5-10K week 4, day 2 {6.10.2013} & surgery update

We spent the weekend at Star Wars Weekends in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It was intense and busy, and I didn’t think about carving out extra time for running. If you’ve been to a Disney theme park in a summer month, you can appreciate the physical exertion that goes into schlepping around those theme parks under the unrelenting sun. I’m pretty sure I dropped five pounds in water weight just standing in line at one point.

But more on that later.

I was concerned for this morning’s run, simply because the tropical storm kept me off my schedule and while I made a valiant effort, I am sure I didn’t do an amazing job staying well hydrated over the weekend. When I woke up this morning, I toyed around with the idea of repeating Day 1 of Week 4, the 20 minute steady run. Just to get my legs back. Or something.

By the time I got outside, I had changed my mind. While I was slightly intimidated by starting off the week with 30 minutes of alternating steady runs, fast runs and jogs, I figured what the hell. The worst that could happen is that I wouldn’t be able to finish, but I wouldn’t know if I didn’t try.

The worst didn’t happen. In fact, it was a really good run. I was slow and easy but I was able to complete 3.57 miles with an average running pace around 10:27. Not too bad.

Most importantly, I felt fantastic and I was so glad that I didn’t phone it in. On Wednesday, the plan is to tackle a 50 minute steady run. Forty minutes is my current longest, so, you know, what’s ten more minutes?


On to more serious matters.

After I chugged some Gatorade, showered and changed, it was off to the ENT for my pre-op appointment. I took Mr PugRunner for emotional support and morale.

Also, to keep me from canceling the surgery altogether.

I’m not to be trusted.

Having my tonsils removed is the best decision. I know that it is. Mr PugRunner supports it. We both really like and feel comfortable with the doctor. But I would be lying if I said I wasn’t anxious about it, and that the wait for surgery day (June 27) is absolutely panic-inducing. I know everything is going to be ok and that I am in very wonderful, capable hands, but I am not looking forward to the 14 day physical strain/activity rule. And the pain.

Interestingly, the ENT told Mr PugRunner that after the first day, the best idea is to get me up and around. Laying in bed, which really sounds grand, is “the worst thing” I can do, according to him, and that I can go to the mall or the movies for a few hours (nothing too crazy) to keep me moving. Which I find hilarious, since I’m going to be on pain meds and probably shouldn’t be driving anywhere.

Although the idea of going to a few movies by myself and just kicking back in the theater is tempting, so maybe I’ll see if Mr PugRunner will be willing to act as a taxi service.

Also unpleasant? Lots of Gatorade, KoolAid and Hawaiian Punch type drinks to keep my sugar up. I’m not going to be able to eat or drink very much, so to prevent dehydration and nausea, this was the answer. Lucky me. I dislike all of the above and will be counting the seconds until I can get back to my normal diet and activities.

In the meantime, I’m glad that I am rereading the Game of Thrones series because that will take up some time. I would love suggestions for reading material and movies or shows to rent/download to help keep me sane.

What is your go-to food/drink when you’re under the weather?

Favorite comfort book or movie?


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6 Responses to 5-10K week 4, day 2 {6.10.2013} & surgery update

  1. I lived on mashed potatoes when I had my tonsils out. And Popsicles. And wonton soup broth. My ENT actually gave me a “cookbook” of recipes to make in a blender, like meatloaf and veggie shakes. I’m not sure what sane person would ever do that. As for shows, I’m addicted to Mad Men right now. I started watching season 1 last week and I’m already on season 3.
    FiddleDeeAshley recently posted…A Breakthrough and Goals for 50 Yard Finish HalfMy Profile

    • runswithpugs says:

      Mashed potatoes might be a good go-to. I don’t know. I don’t enjoy “sick food.” I don’t like popsicles or broth or any of that nonsense. Maybe fudgesicles. I can handle those.

      I can’t even handle a smoothie, so I’m not entirely sure how a meatloaf shake would go over. Fortunately, my ENT was all “you’re going to lose 10 lbs” and didn’t attempt to direct me toward the blender.

  2. Lyndsey says:

    I’m having my gallbladder removed a a few days after your surgery and plan on watching Sons of Anarchy from the beginning and a lot of 90’s rom-coms. Looking forward to conquering my mountainous reading list, but yes, also terrified.

    I had my tonsils out when I was a child and during a terrible period when they wouldn’t allow you to just eat icecream, but thought that cornflakes, dry toast and other scratchy food was the best way to avoid infection. Hell. Eat plenty of sundaes!

    Hope all goes well!

    • runswithpugs says:

      I had my gallbladder removed several years ago. The blessing, for me, was that I was admitted through the ER and had the surgery pretty much right away, so there was no buildup, no waiting period, no time to talk myself out of it. I hope your procedure goes smoothly and you’re up and around in no time! I really want to watch Downton Abbey but don’t know if I can commit (I’m a bad show watcher).

      Oh, scratchy food sounds so painful. I love sundaes, and I hope that I can manage a couple of those. Fingers crossed!

  3. Way to go on your good run, and you’re totally going to rock your 50 minute run, I know it! That’s good that you’re prepping ahead for your surgery, at least you’ll have tons of recipes and such to get you through it!
    Ari @ The Pace of it All recently posted…The perfect weekend? Working hard and hardly working…My Profile

    • runswithpugs says:

      I am feeling good about the run. It’s going to be long, but I can try out some new routes and make it an adventure!

      I don’t really plan on doing any cooking while I’m recovering. All I can really imagine wanting are milkshakes, and those aren’t the best because of the dairy creating more saliva, leading to more swallowing and, as a result, more pain. Blergh. It’s going to be interesting.

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