week in review: 7.12 – 7.18

This week, my mileage was on the lower side, but I think I made up for it with taking on some other things, as well. It’s all about balance.

Sunday – rest

On Sunday, we decided to do things a little differently and have a “yes day.” It’s something I had heard about from other mom friends, and thought it would be fun to try. The concept  is that we say “no” so much – it basically becomes our default. And sometimes, it’s just not necessary. So on Sunday, we pretty much said “yes” to everything!

It made for a pretty fun and light-hearted day, doing things like grabbing early afternoon ice cream and playing video games.

Little man also asked if we could paint his bathroom. For some reason, I just never did it, and after nine years, the original, builder’s grade paint was in need of some touching up. We happened to be at Home Depot getting paint for our powder room (because we had to cut a hole in the wall to fix some pipes), and he asked if I could do something Star Wars-y in his.

What the heck?

I let him pick his own paint and everything.

I was able to reuse the shower curtain, and then I brightened things up with white towels and vanity accessories, and green bins and rug and white frames for the adorable Star Wars printables I found through The Meek Boutique.

It’s maybe just a touch darker than I would have selected but he’s in love with it, and so there you have it.

Monday – 3.1 miles, 90 minutes of SUP yoga

I was feeling incredibly ambitious on Monday. I busted out an early 5K before the sun came up.

And then I dropped little man at camp and headed over to the boat ramp for…

Are you ready?

Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga.

I guess it’s safe to say that I have NEVER paddle boarded in my life, but I have been wanting to try this and my yoga instructor friend had had quite enough of me saying “Ok, I’ll catch you next time.” When I asked her about potential dates, she told me that she was doing a class at 9:30 on Monday morning and that she had reserved a board for me.

I will blog about the entire experience, but for now…

Me on an SUP. Sitting down, for the moment, but there were moments of standing.

I spent the rest of the day running errands. I needed some more painting supplies and frames, and a new mirror for the powder room. Always fun.

Tuesday – 3 miles

I don’t usually run back-to-back days, but I had promised a customer I would join her for her intervals, so I grabbed another interval-running friend and out we went. It was a beautiful morning, and even better, we got to enjoy a new route. Sometimes, that makes all the difference in the world.

I switched my intervals down to :60/:30 rather than :90/:30 (one hadn’t run in a while and the other had been running :30/:30 and wanted to make a switch), which was fine because that’s the interval sequence I will be running for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon in a few weeks.

It worked out great and everyone was really happy with the morning.

And then, just for laughs, I registered for my first ever runDisney challenge event.

In February, I will be participating in the Glass Slipper Challenge!

Ack! The challenge means I will be running a 10K on Saturday and a half marathon on Sunday. Most likely in costume. Definitely with lots of pictures.

I’m so excited I can’t stand it!

Wednesday – rest

After little man went to camp, I got back to work painting the powder room. For some reason, the paint wasn’t covering as well as normal, so I still have a bit of touch up to do, but I’m thrilled with the brighter color, and the fact that I replaced the old, ugly, oval, beveled mirror with a slightly smaller, white-framed glass. It makes a huge difference.

Thursday – rest

Another pretty busy day of work. Not every day can be action-packed!

Friday – 3 miles

I really had zero desire to run. I dragged getting up and spent a lot of time talking to myself about how ridiculous running is and how silly I was for signing up for so many half-marathons. For some reason, I was feeling burned out and over it. After a while, I talked myself into going out, and I’m certainly glad I did.


To reward myself for a job well done, I took myself to see Ant-Man.

I absolutely loved it. It was campy and funny and mocked itself mercilessly. Ant-Man isn’t my favorite of the Marvel Universe characters but I really enjoyed what they did with it.

We grilled out and invited my parents for dinner. They had just gotten home from a road trip up north and it was so nice to hang out with them after a full week away.

Saturday – rest

Mr PugRunner had registered for the Bridge of Lions 5K. It would be his third year running it and he asked if little man and I would come out to watch. We had to be there early, but of course, we were happy to be there and support him.

He did a great job, in spite of the beastly humidity and the tough course.

We followed up with a celebratory diner breakfast and then home to chill out and rest. My stomach wasn’t feeling great and I was more than happy to lounge around.

I felt incredibly productive this week. I wish I had been able to book more miles, but with a long run planned for the next week, I will make it all back.

How was your fitness week in review?

Have you ever been on stand up paddle board?

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54 Responses to week in review: 7.12 – 7.18

  1. All about balance, aint that the truth! My work life has skyrocketed lately while my running has plummeted thanks t an injury. My balance, I am scaling way back on blogging to keep my sanity!

    A Yes day sounds like THE most fun thing ever! I can only imagine what we would have asked for if my mom did that with us haha!

    That is so cool that you ran intervals with a customer! Things like that are what make running stores so valuable!
    That’s so cool your hubby ran the Bridge of Lions 5k! My parents came up to Raleigh yesterday, and my mom brought the paper. The race was featured and I loved reading about it! I remember going to watch my mom run it when I was little.
    Anne@candycrazedrun recently posted…My First Trip to Physical TherapyMy Profile

  2. Bri says:

    I’ve always wanted to try SUPing! I live right next to the water and a place that rents the boards and I STILL haven’t done it yet. Sounds like you had a fun weekend! 🙂
    Bri recently posted…How to choose the perfect trail running shoeMy Profile

  3. SUP is everywhere these days! i swear i’ve heard 4 different people mention it in the past week! i can’t wait for your recap. also, you are going to love the challenge! i did dumbo as part of my first half marathon, and it was so fun. and hey, everyone loves an extra medal 😉 princess is definitely on my bucket list!
    brittney @ corral b recently posted…chicago half training: week twoMy Profile

    • runswithpugs says:

      It’s really a cool activity. And just wait til you see what joined us while we were out there!

      I am all about the bling, and that extra medal is pretty tempting. To be honest, I wish the medals changed more annually, but it seems like I will get the silver ones, which I prefer to gold. Either way, I’m excited.

  4. Can’t wait to read about your SUP yoga! I have a ton of friends that are really into SUP-ing but I have yet to give it a try.
    The bathrooms look great! And nice work on all the running. Maybe not that many miles, but you fit a lot of runs into your schedule! (Me? Not so much.)
    Stacie Seidman recently posted…Nicole’s CreationsMy Profile

  5. Elle says:

    Looks like a fun and productive week! Love your son’s choice of color for his bathroom walls… and SUP… that is on my list. Will look forward to reading your post about that class! Hope you have a great week!
    Elle recently posted…A to Z SurveyMy Profile

  6. Love the paint colors you all chose. And Stand Up Paddleboard yoga?! how cool! I can’t wait to hear more!
    Nicole @ Fitful Focus recently posted…Quick & Healthy Meatless EatsMy Profile

  7. Margo says:

    Having a yes day sounds amazing. I feel like I tell myself “no” way too often.
    Margo recently posted…Brooklyn Fit Chick News” Strong Fitness Magazine, Fit Bottomed Girls Playlist & Book Vs MovieMy Profile

  8. I’m dying to try Stand Up Paddleboarding!!! looks fun. And I love the Star Wars bathroom – it looks really great.
    Mar @ Mar on the Run recently posted…Beach to Beacon 10K Training Week 5My Profile

  9. Becki S says:

    Ahh the Glass Slipper Challenge. Haven’t done a Disney race yet but it’s on the bucket list for sure! We went paddle boarding for our 1 year anniversary, it was fabulous!
    Becki S recently posted…Back to School: Part 1My Profile

  10. I love paddleboard but have not tried it with a yoga class, looking forward to your post! The bathrooms are super cute! You need to pimp yourself out, great job! Sounds like a great week to me, you got out there, the # of miles are not always the most important thing! 🙂
    Mary Beth Jackson recently posted…Bloglovin, CoSchedule and ItalyMy Profile

    • runswithpugs says:

      The yoga on the SUP was challenging but great. I want to go back out there now that I have a handle on it, just to see if I can improve on some of the moves.

      I am always happy to help friends paint. It’s relaxing to me!

  11. ooh I really want to do SUP yoga although I am sure I would fall right off! Fun week
    Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runner recently posted…Summer “Squiche”My Profile

  12. jan says:

    Great week! The bathroom is so cute. The last time we added art to Evan’s room we bought some to print from Etsy, too. That’s so fun and easy! Love the idea of a “yes” day.
    jan recently posted…Hello Part II: The Wisconsin DellsMy Profile

    • runswithpugs says:

      Etsy is the best! You can find ANYTHING there. And usually, it’s a really affordable way to jazz up some decor.

      I recommend the “yes” day. It’s fun and keeps the kids kind of surprised and excited.

  13. Congrats on registering for Glass Slipper! I’d love to run during Princess weekend in the future.
    Kathryn @ Dancing to Running recently posted…Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon Training Log – Week 11My Profile

  14. I’ve never done SUP Yoga as a class but I’ve certainly tried it out the few times I’ve had an opportunity to do SUP. So hard but so fun. It makes me feel better knowing if I call it’s just in to the water. Haha.
    Coach Henness recently posted…How to WIN BIG at BlogFest Part 4My Profile

    • runswithpugs says:

      I think I’d rather just fall on to the mat, especially considering all the terrifying things that live in our ocean, but I managed to stay on my board the whole time, so no worries there!

  15. love the idea behind the day of yes. so awesome. his bathroom looks great!
    Courtney @ Eat Pray Run DC recently posted…ATL, Shawty!My Profile

  16. I have SUP’d many times but I haven’t done SUP yoga yet! The park by me offers classes, so I just need to check it out.

    I like the dark blue bathroom! He did a nice job picking out the color.
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted…And so it begins…My Profile

  17. Elena says:

    I love the idea of a yes day! What fun! And ok…SUP yoga is something I have always wanted to try but am absolutely afraid of. As it is, whenever I get on a SUP I spend the first 20 minutes forgetting how to stand and then the next hour with my ankles shaking. I need to get over it I know….
    Elena recently posted…Running Camp for Runner Nerds and WanderlustersMy Profile

  18. I am dying to try SUP!! That looks so fun, although I’m afraid I would fall off. Love the Star Wars bathroom, my boys would LOVE something like that, super cute!!

    • runswithpugs says:

      I bet you won’t fall off, and even if you do, you just hop right back on. The boards are ridiculously stable and I felt really secure. Until it came time to balance on one foot 🙂

  19. Toni says:

    Looks like an awesome week! I have always wanted to try SUP Yoga!!! Looks great!
    Toni recently posted…Weekly Workout Wrap-Up, Fall Marathon Training Week 1My Profile

  20. Angie says:

    I have never been on a paddleboard, or yoga for that matter. It is awesome that you tried SUP yoga!

    Good luck with Glass Slipper! I haven’t done a challenge either, but I was crazily considering Goofy for 2017.
    Angie recently posted…Running latelyMy Profile

    • runswithpugs says:

      It definitely made the yoga part more exciting!

      Goofy is just a bit too much for me. I can’t imagine doing more than am marathon in three weeks, let alone two days!

      • Angie says:

        I figure I have a good 7 months to figure out if I really want to run it. I am still not completely sold on the marathon distance yet. I am running 26.2 with Donna to give it one more chance.
        Angie recently posted…I am back!My Profile

  21. RFC says:

    What a fun week! I love those Star Wars prints, I’ll have to check them out for my boys. SUP is something I sooooooo want to try. I’m going to have to put it on my short term “must do” list!
    RFC recently posted…The Color Vibe – Myrtle Beach SC – 2015: Race ReviewMy Profile

  22. jill conyers says:

    I have been wanting to try SUP forever! So cool that you’re running the Glass Slipper Challenge. You’re going to crush it!
    jill conyers recently posted…Inspirational Quote: BelieveMy Profile

  23. I really want to try SUP, but I’m a klutz and will likely fall in the water a few times. I don’t really want to fall into the Potomac River. Ick.

    Sounds like a nice week. I hear you on sometimes just not feeling the run love…
    MCM Mama Runs recently posted…TOTR: Alternative treatmentsMy Profile

  24. I love his bathroom. I’m not even a huge Star Wars fan and I want to decorate my room like that haha
    GiselleR @ Diary of an ExSloth recently posted…Chocolate Walnut Granola + WIAWMy Profile

    • runswithpugs says:

      Gasp! Not a Star Wars fan? Does not compute! LOL! I think the details are very subtle. On the other wall is a framed 11×17 of little man dressed in his Jedi robes. So not TOO Star Wars-y, but just enough to keep him happy.

  25. Your bathrooms look great! My bf and I just re-signed our lease so I think I will try to decorate/re-decorate more since we know now we will be there for another year.
    I really want to try SUP! There is a lake by me that offers it…I’ll have to check it out!
    Patty @ Reach Your Peak recently posted…Chicago Marathon Training Week 6My Profile

  26. Lara says:

    Awesome job on monday getting your run done before the sun came up! I always feel more accomplished when I workout in the morning.
    Lara recently posted…12 Weeks to Fit Booty Blastin’ Workouts and Healthy Eating GuidelinesMy Profile

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