support for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing

There are no words.

The news out of Boston is devastating. Two explosions, about 12 seconds apart, detonated at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, causing injuries and deaths of both runners and spectators.

The footage and witness reports are nothing short of horrifying. Children (one of whom is dead). Amputations. Victims in critical condition, fighting for their lives.

It’s heartbreaking. Senseless. Impossible to comprehend.

Today, I hope for peace and comfort for the victims. For their families and friends. For the city of Boston. For the emergency workers and first responders and the volunteers who ran into the fray to help.

I hope that the person or persons responsible for this heinous act are caught and brought to justice.

The community is coming together in honor of those affected by this terrible tragedy.

If you live in Boston and want to help, please visit this link at NBC News for information on how to check in with the Red Cross to let friends and family know you are ok, house a displaced person in need of lodging and provide tips to the police if you have information. At this time, there is no immediate need for blood donations.

Additionally, groups like #runchat are promoting a day of support on Tuesday, April 16. You can wear a race shirt, sport the colors of the Boston Marathon, or even run 4:09 miles in honor of the victims.

The road of healing will be long and hard, for the victims, for the running community, for the city of Boston and for the country. Let’s please keep them all in our hearts during this tragic time.

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