weekly recap: 4/10 – 4/16

It’s time for the Weekly Wrap with HoHo Runs and MissSippi Piddlin!


If you do a weekly recap post, this is a great way to check in with other active bloggers for extra support, sharing and accountability!

And it’s Boston Marathon day! I am really excited to watch some of the action throughout the morning. I don’t know how I’ll get much done.

Let’s check out the past week.

Sunday – rest

We have been having some gorgeous weather, so after a lazy morning, I proposed we head out for a family hike. It’s just something that doesn’t fall into our usual wheelhouse and I thought it was time to change that.

There are so many beautiful parks and areas within a two hour drive of us – it seems a waste not to get out there to explore them. Hopefully, we can check out more of our state’s natural sights over summer vacation.

On our way to run some errands for some last minute, we decided to have lunch. We were just about to turn into a restaurant when Mr PugRunner spotted The Happy Grilled Cheese food truck. Obviously, we had to give it a go. Obviously.

We regretted nothing.

Monday – 45 minutes cycling, 60 minutes body circuit

I figure that on body circuit days, I have just enough time between getting little man to the bus and class for a 45 minute ride. I am able to get home, grab water and my mat and get out the door. It’s been working out beautifully.

The nicest part is that my adrenaline is so high after my ride that I’m doubly motivated to rock the class. Even the hard parts.

Tuesday – rest

After work, I grabbed little man from the bus stop as usual. He had had a great day and told me that he didn’t want a snack or anything – he just wanted to play basketball with me. I had been hoping to go on a bike ride with him, but since it looked like a storm was coming, I was ok with shooting hoops.

I’m not sure where he learned, but he’s not bad. Not bad at all. Most of all, I loved the spontaneous, unstructured playtime.

Wednesday – 90 minutes cycling

Wednesdays have become my long ride day. My schedule is usually clear, so that gives me time to follow the up-to-four-hour riding plan I found. This particular workout outlined 90 minutes, so I got myself together. For the first time, I would be fueling, so I decided to try water and a PowerBar Simple Fruit gel for my first time out.

My research advised not overdoing it on the carbs and I was hopeful that straight water wouldn’t upset my stomach cycling like it does while running, which would allow me a little more flexibility with nutrition.

I took water every 15-20 minutes, and stopped at the 60 minute mark for the gel. I’m not so comfortable that I can manage everything while moving.

The ride itself wasn’t bad, but it was mind-numbingly boring. I hate that I can’t listen to music or podcasts, and it’s stressful trying to watch everyone and everything so as not to get hit by a car. I’m going too fast to really enjoy the scenery, and it’s too hard to stop to get pictures if I see something cool (like the doe and her fawn that popped out on my way). I was able to log 20 miles, but at the end of it, I really couldn’t see how I would manage any more than 25.

For the most part, I’m not sore or uncomfortable, but I would love to find a way to fight the monotony. Fifty miles is going to be awful if I can’t get that all under control.

Yoga was on the schedule for this evening, but Mr PugRunner had tickets for Pearl Jam. Instead, I took little man to his karate class and then we went out to dinner as a special treat. It made for a very nice evening.

Thursday – rest

My parents showed up after work to hang out a bit before we all went to dinner. I also took little man to the store to pick out his birthday cake and cupcakes. I usually make them, but he has had some pretty specific requests, and I figured it was easier to let him just take a look at a binder of options and make his decision.

Mr PugRunner packed up the car when we got home, and then we all called it a night. My back was a little sore from yesterday’s ride, but I attribute that to riding Mr PugRunner’s bike and not adjusting anything to make it better for my height.

Friday – 45 minutes cycling

We were all up super early. Mr PugRunner and little man were departing for their first camping trip. I was so excited for them (and even a little jealous – I’ve never been camping, and never thought I wanted to, but I’ve been all about new adventures lately, so it’s sounding more and more fun). There had been some chatter about them not going because of the threat of rain, but since they were building in a visit to Mr PugRunner’s dad and stepmom, it was decided that they would just go and hope for the best, and if they had to call it, they could just move their visit up by a day and come home earlier.

Once they were out the door, I hopped on the bike for a ride. I got caught in the rain and had to deal with the wind (again!) so I wasn’t happy with my pace, even though I had told myself to take this one a little easier.

Also of note, I really don’t enjoy cycling in the rain.

Body circuit was canceled due to weather, but it didn’t matter – the garage door went wonky again and I had to stay home to wait for the repair guy. I am pretty over our garage door drama. It seems like every time Mr PugRunner leaves town, the dang thing pitches a tempter tantrum. It’s not fun.

Once everything got fixed, I headed over to my mom’s. I had promised to join my stepdad to see Batman vs. Superman, and wanted to make good. He ended up loving it (and I liked it much better the second time around)! I stayed to have dinner with them, and then went home to stay up much too late watching movies with the pugs.

And on a side note, the weather held for the boys. Due to spotty coverage, I didn’t have much contact with them, but I did get this picture after their canoe ride to their beach campground. From what I understand, they were having a blast.

Saturday – rest

I was perfectly fine doing next to nothing. My big goal while the boys were gone was to purge, tidy, organize and otherwise clean up the house. Over months and years, clutter just accumulates and I’ve been needing to get rid of it. It’s easier when the house is empty, because then I can just get out the giant trash bags and have at it without distraction.

I did get out a bit for some errands, but I’ll be honest, it was just nice to tear through the clutter, watch tv, and walk the line between relaxation and productivity. I highly recommend it from time to time.


I felt good this week. I didn’t love missing yoga and that second class, but I felt like I got in some nice workouts regardless. On Tuesday, it’s the moment of truth. I will be hitting the road for my first run in quite some time. I’m definitely nervous and kind of scared: I feel like I am so out of (running) shape, and it stings knowing that what used to be an easy distance will probably leave me sore and winded. However, I have goals in mind and the only way to reach them is to rip off the band aid and get back to work.

How was your week in training?

Are you watching the Boston Marathon this morning?

Any tips to make cycling a little more enjoyable?

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