weekly wrap: 4.15.2018 – 4.21.2018

Happy Monday!  It’s time for the Weekly Wrap with HoHo Runs and Taking The Long Way Home!

If you do a weekly recap post, this is a great way to check in with other active bloggers for extra support, sharing and accountability.


Here’s the week in numbers:

Sunday – rest
Monday – 6 miles, running
Tuesday – yoga, 60 minutes
Wednesday – 6 miles, running
Thursday – HIIT circuit
Friday – rest
Saturday – 6,4 miles, running

The week was fulls of ups and downs. A lot is changing very quickly and I am just treading water to keep up.

Sunday – rest

Sunday was a fairly blah day. We’ve been having awful thunderstorms and were pretty much confined to the house.

Monday – 6 miles, running

The temperature had dropped again, so I had to bundle up for the cold.

Since the weather was cooler, I started trying to walk Delilah. She is really struggling with some aches and pains in the morning and I want to help her get in better shape (yes, round is a shape, but she needs to be a little less round). I wish I could say it’s our fault, but this is the weight she came to us, and she’s not motivated to be very active. She gets regular (grain-free) dog food, very few treats and even fewer table scraps, and I just want her to be happier and healthier.

She has other ideas. She is apparently quite happy with her portliness and has no intention of giving in easily to activity. It’s a work in progress. Yes, she is digging in her nails and pulling back on the leash. Also yes, she is refusing to look at me. Yes, I adore her to pieces.

I ended up getting stuck at work late due to a coworker’s family emergency, so the rest of the evening was off my regular routine. I was glad not to be off duty, but it threw my week way off.

Tuesday – sunrise power hour, 60 minutes

For some reason, this flow was really difficult. We started in downward dog and I feel like we stayed there the entire time. Too much upside down doesn’t agree with me, so I struggled. We also did some new positions, which I couldn’t land in class, but I got them at home.

Our instructor advised us to practice “ahimsa,” and be kind to ourselves all day, and I really took that to heart and focused on the positive things.

I ended up working the full day, as well – Mr PugRunner was an absolutely trooper with getting dinner ready and managing homework. I was very appreciative.

Wednesday – 6 miles, running

Another chilly six mile run. I wanted to go a little longer, but slacked off.

After work, I just vegged. We went out to dinner and I watched a lot of mindless tv.

Thursday – HIIT Circuit, 40 minutes

We had a pretty hardcore circuit at the gym, with lots of wall ball, burpees, and plank jacks.

Afterwards, I got cleaned up, did some writing and catching up on emails, and then headed out for errands and to meet S for lunch. It was good to get out and about for a bit.

We got some wonderful news when little man got home – he had made the Battle of the Books Team! He has been dutifully attending tryouts for the past few weeks and we were all so proud of him! We don’t know if he will be an alternate or a main competitor, but I am thrilled that he put himself out there and earned a spot!

Friday – rest

I thought about going for a bike ride, but ended up just letting it go. I spent time cleaning the house and working on laundry. I picked up promotion Cub Scout gifts from our Advancement Coordinator and decided to try something new for dinner.

These zucchini “meatballs” were easy to make and a huge hit. Even little man ate them without complaint. The original recipe (here) called for pomodoro, but I made this version with pesto and it was yummy.

Saturday – 6.4 miles, running

I had hoped to run early with S, but woke up to a huge thunderstorm. I was able to wait it out for 6.4 lonely miles. Our neighborhood was having a garage sale and it was a huge morale boost to run down my street to learn that Mr PugRunner had prepaid for some donuts from me from the neighbor’s kids (they were selling donuts and coffee in addition to their other items).

We lounged around for the day, until it was time to go out to dinner with our friends. Little man stayed with their boys and sitter, and he even spent the night!

In the meantime, we enjoyed things like deviled eggs with fried oysters and tomato jam

and this mocha milkshake.

I have no idea why we don’t have photos of us all dolled up, but I will do better next time.

It ended up being not too late of a night, which was nice. We got in tons of conversation, walking and hanging out, and I would be in great shape for the following day’s Cub Scout Promotion!


Little man is turning 10 this week, so my focus is going to be on his birthday weekend! It promises to be very exciting and I hope he has a wonderful time!

How was your week in review?

Do you practice “ahimsa” or do you need to be reminded to be kind to yourself?

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20 Responses to weekly wrap: 4.15.2018 – 4.21.2018

  1. I love listening to yoga instructors talk and explain poses etc. I always laugh inside when our instructor say ” don’t let work creep back into your head” during a lunch time yoga class. I usually can only then think of work I have to go back to.
    Anna @ Pipers Run recently posted…Half Marathon Training Week #8 ~BluenoseMy Profile

  2. I had a week of lots of ups and downs as well. Oh that milkshake looks amazing!
    Deborah @ Confessions of mother runner recently posted…Chocolate Cherry Espresso Oatmeal BarsMy Profile

  3. Coco says:

    LOL on your stubborn pug! We do love our pets despite everything. Great job getting out after the rain, I might have just canceled my plans. How sweet that your husband paid for your donuts. What a nice surprise.
    Coco recently posted…2018 GW Parkway Classic Race RecapMy Profile

    • runswithpugs says:

      She is soooo spoiled. And she knows it. I don’t mind.

      He’s not really into donuts, so it was super sweet that he took care of it for me. I would enjoy my solo runs far more if it meant a donut at the end of the line.

  4. I think its great that your husband set up the donut surprise for you – nice way to finish a run 🙂
    Michelle @ Running with Attitude recently posted…Run to Remember Training – 5 Weeks to goMy Profile

  5. Kim G says:

    Your food in this post made me hungry. That milkshake looks SO delicious!

    I hope that Delilah starts to enjoy walks more often. I bet the more she does it, the more she will like it eventually.
    Kim G recently posted…Rite Aid Cleveland Half Marathon Training Recap – Week 5My Profile

  6. What a great week. Now that the weather is FINALLY starting to warm up a little in Chicago, I’m hoping to get more disciplined with my running. Feeling a little like Delilah right now 🙂

  7. Mary says:

    Your little Delilah is very cute in all her round pugliness. The zucchini meatballs look very good, much better than those breaded fried oysters. Another week of training down!
    Mary recently posted…Juvenile Moves- Signed UpMy Profile

  8. I have never heard of zucchini meat balls, but I bet they were good! Like everyone else…I’m eyeing that milkshake LOL

  9. Wendy says:

    I try to practice ahimsa but it’s those around me who make it tough! Ah, life…

    I have been reading your blog for a long time–it’s hard to believe your son is turning 10! How exciting and bittersweet! I assume he’ll be moving on to the Boy Scouts? Was your husband an Eagle Scout?

    • runswithpugs says:

      I know it can be so hard. We just have to keep trying.

      I cannot believe he will be 10. It’s craziness!

      He’s not 100% sure if he wants to commit to Boy Scouts, but I think he’s going to have a lot of fun this year. In 5th grade, the kids get a lot of independence, and he likes that, so I think he will continue. Scouting was never a part of either of our families, so no, Mr PugRunner was most certainly not an Eagle Scout.

  10. They say downward dog is a restful position, but man, it kills me! I really want to get back to yoga, need to find a place soon!
    Pia is much like Delilah. She lost some weight after a minor surgery a few years ago, so she’s doing well in that department. But when we go for walks, she also decides when she’s had enough. She plants and pulls back. She’s actually pulled right out of the harness in the past! So naughty!
    Sounds like you had a slightly less crazy week than your norm, so yay for a little semi-break! Congrats to little man on his new activity! And happy 10th to him! Double digits! My birthday is Monday, yay for April b-days!
    Stacie Seidman recently posted…Truthful TuesdayMy Profile

  11. Darlene says:

    Yes I’ve had ups and downs as well

    Your weeks are always jam packed with activities. I don’t know how you fit it all in.

    Your hubby is so sweet to get you a donut.

    • runswithpugs says:

      I think it’s just the age right now. A has so many activities, I have stuff I like to do, and we are surrounded by awesome people and fun things to do. It’s exhausting, but I guess the FOMO is real.

  12. HoHo Runs says:

    Your Deliliah is adorable. She reminds me of my 35 pound Boston Terrier that would sit down on a walk and I’d have to carry her home. LOL. I’m always impressed by the variety in your weekly workouts. The deviled egg oyster combo looks amazing! Thanks for linking.

  13. Happy early birthday to your little man! Hopefully the excitement of the birthday celebration will help to distract you from the “off” week that you had.
    Kathryn @ Dancing to Running recently posted…Loudoun Half Marathon Training Log – Week 8My Profile

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