couch 2 5k: week 2, day 3 {3.7.2013}

Another week on the books!

I’m really surprising myself with how much I look forward to getting out for my intervals. I can say that I enjoyed the walks I used to do, but this is something a little more.

Must be the fancy kicks.

Actually, these Nikes have been really comfortable, thus far. When Mr PugRunner and I finish the 5K training, we are going to go to an actual running store and get fitted for more personalized shoes. Although I’m totally intimidated by going to a Real Running Store, frequented by Real Runners, I’m just a wee bit excited about having Real Shoes, too. It’s a good goal.

Anyway, my speed is keeping pretty consistent, and I’m pleased with that. The only pain I’m experiencing is in my wrist, but I’m pretty sure that has nothing to do with running, so I’m ignoring it. I hope to get some good walks this weekend, in order to stay loose for Week 3.

Oh, and I followed A Mom On the Run‘s recommendation and got myself some Old Navy compression capris. Winners. They are so comfortable and didn’t ride down at all. I’m going to get a few more pair in a smaller size. I bought this pair for my current shape, and while they fit nicely, I can tell it won’t be for long.

Happy Friday!

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3 Responses to couch 2 5k: week 2, day 3 {3.7.2013}

  1. Jason says:

    Don’t be intimidated. Road Runner Sports is my favorite store. Even when I was clueless the first time I went in, everyone was extremely friendly and helpful. Most of the people there are runners and really do seem to want you to get what will work for you.
    When is your 5k? If you’re already running 2.7 at under 10, I think you’re in great shape. I did my first 5k 2 years ago and now I’m preparing for my second marathon in May. It’s amazing where running can take you. Good luck.

    • runswithpugs says:

      Thank you so much for the advice and the encouragement!

      We are planning our 5K for May. We are working around TBall season, some birthdays and a potential surgery for me (tonsils). I also just registered for a 10 miler in October (Mr PugRunner will do a 5K at that time). I think my saving grace is that I’m a super fast walker, so even if I have to stop running, I can hustle. I guess it’s just fear of the unknown and doing something so far out of my comfort level.

      Best of luck with your marathon! I’ll be sure to check in to see how you’re coming along!

      • Jason Bedell says:

        Awesome. Don’t feel bad if you ever gave to run. It happens to everyone at some point. In my trail run last week, even the real experienced runners walked some of the hills. The build to 10 over 6 months is very doable. You’ll be doing a half marathon before you know it.

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