couch 2 5k: week 1, day 1 {2.25.2013}

And so it begins.

My normal habit is to walk in the mornings, while the little one is in school. It’s some free time for me, before the heat of the day really sets in (yes, even in winter, it can be hot when the noon sun is high in the sky). I feel like I can knock out my routine, shower and get ready to tackle the rest of the day.

Mr. PugRunner prefers afternoons for exercise, after he’s gotten through a chunk of his workday. Different strokes for different folks, right?

We both downloaded‘s Couch 2 5K app onto our phones. It was like synchronizing watches. Sort of.

The plan for Week 1 of the program, is to put in about 30 minutes. Five minutes of warm up walking, five minutes of cool down walking, and in between those are one and a half minutes of walking alternated with one minute of jogging. Easy.

On this, Day 1, we decided that we would all go together, Mr. PugRunner and I on foot, and little man on his bike. We figured 30 minutes wouldn’t be so bad. What we didn’t realize was that those 30 minutes actually translated to just over two miles, and our bike rider was pretty well exhausted from the challenge by the time we wrapped up.

But he hung in there, and even though we had some choppy pacing when we had to help tow him along, we had a very positive first day.

Even if he did finally put his feet up on the middle bar and require a tow.


As for Mr PugRunner and me? We felt good. A little tired, but not winded or exhausted. It was really encouraging to have such a positive first day.

The app tracks distance, speed and time and at the end of every session, logs everything for you, as shown.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am fairly certain that I wasn’t doing any 7:50 per mile, although I appreciated the thought. I figured it was a first day gimme. Or something like that.

We both got home, pretty proud of ourselves, and looking forward to our second attempt.

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