couch 2 5k: week 4, day 2 {3.18.2013}

I made a lot of mistakes today.

My head really wasn’t in the game when I went out, and that was a problem. I was upset about something, and I carried that negativity with me. I was hoping the run would overcome it, but in the moment, i just felt bogged down.

I started late, made it .3 miles and had to turn back because… well, let’s just say I shouldn’t have had the last glass of water before leaving. So I started over, but my groove was off.

I was overdressed.

I checked the countdown timer way too many times.

I changed my route and for my last five minute jog portion, I thought I would run up a visible incline so that I could turn around and run back down and use the downhill to give me the extra momentum to finish strong. Yeah, that just wore out my legs.

Confession: with two minutes to go, I was actually talking to myself out loud, on the sidewalk, in public, saying such things as “You got this!” “You can do it!”

Oh, the shame.

But, I finished. It wasn’t pretty, but it got done.

One foot in front of the other, right?

I am doing something right, though. I had to order another pair of compression capris in a smaller size because my current ones are getting saggy, even running them through the dryer. And when I went to pick up a Yankees shirt to wear to a spring training game this past weekend, I found myself in a smaller size of Nike fashion tees. So there’s hope. And I’m sticking with it.

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3 Responses to couch 2 5k: week 4, day 2 {3.18.2013}

  1. The important thing is that you are out there doing it!! We all have off days, it happens. Mine are usually followed by an awesome run!

    Congrats on the smaller sizes, that’s my favorite part of running!!!

    • runswithpugs says:

      I am resting today. (By resting, I mean sitting on my butt and savoring some Thin Mints). I love smaller sizes. It’s an epic reward.

  2. Bad runs happen, but they happen less often than good runs. And I totally talk to myself. You’re doing awesome!!

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