weekly recap: 9/21 – 9/27

Who’s been neglecting this blog? Who has?

:raises hand:

I apologize for my absence. It has been a hectic and somewhat difficult week. Fortunately, everything has been resolved, but there were a few days of seriously distracting frustration and, dare I say, anger, that pretty much completely derailed me from many things. Especially from writing.

But, I’m back, with a weekly recap, and several other things to share later in the week.

This is Week 14 of marathon training. My mojo has taken a rather inconvenient hike, and I decided that I am ok with that. Rather than forcing in a planned long run, I decided that I will wait until my half marathon next week and use that 13.1 mile distance as a springboard for a full 17. It will be a split-up run, but the point is to conquer the distance.

That didn’t let me off the hook for running this week, though. Despite not wanting to get up with the alarm ever (the sunrises are getting later and later and it’s tougher and tougher getting up in the dark), I stuck with four days of running, including one day with a buddy.


Sunday – 3 miles

I got brave and agreed to meet up with two moms from our local MRTT group. One of the women had to cancel, but I got to meet the really sweet chapter leader, and we had a rather lovely run together.  Even nicer? Check out the temperatures:

We went a little slower than my usual pace but I didn’t mind at all. Of course, we also had lovely views, so that made it even more worthwhile.


Monday – rest

Just a regular day of errands and domestic stuff. Nothing fun. Little man had baseball practice and it was his best one yet. The season opens soon and I’m excited to see what he can do on game day.


Tuesday – 3.1 miles

The cooler temperatures continue, making this run pretty pleasant.


Wednesday – rest

I had some more errands to run,  and then Nana and Papa Bear invited us over for Rosh Hashanah dinner after little man got home from school. He did have an optional batting practice, but he had been pretty worn out, so I was in favor of skipping it, especially for some quality family time.

Nana cooked a delicious traditional meal, with matzoh ball soup, brisket and kasha. Little man, who has firmly declared that tomato soup is the only soup worth eating, is now a huge fan of Nana’s chicken broth with noodles.

We loved the special celebration and went home, stuffed and happy. <3


Thursday – 3.1 miles

Thursday had all the makings of a great day: I had a nice solid run

and then I planned to spend the  morning volunteering at little man’s school. However, Mr PugRunner called me regarding an issue and I had to rush home to deal with everything. Ugh. Fortunately, things got resolved the next day, but two days of phone calls, sorting out communication and syncing schedules was pretty draining. I don’t love conflict, and I also don’t like waiting for resolution, so I was pretty much done.


Friday – rest

This was not my favorite day. A lot of things got held up and really, the only thing I managed to accomplish was this

chocolate stout bundt cake with irish cream ganache (recipe to come)

and an impromptu date night with Mr PugRunner, which ended early because both of us were flat-out exhausted. Sometimes, early bedtimes rule.


Saturday – 3.7 miles

I got up a little later than planned, and it drizzled pretty consistently on me, but I stuck with it.


Then we had to hop to it and get moving: we had a housewarming party during the day and a beer-themed party at night (hence the chocolate stout bundt). After getting breakfast together, Mr PugRunner went to pick up little man’s baseball uniform and cupcakes, while I selected the housewarming gift and finished the ganache for the cake. Then we were off for a day of much-needed fun with friends.

I was also quite proud of myself for breaking out of my comfort zone again. I am pretty good about trying different foods, but I have never been able to bring myself to eat an oyster. I have attempted several times, but it’s never happened. Well. There were a lot of raw oysters on ice at the housewarming, and after a while, the boys started steaming them on the grill. Once cooked, they resembled mussels, and I do enjoy mussels. So. I got some instruction on how to fix them (on a saltine with cocktail sauce and a little butter)

and down the hatch it went.

I really enjoyed it! I’m thrilled that these are something I can now order from menus in the future! Yay for new things!


This week, I need to focus on the Marine Corps Half Marathon. I’m kind of dreading it, to be honest, even though I’m going to be surrounded by some good friends. This is the first time I really haven’t been excited about a race, and I hate the feeling. Hopefully I overcome it as the week goes by.

I’m also starting my Halloween planning. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and this year, it’s on a Friday! It’s going to be great for trick-or-treating and a fun, themed meal. I can’t wait.


How did your week of training go? 

Have you ever dreaded an upcoming race or event? How did you get over it?

What’s something new you tried that you were surprised to find you loved?



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10 Responses to weekly recap: 9/21 – 9/27

  1. jan says:

    I am pretty adventurous with food but I haven’t tried oysters. I’m not sure why…my grandma makes oyster stew every Christmas Eve and I think it’s just stubbornness on my part since I’ve refused to eat it since I was a kid.

    I think you are wise to take a step back on training if that’s what your body is telling you (and/or your mind!). I’m glad you are able to have a small taste of fall! Funny, our temps here have been more in the 80’s. Did we switch?
    jan recently posted…“Long” RunMy Profile

    • runswithpugs says:

      LOL! It’s funny the things we draw a hard line on, sometimes.

      Yeah, my mind is completely out of the game. I trained so hard and so consistently all summer and I’m just over it. I’m embarrassed to admit it, but that’s where I’m at.

      We must have switched! We are back to the 80s here, but those early mornings have a bit of a chill to them, which is more than pleasant. I’m looking forward to more of it.

  2. Nice work getting FOUR runs in this week! I ran once. And there was some walking involved. Ugh.
    Hope all of the negative stuff is resolved! What a delicious New Year spread you guys had! We did as well. I really love food. SO MUCH.
    Stacie Seidman recently posted…Thursday’s ThreadsMy Profile

  3. Angie says:

    I am getting nervous about the half this weekend. Did you hear the eliminated the bridges due to construction? I am pretty excited to know I won’t have to run over a bridge since I don’t encounter many hills during my run. That gives me hope that maybe I can hit my B goal for this race. Good luck on Saturday! I will be looking for you to say hi!
    Angie recently posted…4 year oldsMy Profile

  4. Hope things have turned around and looking up!

    I must say I am jealous of your Rosh Hashanah dinner. I am not Jewish but was introduced to Jewish food in college and am so glad that I was! I miss the benefits of eating traditional Jewish foods with friends, they were so yummy!

    Yey for your oyster gusto!
    Anne @ CandyCrazedrun.com recently posted…Weekend MusingsMy Profile

    • runswithpugs says:

      They are starting to!

      My stepdad is Jewish, and since they have moved closer, we have been celebrating the traditional holidays with him. It’s definitely fun to try new things, and my mom has done really well learning to cook his favorites.

      Oysters are my new jam!

  5. Chocolate stout bundt cake… shut the front door
    Abby @ BackAtSquareZero recently posted…A Post Two and a Half Years in the MakingMy Profile

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