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I was gifted product by Smarty Pants via my position as a Rock ‘n’ Blogger for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series. All opinions are my own.

It’s been said over and over that you can’t outrun bad nutrition. And while we enjoy treats and splurges as much as anyone else, I do try hard to provide healthy meals for my family. Sometimes we fall into an eating rut, but I make every effort to make sure we have lean proteins, fruits and veggies, and I’ve been working on reducing our grain and carbohydrate intake.

My goal for us is a balanced diet. Eating well fuels us, giving us more energy and keeping us healthier. A good diet is also critical for a strong immune system and good overall health. With our crazy schedules, we just don’t have time to get run down. Sometimes, especially on our most busy weeks, we miss out on some of the nutritional necessities that keep us going, but we don’t have time to let that stop us.

All of us take a regimen of vitamins on a daily basis. We keep it fairly simple – cusotmizing for our own personal needs. Little man and I both take multivitamins and an additional Vitamin C for immunity. My PugRunner takes a men’s vitamin and supplements with a few things for his joints.

One thing we all agree on, though, is Smarty Pants.

We started little man on Smarty Pants Kids’ Complete vitamins over a year ago. He wasn’t entirely consistent with swallowing pills and we liked that these gummies didn’t have any synthetic colors or artificial flavors (they also don’t contain GMOs, artificial preservatives, yeast, milk, wheat, eggs, soy, gluten, peanuts, tree nut allergens, fish allergens shellfish or salicylates). The kids’ multi also contains Omega 3 Fish Oil, B12 and D3, in addition to the  usual lineup (A, C, D, E, Riboflavin, B6, Folate, Iodine and Zinc)

Because they taste great, he is quick to grab them after breakfast, and very rarely needs a reminder.

And he’ll even help me out and grab my bottle of Women’s Complete as well.

My favorite thing about these gummies is they are very easy on the stomach. I can take them before or after a meal and don’t have the nausea or upset feelings I would get after other supplements.

What was new for all of us were the probiotics.

While we are all pretty good about eating yogurt and things that keep our gut health on track, it can never hurt to have a little help. There are plenty of stomach bugs and similar ailments going around and I am more than happy to give Mr PugRunner and I the extra protection from the Adult Probiotic Complete to get through a winter of yucky illnesses.

Best of all, these items are absolutely convenient – I can grab any of them at my local Target or order online if I’m in a pinch. Good health shouldn’t be hard (or prohibitively expensive – a 30 day supply of the Women’s Complete retails for just under $1 a day!) and we are happy to continue with our Smarty Pants!

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