weekly recap: 3/1 – 3/7

This was a busy, busy week. We had a big event going on at school, which I co-chaired, as well as some travel for a great event. I started at my new job, and in between all that, I had some training to squeeze in. Good times.

Sunday – rest

With Mr PugRunner out of town at a bachelor party, little man and I were on our own.

We had one stop we had to make: delivering a cake for a baby shower.

And then the rest of the day, we ran errands and did stuff around the house before the start of the week.

Monday – 3.5 miles

First, I had to get little man to school with his project. They were celebrating 120 days of school (not sure how they missed out on the 100 Days hoopla), but he and my parents had put together this magnificent presentation board of 120 goldfish in a bowl. It was pretty impressive, to say the least.

Afterwards, we had a final meeting for Friday’s run-a-thon and then I was off to the bridge for some running.

It was later than I usually like to run, so I was hitting the bridge in the noon sun. Not my brightest idea ever, but it needed to get done.

And for all that, it didn’t go so badly.

Tuesday – rest

Nothing much to report. I had my first day, and then it was right out the door to get little man to his first baseball game of the season. It was an incredibly long and late night for all of us.

Wednesday – rest

I wanted to get up for boot camp but it didn’t happen. This is going to be an attitude that will need to be rectified.

After school, little man got to go to karate. I am loving seeing him improve week after week and class after class. He is learning so much in his transitional classes (from 25 minutes to 55 minutes) and I love it. I chatted with the owner of the dojo a little bit, and he invited me to come in to try a class. I admitted that I am terrified of hurting myself (and/or making a fool of myself), but acknowledged that it’s all in my head. So we’ll see.

Thursday – 8 miles

I did NOT want to do this run. There was not one part of me that was into it, and my legs were like lead the entire time. I couldn’t find a groove and I just hated every second of it. The worst part was that my lungs just didn’t want to cooperate. I toughed it out, though, and so my last long run before Gate River Run was pretty dismal.

I’m hoping to make up for it with a couple of speedier, tight runs this week.

Mr PugRunner took little man to his baseball game while I stayed home to sort out some last minute details for our run-a-thon,  finish laundry and pack for our weekend road trip.

Friday – rest

The day started before dawn, so I could get to school to help our awesome team set up and prepare for our annual run-a-thon. The weather was ugly, cold and threatening rain, but we pushed through. We had great participation and the kids were all so excited to run.

As soon as the day was over, I hopped in the shower, and we hit the road!

Five hours in the car after the day I had just had was nothing short of exhausting, but we were all so excited for this wedding. We checked in to our hotel a little after 9:00 PM and I was asleep in minutes.

A bright spot: I checked my email along the way, and found that I had been accepted as a Girls Run Fast Ambassador!


I am honored to be representing such a great group, dedicated to helping women celebrate their achievements. Be sure to check them out if you’re looking for beautiful and unique running gifts!

Saturday – 2.5 miles, walking

We woke on the early side and headed into Ft. Lauderdale for breakfast. Mr PugRunner really missed the area, and wanted to walk to the beach, which ended up being about 2.5 miles. A bit longer than I felt like doing, but it was a great cross-training moment.

And Mr PugRunner got a little bridge training, himself.

In spite of it all, the view was gorgeous.

When we finally made it back to our car, Mr PugRunner surprised little man with a  trip to his first-ever comic book store. We could have spent hours in there, but we walked away with several Spiderman and Star Wars books.

We had wings for lunch at one of our favorite places

and then tried to take a nap before the wedding.

Our hotel was about 10 minutes away from the house where our friends would be exchanging their vows, so it worked out perfectly. The only thing that wasn’t really cooperating was the weather: scattered showers and strong winds kept threatening. Boo.

It was a beautiful night. We haven’t been to a wedding in years, and there was just so much love. We were honored to be in attendance.


Little man enjoyed catching up with his buddies and we made plans to get together as families soon. Yay! Sending all the love in the world to J, M and the kids. <3

All in all, it was a fantastic week. The weather has been wonky, jumping from near-freezing up into the 80s and back down again, with rain and pollen and pretty much everything else. I’m not thrilled that we seem to be skipping right over spring, but such is life in the Sunshine State.

How was your week in workouts?
Did you do anything special over the weekend?

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20 Responses to weekly recap: 3/1 – 3/7

  1. Looks like a great week! It’s beautiful where you live. We’re still digging out from the snow…
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted…Spring forward…slowly…My Profile

    • runswithpugs says:

      We are very lucky to have some gorgeous views all year long. Don’t get me wrong, it will get pretty cold here (and we are never prepared lol), but I can’t imagine not living within 30 minutes of a major coast.

      I hope you all thaw soon.

  2. I’m a little tired just reading about your week. You fit a lot into 7 days!
    I’m curious about Girls Run Fast, will go check it out for sure!
    Love little man’s outfit for the run-a-thon. I just got a new coat in the same color scheme.
    Weddings are fun! Thankfully I’m down to about one or two a year. But for awhile there it was like at least once a month! I got to get fancy this weekend too, but for an awards banquet. It’s so fun to dress up once in awhile!
    Awesome job getting all those miles in despite your crazy schedule. I was a semi failure this past week. I skipped my Tuesday run, but ran Wed and Fri, three miles each. (Friday I got to two miles before taking a walk break, woohoo!) I was supposed to run 6 yesterday, but… are you ready for this excuse? I had my hair dyed Saturday afternoon, which meant I can’t wash it until tonight. No way was I taking six mile sweaty hair to work today! I have plans after work tonight, so I guess tomorrow will be my six miler.
    Stacie Seidman recently posted…Thursday’s Threads: Hipster EditionMy Profile

  3. It sounds like y’all had a great weekend, and your lunch looks delicious. 😉 Hope your Monday is going well and great job with your training!
    Tara @ Running ‘N’ Reading recently posted…Weekend UpdateMy Profile

  4. Looks like a fun week! Love Little Man’s 120th day display! and that baby shower cake is adorable 🙂
    Karen @karenlovestorun
    Karen @karenlovestorun recently posted…Slowing DownMy Profile

  5. Anne says:

    Wow! What a week!it looks like it was crazy and fun at the exact same time. Okay, you seriously need to clue me in on your cake delivery methods. I have a hard time transporting my key without them sliding around in their case I’d love to read a post on that!
    Anne recently posted…It’s All about That HatMy Profile

    • runswithpugs says:

      LOL! I can usually sit them in the trunk of our SUV and they cooperate pretty well. Once they hit 3 tiers, that’s when I will assemble on site because it’s too nerve wracking to drive something that tall.

      One day, remind me to tell you about the day that my mother and I delivered a Dallas Cowboys’ jersey cake that was on a board about 3′ x 5′ in size. Yes, the cake was almost that big. We had to carry it down several docks to a pirate ship, and then get it up the gang plank. GOOD TIMES!!!!

  6. Hey Jenn! Sounds like a fantastic week you had. Congratulations on becoming a Girls Run Fast ambassador..I just got accepted as well! By the way, that wing looks SO GOOD. Now I’m hungry and I blame you!

    Have a great week 🙂
    Gretchen | Gretchruns recently posted…March 9- Weekly GoalsMy Profile

  7. Jennifer says:

    Looks like a great weekend. The cake is beautiful!
    Jennifer recently posted…Shamrock Half Training 3/2-3/8 – Week 7My Profile

  8. jan says:

    Your sunny pics look so amazing but I guess you deal w/ the warmth along with it, so I shouldn’t be jealous! 🙂 Congrats on a good week of running and that is one adorable cake! And your little guy is SO lucky to have such a crafty momma!
    jan recently posted…Running ShortsMy Profile

  9. I love weddings, and really good receptions with lots of dancing. Our son and DIL’s wedding in August was so much fun!

    Did you make that baby shower cake? It’s beautiful!
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…Clean Eating ChallengeMy Profile

  10. Angie says:

    I am envious you were able to get in 8 miles! I tried to run 8 Saturday morning while at Disney, and I only made it 3 before I called it quits. My longest will be 6.5 going into Gate this weekend.
    Angie recently posted…On the upswingMy Profile

  11. looks like great week and a fun wedding to end it all! Way to tough out that long run- mine was 40 minutes and whew! it seemed like forever!!!!!
    Mary Beth Jackson recently posted…Who would I work out with??????My Profile

  12. I have a full marathon coming up in . . . . I don’t know, a few days or something (April 11), and I FINALLY got outside to run last Sunday. I might be in a little bit of trouble.

    That cake looks AMAZING!

    And I miss wings . . . I can still have them, but I’ve been really strict on my eating plan lately (theory being that, if there is less of me, and the me that is there is mostly muscle, running 26.2 won’t suck quite as much as it might otherwise suck), so I don’t order them when out, because they’re almost always breaded . . .
    John (Daddy Runs a Lot) recently posted…Where I contemplate life as a musicianMy Profile

    • runswithpugs says:

      Oh, that really is a few days! You’re going to do great! I can’t wait to hear how it goes!

      I only get wings when I’m in South Florida. Nowhere else makes them anywhere as close to this good. They are grilled and the blue cheese dressing is homemade and it’s all just so perfect. It’s my little indulgence LOL.

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