weekly wrap: 9.23.18 – 9.29.18

Happy Monday!  It’s time for the Weekly Wrap with HoHo Runs and Taking The Long Way Home!

If you do a weekly recap post, this is a great way to check in with other active bloggers for extra support, sharing and accountability.

Here’s the week in numbers:

Sunday – rest
Monday – 1.6 mile hill workout + strength training
Tuesday – 5.5 miles treadmill, running + strength training
Wednesday – 10:00 elliptical + strength training
Thursday – 6.3 miles, running 
Friday – rest
Saturday – rest

Things this week were mostly better. We got the results of Delilah’s EKG and found out that she is borderline for hypothyroidism. Because of her low heart rate, the vet and endocrinologist want to hold off on medication to see if losing weight helps her out any. She is already down a pound, so that’s great news.

Additionally, we had some positive luck and good things happening, which was certainly encouraging in the midst of everything else.

Sunday – rest

Sunday started out with a fantastic surprise: tickets to the Jaguars game. It was super crazy last minute, but we were able to get it together, collect one of Aiden’s buddies and make it in time for kick off.

It was miserably hot out, but the kids had such a great time. We watched part of the first quarter and the end of the last quarter, and then spent the rest of the time in the viewing areas in the shaded, more air-conditioned areas of the stadium.

The kids held up beautifully: we enjoyed some of the yummy food,

and I was incredibly excited to get this teal Mr Softee ice cream in a helmet with teal and black sprinkles. Heaven.

They also both won grand prizes from the $10-a-spin prize wheel: little man scored two tickets to the zoo and his friend selected a Riddell mini helmet. They couldn’t have been happier.

Monday – 1.6 miles, treadmill, hill intervals + strength training

After dropping little man at school, I hit up the gym for some hills and strength training. Each time I go to the gym, I try to work out a different sets of muscles. Sometimes I use free weights, sometimes the machines and sometimes I rely on body weight It just depends on how I’m feeling and what I’m hoping to accomplish that day. It’s been working.

When I picked little man up from Safety Patrol, he couldn’t wait to tell me that he won two tickets to the Harlem Wizards vs local teachers that week. He had been asking to go but he entered a raffle at school and his name was selected. He was thrilled!

Tuesday – 5 miles, treadmill 

I was planning on a morning run, but the minute I started to get out of bed, the heavens opened. Boo. So it was back to sleep for a few hours.

Running lots of miles on the mill was a bit of a struggle so I cut it off at five. I followed it up with some crunches and core work, which was a nice way to balance everything out.

Wednesday – 15:00 elliptical + strength training

I wasn’t feeling up to getting back on the treadmill after an incident that occurred on Tuesday (I’ve made the decision to blog about it, so look for that post on Wednesday), so instead I made another attempt at the elliptical. Would you know, I was finally able to make my body move in the proper way, and got in a really solid 15 minutes.

Then it was on to a really nice leg workout, with lots of squats, lunges and some wall sits.

I had a lunch meeting with one of my editors, which was extremely productive. Especially because we got to eat some yummy food at Treylor Park.

Little man could not wait to get to the Wizards game. He was absolutely climbing the walls with excitement and I was so glad that he and Mr PugRunner were going to have a nice night together. He got to see two of his school’s teachers play again the Wizards, who were engaging in all their tricks and fancy maneuvers. He got some player autographs on his jersey and hung out with some of his buddies, too.

It was definitely a special treat to be out late on a school night, but he has been working hard and deserved it.

Thursday – 6.3 miles, running

Thursday was a packed day. First up, a muggy run.

Then drop off and tons of errands. I needed some supplies for a potential Scouts project and some new clothes. I’ve found that things aren’t fitting me anymore, and I needed a new business professional type outfit for a media event on Friday.

Mr PugRunner and I met my parents for lunch, which was a nice break.

We got $1 pizza slices prior to the Scouts meeting, and we were fortunate enough to meet up with some of ours and little man’s friends while there. I love it when the timing just works out.

Friday – rest

Little man called me into the main hallway on our way into the school to show me the mural his art teacher created out of hundreds of feathers decorated by his school mates. It was absolutely stunning.

I was invited to a VIP Media Preview of the Promenade the Alcazar event at the Lightner Museum. This will be the 130th Anniversary of the Alcazar Hotel and 70th Anniversary of the Museum itself.

Guests were treated to a behind the scenes look at the rooms and exhibits to be highlighted at the gala, and I can’t wait to see how everything looks on the big night. It’s going to be stunning.

The curators and staff of the Lightner were delighted to share the collections and visions for the big night.

We were even invited upstairs to see the new storage areas and how items are catalogued. I was thrilled that we were given white curator’s gloves and allowed to handle a piece from a collection of miniature dogs.

It was such an incredible opportunity.

Mr PugRunner and I had a sushi lunch and then I spent the rest of the day getting ready for the weekend.

Saturday – rest

The plan was to go out for a long run with S, but she wasn’t feeling up to it and promised me we could go on Sunday instead. So I took advantage of a little more sleep.

The morning plan was a popcorn show and sell for the Scouts, and we followed that with some shopping, some parties and some time with friends.

I desperately needed some new jeans and tops – I am running out of things that fit me (my current selections are too big), and I am tired of hiking up my jeans and adjusting my tops. I hate clothing shopping, but it’s a necessary evil and I hope I made some decent selections.


So it was a better week. A more reasonable week. I went back at the workouts with some enthusiasm, but the end of the week slow down didn’t bother me either.

I ran almost 90 miles in September, which puts me at 788 miles for the year. That means only 212 to go! I can’t believe it! Last year, I ran a grand total of 835.42 miles, and I am closing in on that fast. My goals have been all over the place this year, but my 1000 in 2018 goal is going great.

To that point, I’ve done really well at getting in my cross and strength training. I’m putting in at least three days a week at the gym, sometimes more, and I like how that is going. At least I have that going for me.

For October, I have a few races planned, and I am absolutely looking forward to some fun events and travels. It’s going to be a fabulous month, I just know it.

How was your week in training?

Are you a fan of shopping for new clothes?


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