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This Tuesday, we are talking about our favorite holiday gifts.

I love gifts, both giving and receiving. There’s just something so wonderful about giving someone a present to light up their day, and being on the receiving end of a similar surprise is so great. This year, I was really excited about gifts I was giving to family members, but really didn’t ask for anything for myself.

We had just purchased a really big and beautiful handmade farmhouse table for our dining area, an expense for which we had neither planned nor budgeted. With that came an overhaul of painting and some new chairs and decor.

I told Mr PugRunner to let that be my gift for the year, and we could pick up some new lighting later. I also said I needed new running socks.


Imagine my surprise on Christmas morning, when I found that the boys had gotten me some of the most amazing gifts ever.

Yes, there were running socks, which were fabulous.

The boys also hooked me up with a race entry to the Daytona Beach Lap the Track 5K. The boy missed out on this one last year, and they both love it, so we are going to run as a family. Sweet!

I also loved this beautiful necklace that Mr PugRunner had made for me. He doesn’t really “get” my whole running obsession, and the fact that he went out of his way to give me a keepsake for this goal I set for myself was incredibly touching and thoughtful.

They also surprised me with a gorgeous luggage set. My old luggage has held up beautifully, but it’s almost 20 years old and the age is starting to show. It’s heavy, the wheels are breaking and it’s showing a great deal of wear. Now, I have some new, super light pieces and I can’t wait for our next trip! Plus, I love the color! My last suitcases were red, so this is something bright and different!

Last, but certainly not least, I got the gift of time with my incredible family. With our crazy schedules, it’s hard to sometimes just sit down and enjoy each other, and I was super grateful for the chance to do so over the holidays.

So what fun gifts did you receive over the holidays? Any big surprises?

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14 Responses to tuesday thoughts: favorite holiday gifts

  1. Perfect surprises! I really love the thought behind that necklace. It was such a huge accomplishment, and it’s really special when your SO makes an effort like that to applaud you.

  2. Cari says:

    What fun treats that truly reflect your interests. Love that color blue and your table is gorgeous
    Cari recently posted…Tuesday Topics: Favorite GiftsMy Profile

  3. Those are all really lovely gifts! And very thoughtful, too. And the dining room table is also really nice!

    We’re Jewish, and the whole gift giving thing isn’t as important. In fact, we no longer exchange gifts. So I really don’t have anything to report!

  4. That is a really thoughtful necklace gift Really like it! Of course, I agree the best gift of all is time with family and friends

  5. Kind of an unexpected gift, but mine by default, was the extra time I got to spend, one-on-one, with our son. He had his tonsils out (Jan. 2nd) and camped on the family room couch for a solid 10 days post-op. It was nice hanging out, just the two of us, watching movies and tv shows via Netflix. Turns out, he’s a Seinfeld fan, too!

    • runswithpugs says:

      Having had a tonsillectomy as an adult, I am thinking of him. It was probably the most miserable thing I’ve ever endured. Granted, I think I’m a lot older than he is (I was in my late 30s when I had them removed), but it took about two months to be almost back to right and my throat/breathing/swallowing has never been the same. No regrets, of course. I also haven’t been really sick since we parted ways (as opposed to all the strep throat, sore throats, and colds I used to get), but I hope his recovery continues to go well.

      Yay for Seinfeld!

  6. Fun gifts you received from your family! Love the color of the luggage. How do you like the Bombas socks?

    • runswithpugs says:

      I really like the socks. They don’t have as much compression as the Features I’ve been wearing, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. They are very thin and lightweight, and since I hate socks in general, barely knowing I have any on is a great thing.

      I love the luggage too! I can’t wait to take one or more of those suitcases on their first trip.

  7. Renée says:

    I love your gifts but the necklace hands down is my absolute fave – SUPER thoughtful!!

    and with your new luggage you can take a quick trip to Europe to visit friends you know there … *wink* #justsaying

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