national running day in review

On June 4, runners everywhere celebrated National Running Day.

It was pretty easy to honor the day: all one had to do was lace up and, you know, run.

Wednesdays are normally my yoga day, but I was planning to go on a pre-sunrise class group run at a location near my house. We were originally supposed to meet at 5:00 AM, so I thought I could get in at least two miles before making it to class. Unfortunately, sleep and I were not on the same page and I only managed about three hours, causing me to completely miss my alarm. And subsequently, the group run. Boo.

However, I was up, so I figured I might as well be somewhat productive and squeezed in two miles before changing into my yoga gear.

Exhausted, but still smiling. That’s how I roll.

Our yoga instructor pushed us extra hard at class. I welcomed the challenge, but it wore me out. Worth it for this magnificent sunrise, though.

Another benefit of such an early morning run was that Mr PugRunner was free to join the group run at one of our running stores. The store offered a four mile loop, with a clock and water at the finish line, as well as discounts on merchandise and race registrations. An Adidas rep was present with a display of running shoes and tech shirts to try for the run. I thought it was a neat concept.

It was brutally hot and humid, so little man and I did some shopping in the air conditioning while Mr PugRunner did his thing. We got back in time for him to cross the finish line,

and to get in on the group picture action. So many great people showing up to celebrate a great day.

Afterwards, we celebrated with burgers for dinner, and BOGO waffle cones.

I think we’re both glad we do most of our training runs in the early morning, because the heat and humidity in the evening can be draining, but I’m so glad we got to be a ┬ápart of it!

Do you join group runs on “running holidays”?

How do you manage group runs when they are scheduled at times opposite of when you usually train?

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2 Responses to national running day in review

  1. I was aware of national running day . . . but it was pouring rain, all day . . . so I lifted, which felt good. But it wasn’t running.

    That said, I try not to run with large groups . . . somehow, I’m signed up for several sold-out, large-entry races between now & the end of the year . . . I much prefer, when I run, to go about & do my own thing.
    John (Daddy Runs a Lot) recently posted…Where I reflect on life and death and livingMy Profile

    • runswithpugs says:

      I would have skipped out on running in light of a torrential downpour, too. Rain and I are not friends.

      I like big races, but I train mostly on my own. I am all about my own thing.

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