friday five 2.0: 5 hacks to get through the long run


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This Friday, we are talking about

Break it up

Ten miles is ten miles is ten miles. But “ten miles” sounds a lot more daunting than “four miles + four miles + two miles” or “four miles + three miles + three miles.”  The simple act of chopping a longer distance into smaller chunks can make the overall task seem much more manageable. At least in my head. Which is where it matters.

Set up camp

When I am out for a longer run, especially if I am stuck in my neighborhood due to time constraints or until the sun comes up, I’ll usually stash my gear on the front porch. This way, I can lay out a few miles completely unencumbered, and then load up with my visor, sunglasses and any liquid or fuel I may need.

Change the scenery

Nothing gets me more motivated than scoping out a new route, especially on a long run. New sights and sounds give me something different on which to focus, and I can forget about the miles ahead.

If you’re lucky, you can even reward yourself with a nice view when it’s all over.

Recruit a friend

Even though there are many times that schedules and training plans don’t match up, so many runners are more than happy to get out there to support a friend. If you’re running 12 and someone can join you for five, it makes a world of difference.

Use a race

If I have to log the miles anyway, it’s nice to do so in the company of a few hundred (or thousand) of adrenaline-fueled fellow runners. I’ve been known to register for a race, get to the venue super early to log my miles before the start gun, and then happily make use of the great course support to motivate me through the last miles. Scoring a sweet medal helps, too.

What are your favorite hacks to get through long runs?

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28 Responses to friday five 2.0: 5 hacks to get through the long run

  1. Kimberly G says:

    I totally agree with breaking up a long distance in your head. When I was training for a marathon my two 20 mile runs were freaking me out. I decided to run a half marathon for both of those long runs and did a few miles before and after the race. It made the run much more managaeable.
    Kimberly G recently posted…Try These Five Running Hacks!My Profile

  2. Rachel says:

    I definitely use races for training. It’s so much better. And running with friends for long runs is a MUST. I can do long runs solo in the summer but during the winter, forget it.

    Great tips!
    Rachel recently posted…5 Running Hacks: Use These Tips and Tricks for Your Next Run!My Profile

  3. Angela says:

    All great tips! I always break it up too… I had a 10 miler Monday, so mentally I ran 2 miles- 5 times!! 🙂

  4. oh yeah I have to play mind games with myself too on the mileage. It helps!!
    Deborah @ Confessions of a mother runner recently posted…February Report Card-Month in reviewMy Profile

  5. Marcia says:

    Breaking up the miles in my head is a huge help! I love that you set up camp. I’m afraid if I got anywhere near home, I’d go in and lie down!
    Marcia recently posted…Coffee with some Prana LoveMy Profile

    • runswithpugs says:

      It’s a trick a friend taught me a few years ago. Obviously, you can’t do that on race day, but on training runs, it’s ok. I’ll even set out a dry shirt to change into when the weather is super hot and humid. Even that small luxury helps gets my mind set for the next round of miles.

  6. Races and running with friends help me so much. It just makes it more fun!
    Nicole @ Fitful Focus recently posted…Prana Spring 2017 CollectionMy Profile

  7. New routes are always fun. It nice to challenge your body and not know all the upcoming hills etc.
    Anna @ Pipers Run recently posted…February Mileage & March GoalsMy Profile

  8. I always break up the long run miles into smaller chunks. Sometimes I do it by songs. Now that I have my running friends, hopefully I’ll be able to get them done with company.
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted…Coffee TalkMy Profile

  9. Setting up camp where my house or car is never works for me. Looping back courses is hard when I know I can duck inside and be done.
    Smitha @ FauxRunner recently posted…February Spotlight – Meet Miss. FauxRunnerMy Profile

  10. LOL – I totally play mind games. I once ran 10 miles, literally counting off each block of the run. It was hard, but I got it done.
    MCM Mama Runs recently posted…Tips for running in the windMy Profile

  11. Great tips! Ive done races as a long run for marathon training before and its so nice to change things ups. I also like mentally breaking the run into shorter distances!
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted…5 Ways for Runners to Save TimeMy Profile

    • runswithpugs says:

      That break has come in handy for me, on more than one occasion. For some reason, my brain can handle the idea of several shorter runs more than it can one long run.

  12. For long runs, I usually run with a group. And in San Diego there are so many to choose from but I’ve stuck with San Diego Track Club for years now. Otherwise I’d listen to podcasts or if my motivation is low, music makes me feel better.
    Elaine @myRUNexperiment recently posted…Why Run Fast?! 5 Ways to Slow DownMy Profile

  13. Running with a friend for that long run works for me! The miles fly by when there is someone to chat with!
    Mary Beth Jackson recently posted…Coffee and a little Florida love!My Profile

  14. Cassandra says:

    Great tips. Running with friends definitely helps the long runs. We put a number of races in our training schedule for the same reason. We might as well earn some BLING if we have to run that distance in training anyway, right!?
    Cassandra recently posted…Make Your Mouth Water: Low CarbMy Profile

  15. As I get closer to the start of marathon training I’m looking at possible races to register for that will help keep me motivated for those long runs. There’s nothing better than a race to help distract you from the number of miles that you need to run.
    Kathryn @ Dancing to Running recently posted…Friday Five – Five Bucket List Rock ‘n’ Roll RacesMy Profile

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