weekly recap: 2/21 – 2/27

Happy Leap Day! March starts tomorrow, so we are two months into the new year and everything is going mostly well. I had a little unexpected hiccup in the form of my hip, but hiccups are to be expected. In spite of everything, I was still able to get in some miles this week. They’re still not comfortable, and I’m working hard to strengthen myself back up before my big month of racing. I’m pretty aggravated, but doing my best to stay positive.

Sunday – Princess Half Marathon, 13.2 miles

When the alarm went off at 2:00 AM, I did NOT want to get up. Not at all. But we had races to run, so Steph and I pulled ourselves together for her first half marathon.

We ran this thing for fun (as you will see in my race report), and aside from the crowding (20,000+ runners) and the stretches without shade, it was really quite awesome.

We claimed our Princess Half bling and then our Glass Slipper Challenge rewards.

And after a shower and a rest, we headed to Magic Kingdom for the day.

Spoiler alert: we were back in the room by 7:00, and fell asleep watching Aladdin on TV. We know how to party.

Monday – rest

We made the drive back home and it was back to our regular schedule. I was so thrilled to see Mr PugRunner, little man and the pugs! It was  fun weekend away, but it’s always so good to be home.

Tuesday – rest

And back to work.

Wednesday – rest

I had some time to work on laundry and cleaning up from all the travel. Never fun, but always necessary.

Thursday – 1.7 miles, Couch to 5K training

After school, little man and I went for our training run. I was hoping to be more consistent, but between the weather, our allergies and my hip, it’s been a challenge. We are doing the best we can, though, and he will be ready for his big race.

Friday – rest

It was a big day! My parents joined us at little man’s school: his classmates voted him to be the representative for the character trait of Caring, and we were all so proud of him and his achievement.

Afterwards, we went to help move Mr PugRunner into his new office. He’s been ready to expand for a while, and the perfect space popped up not too far from his former location.

Little man approved.

We celebrated with lunch out and it was fabulous.

Saturday – 4 miles

I was so excited to meet up with the members of the newest Moms Run This Town group in my area. They were planning on a trail run, and it’s been so long since I’ve been able to get out in nature, so I made sure I was there.

They were planning on running over eight miles, but I had another commitment, so I decided on four. It was a little spooky running back to the parking lot by myself on my return trip, but the only wildlife I saw was a squirrel so it was all good.

Mr PugRunner and I carpooled to downtown. Little man needed some library books on tigers for a school project, and I was participating in a photo shoot, so they dropped me off and went to attend to their business. I think we can all be impressed by the fact that I went from mud-splattered to fully made up in fancy clothes in about 45 minutes.

That evening, we were invited to dinner with some friends, and stayed up way past all of our bedtimes, chatting and laughing. It was much needed and deeply appreciated.


The next month is going to be busy. I have two 10Ks, a 15K and a half marathon on the calendar, and I am so excited about all of them. It’s been a while since I’ve looked at a 5K, but I’m having a great time focusing on some of my preferred distances and meeting new running friends.

Remember, there is still time to join me in Savannah for the Publix Savannah Women’s Half Marathon on April 2, and you can save on your entry for both the half marathon and the 5K with the following code.


How was your week in review?

What’s next on your event calendar?

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