celebrate the non-scale victories

We don’t have a scale.

I don’t weigh myself, or my food. I don’t count calories. The only numbers and data I track are my miles and hours in the gym (and even then, I don’t count those hours consistently).

For one thing, numbers and I are not compatible. For the other, I don’t like when my focus gets too narrow. If I’m hung up on the numbers on the scale, then I tend to forget about all the awesome things I am accomplishing outside that scope.

I don’t know if I’m losing pounds or inches, but I do know that things have changed (for the better). So what are these non-scale victories?


Regardless of weight or jeans size, staying active and logging hours on the road or at the gym have given me confidence I’ve never had before. I stand taller, hold my head higher and tend to put myself out there a bit more. It’s empowering to be proud of yourself just for being you. More of us should be.

I Can Eat What I Want.

It’s true that you can’t outrun your fork, but if you’ve committed to a regular fitness regime, you generally don’t have to worry about it as much. We eat well at home (vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and the like), but when I want to indulge a foodie tendency or ice cream craving (because ice cream is my Kryptonite), it’s not too much of a concern.

A Heightened Sense of Adventure.

In the past, if someone suggested trying a new activity, I would absolutely be the first to say no. I would be so embarrassed by the idea of failing, making a fool of myself or just simply not being able to do whatever was suggested. I missed out on so much. Now, with my newfound confidence, I jump at the chance to try something new and out of the box. Bring on the hiking/rock climbing/zip lining/white water rafting/aerial yoga/whatever you have to throw at me. I’m game.

I’m Stronger.

Strong is where it’s at, and thanks to all the running and lifting, I’m stronger than I ever used to be. I can see it in the new muscles that have developed, in the weight of things I can lift, and I can feel it in my energy levels and in the things I can do. I love knowing that I can do hard things and that I’m “charged” for so much longer.

I Need A New Wardrobe.

This is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it’s fantastic to have clothes fit better or be too large. On the other, it can get pricey to have to purchase a new wardrobe. I have reached a point where none of my current clothes fit me, so it was off to the store. I had to make two trips to the fitting room because the first round of items I grabbed was still too big. Whoops. Even more cool is that due to this new confidence, I am more willing to try on things I wouldn’t ordinarily have in the past, and am finding lots of fun, new things.


Do you use a scale or other means to measure your fitness goals and results?

What non scale victories do you celebrate?

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8 Responses to celebrate the non-scale victories

  1. Darlene says:

    Love this.

    I don’t use my scale.

    I want my clothes to fit and I want to feel healthy strong and confident.

    Btw. That Brooklyn Bridge Park pic is my favorite.

  2. I do weigh myself, but I realize the number is relative to hydration and time of day. Like you said, the true victories don’t come from the scale…it’s great seeing the muscles come to life and feel the clothing become looser. Having more energy than you know what to do with and an eagerness to try new things. You’ve made great progress!! Huge congrats!

  3. De Bolton says:

    I hate the scale and try not to subject myself to its nasty display of my gravitational pull on this planet. Lol My weight does not reflect my size. So glad you are seeing results, enjoying the things you love and getting a chance to renew your wardrobe. Congrats!

  4. Coco says:

    I used to be soooo addicted to the scale it was unhealthy. Now I only step on it once in a while. If I track calories it also backfires. I’m better taking a more intuitive approach. Love the new dress!

  5. I’m all about celebrating non scale victories! I used to be a scale/calorie counting nut, but I just can’t do it anymore and it is great to have that freedom!!

  6. I love your approach! I admit that of late I have been a little too fixated on the scale – need to change that! Usually, I go by how my clothes fit.

  7. Esther says:

    I do my best to stay away from the scale. I personally think they are terrible and so many people (myself included at one point) rely on them too much!
    Feeling strong and confident are MUCH better goals and I am SO happy to hear you are having victories in both those categories!
    Plus, ice cream is amazing! Life is better with ice cream for sure 🙂

  8. What a fantastic post. Confidence is the absolute benefit of all! I used to weigh myself daily – sometimes multiple times per day. Then I went the opposite direction and didn’t weigh myself at all. Now, I usually weigh myself once a week – Monday morning, first thing when I wake up, unclothed. That way I’m looking at a consistent pattern. I don’t do it every week, but probably 2 – 3 times per month. I like being able to watch trends.

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