.

I made up for it with a session of 9Round. My muscles have been super sore, but it feels better to keep pushing, especially since it’s just muscles I don’t often use. It’s a lot of hard work, but I am feeling very committed.

When the rain finally let up, I scooted over to the school to paint the celebration rock in advance of the big birthday. It came out really nice, but I don’t have any good pictures yet, but will post those soon.

On a more emotional note, I stopped to grab the mail and found this:

Our vet is truly so amazing nd I am so grateful for the all the time and care he and his staff have given us. That being said, I was taken off guard and spent a few minutes sobbing.

After I got myself together and took a quick shower, I loaded up the car and headed to the crossover venue. It was up to us to set up, decorate and get everything in place for the ceremony. We had a yummy dinner, cake and then we promoted all the younger scouts and crossed my Arrow of Light den over to their new troops. All 11 of the Scouts in my den achieved rank and ten of the 11 will be continuing to Boy Scouts. I am so proud of them all.

I got some beautiful gifts from some of the parents, and I am so grateful for the chance to have led their kids.

When clean up was done, I absolutely collapsed in bed.

Saturday – 7 miles, running

I had no desire to drag myself out of bed after working all night, but I had to get it done.

Little man had his basketball game, and we hustled home so he could get to a birthday party in the neighborhood.

After that, we did a little bit of a pre birthday celebration. All little man wanted was to see Avengers: Endgame with a couple of friends and so we made it happen. I will say nothing further on the matter.

The week really was a bit of a blur. We threw together meals, made the best of leftovers and tag teamed all over the place. Sometimes, we do the best we can.

Tomorrow, little man turns 11. We are hoping to make it a wonderful day for him and celebrate with our family on the weekend. I just can’t believe it’s been over a decade that he’s been mine <3

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How was your week in training?

Did you see Avengers: Endgame this weekend?

Have you ever tried 9Round?

our guide to mother’s day for moms who run

Mother’s Day is coming! I’m mostly excited because, as of this moment, it’s one of the least scheduled weekends on my calendar, which means there are only three or four commitments on it. Ah, how fun is the end of the school year?

If you are a mom who runs, know a mom who runs, or love a mom who runs, here’s our handy and helpful guide to treating them to a great Mother’s Day!

Mother runners wanna run!

We aren’t called “mother runners” for nothing. Moms who run want to… you guessed it… run. If the mother runner in your life wants to get in some miles on Mother’s Day as part of her celebration, offer to go with her or help facilitate so she can fit it into her schedule.

If she wants to spend the day relaxing instead, treat her to a race at a later date. Pro tip: the 2020 Best Damn Race Orlando goes on sale Wednesday, April 24 at noon at super low prices! You know she would appreciate it!

Mother runners love to eat!

It’s not hard to guess why one of the big running hashtags is #irunsoicaneat. Runners are hungry folk, and Mother’s Day is a great time to indulge that appetite.

Plan brunch or other fabulous meal for that special mother runner in your life. She’ll love you for it. Especially if it comes after a long run.

Mother runners need to recover.

Much as I hate to admit it, rest and recovery are the things missing from most mother runner’s routines. Heck, even moms who don’t run (or runners who don’t mom) can be neglectful of their recovery needs. It just goes with the territory.

A gift certificate for a sports massage or pedicure can be the perfect treat for your mother runner. She probably wouldn’t schedule it for herself, but she’ll definitely make the time if someone gives her a helpful prod in the right direction.

If a spa day isn’t in the cards, a foam or recovery roller will work just as nicely. I’m a big fan of anything by Addaday. You can’t go wrong with any of their sticks or rollers.

If you give a mom a pair of shoes….

… she’ll run this world. Honestly, my favorite gift is always new running shoes. I hate spending the money on myself but quality new shoes are part of the sport and they always make a great gift. The same goes for things like running socks, good sports bras, or even packets of fuel for long runs.

Material gifts are never necessary, but if you like to give a little something wrapped up in string, consider the gift of gear.

Mother runners deserve a high five every once in a while.

In fairness, we all do. It’s nice to have our accomplishments recognized and it’s always special when loved ones show their support. Things like Motivate Wraps from Momentum Jewelry, medal racks from York Sign Shop or a customized, commemorative race print from Run Ink are all fabulous ways to show the love.

So what about you? If you’re a mom who runs, which of these gifts would help make a fabulous Mother’s Day in a few weeks?

As a runner, do you like receiving running related gifts or would you prefer to purchase those things on your own?

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riots #14: easter edition

Happy Sunday and Hoppy Easter! I hope you’ll join us for the #RIOTS (Running Is Our Therapy Sisters) link up every week on Sundays. We’d love to be a part of your weekly routine!

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It is Easter Sunday and we are in for a day of family and visiting and celebrating. We usually go for a quiet morning at home and then we go to my parents or they come here. Today, it’s off to see them.

Little man was up at the crack of dawn to hunt out his Easter basket, and then we were hit by a power outage so there was no sleeping in for this mom. Not that I often get to, but I was hoping to get a little past 5:20 AM. Oh, well.

Sunday – rest

Sundays are for all sorts of things: errands, food shopping and … at least for the next few weeks, Game of Thrones. We will be hosting fellow fans through the end of the show so we can all watch together. The first episode of the final season did not disappoint, and we snacked on brie, roast chicken, Lannister Gold potatoes, Game of Thrones oreos, Children of the (Black) Forest brownies, Sansa’s Lemon Cakes and Wildfire Jello shots.

Monday – 6.26 miles, running

Much as I hated to drag myself out of bed, I couldn’t not run on Marathon Monday. I was aiming for 6.26 miles, but hit 6.27 by accident. Oops.

I had a meeting with the new President of the middle school PTSO to get to know her and talk about how I am going to volunteer next year. No one has decided on my position quite yet, but as long as I’m not treasurer or involved with fundraising, I think I’ll be good to go. I just don’t work well with numbers.

It was also tax day, so Mr PugRunner and I grabbed lunch and headed to the accountant to sign off on our return. No refund for us, of course. Self-employment is annoying like that.

Tuesday – 3 miles, stand up paddleboarding

Mr PugRunner opted to take off on Tuesday for a date day. He doesn’t often skip out of work like that, but I wasn’t questioning it. We started with a yummy breakfast at Maple Street Biscuits, followed by a morning of kayaking and paddleboarding (he took the kayak).

It was incredibly windy, but we paddled all the way to the lighthouse and all the way back. I loved it.

We had a light lunch and then tried out the new churro place in town. I wasn’t super hungry so I didn’t go all the way with ice cream. A nutella dipped and sprinkled churro loop was more than enough for me.

We had our last show of the season that night, so we snagged little man from school, got dressed and ready and headed out for an evening at School of Rock.

It was good, though not phenomenal. I never loved the movie and the highlight of the show was all the children performers. The young actors were incredibly talented and I loved seeing them in all their musical action.

Wednesday – rest

Wednesday was Wednesday. Work. Karate. And I had a conference call with the City Moms Blog Network for my new role with the St. Augsutine Moms Blog. I am now part of the Executive Team as the Sales and Community Coordinator. It’s an honor and I’ve been working hard to bring in some new partners and ideas to share with our owners and the team.

Thursday – 6.5 miles, running 

Yup. This is my running face. Ugh.

I visited my friend to see her new baby and bring her a frozen ziti for a family dinner. Then I had lunch with the current PTA President to discuss the upcoming teacher appreciation week.

Following that, we went back to my house and spent the afternoon striping all the ceremonial arrows for our Scouts who have achieved their Arrow of Light rank. I will also be making them plaques in honor of their time with me.

The boys went to basketball practice while I helped out at our Raingutter Regatta for Scouts. It was my second to last event as den leader and Assistant Cub Master, so very bittersweet.


Schools were closed on Friday. We didn’t really have much planned. Bad storms were coming, so I got my nails done quickly, and then picked up some last minute things for the weekend and Easter.

We had a seafood dinner out and tried to get to bed on the earlier side.

Saturday – 5 miles, running

I was really not up for running alone, but I threw on my shoes and promised myself to go for at least five. I was really thinking I would get up on Sunday morning before everyone else and do some more, but that did NOT happen. Oh, well.

Mr PugRunner had to stick around for our community’s Easter egg hunt, and so I took little man to his basketball game. His team has been struggling: the coach is amazing and a lot of the kids are really good, but there are players missing practices, and not showing up for games which is taking its toll. I’m not sure what happened today, but they definitively won their first game of the season and it was glorious.

Following that, we had plans to meet new friends at the beach. Well. It was the coldest, windiest day ever (it was like being in a sand storm) but we sucked it up. The kids actually ended up having an incredible time boogie boarding and I chatted with the mom for hours. We ended the afternoon with ice cream cones and a promise to do it again.

That evening, I did some last minute shopping for Easter breakfast and we dyed eggs.

We stayed up way too late, and I about collapsed into bed when our Easter duties were finished.

And so it was a solid week, again. I ran and I walked and I paddle boarded. I will count that as a win.

We ate out a lot and had a lot of leftovers, so there wasn’t much new or exciting on the recipe front. I was hoping to throw together a new kind of casserole for Easter morning, but…. it didn’t happen.

I am feeling a bit dehydrated this week. A few days on the beach and in the water made that happen. I’ll get it back.

We did lots more Harry Potter reading, and I’m grateful for that.

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