weekly recap & august goals

Happy August! I’m one day late, but who’s counting?

In spite of everything I had a pretty good week.

Monday: 3.54 mile run

Tuesday: rest day

Wednesday: 4.76 mile run

Thursday: rest day

Friday: 5k race

I’m excited to see my miles starts increasing, even if it’s only a little at a time. Every day, I’m getting just a little bit closer to normal.

I didn’t really set any goals for July. I wasn’t sure how I’d be feeling or what I’d be capable of. I’m kind of glad because I think putting that pressure on myself would have really messed with my head. While I wish I was feeling better, I’m at peace with where I’m at for now, and feel like I”m in a good place for serious rebuilding.

Additionally, I feel like I can comfortably set some goals for August.

1. Get on track with the training for my 10 miler. I’m a little bit behind where I planned to be, but I imagine I can catch up. I really wanted to be well on my way to ready for the half in December, but I’ll take what I can get right now.

2. Commit to an interval training or get off the proverbial pot. I got some great advice from you guys the other day about working with intervals, and I’m coming to a decision on that soon.

3. Run 50 miles. I think I’ve got that.

4. Enjoy the journey.  Even though I’m trying to be serious about my training, sometimes my favorite thing to do is to take quick pictures of beautiful things I see on my run. Like when five deer started frolicking in an open field near my house, where I had no idea deer frolicked. It was worth the loss of a few seconds to stop and snap a shot.

5. Work in more cross-training. Because it’s the right thing to do.

Oh, and a bonus, #6. Stop being hard on myself.  I’ll get back to normal when I get there and not a second before. Pushing too hard could lead to injury and I’m way too motivated and invested to slack off. Everything will happen in its time.

Are you ready for the month ahead?

What are your big plans and goals for August?

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22 Responses to weekly recap & august goals

  1. I’m looking forward to August. I am really hoping I’ll be able to get back into my training this month. I’m running the Disneyland 1/2 marathon in less than a month, and I didn’t run at all in July. Unfortunately, I didn’t do much of any exercise, so I’m really out of shape.

    Good luck with your training for August!

  2. Those are some great goals! I especially like #6- I think it’s great that you are listening to your body! You will be back out there feeling 100 % again before you know it.
    I am such a big fan of interval training but it’s something that has to work for you and it was quite an adjustment in the beginning. Have you read Jeff Galloway’ s book? It was very helpful and informative for me. It was also motivating, each time I would sit down to read a chapter or two I would want to go out and run right away! 🙂
    Happy August!
    Karen @karenlovestorun
    Karen @karenlovestorun recently posted…August GoalsMy Profile

    • runswithpugs says:

      I haven’t read Galloway’s book, yet. I am a voracious fiction reader, but I have a much harder time getting into other kinds. It’s on the list though.

      I am definitely motivated. I want to run. Lots and lots and lots. So at least that’s half the battle.

      Thanks for being such a great cheerleader. It helps.
      runswithpugs recently posted…weekly recap & august goalsMy Profile

  3. Diana says:

    I would like to say YES!! to #6. You’re doing great, and will continue to improve – just gotta take it one run at a time! =) Good luck with the race!
    Diana recently posted…Sore FeelingsMy Profile

  4. Darlene says:

    I agree with 6 also. You are doing great!

  5. Like you read, I really need to bust ass this month! I need to get my half marathon training in check and get my ass to race time!
    Amanda @ There Are 2 Sides recently posted…Friday Wants August 2: Birthday EditionMy Profile

  6. michele says:

    Your plan looks good! My goal is to get back on track for my Ragnar at the beginning of October. I signed up in January and it always seem so far away, but not anymore!
    michele recently posted…Five things FridayMy Profile

  7. I love your attitude! So positive and upbeat. It sounds like you are well on your way to being ready for your half in December.

    Good luck at the 5k!
    Wornout Soles recently posted…I Feel the Need. The Need for… Sleep?My Profile

  8. I really slacked last week on my cross training; I gotta get back on that big time!!
    Kristen @ The Smith Summary recently posted…Dumbo Double Dare Training: Week 14My Profile

  9. Wohoo, you’re going to crush those goals! Not only that, but they sound very wise.
    I want to focus on the basics in the coming weeks. Solid miles, speed work, cross-training and strength training!
    Anne @ CandyCrazedrun.wordpress.com recently posted…Short and SweetMy Profile

  10. Shannon says:

    Love your goals! I need to set some goals as well. I love following your progress. I’m training for my first half and new to running!
    Shannon recently posted…Who ran 10 miles? This girl!My Profile

  11. Andrea says:

    Cross training–I just can’t do it! Except for softball on Monday nights (starting up again next week), I am just too lazy to do anything on my rest days!
    Andrea recently posted…Recipe- Potato-Crusted Fish and Fresh BroccoliMy Profile

    • runswithpugs says:

      Softball totally counts. I’m one of those people where the more I do, the more I get done, so I think cross training will be helpful. I think I could be very wrong. It’s happened before LOL!

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