5 fitness items to snag on black friday (and one to avoid)

Black Friday.

Small Business Saturday.

Cyber Monday.

Tis the season to be shopping, and I confess it’s my least favorite part of the season. But even I can’t deny that there are some great deals to be had, especially on fitness gear and accessories.

black friday

Check out my rundown of items you absolutely DO want to snap up on the Black Friday weekend (as well as one item you DON’T).

DO PURCHASE: Race Entries

Race directors love to offer special Black Friday pricing for certain events, so if you were on the fence about registering for a certain event, it’s time to make a move. Keep an eye out for savings on smaller, local races, as well as codes for the bigger, brand-name events.

Make sure you’re on the email list for those hot races so you can get yourself signed up and take advantage of great savings!

Best Damn Race usually offers a Black Friday Deal, but you can always save 10% with code RUNSWITHPUGS

DO PURCHASE: Large-Scale Equipment

Have you been eyeing a treadmill? What about a weight rack? Or maybe even a Peloton system? Black Friday may be just the day to make those dreams come true. Sporting goods stores and manufacturers generally take advantage of the shopping spirit to offer great discounts and packages on higher end equipment. Start watching websites, circulars and email blasts so you can wake up to this beauty under your tree.

black friday
courtesy of OnePeloton

DO PURCHASE: Activity Trackers + Smart Watches

Quality smart watches and activity trackers are not inexpensive, so Black Friday can be a great opportunity to purchase your first or upgrade your current model. Through the shopping weekend, you should see solid discounts on most of the entry-level watches and tracking bands, as well as price cuts on older versions of new favorites.

black friday
courtesy of Garmin

You will probably not find too many price breaks on the newest Apple Watch or Garmin Fenix, but rumor has it that select retailers will be offering the Apple Watch 3 series for $129 and Garmin has a variety of Fenix 5 models for about $100 off.

DO PURCHASE: Electronic Accessories

Looking for things like wireless headphones, heart monitors, bike computers or other fitness related electronics? Stock up on Black Friday. Most retailers will start offering discounts on these kinds of items right before Thanksgiving, so if there’s something you have your eye on, it’s time to act.

Amazon is even offering a small break on Air Pods 2 with wireless charging case, available right now. Happy holidays to you!

black friday
courtesy of Amazon

DO PURCHASE: Fitness Stocking Stuffers

It’s a great time of year to stock up on those little things: socks, headbands, Nuun, and Gu. Both local stores and online retailers should absolutely be offering great incentives on all of these items, so be on the lookout.

black friday
unsplash-logoDan LeFebvre

AVOID: Running Shoes

I know, but hear me out.

black friday

There will be phenomenal sales on running shoes and it can be tempting to hand over all your money to your local running store or favorite website to score a great deal. Please do not prioritize rock bottom prices over fit. It’s ok to snag a terrible color of your regular model because it’s a great Black Friday deal. Buying an untested model just because it’s cheap can end up costing you in the long run, with losing money to tricky return policies or even to injuries. Be smart, make informed decisions, and don’t be dazzled by discounts for the sake of discounts. You’ve got holiday races to run!

What have you got your eye on for Black Friday?

Any great deals you’ve heard about?

I am an ambassador for Best Damn Race, and do receive amenities based on codes redeemed. I do not represent any of the above listed companies and do not receive compensation for any of the links clicked.

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16 Responses to 5 fitness items to snag on black friday (and one to avoid)

  1. I bought my Peloton last Thanksgiving and got a nice deal on accessories. You sure can find some great fitness deals
    Deborah Brooks recently posted…5 Things I love about ThanksgivingMy Profile

  2. Christopher says:

    I’d completely forgotten Black Friday was coming up. I might take a look around for a new garmin.
    Christopher recently posted…Check out Jim’s progress after just 3 weeksMy Profile

  3. There will be some great deals out there! I always keep an eye out for some race discounts!

  4. I really only have one thing in mind for Black Friday. I still have to do some research on it. Nothing to do with running, but I could use a new Vitamix & historically there are great deals around this time of year.

    It might not be an actual Black Friday purchase, but most likely before the end of the year.

    Most of the time I really don’t find that there’s truly great deals, but sometimes I snag something good. 🙂
    Judy @ Chocolaterunsjudy recently posted…Runner Strong Yoga: Tree PoseMy Profile

    • runswithpugs says:

      I don’t usually find great sales or deals (at least not great enough to warrant me dealing with Black Friday), but if theres’ something I’m in the market for, I’ll keep an eye out.

      I know we need a new Apple TV (we have the first generation), so I’m checking into deals on that, just because i want Disney+ 😛
      runswithpugs recently posted…week 44: heading into halloweenMy Profile

  5. After 10+ years of faithful service, my Ipod Shuffle bit the dust on the MCM race course. I don’t want to use my phone, nor do I want anything fancy…I just want a simple MP3 player LOL I had not thought of Black Friday, but I have been researching comparable MP3’s to the Shuffle, so I’ll have to keep my eye out for something.

  6. Elaine D says:

    I should take more advantage of Black Friday sales.
    Good advice on shoes – never sacrifice comfort over cost.

  7. I am totally with you on not buying shoes during Black Friday! I honestly think it’s best to get the right pair, and buy them around President’s Day when there are amazing sales and people have given up on their resolutions!

    • runswithpugs says:

      Interesting. I never thought about President’s Day.

      To be honest, I know when my particular models upgrade, so around that time, I look for the discount because the stores want to clear out to make room for the new version. For one pair, it’s in October/November, while the other is around May.
      runswithpugs recently posted…week 44: heading into halloweenMy Profile

  8. Oooh, this may be time for me to get a Peloton. I have been eyeing it! I agree with you about running shoes as it would be so easy to forgo fit and to just go for the deal.
    Sandra D Laflamme recently posted…Running and DepressionMy Profile

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