weekly wrap: ’twas the week before christmas

Happy Monday!  It’s time for the Weekly Wrap with HoHo Runs and Taking The Long Way Home!

If you do a weekly recap post, this is a great way to check in with other active bloggers for extra support, sharing and accountability.

All I can say about this week is that I spent the majority of it doing lots and lots and lots of deep breathing. Lots.

I am behind on my miles, behind on holiday decorating and behind on patience. I think it always happens this time of year, and I am absolutely going to turn this around. Especially since Christmas is literally right around the corner.

On the plus side, some friends have turned me on to a new podcast (My Dad Wrote a Porno) and my life will never be the same. I 100% DO NOT recommend listening to this while running or doing anything that requires you not be doubled over in laughter.

Sunday – rest

We had a nice day. Little man made Buddy the Elf cookies, which was our first foray into holiday baking for the year.

Monday – 6 miles, running

The mornings have certainly been chilly, which means I am clear to run after little man goes to school instead of before. It’s meant a little more sleep, and I’ll never complain about that.

We had plans to go to karate after school but when I got little man from his Safety Patrol post, he sounded terrible with his allergies. It got worse through the evening, so off he went to Urgent Care. Fortunately, the diagnosis was nothing serious, but he did get some good cough syrup and a z-pack to fend off the impending sinus infection.

Tuesday – rest

Even though it was the worst possible week for it, we opted to keep little man home for the day. He had been up late at the doctor, and his cough was nasty. He had a huge project, two big tests and two quizzes and I kept him on task all morning. In the afternoon, we relaxed and made cookies.

Since he was so much improved by day’s end, we even went to get our Christmas tree!

Wednesday – 4 miles, running

It was good to get out to stretch my legs, even though I didn’t end up doing as many miles as I wanted.

Most of all, I was excited for Wednesday as I had a girls’ night out planned! A few weeks ago, a fever kept me home from a night with most of these same friends, so I was glad to have the chance to make up for it. We went downtown for fancy martinis, and had a blast chatting and catching up.

Thursday – rest

I wasn’t sorry to skip running after a late night of cocktails. Instead, I took advantage of some extra minutes of sleep. We had a little volunteer brunch at the school for the people who come in every week to help with the teacher projects, and then I ran out to pick up some supplies for Scouts before coming back to have lunch with little man.

The meeting that night was chaotic but productive. The kids are taking more ownership of their meetings, so I guide them while they go ahead and structure things the way they want them.

Friday – rest

And so began the rain. Ugh, ugh, ugh. I was absolutely unmotivated to be out there in the torrential downpour so I took a pass.

Mr PugRunner had wanted to go out that night, but I was ridiculously grateful when he said that we could stay in and watch movies. We’ve been run ragged and I was desperate to just unplug. We watched Mission Impossible: Fallout and I was in bed before 9:00 PM.

Saturday – rest

I had been dreading this day for a while: it was going to be absolutely slammed with so many moving parts, and while it was going to be a great, fun day, we just had to push through it.

First up, little man was testing for his brown/black stripe belt in karate. This puts him two away from a black belt, which he is expected to earn in December 2019. I can’t even believe it! It ended up being one of the quicker tests (they can last up to two hours, but we were finished in just over an hour), and before we knew it, he was breaking two boards with his forearm and accepting his new belt.

After a celebratory lunch of pizza, Mr PugRunner headed off to our amenity center to start setting up for the evening’s Santa visit to the neighborhood, while I started prepping for two parties of my own. Little man was going to his buddy’s house, too, so we just had to make everything happen.

While little man was seeing Deadpool 2: PG13 with his friends, I was off to the St. Augustine Moms Blog holiday party. It was awesome to see some of my fellow contributors. It’s been so nice to get to know these ladies better and I am looking forward to what we will accomplish next year.

When Mr PugRunner finished up his work, I picked him up and we headed to my friend’s Annual Cousin Eddie Party! It was so adorably and fun and wonderfully themed. We had to wear costumes, and we had a blast picking ours.

We stayed out way too late, just chatting and enjoying. It was easy to forget about the time when we were having so much fun.


So. Ten miles for the week was pretty dismal, but that’s really all I had in me. The rain took a lot out of me, as did the allergies. Hopefully my mojo will be back this week, so I can get this house whipped into holiday shape!

How was your week in training?

What’s your current favorite podcast?

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