wednesday word: dreamer

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The word of the week is…

Oh, wow. Where to even start with this?

I like to think I’m a dreamer. I’ve always had a pretty active imagination, and was quite content to go where it took me. It was just nicer in the places I could create in my head.

And also, there were unicorns.

But just because I can dream fantastic things, I don’t think that makes me impractical or unrealistic.

Now that I’m older, the landscape of my dreams has changed a little. Don’t get me wrong, there are still unicorns (because there should always be unicorns) but I think my dreams are actually more realistic.

I consider my “vision” my goals. And I have tons of those. Mr PugRunner may consider them “audacious” or “speculative” but without vision, how can anyone do anything great?

He asks me often: “Why do you HAVE to run half marathons?”, “Why can’t you just RIDE your bike without a training plan?”Well, it’s because I’m a dreamer. I envision conquering so many things (most importantly, that little voice in my head that screams “You can’t you can’t you can’t!”), and celebrating the accomplishment of things I never thought I could do.

Without dreams, without reaching high and going the distance, what would we have? So I’m going to continue with my vision, and dreaming. I’m going to face my next challenges head on and reach my goals.

No one ever got anywhere without a dream.

Are you a dreamer? Where will your dreams take you?

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2 Responses to wednesday word: dreamer

  1. amen sister!!!! I totally agree with you!
    Mary Beth Jackson recently posted…Cape Cod DreamerMy Profile

  2. “I’m going to face my next challenges head on and reach my goals.” That’s a great statement, Jenn! Without that attitude, we could never make our dreams come true.

    Thanks for linking up!
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…Ragnar Trail Richmond – Here I Come!My Profile

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