weekly wrap: 11.4.18 – 11.10.18

Happy Monday!  It’s time for the Weekly Wrap with HoHo Runs and Taking The Long Way Home!

If you do a weekly recap post, this is a great way to check in with other active bloggers for extra support, sharing and accountability.

Here’s the week in numbers:

Sunday – rest
Monday – rest
Tuesday – rest
Wednesday – 5.5 miles, running
Thursday –High Fitness hybrid workout
Friday – rest
Saturday – 6 miles, running

Well, as you can probably see, there was pretty much zero fitness this week. While I was not sick in the contagious sense, I am certainly suffering the effects of sinuses run amok. My days will start strong, but by noon, I am all wrung out. It’s frustrating and annoying, just because we, as per usual, have so much on the schedule.

That being said, the mature thing to do is rest. Unfortunately, some things went down this week that led to extreme anxiety and stress on my part, and not having my coping mechanism made things a little more difficult.

Sunday – rest

I had planned on 11 miles, but obviously with the fever the day before, that wasn’t even remotely a good idea. I pretty much parked it on the couch and watched football for the whole day.

Monday – rest

Mr PugRunner was very helpful in getting everything done in the mornings to help get little man out the door for school. I was much more slow moving this week than usual, so it was good to have someone step in as backup.

That being said, I was pretty frustrated with not being at the top of my game and spent the entire morning purging the kitchen. I cleared out tons of junk and it felt amazing.

Tuesday – rest

Election Day! We had talked with little man quite a bit about the importance of voting, especially with such important races in Florida. I really wanted to take him with me to the polls, but I wasn’t able to get out of bed early enough to go before school, and he had chorus practice after, so that was a bit of a bummer.

When he got home, he asked if he could help me make dinner (isn’t his shirt the best?)

Quite frankly, he did most of this chicken noodle soup, and it was pretty darn delicious. He’s going to have to do some more cooking around here.

And even if he didn’t make it to vote with me, he did dress for the occasion.

Wednesday – 5.5 miles, running

I was feeling decent enough that I could get up and head out. I also had these beautiful new shoes (Brooks Adrenaline GTS18) that came on Friday that I hadn’t been able to try. Five and half miles wasn’t setting any records, but it felt amazing to sweat out some of the stresses and toxins.

Unfortunately, I did pay for it the rest of the day, and turned in early.

Thursday – rest

It was a rest day, but there was still plenty to do. I had to get ready for Cub Scouts and then we had a planning meeting for the annual Mother Son Glow Party at school. It’s going to be a crazy good time, but bittersweet, as it will be the last mother son event of elementary school.

We had a great Scouts meeting, too. At this point, the kids are taking on more and more responsibility, and it’s great to see them grow.

The good day turned bad when I got home. Runs With Pugs had been hacked. And broken. Fantastic. I was really just at the end of my rope at this point, but after a few hours on the phone, and some great support from GoDaddy, we had a plan in place to rid the site of the White Screen of Death.

Friday – High Fitness hybrid

Friday was the school’s Vocabulary Parade. Every student takes a vocabulary word and dresses up in a costume to represent that word. It’s so awesome and there are some ridiculously creative costumes out there. The fifth graders were allowed to choose any science or social studies term, so little man picked “magnesium.”

I didn’t feel like I should go to the gym, so I cobbled together a workout based on some High Fitness kind of cardio videos I found on YouTube. Absolutely not as awesome as the class, but it got my heart pumping.

Of course, after that, I was done. Mr PugRunner wanted to go to the movies, but I was mostly interested in sitting on the couch instead. Womp womp.

Saturday – 6 miles, running

I finally dragged my butt out for a run. It felt good, even if it was slow and I took some extended walk breaks. I started listening to the Dirty John podcast (I had already read the newspaper series, and the Bravo special is starting soon, I figured I would treat myself to a refresher of the material).

In the afternoon, we attended a memorial for my friend and fellow Scout Leader who had passed. It was a beautiful day at a local beach park. Members of our pack joined with family members to share memories, hugs, laughs and some tears, and we all received a memorial patch with his initials. He was a chef, and had done so much of the pack’s grilling, so we had a plaque made to go on the grill in his honor. It was hard, but it was also very helpful to have that closure.

I also loved that the kids got a few hours to run in the fresh air and climb all the trees. There are few things cooler than kids just running around and playing.


And so another week closes. I want to be excited about the upcoming holidays, but I confess to being a little overwhelmed. I am sitting back to compartmentalize as best I can so that we can all make it through.

I have 107 miles left to run for the year, and I think I should be able to complete that fairly easily, even though the holidays are here. I think I have decided to take on the DONNA 1/2 Marathon, especially because the new course promises to be flatter and faster, and maybe, just maybe I can find something convenient in another state. I am completely open to suggestions.

Runs With Pugs is back, too! GoDaddy was hugely helpful (and kind and sympathetic as well). They got me up and running (and updated) within 72 hours, and gave me some great advice for some future hosting purchases, as well.

Next up? Camping, a wedding and Thanksgiving. I have a 5K on Thanksgiving morning, and I am excited for this one!

How was your week in training?

Any advice for a great spring half marathon? Could be in Florida but I can also travel.

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22 Responses to weekly wrap: 11.4.18 – 11.10.18

  1. Darlene says:

    Ok. NYC Half on March 17!!

    or Publix Florida half on Feb 10 in Melbourne.

    ha. Ha. I’m being selfish since I want to meet you.

    Don’t be too hard on yourself. Life gets in the way of our running.

    My 1000 mile yearly goal is not happening this year but it’s ok.

    • runswithpugs says:

      I am running DONNA on February 10, and I would love to run NYC Half! You can be totally selfish! I want to meet you, too! Is that a lottery event?

      I’m really excited for 1000. A few years ago, that would have seemed absolutely unattainable, but now, it’s so close, and therefore totally doable. I love that feeling.

  2. Wendy says:

    Oh no, did you have a blog crash? Yikes… I’m sure that was just what you didn’t need. Glad to see you got some miles in. Life is hard enough when we can’t run!

    I hope you have a better week.

    • runswithpugs says:

      According to Google, it was a hack via a glitch in one of my plug ins. Absolutely not at all what I needed, and I am grateful they were able to fix it so quickly.

      I feel good about this week. Lots of great things will be happening.

  3. Farrah says:

    Hope you’re feeling better this week!

  4. HoHo Runs says:

    Mobile or Callaway Gardens half marathons in January? I hope you feel better this week. Running does help with stress, but when you are absolutely overloaded it can also feel like another stress. You do so much for others. Remember, it is OK to take some time for you. Hang in there! Thanks for linking.

    • runswithpugs says:

      I have been spending a lot of time on the couch watching Christmas movies. Not sorry at all. I just always want things to be special for everyone, especially at this time of year.

  5. Ugh, what a week. Glad you got through it all! The memorial sounds like it was just what you all needed, and I really love the idea of the patch. That’s a very special way to remember someone.
    My blog was nearly deleted last year after some glitch or hack or something with blogger. Fortunately, all wound up ok.
    Hope you’re feeling better soon in all the ways.

  6. I have recently gotten a couple new pairs of the Brooks Adrenalines, too (such a great sale!). I got a pair right before my marathon a month ago, and another pair just arrived last week. I’m considering getting a third pair and stashing them (along with the second pair) in a closet until they’re actually needed.

  7. I had a sinus thing over the summer not fun at all. It took weeks for it to clear up. Try a steam room might help!Hope you feel better

  8. I love that you took the chance to teach your son about voting and how important it is!!

    • runswithpugs says:

      It’s so crucial. It’s hard because we don’t want to influence him with our political beliefs, but we try to share with him age-appropriate details and why we make the choices we do.

  9. Coco says:

    Ugh on the hacking. Good to know Go Daddy was helpful. I went through that this spring and almost gave up on blogging, but got things worked out. That soup looks amazing — as does the Mg costume! What a fun event. Hope you are feeling better.

  10. That is great that you taught your son about voting. I always take my kids with me…so important!! Hope you are feeling better!

  11. Love your son’s t-shirt! And I think it’s great he cooks 🙂

    Sorry it was a tough week for you. Hope you’re feeling better!

  12. Shathiso says:

    Someone recommended I try the Brooks Adrenaline shoes! Glad you managed to fit in a couple of runs even though you were not 100% healthy. Hope this week is a lot better. I’m also getting a bit overwhelmed with the upcoming holiday season. It seems every year it just comes round too fast. And every year I tell myself I will be better prepared but it’s always such a mad rush. I love your idea of compartmentalising – makes it easier to take it step by step, task by task.
    Shathiso recently posted…Training for Soweto, October Review (Final)My Profile

    • runswithpugs says:

      I love them, especially this latest model. They are significantly lighter and more flexible than they used to be, but still with great support. And they are on sale!

      I’m ok with the mad rush – I seem to work better under pressure, weirdly enough. I just want it to all be so awesome.

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