weekly recap x 2: 6.5 – 6.17

I have to apologize for last week’s hiatus. I don’t usually go silent, but sometimes, you just need to sit back, stop speaking and listen.

However, I am back at it and ready to share the Weekly Wrap time with HoHo Runs and MissSippi Piddlin!


If you do a weekly recap post, this is a great way to check in with other active bloggers for extra support, sharing and accountability!

There were a lot of lofty plans for working out this summer, but things have been coming up, so I am doing the best I can with the time available.

Sorry for the length, but I will try to run through the next two weeks as quickly as possible.

Sunday – 90 minutes SUP yoga

This is my favorite. The water was a little rough and I was on a different board, so this class was extra challenging, but sometimes, that’s all part of the fun.

We had a full class, with lots of newcomers, and that made it great, too.

Afterwards, I met the boys at the beach, and we passed a really nice afternoon until the storms rolled in.

Monday – rest

There was an impending tropical storm that made quite a mess of my plans for the day. Fortunately, we got away with just some wind and rain.

Tuesday – 4 mile run

I wasn’t able to meet up with my group, but the weather was nice enough for four miles.

While I was at work, Mr PugRunner called to tell me that Molly had had some sort of accident and was bleeding from one of her toes. Fortunately, it wasn’t anything too major. The vet wrapped her up and instructed us to come back on Friday for a follow up.

Wednesday – 60 minutes cycling, 30 Day Shred Level 3

I hadn’t been out on the bike in a while, so I kept myself to about an hour. It wasn’t as hard to come back as I expected. Obviously, maintaining cycling fitness is way easier than maintaining running fitness.

Since I hadn’t had a strength class in a while, I decided to round out the day with an at-home workout: Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred – Level 3.

Thursday – 3 mile run

Another Thursday, another solid run.

Friday – rest

Molly’s follow up to the vet trumped body circuit. We were thrilled to get the all clear, because we were heading out for a joint vacation with three other families.

We packed up the car and headed down to the Hammock Beach Resort.

This was pretty much our life for the next three days.

Saturday – 3 mile beach run

I wasn’t planning to run on the beach. I just wanted a picture of the sunrise and then I was going to return to the sidewalks.

However, once I got out there, in the beautiful breeze, and saw all the hard-packed sand, I decided to go for it. I took my time and had a lovely, easy run.

We spent the rest of the day parked at the resort’s pools. The weather was perfect and the kids had the best time.

Sunday – rest

Another pool day. I’m pretty sure I’ve never spent so much time by a pool in my life. R&R is usually not my thing, but I ended up really enjoying myself.

Monday – rest

After breakfast and checking out, we went back to the… you guessed it… pool. Two of the four families had left so the remainder of us spent the morning together, got lunch, and parted ways. Leaving was hard – it has been really nice just relaxing and hanging out in the sun and water, but it was time to get back to the real world.

Tuesday – 3 mile run

The first run back home was a little tough, probably due to dehydration from the weekend.

But I got it done, and went about my day. I was really starting to miss my group runs and was hopeful to get back to it on Thursday.

Wednesday – 60 minutes cycling, 30 Day Shred Level 2

The steamy weather made me not want to do anything, but I finally dragged myself out for a ride,

and followed it up with 30 Day Shred Level 2. I really don’t love the at-home workouts, but  I was really missing my body circuit classes and had to do a little something.

On a really positive note, Mr PugRunner and I finally booked our 10 year anniversary vacation to Antigua! I cannot wait. We have a few months until the big day, but I have already started researching excursions and things to do.  We wanted a place that neither of us had visited, that was a combination of lazing away on the beach or by the pool (for him) and active, adventurous things to do (for me).


I cannot wait to SUP on that water.

Thursday – 3 mile run

I was finally back with my group! We had a beautiful run and I was so glad to see the ladies again!

With the trip booked, I want to do a little bit of toning up. I do what I consider to be a decent amount of training for the average person, but I can always streamline my process. I decided to incorporate a few 30 Day Challenges into my routine: planks, arms, thigh slimming and squats. I found a series of free apps for the phone, which offer several levels of experience, and then give a daily workout. Together, they take no more than 20 minutes, and I can break them up throughout the day, so it seemed like a pretty reasonable thing. I could always use more core and upper body strength, I like to keep my glutes working well after this year’s injury and if there is anything that can happen in my thigh area (they are strong but will probably never be dainty), then I’m all for it.

Friday – 60 minutes body circuit, 30 Day Challenges

And back to body circuit! We worked the heck out of our arms, which was great. Afterwards, I followed up with my round of challenges.

Saturday – 5 mile run, 30 Day Challenges

I had to get up early for my five mile run. Once again, this was my longest run since I’ve been back in running action. It went well. I played it very conservatively, but I ended feeling strong.

And then it was off to the dojo! Little man had his orange belt test! He had a lot of skills to cover, and he rocked it!

I am so blown away every time I watch him break a board. This time, he had to use a side kick, which is one of his weaker skills, but bam. Right in half.

We celebrated with a late breakfast, and then spent a kind of lazy rest of day as it started raining. Mr PugRunner and I went to Jacksonville Sharks game that evening. They played the Orlando Predators, and the vibe of support in the arena was really wonderful.

And there you have it. Two weeks, done and done. Thanks for sticking with me!

I’m fairly pleased with the direction everything is heading. While the times of my runs have been frustrating me, I know it’s summer, I know I’m pretty newly back and I know I have to be patient. Right now, I am focusing on getting my miles up in time for Rock ‘n’ Roll Philadelphia, and then I will switch my goal to speed for Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah and the Space Coast Half (my goal race).

Are you planning to run RNR Philly or Savannah? I would love to see you there, and if you use the following code, you can also save on your race registration!

How was your week in training?

Do you ever participate in fitness challenges? What kind of results do you see?



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