welcome to the “running is our therapy” accountability sisters link up

Happy New Year!

You may have noticed a new menu header on Runs With Pugs called the #RIOTS link up. The acronym stands for “Running Is Our Therapy” and myself, along with five other amazing running and fitness bloggers, plan to be Accountability Sisters to each other (and whoever else wants to join in the fun) this year.

#RIOTS was born when Anna Louise of Gracious Warrior Princess reached out to some of her running and fitness blogger friends for help in being accountable for the 2019 year. All of us have goals in mind, and we were all incredibly happy to band together as a support network for each other (and everyone else who needs  some encouragement).

Every Sunday, we will share our victories and our setbacks. We are counting on each other to keep on track this year and the results are going to be epic!

Want to join us? Grab our graphic, drop your link below, comment on the host blogs and as many others as you can, and play along!

Meet the Accountability Sisters:

Brandi at Funner Runner

Anna Louise at Gracious Warrior Princess

Briana at Mat.Miles.Medals

Meghan at Meghan on the Move

Jenn at Runs With Pugs

Elizabeth at Train With Bain

I’ll go first!

2018 was a fabulous year and I did check off some boxes, but I have some big goals coming up in the next 12 months.

So far, my running is off to a great start. I’ve completed 16 miles thus far, including one 5K race, and have signed up for the Run The Edge virtual Run The Year Challenge to keep me on track in overall miles.

Running 50 States is one of those bucket list items. I have my eye on a race in Massachusetts this summer, and am hoping to maybe complete something in South Carolina or maybe Louisiana. This is a work in progress.

Last year, I had had a great streak at the gym, but fell off after an uncomfortable incident and a long illness. I have started off the year with three 30 Day Challenges courtesy of Blogilates, and plan to get in a regular gym rotation once the little guy goes back to school.

Drink. Water. This is the hardest one for me. I just can’t stand it. It doesn’t matter what I add or how I try to camouflage it, it still fairly awful. The compromise is I have started drinking La Croix or Bubly sparkling water. It gives me some carbonation and a bit stronger flavor than other products.  Apparently, sparkling water counts towards hydration, so I will tolerate this until I can maybe stomach the plain(er) stuff. It’s a start.

In the cooking and eating arena, we fell into a major rut in the last few months of the year. We don’t eat out a lot, but do so more around the holidays. Meals at home were rushed and thrown together because we were running to this event or that practice, and I think we all got pretty burned out on the same things. I have decreed that every week, we will pick a completely new and different recipe. I would love it if the boys take the lead and give me some input, too, but if not, I’ll just go where Pinterest and Google take me. It’s my goal to try some new ingredients and techniques, and maybe clean up some of our regular options. I have our first experiment all queued up for this week and am excited to share it with you.

Reading is another thing that has gone by the wayside. I read blogs and lots of stuff online, but haven’t picked up an actual book in a while. This is a loss I’m feeling deeply and I desperately need a book club to join. When I have a free moment this week, I am going to get a library card. I don’t have one because I’m impatient and have a book addiction – when I see something I want to read, I just buy it. Additionally, I will read favorite books over and over again. There’s nothing wrong that, per se, but I think I should take advantage of the county’s public library system.

I got so busy with a lot of things in 2018 that I didn’t focus a lot on blog. I was behind schedule a lot and even though I promised I would catch up, I really never did. I love writing and I love the blog and running community, so that had to change. I spent a few hours cleaning up the look of Runs With Pugs and adding some new things. I ordered business cards so I am able to network at some of the great media and influencer events I attend. I was also presented with another wonderful freelance opportunity that will keep me involved with the community and give me even more social media and marketing experience. My brain really enjoys the creative outlets and I’m grateful for the chance to get to exercise mentally as well.

With everything going on, I want our family to be just a wee bit more adventurous in 2019. We have some cool travel coming up, and I’ve already gotten to try one outrageously cool new activity, so this goal is coming along beautifully.

Every week, I’ll keep updating on how things are going, where I need to improve and where I’m crushing it.

What are your big goals for the year?

What motivates you to stay on track? How can we cheer you on?

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