may’s ultimate coffee date

Happy May! Here we are, five months into 2019! I’m ready, with my cup, to join in the Ultimate Coffee Date with h Coco and Deborah ! Join them in their linkup!

Over coffee, I would let you know that I am pretty dedicated to my coffee order. If I’m at Dunkin (and I’m always at Dunkin), it’s a medium Iced Coffee, with cream and one sugar. Which I add myself, because even though the staff at my Dunkin is incredible, I like to have that little bit of control. If I’m at Starbucks, it’s a tall Iced Coffee with raspberry syrup and cream. When it’s cold, maybe I’ll get a peppermint mocha, but it’s rare.

Over coffee, I would tell you that little man turned 11 this week. The last half of ten has been hard and I have been struggled quite a bit at the whole mom thing. However, the last two weeks have been a bit of a turning point and things seem like they are settling down a bit. I love him so much and

Over coffee, I would tell you I’ve had an emotional week. That birthday, saying goodbye to leadership roles in Cub Scouts and PTA, and the ends of so many different chapters. It doesn’t help that little man is about to be promoted from elementary to middle school. So many things all at once, and they are all wonderful milestones, but it’s also so bittersweet.

Over coffee, I would let you know that I’m taking a “boutique fitness” class. Generally, I wouldn’t – I find them too expensive and a little intense as far as commitment, but 9Round is something that’s fitting into my life really well. I’m also super proud of Mr PugRunner for trying it and sticking with it.

So how about you? What would you share over coffee?

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