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This is a sponsored post. Raddish Kids gifted me a subscription box for the purpose of review and promotion. The links in this post are affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

Cooking is an integral part of our family. We love creating meals, and we believe in family dinners at the kitchen table. Both Mr PugRunner and I enjoy creating with food and it’s something we have passed on to little man. We strongly support kids in the kitchen, and I’m always happy to have more ways to encourage little man in his culinary efforts.

kids  in the kitchen

Raddish Kids is a kids’ cooking subscription box, designed to promote creativity, competence, and skills in the kitchen. Boxes can be purchased monthly, or in 6 or 12 month subscriptions. Each box has its own theme (ours was Family Date Night), exploring different cuisines or cooking styles. Little man was super excited to hear a box was in the mail for him to test out. After all, this summer (and year) has not been the most fun, so the idea of something new and interactive was a huge hit.

kids in the kitchen

What’s In Each Box?

Each box contains the following items:

  • three laminated recipe guides
  • a kitchen tool (this box came with a garlic press)
  • a creative kitchen project (in this case, a dice game)
  • “monthly collectibles” (an apron patch and laminated dinner conversation cards)
  • three culinary skill lessons
  • a complete grocery list
kids in the kitchen

What Was On Our Menu?

On the menu for this month was Chicken Parmesan, Garlicky Green Beans, and Family Fun Fondue. Mr PugRunner is on a new nutrition plan, so little man and I looked at the recipes to discuss how we could adapt to his dietary needs. (Raddish Kids offers dietary modifications on their website, so recipes can be made gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, egg-free, and/or dairy-free).

kids in the kitchen

We decided to make the chicken (without breading on Mr PugRunner’s portion) and green beans, save the fondue for another night. It was time to get to work. I helped pull out all the ingredients and sat back to supervise.

As Easy As Following The Recipe…

The recipe cards are amazing for kids in the kitchen of all ages. Ingredients and directions are both written and illustrated, so it’s easy to follow along. Since little man knows his stuff in the kitchen, the only time he really needed my assistance was sliding the baking sheet in and out of the oven.

He also learned some new skills: using a meat mallet to flatten the chicken (a technique he will be using again), and the garlic press to mince the garlic. For those who need a little more guidance, the cards offer directions on different culinary skills so kids can learn as they go.

Both recipes were clear and concise. They were not too simple, nor were they overwhelming or overcomplicated. I loved that the cards are laminated so that kids can have them close on hand while cooking, but then can be sanitized after.

Bon Apetit!

In less than an hour, we were ready to eat!

Dinner was beautiful and delicious! All three of us really enjoyed both recipes, and agreed that the green beans were among the best we’ve had. We also used some of the conversation starters from the kit, including the health benefits of garlic and little man’s favorite part of the experience (using the mallet).

I would say he earned that patch!

kids in the kitchen

Ready To Get Started?

We absolutely loved the Raddish Kids box. I think it’s so important to have kids in the kitchen. Learning to cook helps children be more independent, introduces them to a greater variety of foods, show them what goes into prepping and making a meal for their family, and even provides some math skills. We loved that in addition to a yummy dinner, the kit went beyond the basics to include some extra education and conversation. Great memories are made in the kitchen, and we can always use more of those.

Are your children ready to be kids in the kitchen? Order your Raddish Kids subscription box today! To sweeten the deal, use the code ATHOME for $15 off your 6 Month subscription!

Did you love cooking as a child? Do you encourage your kiddos to help out in the kitchen?

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2 Responses to kids in the kitchen with Raddish Kids

  1. Farrah says:

    Aww, this is so cool! I’d have loved to have this as a kid (or so I think now)–I didn’t learn to cook until I was in college, so having that life skill early on would’ve been nice, haha.

  2. We have loved cooking with our kids since an early age as well. It
    really helps give them confidence and a sense of accomplishment. Have fun with your box!

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