|week 1| fresh start for the new year

It’s a fresh start for the new year and I am so happy to be here for another year of fitness and growth with you all!

I have a lot of plans for 2021, and can’t wait to get started. Who’s with me?

Let’s go!

Sunday – 3.8 miles, walking

I was so excited to test out my new Brooks Adrenaline 21s! Since I had new inserts, too, I opted to break them in on a walk rather than a run. They felt great! And look how pink and bright they are! Color doesn’t matter, but a fresh start just feels better with super bright shoes.

fresh start

Monday – 3.5 miles, walking

There was no time to spare on Monday. I popped out of bed for my walk (yes, it was freezing, again!).

fresh start

And then I headed over to one of the high schools to spend an hour working with my friend on The Rookie Project. It’s a program designed to serve developing athletes from ages 2-8, and I am excited to be a part of it. For an hour, we coached little ones through team work, follow the leader, and Simon Says (all outside, masked, and distanced). I have a meeting next week to discuss what’s to come! I love having a fresh start to some things that will inspire growth in myself and others!

the rookie project

I also got the fun news that my piece, Moms of Tweens: How To Know If You’re In The Club, was #8 of the Top Ten Posts of 2020 on St. Augustine Moms!

Tuesday – 5.01 miles running + 1.64 miles walking

Time to run! J and I have settled nicely into five miles during our weekly runs, with long walks to follow. I am all about it.

I made a day of running errands in advance of Mr PugRunner’s birthday. He really gets a fresh start every year, with his January 1 birthday! In addition, I got to test out a sweet new bra and tank from POWWFUL. It’s so perfect for yoga, and I’ll share more on Instagram this week!


Wednesday – 3 miles, walking + 2.15 miles, hiking

Getting closer to that new year, and I was so excited to get outside for a nice walk. It was still cool, but not too bad.

From there, I had just enough time to change and load up the car for our hike! I love the idea of weekly hikes, and hope that I can stick with it, as long as the weather cooperates. This time, we headed out to the Pioneer Trail in Jennings State Forest. It was beautiful, but incredibly primitive (well marked and and maintained, but no bathrooms or facilities). We even saw bear and wildcat prints!

Thursday – 5 miles, running + 1.81 miles, walking

New Year’s Eve! I loved wrapping up the year with a 5 mile run.

I worked on baking a cake for Mr PugRunner, and then we just enjoyed the evening with champagne and fireworks in the culdesac. Cheers to a fresh start, in all the ways.

Friday – 3.6 miles, walking + Plank Challenge Day 1 (forearm planks)

Happy New Year!

I rolled out of bed, very ready to get started on all the things! My word of the year is RECLAIM, and I am very committed to it.

Of course, I handled my walk first, and then dug right into my 30-Day Plank Challenge (3 sets of 45 second forearm planks).

We celebrated Mr PugRunner’s birthday with an outdoor dinner at one of his favorite restaurants, and he was so happy for that. He was also thrilled with a new set of knives and Air Pod Pros.

Saturday – New Year’s Rockin’ 5K + Plank Challenge Day 2 (side planks)

Starting 2021 with a 5k felt so right. J and I found an event with super low registration, at a brand new venue, and great protocols for runner safety. I don’t know if I am going to be able to swing an in-person race very month, but this is a great, fresh start!

fresh start

I’ll share my recap on the Runners’ Roundup on Wednesday! We would love to have you join us with your running-related posts!


I am pretty thrilled to have such a solid start to all my goals this year. I can already see that hydration will be my sticking point, but I plan to crack down on Monday.

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How was your week in training?

Do you feel like you’re getting a fresh start to the year?

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