weekly wrap: 8.19.18 – 8.25.18

Happy Monday!  It’s time for the Weekly Wrap with HoHo Runs and Taking The Long Way Home!

If you do a weekly recap post, this is a great way to check in with other active bloggers for extra support, sharing and accountability.

Here’s the week in numbers:

Sunday – rest
Monday – 4 miles, running
Tuesday – 7.2  miles, running
Wednesday – rest
Thursday – 7 miles, running
Friday – rest
Saturday – Summer Beach Run, 5 miles

Well, the wheels fell off the arm challenge bus this week. I just didn’t have the energy. There were a few times were I started to do the pushups, but I couldn’t rally for much more. I think I can pick up where I left off this week, and made more of an effort, but sometimes, those great intentions don’t work out.

Here’s what DID work out.

Sunday – rest

We can probably call this more of an active recovery day. Some friends and I got up early and went to the Beaches Go Green clean up in Neptune Beach with the kids. I have been making a huge effort to give back as much as we can, and this was a great event for the kiddos.

Unfortunately, I was slammed with PTA work (our first big fundraiser is right around the corner), so I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening at home with the boys went to an impromptu play date. I hated to miss out but I knew I wasn’t going to have much chance to get things done once Monday came.

Monday – 4 miles, running

I had a terrible night’s sleep, and finally just decided to go for a quick run to clear my head. It was rough but I felt better about things, so it was worth it.

At 7:30, S and I had a meeting with the new principal and the PE Coach regarding said fundraiser. They both just needed to be brought up to speed on how everything would work, and it seems like everyone is on the same page and eager to get started.

And then it was karate and homework and normal Monday things.

Tuesday – 7.25 miles, running

We had a group of three for this run. Now that school is back in session, I do end up going out a little earlier to accommodate one of the moms who needs to get her kiddos out to school before I do. This leads to me running a little bit more without realizing it, so I don’t mind too much.

Tuesday was pretty exciting because the PTA President and I got to go boulder shopping. The new principal wanted a Celebration Rock for the school – people can rent it and paint it with birthday or congratulatory messages and it’s supposed to be a huge hit. That being said, one has to select just the right boulder for the occasion.

After much discussion of size, available painting surface and price, we finally made a decision and made our purchase.

It was kind of a life highlight, if I’m being honest.

Wednesday – rest

In the morning, I helped proctor one of the early rounds of testing. I had plans to stick around the school to wait for the boulder delivery and was thrilled that it arrived pretty much right when my shift ended.

Perfect timing.

For dinner, I made another crack at SkinnyTaste’s zucchini “meat” balls. They are quickly becoming a favorite.

Thursday – 7 miles, running

Another seven mile run in the heat and humidity. Will it ever end?

S and I ran to a few stores to get painting supplies for the boulder, and then we spent several hours actually decorating it. In full sun.

Not one of my better ideas.

That night, we had our back-to-Pack Scout meeting. This was for all the Scouts continuing from last year and their parents, and we went over all the fun things we will be doing this year, as well as handing out all the patches, trophies and awards from the summer activities. Little man ended up earning pretty much everything there was to earn, which was pretty cool.

Friday – rest

On Friday, we had our Room Parent and Volunteer Information meeting at the school. This was a breakfast meeting to go over rules and expectations, and we had great attendance. We ran a little long, and I was incredibly happy to get home afterwards.

Saturday – Summer Beach Run, 5 miles

In the morning, little man and I joined two other Scouts for a popcorn Show & Sell. The Scouts have a popcorn fundraiser and for the first weekend of sales, we try to set up and sell product outside a grocery store or place of business. It ended up being a great sales day and the kids were so encouraged by and grateful for all the people who were happy too support them.

And then… I raced! I raced! While I am trying to get in at least one race per month, my last showing was all the way back on 4th of July, so there was a big, two month space between the two. I really missed being out there.

I had never done the Summer Beach Run before, but I needed that August race so five miles in the evening on the sand it was.

I’ll get to the full race report this week, but I really had a fabulous time – much better than I thought I would.

And yay for some bling!


With my slacking on the arm challenge, I am going to definitely make more of an effort to get into the gym this week. I’ve got several meetings and events going one, so I don’t know how my energy levels will hold up, but all I can do is try.


How was your week in training?

How does five miles on the sand in the late afternoon sound to you?

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