weekly recap: 11/1 – 11/8

Sunday – rest

I planned on really chilling out on Sunday. The only thing I had to do was to take family photos for a friend, and go to the grocery store. It was FREEZING out, but the kids were really good sports about it. It was nice to just go home, put on comfy clothes and hang with Mr PugRunner and little man for the rest of the day. Confession. The heat was on. Very much on.


Monday – rest

Mr PugRunner wanted to get back out there, so I decided to hold off my run until Tuesday. It was pretty nice to have absolutely nothing to do, until little man got home. He had a makeup baseball game, so when he walked in the door, we got him into his uniform and headed over to the fields. It was a late night, and we were all super grateful to get warm showers and tumble into bed when we got home.


Tuesday – 3.1 miles

Happy anniversary to us! Mr PugRunner and I celebrated eight years of marriage! I went out for a run, and he picked me up a bagel and iced coffee when I was finished. He also got me one of Dunkin Donuts’ new cornets (half croissant, half donut). Nom.

My run was epic. From the glorious sunrise,

to this image popping up on my Garmin at the end

everything was just wonderful.

Yay for records!

After little man got home from school, Mr PugRunner and I got ready for a night out. We went to a wine and tapas restaurant and enjoyed some small plates and appetizers, while little man hung out with one of his favorite babysitters. We didn’t stay out super late, but it was a nice night.


Wednesday – rest

Little man has been on a bit of a rock hunting kick. He had asked me several times about going to the beach after school to look for  rocks and shells. It was on the tip of my tongue to say no, but then I reconsidered. Little man has a pretty busy schedule. With school, baseball and karate, there is a lot of structured activity. His homework was done, and there really was no reason not to go. I called my parents to ask if they wanted to join (my mom loves shell collecting) and after school, we all headed off to the beach.

It was a glorious day and we all had fun walking up and down the beach. Little man didn’t find the quartz he has been hunting, but he ended up with a  huge bag of treasures. Mr PugRunner met us later for dinner at a delicious BBQ place, and I think we all agreed that it was wonderful day.


Thursday – 3.1 miles

This was going to be my last chance to run for the week. I had a cake order due for Sunday, Mr PugRunner was planning a long run for Saturday, little man had a baseball game and we had family photos. I decided to make it count.

Yes. That’s right. That’s another PR. Boom.


Friday – rest

I spent most of the day baking cakes.


Saturday – rest

Whirlwind day. Mr PugRunner rocked 11.5 miles. We went to little man’s baseball game (a close one), then we grabbed a quick lunch and headed home to shower and change for our family photo session with our friend. I’m so excited to see them.


Two PRs in one week is pretty exciting for me. Each run gets a little easier and I am stunned that my body is moving faster than I thought it could or would. Also encouraging is that my recovery times are seeming shorter and I’m not experiencing much discomfort or fatigue.

This week, I’m looking forward to a long run and some other great stuff. Holiday preparations are starting to get under way, and I am ready to go!

How was your week in workouts?

What is something you accomplished lately that makes you especially proud?


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8 Responses to weekly recap: 11/1 – 11/8

  1. Stacie says:

    Congrats on such a great week! You’re motivating me to get my lazy bum out of bed and get back to running!
    Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. Pugrunner. It’s so nice you were able to have a date night and celebrate!
    Stacie recently posted…Productive Weekends are the Best WeekendsMy Profile

  2. Angie says:

    Congratulations on the PRs, and happy anniversary!
    Angie recently posted…Wine and Dine 2014 RecapMy Profile

  3. Anne says:

    Happy anniversary! Your Tuesday run does sound obsoleted glorious and two PRs in one week… Home cow!

    Please do share yourfamilypics! And also pictures of all of the kinks you baked… Oh how I adore cake baking 🙂
    Anne recently posted…I Can’t Believe It!-A new Half Marathon PR!My Profile

  4. Congrats on your anniversary! Mine was the 4th- 9 years 🙂 I love the PR’s ! YOU are on a roll! Keep up the great work!
    Mary Beth Jackson recently posted…Thinking, thinking, thinking……My Profile

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