weekly wrap: 11.20 – 11.26 + space coast half marathon week

Happy Monday!  It’s time for the Weekly Wrap with HoHo Runs and MissSippi Piddlin!


If you do a weekly recap post, this is a great way to check in with other active bloggers for extra support, sharing and accountability!

What a week! I hope you’re ready for some photos, because I have a ton this week! The holidays are in full swing, and we are enjoying them as much as we can. From Halloween through New Year’s, we are always up to something and having fun.

For me, this is the beginning of a whirlwind of running and racing and traveling, so I am keeping my head down and powering through as best I can. I hope I can keep up with everything!

Sunday – 8 miles, running

I made plans to meet up with K for our run. She needed to do five miles and I needed to do eight, so we were at least able to keep each other company for a bit. It was freezing – frost on the cars and everything. It was a good run, even if we did have a scare with a pretty angry dog (he charged towards us but didn’t leave his property, although that was close enough for me).

Little man had one of his playdates again with his bestie. We took the kids to see Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, and we all loved it (with the exception of Mr PugRunner, who can’t seem to stay awake for anything Harry Potter).  They spend the rest of the afternoon playing.

Monday – rest

It was shaping up to be another busy work week, so I got right to it.

Little man had his first karate class as an orange/black stripe belt and he did amazing. He has been quietly practicing his new forms all over the house, which is great to see. He really seems to have found his way with his martial arts and I am looking forward to see how that works out.

Tuesday – 4.5 miles, running

K and I met up once again – she wanted to do five miles before leaving on her Thanksgiving vacation, and I wanted to do between four and five. We were able to have a nice strong run together before biding each other goodbye for the holidays.

And then the boys and I hit up the new Dunkin Donuts for breakfast.

Once little man got home from school, it was time for fun – he was off for five days and was thrilled to get in extra playtime and no official bedtime. We went to Night of Lights in historic downtown, for dinner and to see the beautiful holiday lights before the big crowds start coming to town.

Wednesday – rest

The boys spent the morning picking up more yard decorations and final Thanksgiving dinner ingredients. and met me at work so we could have lunch together. I snagged my Thanksgiving race day packet, and when I got home, I got to work cleaning and prepping. It seemed like our menu was a little reduced this year, and I didn’t have a lot of advance work to do. That being said, I was glad to get the apple pie baked.

And see the house decorated. This is our first year of the projection lights. Confession: I don’t love them. I don’t think they are bright enough by far. But Mr PugRunner doesn’t want to get up on the ladder and we have a lot going on, so I’m going to let it slide. This year.

Thursday – Thanksgiving Distance Classic 6K

The Thanksgiving Distance Classic is always a favorite of mine. The 6K starts incredibly early (6:50 AM!) and I can be home in plenty of time to get the turkey in the oven and start cooking.

I was thrilled to get to see some friends

and meet up with Tricia from Misssippi Piddlin! She was just the sweetest thing and we had a great time catching up before we had to go our separate ways. Yay for blog friends!

On my way home, I stopped for bagels, and by the time I made it back to the house, Mr PugRunner had made an urgent care appointment for little man. He had developed a rather nasty cough overnight – he is prone to respiratory ailments, usually not contagious, but in need of treatment. The hot again/cold again weather caused a bit of a flare up and he needed an albuterol treatment and new prescription for his nebulizer. Poor guy 🙁

My parents arrived and we watched the parade while we cooked. Delilah guarded the oven.

Little man was in good spirits by the time the guys got home, and we were almost ready to dig in to our meal.

After we stuffed ourselves, my mom, Mr PugRunner and I went for a walk around the neighborhood. The weather was gorgeous and the fresh air wiped me out. We probably covered another three miles, and I was almost too tired to eat pie when we got back.


Friday – 3.5 miles, walking

Our Black Friday tradition involves sleeping in a little, and then going to the outdoor mall around lunch time to see Santa, have lunch and do some light shopping. It’s usually at a break, when all the midnight shopping warriors are ready to get a nap. We were able to easily breeze through everything without much hassle and things were just picking up again when we were ready to leave.


Shopping leaves me a little frazzled, so when little man begged for these, I just said ok – he was in need of a pair of slippers. I probably could have done without gorilla feet slippers, but he was happy so…

When we got home, we discovered something in a tree in our back yard: Sparkle, the Elf had returned! It looked like she had tried to use a Target bag to parachute into our yard with a pair of PJs and her suitcase, but got blown off course.

I’m so glad we rescued her before it got dark! Anyway, she’s here until Christmas Eve, and will be watching over our family for the time being.

Saturday – rest

Mr PugRunner took little man to see The Polar Express at the IMAX while I finished packing for Space Coast.

I kept wavering between nervous and excited: my usual big race feelings. I really wanted to excel, and I was nervous because Stacey was going to be with me (we were traveling together, but we hadn’t really discussed how race day was going to go down), and I don’t always hold it together well under pressure.

However, I kept reminding myself that this is the race I love and it was going to be great, regardless.

We left around 1:00 PM, got through the Expo easily

and checked into our hotel. The room wasn’t ready yet, so the hotel comped us drinks at their tiki bar. I’m going to be honest. I usually have a glass of wine at dinner before the race, but that mid afternoon Jack & Diet was the best thing I’ve ever done. I was incredibly mellow, the glass of pinot sealed the deal, we were in bed by 7:45 (for a 3:30 AM wake up), and I slept like a boss.

Stay tuned for the full recap of my tenth half marathon!

How was your week in training?

If you were celebrating the holiday, did you enjoy? Any great Black Friday traditions? 

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24 Responses to weekly wrap: 11.20 – 11.26 + space coast half marathon week

  1. Elle says:

    Your food pictures are making me drool… and doesn’t Delilah look like she really enjoys being in the kitchen with you… she is a fierce guard for sure. Always love reading your recaps!

  2. I like Black Friday shopping, but refuse to head out at 6PM on Thanksgiving Day. So…every year, our departure time gets later and later…and we still find bargains with less of a crowd doing battle. This year, we arrived at our place around 11AM Friday morning…and had pretty good luck 😉
    Kimberly Hatting recently posted…Marathon hangover = RecoveryMy Profile

    • runswithpugs says:

      We commented that things seemed quieter this year: no news reports of stampedes or trampling or other bad behavior. On the one hand, it’s sad, because brick and mortar and local stores could benefit from the business. On the other hand, I’m glad that people are realizing that it’s only stuff and not worth getting hurt over.

  3. I’m with you on the projection lights, but the blow up minion is so fun! I hope little man is feeling better. Those gorilla slippers make a great feel-better gift! Can’t wait for the race recap!
    Nicole @ Fitful Focus recently posted…How To Eat More SuperfoodsMy Profile

  4. Darlene says:

    yes blog friends are great. I will see some this weekend.

    Hope someday to do Space Coast. it’s on my bucket list.
    Darlene recently posted…Monday Running UpdateMy Profile

  5. looking forward to the race recap! all the food pics looked so yummy but I was drawn instantly to that DONUT!
    I laughed at Delilah guarding the oven, gotta love our furbabies though! my oldest daughter has the same respiratory issues as your son. we have made more emergency trips than we can count whenever the weather changes suddenly… hope your little man can enjoy the holiday season without too much trouble!

  6. I’ve always wondered about those projection lights! they are cute 🙂
    Deborah @ Confessions of a mother runner recently posted…Brussels, Brie & Pear Grilled CheeseMy Profile

  7. Ummm, that donut!!! Thanksgiving weekend was a busy one for you! I’m not training for anything but trying to get back into a normal workout/run routine.
    Anna @Piper’s Run recently posted…From Running to Barre ClassMy Profile

  8. My youngest’s bestie in preschool was a girl. Even tho he plays rugby, he’s still got that soft side…he and his girlfriend do crafts together. Gotta love that.

    Looking forward to your race recap!
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted…Thanks for the MilesMy Profile

  9. Coco says:

    LOL on the gorilla slippers! Glad the little man wasn’t sick for long, and so cool that you got to meet up with Tricia.
    Coco recently posted…Wrapping Up Thanksgiving Weekend And Looking Forward To Giving TuesdayMy Profile

  10. Toni says:

    My friend did the Thanskgiving Classic too, looks like a great race, he also did the space coast half. You are way too creative for the elf, I’m not that creative.
    Toni recently posted…New York City Marathon Weekend Day 1 #TCSNYCMarathonMy Profile

  11. How cool that you got to meet Tricia! I’m a little jealous of both of you! 🙂

    Delilah guarding the oven door is hilarious! She looks like she’d rather you not disturb her warm place to sit.

    I love that your elf tried to parachute into your home using a Target bag parachute. Is it odd that my husband and I take turns putting our elf somewhere new each night even though neither of our sons have lived here for several years? I actually bought it last year, long after they’d grown up!
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…2016 Ashburn Farm Thanksgiving Day 5K Race RecapMy Profile

    • runswithpugs says:

      Tricia was awesome! I am so glad the opportunity arose!

      Delilah was quite pissed at us for expecting her to move at all on Thanksgiving. Nibbles of turkey made up for it later, but she was tough to work around.

      Our elf is quite the character. Sometimes she does some cool and cute things, and sometimes, she just moves around. It depends on what kind of day I’ve had LOL.

  12. HoHo Runs says:

    My two dogs stay under my feet when I’m cooking too! Sparkle seems very adventurous. You must keep us posted on her antics. I’m so glad you were able to connect with Tricia at the 6k. Those are the cutest gorilla slippers. Is it odd that my teens have Chewbacca slippers? #noshame Thanks for linking, Jenn!

  13. No black Friday shopping this year and I was disappointed with the Cyber Monday deals. Just kind of lackluster for me. Sounds like you had a great holiday week! I am looking forward to more about Space Coast!
    Mary Beth Jackson recently posted…Happy Thanksgiving- Week 8!My Profile

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