runfessions: black friday edition

It’s Black Friday, and we are here again to runfess and lay it all out there.

Let’s join up with Marcia’s Healthy Slice for a shop-til-you-drop edition of Runfessions!

I runfess…

That I’ve never been into Black Friday. I usually don’t shop very often, and the idea of chasing after random sales with thousands of other people just doesn’t feel like my jam. Now, I do admit that it sounds like it could be fun to be out all night after Thanksgiving, and wrapping up with a big breakfast, but obviously this is not the year to try. I’ll be sticking to online shopping for the next week.

I runfess…

That even with that admission, I’ve been shopping quite a bit this week. Now that most of our furniture is here, I’m going crazy getting accent pieces and replacing older elements in our home. I just found some cute things for our new coffee table, and I finally replaced all our prep bowls, measuring cups, and spoons. Regrets? Not a one.

I runfess…

That Delilah gave us quite the scare this week. Mr PugRunner was delirious with worry, and I was incredibly nervous about the prognosis. We are VERY lucky that she has improved so well, and the vet sees no reason that she won’t continue on this path. Huge sigh of relief, and lots of cuddles for this beautiful baby.

I runfess…

That it sucked not running an in-person Turkey Trot this year. The one closest to my house was canceled entirely, and the next closest one was supposed to have about 2000 people, which felt like way too many. My friend J and I went out for five miles on our own this morning, and it was a fantastic run, but not quite the same.

I runfess…

That I am READY for the holiday season! I missed out on so much last year with my leg, and now I am ready to up for all of it. I put together a countdown for our family, and I am so looking forward to crossing things off the list. It’s a mix of kindness elements, and fun things for us, so I feel we are getting some balance in the month ahead.

Black Friday runfessions are in the bag. What are you runfessing this Black Friday?

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