wednesday word: freedom

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Deb Runs

The word of the week is…

This word comes at a pretty appropriate time. After tomorrow starts our summer freedom!

Ok. Mr PugRunner and I still have work, but we are talking no more school, no more sports, no more activities and no more bedtimes.

It’s pretty exciting.

Little man and I are pretty devoted routine and schedule people. We both operate best when we know what to expect and when things don’t deviate from the plan. However, the freedom summer brings is a welcome change and I am looking forward to what the days bring.

In the past, I’ve hit up Pinterest and hunted through the boards for all kinds of creative and fabulous ideas to help us fill our days.  I made schedules and calendars of things we could do, and I created elaborate methods to help make everything more fascinating.

This summer, I am also declaring freedom from all that. Instead of photo-worthy crafts and projects, I want to try to be spontaneous. I want to go where the wind takes us. Random evening swims with no regard for dinner time. Breakfast at the beach for no reason at all. Movies on a Wednesday and just-because bike rides.

Sure, there will be some weeks of camp, just because it’s always good to meet new friends and try new things, and some travel, because we love to, but the rest of the weeks will be us, just doing whatever comes to mind when we feel like it. I think it will be good for all of us to learn how to just sit back and enjoy what comes.

While we are going to miss the heck out of second grade (and the best teacher anyone could ever ask for), we are really looking forward to the freedom of the days ahead.

Do you get a summer vacation?

Are you a planner or do you fly by the seat of your pants?

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