couch 2 5k: week 4, day 1 {3.17.2013}

This week is going to be pretty busy for me. Lots of cakes, lots of birthday parties, lots of things to do. I need to have all my running done by Thursday, so I decided to get out on the pavement on Sunday to make sure I had enough time and didn’t feel too rushed.

I was really excited to get out. We were in Tampa this weekend and I really regret not bringing my running clothes so that I could do a session on the sidewalk along the bay. It was such an amazing view, especially at sunrise. There’s definitely a benefit to giving oneself a break, but not at the risk of missing out on such a wonderful opportunity. Lesson learned. It won’t happen in the future.

Another lesson learned? Just when you think you have something figured out, you get a curve ball.

Week 4 definitely stepped it up. We are no longer playing around.

The plan for these three sessions is a five minute warm up, three minute jog, 90 second walk, FIVE minute jog, two and a half minute walk, three minute job, 90 second walk, five minute jog again, five minute cool down.

I slowed down. A lot. It’s interesting ¬†(and ironic) that the less walking I do, the slower I go. Not that I’m trying to beat any records, but it’s slightly disheartening to see my time start creeping up. However, I’m not going to dwell on it. I’m going to focus on the knowledge that I powered through this, walking when I was supposed to walk and running when I was supposed to run. The second five minute jog was tough, and I was a little winded when I finished, but it passed quickly.

Keeping on the positive track, I haven’t had any complaints from any of my ¬†joints, as of yet. I’m pretty thrilled, considering I have some ligament issues in my right knee.

Mr PugRunner, who DID bring his workout gear and had every intention of finishing Week 3 in Tampa on that beautiful, aforementioned bayfront path, did not manage to complete his goal and ended the third week of training yesterday. We’ll catch up with each other at some point this week, and will be able to go into Week 5 together.

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2 Responses to couch 2 5k: week 4, day 1 {3.17.2013}

  1. I noticed that my workouts started taking longer too as I went on, but I was covering more distance so it made sense. Do you think maybe that’s what’s happening?

    • runswithpugs says:

      I don’t know. I don’t feel like I’m covering more distance from my earlier weeks, but I don’t know. I’m sure it will all balance out.

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